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The types as strangers I wish I had known

People are so beautiful in every way. I can’t help but love every single one of them. 

INTJ: She is a girl in one of my classes. I hardly ever talked to her, but she is an extremely interesting person. I can’t say what it is exactly, but she has this quiet self-confidence shining from within. It’s not this overbearing kind of confidence that some people rub into other people’s faces. Instead, she is confident in herself, in her own capabilities, and in the person that she is. She doesn’t seem to feel the need to look down on anyone. But despite this shining confidence, I noticed her insecurity and nervousness when she gave a presentation which happened to be about feminism and that made me like her even more. Yet these insecurities of other people’s judgements didn’t make her look fragile or vulnerable. Not at all. It was endearing in a way. Also, she is insanely beautiful and doesn’t seem to care about that at all. She’s like a quiet Arab princess that could totally kick your ass, both intellectually and physically. 

INTP: Over the last semesters, I attended some of the same classes as he did, but I’ve never talked to him. At the very beginning, I remember him sitting in the lecture halls watching animes on his laptop instead of paying attention. But over time, he became this nerd that raises his hand every few minutes to ask about something, starting with: “Concerning what you just said, I just thought about it and isn’t it possible that…” going into deep analyses. He drives some professors mad with his constant questioning of everything they say, but I also overheard some say that their seminars wouldn’t even work out without him. He’s also not afraid to burst out laughing in a quiet room or to tell a joke to a friend with shining eyes and such excitement (funny thing is, he is usually the one laughing harder about his own jokes than anyone else). He doesn’t seem to care at all what other people think of him, and that’s quite admirable. Generally, he’s like a Hermione Granger that isn’t driven at all, but rather studies just for his own entertainment. He’s probably one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.

ENTJ: I couldn’t figure him out. I don’t understand his reasons and it confuses me. He sat across from me on the train. And for twenty minutes, he sat there stiffly with his arms crossed and his head slightly tilted down. But whenever someone passed him, he closely watched them, followed them with his eyes without even raising his head. You could have mistaken his body language as submissive, but it really wasn’t. It was powerful. He was more of a rebel in disguise, waiting for his moment to shine while quietly judging people without being seen. But I don’t understand why anyone would cross their arms and bow their head like that on a normal train. People don’t do that. He must’ve had a reason. I spent way too much time already on finding that reason, but I’ll probably never know.

ENTP: I used to attend the same lecture he did and he was interesting from the minute he walked into the lecture hall. I usually sit in the last row where I can watch people without being seen like the creep that I am. He entered the lecture hall with this wild book-Harry-Potter-hair and with his hands on the straps of his backpack. He stood there for a bit gazing around, deciding where he should sit instead of just rushing in like everyone else. He had a constant grin on his face and laughing eyes even when he wasn’t laughing. There was always this little spark of amusement and quiet intelligence in his eyes. Sometimes he sat with friends. Then he would be the one joking around with this unusually expressive face of his. I don’t know, he just seemed like a genuinely nice guy with whom you could have the wildest and most interesting of conversations and always a good laugh.

INFJ: She is the girl in the mirror that doesn’t look like me. The image on the wall that is so familiar yet so strange, it knows about you. She knows who you are. She knows who you think you are, who you are trying to be, who you might be one day. She knows. She has always known. And that scares the hell out of you. She smiles at you, trying to ease the discomfort she’s causing you. She tries to make you laugh. She tries to make you smile, to make you happy. She tries to protect you. But who is she? Who is this strange girl in the mirror with the long wild hair and cheekbones as sharp as her tongue? What’s behind the smiling eyes, what’s going on inside this head of hers? Will I ever know?

INFP: We were on a ship, headed to a little island in the North Sea. He was travelling with his wife and his two daughters. His blonde hair was slowly turning grey and the smile wrinkles around his eyes were deep. In the two hours that I saw him, he hardly said a word, but he was always present. He paid attention to the harmless fights his teenage daughters had. He listened to his wife talking to some strangers about how great the holiday will be. And I’ve never seen a more endearing laughter than the quiet one that made his shoulders shake up and down while having his eyes closed, deepening the already deep wrinkles around his eyes. His laughter didn’t make a sound, but it was like the whole ship stopped and noticed his calm little joy. I’ve never looked into kinder eyes than his.

