i love you hannah hart

Do you want to write a fan fic?
Do you want to write a fan fic?

Do you want to write a fan fic?

Come on, what do you say?

Please write one about my favourite ship, make my stomach flip, remember make them gay!

Please don’t write them as buddies… I need ‘not safe for work’, and please do not let them die!

Do you want to write a fan fic?

It doesn’t have to be a long fic…

52 Things I Love About You.

1) I love that you’re my ketchup 

2) I love when you smile with your pearly white teeth 

3) I love when you wear your glasses because you look absolutely gorgeous.

4) I love when you send me snapchats and say the dumbest things (but it’s cute)

5) I love when you tell me your problems and what’s wrong.

6) I love that you love taco bell because not a lot of people do

7) I love that you’re completely honest no matter how much it hurts

8) I love your puppy. im stealing it too

9) I love your eyes. The prettiest blue eyes

10) I love that you remind me of Hannah Hart

11) I love when you tell me your drunk stories lol

12) I love your voice. I can listen to you talk for days

13) I love when you sing

14) I love when you spell “favourite” or “colour”

15) I love when you laugh because it’s cute

16) I love when i can tell you something and you don’t think im weird

17) I love that when i compliment you, you won’t accept it

18) I love that we connected quickly

19) I love that we talk everyday

20) I love your clothes and how you can pull off anything

21) I love your snapbacks

22) I love when you scrub because you kill em

23) I love when you say YAS

24) I love how understanding you are

25) I love that we’ve been so close

26) I love that you can stand me when i’m annoying

27) I love that you’re my women crush Wednesday

28) I love that you love chicken quesadillas

29) I love your cover of Decode by Paramore

30) I love your sillyness

31) I love your brown hair

32) I love that you’re hard working

33) I love that you call me cute :3

34) I love that we’re miles away but still talk like we known each other forever

35) I love that you’re canadian

36) I love that you’re confident

37) i love that you’re always optimistic

38) I love that we can talk about numerous of things without getting bored

39) I love how you ask how my day was

40) I love your morning texts

41) I love your goodnight texts

42) I love seeing you happy

43) I love when you make me smile

44) I love that i’m your baja

45) I love that you’re you

46) I love your comfort

47) I love your sense of humor

48) I love that you love American Horror Story

49) I love your taste in music

50) I love your compliments you give me

51) I love you

52) I love that we’re best friends



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Baby seasons change but people don’t


Part one is HERE, part two is HERE. This is part three. You’re welcome. 

Today I listened to Darkness on the Edge of Town slightly too many times and had a bit of a cry, and then I watched Taylor Swift giving out presents and had a bit more of a cry, and then I wrote this. Today has been wild. 


Hannah thinks about how people once believed that the earth was flat.

And Grace cries.

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