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I LOVE YOUR AUS SO MUCH OMG 💓 could you do a lil nct mark au? ☺️

  • highschool!au with mark
  • is completely oblivious to the fact that the entire school is in Love with him
  • plays on the basketball team 
  • but isn’t competitive during gym class like haechan whose like i will RUIN EVERYONE ON THE OTHER TEAm,,,,mark’s just like ok it’s just a game bud relax
  • sleeps in history class LOL
  • is really just a laid-back guy who sits near the window in all his classes so he can stare out of it and never really tries to argue with anyone 
  • gets volunteered to be class president because everyone loves him and he’s bashful about it like guys,,,,,,i don’t think im a good fit-
  • but everyone is like mark,,,,,you’re the nicest person,,,,,,,you’re friends with the seniors, the freshmen, the teachers, the ????? principal even knows your full name
  • but the truth is mark is kinda burdened by it because like he doesn’t really want so much responsibility
  • but too late everyone’s voted for him,,,,,,,,,and mark is LITERALLY too nice to say anything about it
  • and on the first meeting he’s. lost
  • literally didn’t bring anything to take notes with and he sits next to you, who’s got your binder out and ready. highlighters in three different colors if you need them
  • and mark leans over and is like “hi,,,,sorry can i borrow some paper,,,,,and a pen”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,you didn’t bring any????? it’s our first meeting????
  • and mark gets pink and is like “ive never been a class representative,,,,,,or done student government,,,,,i actually don’t know why i was chosen,,,,,,”
  • and you give him a funny look, but at the same time you don’t want to leave him hanging so you’re like “here’s some paper, ill help you during the meeting if you have any questions!!!”
  • and mark smiles at you,,,,,and his eyes are so wide and pretty and you’re like,,,,,,in your head,,,,going oh! i know him,,,,,he’s the prince of class b
  • and probably like five of your friends have told you about him, but you’d never really been near him until now
  • and the meeting goes well, mark asks you in surprise that is it the students that really plan the spring festivals and you’re like yes LOL
  • and as you’re packing up your things mark asks you shyly which way you’re taking to go home and you’re like im going to walk to the train!!!
  • and mark,,,scratching his neck is like “so am i, do you want to go together?”
  • and you think nothing of it, just that he’s being friendly since you guys are going to student reps together
  • but also,,,,,you feel some butterflies in your stomach as you guys walk side by side and you feel your arms brush slightly
  • and you talk about homework and upcoming tests and whatnot and mark is so easy going, and his laugh is charming,,,,,,,
  • and once you get to the train marks comes first, but he waits with you for your train and when he waves as you get on you smile,,,,,but also he’s so???????? Sweet,,,,,,,
  • and the next day mark is sitting with renjun and jeno and jeno apologetically asks if the meeting was tough
  • but mark breaks out into this grin and renjun is like WAIT DID SOMETHING HAPPEN
  • and mark is like “i think.,,,,,im happy to be class president now” and jeno is like ????????Why all of a sudden
  • and mark looks toward the open door of the classroom, kids rushing back and forth and then he sees you
  • making your way to class and he shrugs looking back at jeno
  • but renjun has caught on and he’s like “you’re so obvious - YOU MET SOMEONE CUTE!!!!! MARK HAS a cru S H”
  • mark: rENJUN SHUT -
  • haechan appearing out of thin air: mark has a what now, tell me all the details

Thank you so much @crazy-caress & @sunsetstripwitch for the tag! You guys seem so beautiful together ♥

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  1. Are you in love?

