i love you guys a lot and i'm sorry for being a party pooper

Some things that are really bothering me about a lot of srydia shippers at best ignoring and at most mocking and belittling the people who are concerned over the narrative’s bias towards Lydi@ and the devaluing of every relationship on the show bar srydia, as well as the moc who is the actual main character.

These same people whined and whined and whined for years because they thought they were owed a ship, that demanded and demand the narrative cater to them, refusing to see that a) no one was obligated to comply and b) the narrative was always moving away from that ship and its possibility of happening.

These same people whined and whined about Lydi@’s storyline revolving around a guy, when she was helping people all over, was helping the pack, was learning to fight with her powers and without. Now? She cares about one person only, has no concern to help anyone else, and suddenly these same people do not utter a word.

These same people cheerfully make edits of Scott magicking their ship together while at the same time turning around and calling us salty and stupid and mocking us at every turn for not wanting the main character to be reduced to a cheerleader for a ship.

And they’re ok with that. Because somewhere along the way, these people have decided that the only way they’ll accept this show and Lydi@’s character is if she’s with St@les. And it was such an offence, that when they got rid of two of her boyfriends, they still didn’t end up together. That he had the nerve to fall for another girl, and later she had the nerve to be interested in someone else. To them, it’s always been ‘their turn’, because they always think that they owed it to them, that the show owed their ship to them and they had been robbed of something.

They are so obsessed with that idea that the ship was planned from the beginning, despite a mountain of evidence otherwise, and keep touting it around, using it as a weapon and as a defense, as if anything could justify what the show has done in this season.

They preach rhetoric like ‘ensemble show’, ‘just a show’, ‘but not everyone is obligated to like Scott’ and other pretentious bs. Because no matter how much anyone whines, spouts definitions and combs through technicalities, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s Scott’s show. It always always been about him, and his pack by extension. And it doesn’t change the fact that if the show was focusing on anyone other than their faves, the ‘ensemble’ argument would never even have been heard of. Or the fact that no, for the actors who have been and are being screwed over for the sake of a ship, it is very much not just a show. Or the fact that, newsflash, we know not everyone is obligated to love Scott. (that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s strange how so many people don’t, but it’s not the point.)

The point is, we know. The point is, we’re not just lashing out bc our poor little hearts were broken bc our ships are not canon anymore. This is their logic. The point is, this is not just about what we want. This is not about what we as st@lia, m@rrish, scir@, sc@les shippers just selfishly want. It’s not about what scott stans want. It’s not just about us being antisrydia for the sake of being antisrydia. We’re not asking the show to shit on everything it was and is to cater to some out-of-touch with it narrative.

Is there a lot of bitterness? Yes. But we’re not petty enough to write essays upon essays on nonexistent problems. Most people pointing these problems out likely wouldn’t if they didn’t exist. If the show wasn’t being spun on its head and forgetting all its history and all its progress and everything it stands for to cater to a vocal minority in its desperation for ratings and with the changes in the writer lineup.

But no, this is about having critical thinking. This is about looking at the show, its choices and its narrative in a more or less objective way.

This is about seeing the titular character be shoved under the rug like yesterday’s trash, because they don’t have time for him, or his relationships obviously. And not because we’re stans. Because he is the main character.

This is about seeing M@lia and Scott being stripped of their intelligence and their emotional ties. This is about seeing a friendship being thrown in the trash because P@rrish is obviously not someone who has ties to Lydi@ and has helped her and been helped in return. This is about seeing twelve people doing everything to save someone and the credit being given to one person, and the one that did the least to boot. This is about Kira being shoved away while having a more than perfect storyline because they ‘didn’t have enough space’ while Lydi@ eats up so much screentime that the titular character seems like a background prop with no plot to speak of. And this is not just because we’re shippers, it’s because we have legitimate arguments.

I can say with confidence that if srydia had been done in a logical way, without most of the problematic elements and with respect to the show and the characters and the main protagonist, I’d still bitch a bit about it happening. But only that. I wouldn’t cover it up with pretty, self-righteous nonsense to make my dislike somehow legitimate. This is not a pissing contest. It’s people being disappointed at the quality of what they’re being offered, and not being content enough with the ship to complacently not say a word.

So, it’s just so hilariously sad that the people who have always whined about things only when it suits them, invented arguments and outright lied to hate on other ships and tried to steer the show in a direction it never wanted to take, turn around and reduce people who just want it the way it had evolved to be to salty, bitter, illogical party poopers or something like that.

tl,dr; dear srydia fanatics, don’t come at me and demand that I stop caring about the quality of what I watch, logic, character derailment and the main character of the show because you’ve only ever preached about wanting things you feel entitled to and have never bothered to give it the same thought or consideration.