ENFJ: He is the greatest mystery of all. He is a walking contradiction. Both confident and shy, both intimidating and approachable, both extroverted and reserved. But how does that make sense? His eyes are like X-rays. He looks you in the eye and it’s like he can see right through every wall you ever built around yourself, like he has figured you out in a second, and he seems intrigued. When around other people, he is the one trying everything to keep the conversation going, trying to make the other smile, to make them laugh. He tends to be the centre of attention and he appears to like that, but only for a short while until he withdraws and stares intensely into space. He is the kind of guy that is liked by everyone and still is an enigma that no one really knows anything about. His presence is calm, like snow quieting down the world, and then he looks at you and you feel like you are the only person in the room. And if you look into his eyes, eyes that look so much older than the body they belong to, if you look past the kindness and self-doubt in them, you see a shy little muffin that just wants to love and be loved. We never spoke a word, but I love him more than I can say.

ENFP: We were on a ship, headed back from this holiday island that I love so much. I was travelling alone and the ship was overcrowded, so this woman asked if she and her daughter could sit at my table. Her daughter was about twelve, maybe thirteen years old and such a free spirit that it made me laugh inside because it kept annoying her mother so much. “Do you have your shirt on back to front?” “I don’t know.” “Yes, you do. You can’t walk around like that. Go and put it on properly.” “Why? I don’t care.” “But everyone’s staring at you! What will they think of us?” “No one’s looking, mum, because no one cares. I think I’m gonna go outside and look at the waves for a bit. See you later.” She then stood up and loped out of the room with her wildly swinging ponytail while I was left with her baffled mother.

ISTJ: I see her twice a week on the train early in the morning when she is probably on her way to work. She is always neatly dressed and her short hair looks on point every time. I’m not quite sure what it is about her that makes her so interesting. It’s her whole demeanor. How she walks upright with her head held high. How she looks at all kinds of people in an interested way. How she always keeps a straight face. She seems so pragmatic, down to earth, and smart. She kind of radiates a No-shit-Sherlock-vibe that makes her seem like a tough boss that is respected by everyone and that is, deep down, actually really good at heart.

ESTJ: She was a lioness. She was strong and she was kind. I left the bus at the same station as she and her disabled daughter did, and I walked behind them for a minute or two. And I saw nothing but love. They seemed very close and they were both laughing about something. Her daughter was all grown up and didn’t really need any help with anything, but her mother was always there, just in case. Not in a condescending way, not at all. It was more like her daughter was her world and everything she saw, everything she wanted to see. But at the same time, she respected her enough to suppress her motherly instincts and let her daughter go her own way. She decided to be on the sidelines of her daughter’s life and to be there for her when she needs her. And I think that’s beautiful. 

ISFJ: Every time I happened to see them, I’ve never seen them apart from each other. When I watch a couple interact, I can usually immediately tell how the relationship is going and if it is going to last. Often, I can say that two people may love each other, and that they might stay together for a few months or for a year or two, but in the end, they won’t work out. Then, occasionally, very rarely so, there are these two people and it’s so obvious that these two are good. That they found the one and that they are so perfect together that you just want to cry looking at them because they are so beautiful together. This is the kind of couple I’m talking about here. They are still very young, maybe twenty or twenty-one, I don’t know. But that doesn’t matter, that doesn’t mean anything. Even if they are just silently standing next to one another, they are like the same person in two bodies. They are inseparable. When they are on the bus and she’s looking out of the window with these curious, shining eyes while he is only looking at her and smiles, when they are standing at the train station and make each other laugh so hard that both of them have to lean onto each other, I see that their love for each other is so pure and infinite, that it’s unconditional and omnipresent. They look so genuinely happy just to be with the other that it makes me happier than anything else. 

ESFJ: Every other morning I see him drive his wife to the train station where he waits with her until the train arrives and she has to leave. They hold hands and laugh together about something while they wait. They try to spend every bit of the day possible with each other and they look so happy together. But then the train rolls in and she kisses him goodbye and she smiles at him and he smiles back. While I get on the train after his wife, I see him standing at the station until the train finally leaves. He waves at her one last time through the window until he turns and goes back to his car with a sad smile on his face. You know, I like to compare his love for his wife to a dog. Imagine a fluffy Golden Retriever that whimpers when he realises that you have to leave, and that jumps into your face out of joy as soon as you come back to him. That’s exactly what he is. He’s a Golden Retriever.

ISTP: I saw her on the train. She sat there all alone with a bottle of Vodka and a notebook peeking out from her backpack. She had wild curly hair, a nose ring and lots of freckles. During the twenty minutes she sat across from me, she was staring into space and was lost in thought. She was intense in every way. She was an incredibly strong lone wolf that reminded me so much of Sarah Manning, for those great people of you who have seen Orphan Black. I felt like, in a book, she’d be the underdog that needs to be reckoned with if you want to survive her once you angered her or laid hand on someone she cares about. 