I still have feelings for a guy I had to end a relationship with

  1. What’s your biggest kink/fetish?

Love lol

  1. Do you have any tattoos/piercing? If not, do you want it?

I have my bellybutton pierced, but I don’t wear a ring there anymore. I don’t have tattoos and I don’t plan any

  1. Do you get along with your family?

Yes, we are close

  1. What makes you laugh?

Absurd things

  1. What is your favourite season?

Spring or autumn

  1. What is your favourite band?

Alice in chains & Cocteau twins

  1. Do you believe in soulmates?

Yes I do 

  1. Is art important to you?


  1. Do you want to be a parent?

Someday, maybe

  1. What’s your favourite type of candy?

Potato chips tbh

1.       What’s your fav car?

I’m not that much into cars, I don’t even have a driving licence, but I like retro ones, sth like Lincoln from 1967 or an old caddilac, whatever

2.       What song is the sound of the radio when you drive your car and the wind blows your hair?

Don’t fear the reaper by blue Oyster cult, Big log by Robert Plant or red Barchetta by rush

3.       What do you think?  What is after death?

Angels singing everytime we touch by Cascada

4.       Are you an artist?

I graduated from an art school, but I love this quote:

“You don’t have to make something that people call art. Living is an artistic activity, there is an art to getting through the day.”

So I think we are all artists. I like to express myself in lots of different ways.

5.       What does this word mean for you?


Who’s your favourite…

6.       …poet?

I love the song lirycs the most. My fav poets are usually musicians

7.       …composer?

I can’t choose

8.       …painter?

Turner, Hockney.. idk

9.       What was your first sex look like?

We had great fun. I felt good, safe etc, but we had to try couple times, because it did hurt very much, because of my type of hymen. When it finally happened I was like: omg high five! We laughed and that was it.

10.   Do you belong to subculture?

All of them at once 😜

11.   Do you have a friend from the internet?

Yes, I have friends I’ve met via tumblr, but never seen them irl

Thank you!

My questions:

1. Your fav YouTube channels?

2. Last movie that impressed you?

3. Which band would you like to be member of?

4. What’s your favourite dish?

5. Would you consider yourself an open minded person?

6. What’s your favourite shade of lipstick?

7. What is your ‘guilty pleasure’?

8. What are you listening rn?

9. Do you have plans for the next week?

10. Who’s your style crush?

11. Whats your fav love song?

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Okay so request for a male reader and tøp plz? Like where Tyler and Josh are talking about who they like and the guy they're describing is like rly similar to each other's and one of them is like 'wait do yOU LIKE Y/N?!' And then one proposes like well then let's ask him who he likes better but he's like I don't wanna decide and like why don't we share y/n? Lol idk it's seems cute 😊 thanks boo

(Love this idea, omg)

“You two go do your stage thing,” you said to Tyler and Josh before turning to face the other direction, “I’ve got to go help with shit back there. Break a leg!”

Josh stared at the back of your head as you walked off, pining evident on his face. Tyler had a similar look, only hiding it slightly better than his best friend. Josh cleared his throat, “so, you ready to go up there?”

“You ask that every night,” Tyler laughed.

“And you never answer,” Josh quipped. The boys ran on stage, unbeknownst to them, you watched intently. You watched every show from a hidden spot, only ever being caught by Mark, who pointed out the dreamy look you had for the boys.

“If you tell them, you’re dead,” you had said. He only raised his hands in surrender. You weren’t prepared to let them know you liked them both.

When the boys got back on the bus, you were fast asleep, and they dared not disturb you. You were like a sleeping lion, if you were spooked, all hell broke loose.

“So, Mark said you have a crush, Josh,” Tyler said. They’d both sat down and turned on Netflix, turning on a random tv show they didn’t care about.

“Yeah, it’s kinda on this guy that works for him,” Josh started, “he’s always so cocky and never actually does his job, but I tell Mark to leave him on the crew because he’s sweet and actually good at his job. Marks also mentioned you have a crush, dude, you gonna tell your best friend about ‘em?”

“Well, my crush is on a guy in the crew too, he is the cutest sleeper and always has to have a nap or he’s really crank-”

“Are you talking about (Y/n)?” Josh interrupted.

“Were YOU talking about (Y/n)?” Tyler asked. They both stared at each other for a moment. Tyler buried his face in his hands, breaking eye contact, “who do you think he’d choose?”

“We could always share him,” Josh suggested quietly. You had always shown an interest in poly relationships, always saying if you found two guys you trust, you’d go for it.

“Would he be ok with that?” Tyler asked. Josh shrugged, saying quietly, “there’s only one way to find out.”

They both stood up and trudged over to your bunk, climbing in awkwardly and laying on either side of you. You stirred awake, only freaking out a little bit until you realized it was the boys.

“What happened?” You asked tiredly.

“Nothing. Me and Tyler actually wanted to ask you something,” Josh explained, waiting until you nodded, “we both like you, like really like you.”

“And we wanted to know if you would be ok with us sharing,” Tyler finished. You yawned, Tyler visibly melted.

“As long as both of you cuddle me right here, right now, I am completely ok with that.”

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idk if i have any prompts but. if you would like you can talk abt magic brian or brad? what you like abt them? i promise im being genuine here like i know so little abt these Magic Guys and im kinda curious lol

my guys!!! yeah, dang, I would love to do like an introductory letter on my hilarious rarepair, let’s tango

MAGIC BRIAN: 6′1″, 121 years old, drow, wizard, spider boy. he has a 10-12 ft spider summon and it is strongly implied he has many other spider friends. he has a heavy german accent with a fairly goofy cadence, a spider staff, and a tabard with a white spider drawn on it. his nickname is THE BLACK SPIDER, which he made up himself to sound more mysterious and cool. he is a seeker for the Bureau of Balance; on an assignment to locate the magical artifact THE PHOENIX FIRE GAUNTLET, he falls into the artifact’s thrall, betraying his organization and getting himself fucking killed immediately. he’s the first arc boss in the adventure. he fucking dies. in a later episode, he appears again as a ghost tied to a robot or something, fights the protagonists again, and dies again, but not before revealing in dialogue that he was engaged

BRAD “THE MOTIVATOR” BRADSON: 5′10″, i think like 35, orc, bard. his father was brad the bloodthirsty, his grandfather was brad the bonebreaker. brad is an oratory-style bard and the head of the Bureau of Balance’s HR department. his number one priority is to increase morale and help his coworkers stay positive; it is also important for him to “live his truth” (in a goof moment, he responds to the idea of his death with “hey, if that’s my truth” or something similar, he’s v. calm and v. sweet). he has a ponytail he’s been growing for over two decades. he runs CAMP GOODFRIEND, a team-building retreat

so the primary conceit of most Brian ships is that (x) character was his secret fiance the whole time, and, with these two, it’s… SO cute… it’s so cute lol

I love the idea of what they might do for each other dynamically. Brian helps Brad out of his shell, giving him the space and confidence to be a little weird, a little wild. Brad grounds Brian, inspires him not to give up on his seeking–the Bureau exists within canon for somewhere in the vicinity of 20-30 months before the protagonists’ adventure gets off the ground, which leaves a bit of a time vacuum for its initial employees to be sort of… demotivated! they’ve gone quite a while without really getting anywhere as far as recovering those magic artifacts. so Magic Brad is very much so a pre-canon, side characters, kind of ship, and it’s mutually supportive and adorable

I also like to think of the reverberations of their relationship down the line, too, though… how does it affect Brad to know that his fiance fell into a thrall? it hurts–the intended love of his life (probably literally; orcs in D&D only live to about 70) became a traitor to the very purpose of their workplace. he couldn’t even be granted a farewell funeral. (the last episode revealed that, for magic reasons, it wasn’t a ‘weakness’ reason that Brian was enthralled; he literally couldn’t have done anything to avoid it, which… is both better and worse? he was 100% doomed.)

and I was going to individually rec the best shipfics but it turns out there are only 5 of them. Lace is an adorably sweet (though M-rated, but not explicit) missing-scene ficlet, to give an idea of their relationship together; We Two in Vermilion is a heartrending depiction of Brad’s mindset as he stresses through the mystery of Brian’s last assignment and then has to mourn alone; It Gets Easier is later in the timeline and shows Brad talking to one of the protagonists who, remember, killed Brian, and it’s super skillfully bittersweet about the details of their time together & how Brad has had to adjust to and process a loss he never thought he’d have to face. uh, the other two fics are mine, but they’re pretty cute.

I have, um, I have a lot of feelings. thank you for reading my website.

Hi, guys! 

So, I was going to wait until I reached a milestone of followers to make this post, but I couldn’t wait lol

Anyway, I really want to thank everyone who has read my stories, commented, liked it, etc. because you have no idea how much it means to me.