ESTP: He sat across from me on the train. I didn’t dare to really observe him as he was so present and observing himself that I didn’t want to give the wrong impression and creep him out. Because his constantly smirking eyes were all over the place. He looked out of the window, he watched people in their seats, he looked at me, he looked at the floor, he pensively stared at nothing. I could see that he was lost in thought, yet he was never absent-minded, and that was confusing. Absent-minded people are easy to watch and to analyse, but not him. He was thinking, but he still noticed. He noticed every little thing that happened around him and it was fascinating and intimidating at the same time.

ISFP: I was on a long-distance train at night on the way home from Paris, and for most of the time, I only saw him as a reflection on the windows. He was travelling alone with nothing but a backpack, slouching in his seat and half asleep. I don’t know, he just seemed like this kind of lone wolf who goes where the wind blows and doesn’t care what other people think about him, if his beard is getting too long, if he is drooling in his sleep, if people judge him for being who he is. He did his own thing and lived the life he wanted to. I hope he does.

ESFP: It was 7:30am when I saw her crying on the train. She wasn’t a mess. She just sat there in the train packed full of people and cried shamelessly and with dignity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so sad, and I wish there was anything I could have done, but she didn’t seem to need any comfort. She sat there and accepted the fact that the was crying in front of lots of strangers. She had tears streaming down her face, but she held her head up high and didn’t care. There was a quiet strength behind her eyes that I admired so much.

(I’m very sorry if you got the impression that I might live on a train. Feels like it sometimes, though.)

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pls more of that fake marriage au,,, I need it

First part can be found here!

Sorry this is late, but, ok, going off that just imagine:

There’s a national search to find Ladybugs true love (aka Adrien). It’s being broadcasted through the news channels and no matter how much Marinette is trying to avoid the sham that was her marriage, it continues to haunt her. Not to mention she gets pitying looks from almost everyone in her class since they all now assume Adrien is taken (which causes her to burst out in hysterics because ohmyfuckinggod adrien is dating her but no one knows its actually her and when did her life get so fucked? great aunt Madeline was definitely haunting Marinette because, honestly, no deity would ever wish this on someone)

Alya is convinced that Adrien Agreste is the one everyone is looking for because she’s seen them together before. She’s telling anyone she can that Ladybug saved Adrien’s life so they are meant to be (to which Nino reminds her that Ladybug has saved basically everyone in their year, but he is promptly ignored)

And Adrien? Well, Adrien is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. It all started with his father and him having another tense breakfast and it led to him being ambushed by a bunch of teenagers the second he walked through the classroom door. 

“How long have you been dating Ladybug?”

“Can I interview you for Ladyblog?”

“Do you know who Ladybug is?”

And no matter how hard Adrien denies it no one believes him, thinking he’s too shy about his budding romance. 

But Nino knows that if it was true, Adrien would have definitely been bouncing off the moon. So the second Adrien is finally free from the prying eyes of his classmates, he plops down on a seat and removes his earphones. 

“Dude, why did you never tell me?” 

It’s the first time that Adrien shoots him such an exasperated look that he can’t help but laugh. 

After class ends, people are still bothering him about Ladybug so he transforms into Chat and books it to his safe haven: Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie. He’s about to knock on the window of Marinette’s bedroom when he notices her watching a news segment on the Wedding. She has her knees pulled up to her chest and face squashed into a pillow. When the TV replays the wrong name scene, Marinette lets out the most gutteral, inhumane screech he’s ever heard in his life. It terrifies him for a second and he debates on leaving, but Marinette looks like she’s ready to murder her TV with her bare hands.

So for the safety of the TV and any other electronics in the area he opens the window and swings in. 

“Can’t have enough of me can you Princess?” 

The look Marinette gives him alone is enough to make him squeak in fear. 

(Ok, I hope this is kinda what you were looking for. If you want more just send me another ask or something. I’m so glad you liked it enough to ask for more!)


I t ’ s  t h e  b e g i n n i n g  o f  t h e  l o n g e s t  d a y, the summer solstice. Sistere and sol, because the sun seems to stand still. We got through the night. My dear, it couldn’t have lasted forever. But you’re a good man. Very clever. Y o u ’ l l  m a k e  i t  t h r o u g h.

so i was like yanno what this world needs, more fahc meg, and so this is what happened as a result of that

mutha’ fuckin’ dollface

and thanks a bajillion for all those ppl that actually watched me stream? i love you guys!!!! like honeslt y i will figure out how to stream better the more i do it i promise



and btw, i’m gonna redo my old commissions post in a bit but they are open just so you know

edit: forgot to add the shadow whoops


Ah, more ons merch~
Featuring Yu, Mika, and Guren scarf buttons and Mika’s floral perfume d(^_^o)


There is always a second chance but only if you’re brave enough to take it. 