I made this blog out of a whim to post my stories (away from my other blog) and I can’t believe how good of a decision it was to do it. 

This fandom is fucking awesome. Every single one of you are so supportive of others and nice and TALENTED. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by such a talented group of people whether it be by writing or fan art – you guys are fucking great. 

I started writing fanfiction when I was a sophomore in high school and that was seven years ago. I hit a slump and was deep in writer’s block, then just these past few months, I gained the inspiration to write again (except it wasn’t for Robert Downey Jr., lmao)

Honestly, this post is to simply thank you guys for following me, for reading my stuff, etc. 

To share the love for a certain actor with a group of the most talented, supportive, and nicest people makes me so happy that I joined this fandom. The feeling of banding together and freaking out whenever there’s a new JDM pic or if he tweets or even his scenes from the stuff that he’s done, it will never get old. 

ALSO YALL CHEER EACH OTHER ON WHEN HE MEETS FANS AT THE CONS AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY (especially since I’ve seen a few people from other fandoms get angry at fans meeting their fave actors)

Ugh guys so seriously, thank you. Not only for reading my stuff, but for also welcoming me into this wonderful fandom. 

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Do you have any fic (fluffy or smutty or friendy) recs? (It's cool if you don't want to answer :))

Hi there, well I made a fluffy fic rec a few posts ago, and I’m your guy when it comes to smut, lol:

// Ahhhhh so I made it over 300 followers??? Idk how but okay?? So I was thinking on some day this week I could do a stream and just draw whatever for you guys?? Just swing by and ask for smth?? Could be a sketch or not Idk but maybe on Tuesday? Lol

Thank you so much everyone I don’t know what I did to deserve such an army of wonderful followers ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)I


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I loved what you said about your Dad. He sounds like a really great guy. You said that you sit and marathon SVU together until 3 am right? I would love to know what he thinks about it as an actual ADA. Does he get mad at the inaccuracies?


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What if—-
I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.


I don’t mean it PT 1

An angsty text scenario with the guys and Tae is incredibly cold towards you. But why?

A/N: I’ve always loved reading these short fake texts so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Let me know what you think? Should I make a part two?? I won’t do it if no one wants one lol


Thought I would make something like this cos…why nOt. Hope you guys enjoy!! ❤❤ if you want to see more like this then leave requests cos I LOVVEEEEE doing them lol
If used please give credit to either this tumblr page or the instagram that is watermarked :)
~~ Love ADMIN M xx


do I get points for being melodramatic? I was gonna add more to this but screw that, also screw clean up

Poor guy just wants to save the universe, LeT him iN DANGIT! He’ll be ok tho, Blue knows he’s coming. He doesn’t understand the lion chooses the paladin.

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Hi dear! First of all I love your ff! It's my favourite one of all! And I love that you don't hold back that Victuri not only show, but tell that they love each other. do you think that in case of season 2 they might tell each other how they feel by words? I am not one of those fans that can't believe what I see unless they tell each other straight(gay) out! But something in me is still in denial that a major plot twist could be like "lol we fooled you guys regarding victuuri" what do I do? 😭😭

(Thank you - I’m having fun writing fic for the fandom! Winter Song is actually crafted to fill in the blanks that you’re questioning, so hopefully it helps settle your mind a bit.)

As for your question, I don’t think we’re going to get a “haha we fooled you!” message from the creators. Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship is canon.

What I think some people are struggling with is that the main storyline of Yuri!!! on Ice is not about romance. It’s a sports anime, and skating has always been and always will be the main focus. 

The subplot of Yuri!!! on Ice is the coach/student relationship. This is why we’re only shown scenes where Victor and Yuuri discuss that part of their relationship. The skating is always the focus because that’s just what the show is about. If you’re looking for an anime that explores romance, this isn’t it. So no, I don’t think we’re promised any blatant “I love you” scenes in the future. 


That doesn’t mean the romantic relationship isn’t there. It is so there.

I honestly do not understand how people can look at that screencap above and fail to see the physical and emotional intimacy these two young men share.

Like. *rubs temples* Their lips are literally an inch apart. (Seriously … why would Yuuri’s family be so shocked to see these two hugging? They hug all the time.)

Every. single. scene. we get from Victor and Yuuri is the type of stuff the fans of many 100% confirmed canonical relationships never get to see on screen.

Victor and Yuuri’s intimacy is palpable in a way rarely seen in other media.

What we’re shown in the anime are two men falling in love, and Kubo-sensei has given her audience clear evidence of that relationship should they wish to see it. It’s canon.

The kiss has been confirmed. They share hotel rooms now. Their beds are pushed together. In what world do adults in a platonic relationship give each other gold wedding bands? And kiss them in front of an audience?? And grab each other’s neckties??? And kiss each other’s skates???? And run into each other’s arms in an airport after a very brief separation?????

Do you know how intimate it is to have someone kiss your hand like this?

Just take a moment to imagine your last coach or teacher doing that to you. Imagine your best friend doing it.

Really feel it. What it would be like to have someone you’re in a platonic relationship with bring your hand to their lips and hold it there for several long moments.

Their warm breath. The feel of their lips. The way their eyes close and their brow creases like their heart is aching.

Kind of a weird idea to think about your BFF doing it, right? Personally, my mind would immediately jump to the conclusion that they have a raging crush on me at the very least. Hand kissing like this is extremely suggestive of romance.

I’m just scratching the surface of the physical and emotional intimacy evident in this anime. It is SO EASY to imagine Yuuri and Victor kissing and saying “I love you” after the credits roll in the later episodes. That’s what the creators have given you … when they didn’t have to.

I would encourage you not to expect Yuri!!! on Ice to be something it’s not, or you’re never going to be able to truly enjoy it.

(Don’t you want to enjoy it? It’s fun. I promise.)

Alternately, if you expect nothing more than a sports anime and are instead given all this wealth of intimacy and romance, you will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.


A small thank you for having just reached over 5,000 followers! I wish I could’ve done more x


A 8 x 10" Negan poster with a hard plastic cover.

2 Negan pins

2 small Norman & Jeffrey pins


• Must be following my blog. (Only fair) lol
• Only reblog. Reblog as many times as you want, the more you do, the bigger chance you have to win.

That’s pretty much it! Winner will be chosen using a generator.

You have until November 15th to enter!

Thank you. Love you guys 💚

HOW TO TREAT UR BITCH RIGHT: A Guide by Tamlin of the Spring Court

Hey everyone, it’s Tam. Me and my girl Feyre got the best love story of all time! I just got her back at my court, so imma tell you how to treat your bitch right like I’ve treated mine! (:

  1. If ur bitch about to die for you, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch shit go down. lol you could get hurt brother! 
  2. Let’s say you manage to escape ur captor for like one night. What you gonna do? YOU GONNA GET THE BOOTY. that’s right my guy!! i mean it’s not like u and ur girl aint already done the do, but like if u wanna leave a good impression before she risk her life for u… give her Tamlin Jr lol
  3. when ur bitch bout to get her neck snapped, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch another man jump in and try to save her. bc yo… u gonn be so tired after watching everything for days ://// like u already tried to give her one last night of magic sooo oh well
  4. If ur bitch gets up in tha middle of the night and vomits and has nightmares and shit, don’t wake up and help her, she’s independent, she can take care of herself
  5. ur bitch cannot take care of herself. lock ur doors. leave her with some toys and servants. she’ll be ok
  6. if ur bitch loses a bunch of weight all of a sudden, compliment her diet!! she look hella good
  7. ***IMPORTANT!*** if another man who wears the same fukin emo outfit every day made a bargain to take ur bitch on a bad vacation every month and she come back lookin healthier, its a trick.. he tryna fuk!!
  8. even tho ur bitch may have won a bunch of crazy ass trials and saved ur ass, she cannot defend herself 
  9. if your bitch tell u she ran away out of free will, its a trick
  10. if an evil king offers help get ur bitch back, take it bc he’s super trustworthy (worked for me lol)

Thats all for now! I’ll be back with book 2 soon!!