Repost because @kamiofdreams was nice enough to edit this for me 💜

Genre : Angst/ Slight fluff.

Word count : 5K+ ( Doctor AU ) 

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You sat, your mother’s arm around you in a comforting yet pitying hug, watching the doctor’s lips part then shut again, over and over, in a repetitive motion. Your ears  voluntarily blocked his words. He was telling you that you were going to die after all, what’s the point in listening to it one more time.

Y our eyes trailed off from the man’s distant and revolving face to the window. A bright, blue colored butterfly lurking outside catching your attention. You followed it with attentive eyes until it disappeared completely out of sight, forced to focus on his words when a quiet sob escaped your mother’s lips. Checking back into reality, you quietly observed the tension around you. Your father’s face deep into his hands not even daring to look up, his face seemed to  fell each time he heard it. The doctor shifted his gaze not knowing where to look, he probably has done this a lot, why is it still hard for him to tell you something that must be a routine? Small things like this kept your mind off the actual purpose of the appointment, your death.

“How much time do I have?” You interrupted his long speech, a speech you’ve grown tired of hearing, your voice low and calm almost torturing their ears as they wanted you to give more of an appropriate reaction.

“Excuse me?” He stuttered taken aback by your question.

“I’ll just re-phrase it, when do I die?” You repeated.

Your mother’s chest rose and fell back into a deep breath sobbing a muffled whisper of your name. The man hesitated for a moment his eyes wavering at your father, as if questioning whether to tell you or not, but not finding an answer, he still had his head tightly between his hands. He turned back to you, entangling his fingers.

“It’s an estimated  two months, with medication it could be more. With a transplant it could be even more but …” He paused, hesitating “surgery is also an option, but a very small one since the chances …”

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I’m actually heartbroken it’s the final season of teen wolf. I know I wanted it to end sooner rather than later but it feels like the end of an era. The teen wolf fandom and stydia fandom are like family to me and the fact we won’t have anymore new episodes, trailers, pictures or seasons to freak out over is upsetting. BUT in saying that, this season is certainly going to be filled with twists and turns and of course stydia(!!!!) so let’s hope teen wolf goes out with a bang! I love you all guys!

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You heard me right; I’m doing a giveaway! (…kind of)

As the sign says, I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate my follower milestone which I recently hit.

How to participate?

  • To take part in this giveaway, you need to be following this dork :D
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  • Note: The prizes will be in digital form as I can’t send anything physical.

How will the winners be picked?

  • I’ll randomly pick one first price winner and two second price winners that will be announced not later than 3.8.2016.
  • I will contact the winners privately, but if the winner doesn’t answer in ten days, a new winner will be chosen by random.

What will the first price winner get?

  • The winner of first place will get a full detailed fan art (or fic art from a fanfic of their choosing)
  • A follow back from me (if not already)

What will the second price winners get?

  • Both second price winners will get a sketchy fan art (or fic art from a fanfic of their choosing)
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All winners also get my eternal friendship and love (even though let’s face it guys - you already have it.)

What can the fan art/fic art contain?

Even though the winners will have almost full say to what I’m going to draw to them, there are some things I won’t be drawing. It’s also handy to keep in mind that my blog’s mainly about Doctor Who…

  • …so I personally wish that the winners will request fan art that contains characters I’m familiar with, preferably something related to my blog’s content.
  • Sadly, I don’t draw smut. Sorry guys!
  • The pairings I do draw are Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Tentoo/Rose as well as Eleven/Rose and Clara/Rose. I can also draw teninch pairings if wanted.
  • If you’re requesting fan art/fic art that doesn’t involve any of the pairings I listed, think twice before clicking that reblog button. I don’t want to portray your favourite character incorrectly just because I’ve never heard of them before :D

thoughts on the new rbw group vromance

i dont know what peoples thoughts on the new “little brother” group of mamamoo vromance are but personally i really like them. im really a fan of pop music revisiting old styles of music and i especially like vocal focused show tune/broadway like music. like i usually dont like broadway type singing but the instrumentals are really good. theres just something about pop music that has elements of broadway show tunes, classicial music, and jazz/swing music etc thats really refreshing, especially in the kpop scene.

that being said im not sure theyll be that much of a hit within todays kpop fans. i feel like the audience theyre trying to appeal to is obviously a mature audience in their late 20s+. a lot of kpop fans nowadays are preteens and young teens. vromance’s ages range from 22-27 and theyre not “””conventionally attractive””” and they dont do any dancing from what ive see so far. their concept is very classy and mature.

vromance is just about the complete opposite of rookie groups debuting in kpop today but i really really hope their music reaches the younger kpop fans so theyre forced to focus on singing and music at its core. with other groups young fans will get so tied up in the members looks and performance (which is all good and well) but they tend to ignore the most important part, the music. i really hope vromance can succeed in opening peoples eyes to, just, classic singing and music and instrumentals since that seems to be the only thing theyre focusing on in their debut.

edit ALSO i think its rly important that a member of vromance is 27 and just debuted. its never too late to pursue your dreams guys

People Make Such A Difference In A Short Time

Here are some lameos that have actually changed my life pretty drastically, probs without even knowing it.

grace-kelly-with-wings I don’t know if you really understand what you did for me. You actually played a huge role in my fuckin’ struggle to let go of my ex, and that’s a big deal. You’re kind of an inspiration, and I, I dunno, look up to you, even though you’re like 1 ft. tall. You’ve definitely helped me become a more self-confident person for that. ALSO, you helped me with my phone anxiety A LOT okay. I miss u tho. We still gotta take a bean pic.

sleeplessinsurburbia EUGH FUCKIN LILY EW. You’re really a huge part of my life right now, and maybe you won’t always be, but it’d be cool if you were. There aren’t many people who can put me in a good mood, but hearing from you just once out of the day puts a smile on my face. You make me laugh a lot, and you make me feel a lot, and that’s hard to do. I appreciate you in my life. You kind of make me feel beautiful.

commanderglitter SWEDISH LITTLE ANGEL, you’re so cute, and your constant snapchats throughout the day make me a happy little Bambi. You’re so nice, and honestly, I don’t know you that well, but I hope I have a long chance to get to know you, because you’re so absolutely sweet and encouraging. Ily

captain-planet-is-our-hero okay so I met you ONCE but you p much gave me confidence to make friends in college, and not be afraid of everyone 

grilledhamandcheese you’ve been my friend for a while, but only recently have we really started to actually talk and stuff. You make a difference, even if we don’t talk a whole lot. You’re really funny, and I’m never afraid to talk to you about all the weird and lame stuff in my life.


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Me, your Local bi pink haired fairy ✨

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The Dinner Lady and The Spaceman

Pairing: Ten x Rose, AU
Rating: General, I think 
Words: 1440
Beta: @doctortenny, my favourite dork.
A/N: This was written after I saw the prompt on @timepetalsprompts submitted by @lluvia185 “AU prompt where Tenth is actually the eccentric Science’s teacher and Rose works at the High school’s cafeteria and they both have a massive crush on each other, but they both think the other one is out of their league.” I hope you like it. 

read on ao3

Everyone was talking about the new Physics teacher on the first day of school. Mostly girls whispered how fine he looked in his pinstriped suit. But not only girls, Rose first heard about him from Jack who worked with her at the school cafeteria.

“He has amazing hair and bum not from this Earth. You would like him, Rosie.” That’s what he said to her, but she couldn’t confirm it till day three. It was the first time he appeared during the lunch break.

He really was easy for the eye, Rose decided. As Jack said he had some really good hair that Rose would love to touch, freckles all over his face, a breathtaking smile with two matching dimples and really sexy specs on his nose. He seemed very friendly, was smiling and making small talks with the students around him and the other dinner ladies until he came to her post. His smile fell and he stood there gobsmacked.

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AHH <3

OK SO I WASN’T ONLINE MUCH TODAY, WITH A BUNCH OF STUFF GOING ON BUT I HIT 2500 FOLLOWERS WHICH IS AMAZING, THANK YOU EVERYONE! (Honestly, after 2000 I wasn’t expecting to get much more- but this just explodes my brain that this many people like me.) THANK YOU SO MUCH. I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT GETTING AN IMAGINE OUT TODAY (I really tried DX) BUT I LOVE YOU ALL. YOU ARE AMAZING.

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I know all the bad news these past few days may be overwhelming. It’s okay to take a break from social media and the news for a while. Go for a walk. Play some video games. Do things that make you feel better. You’re not selfish for getting your mind off of the bad stuff going on in the world.


I love this fandom and you guys we’re so lucky because we are actually going to witness something really special happen but it’s only going to work if all Gillian fans get involved.

Mother Anderson loves to support great causes and make a difference! So that’s what we’re going to do. For Gillian’s 48th birthday (August 9th) we’re all going to make a small difference and together make one BIG difference! Imagine how much she’s gonna love this!!!

Follow @allheartgillian and go to

sometimes i want to reblog a meme but then killian is like -whispers- no