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An encounter (part 6)

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Part 6:

Y/N pov.

It had been 6 months since Luke left New York. A lot had changed and not in the good way.

I tried to forget about him, but everyday before I closed my eyes to sleep his icy blue eyes found a way to imprint on my mind.

Since he’d been gone my life started going even more downhill which I thought was impossible.

I was a wreck. I was still working at the strip club spending most of my time there. A month after Luke left my mother passed away and I didn’t know what to do. I tried to fight to keep Sam with me but I was seen as an unfit career as I was always working and wouldn’t be there for him. They took him into a kids care home. I could visit him at weekends but with working where I did I was mostly busy at weekends but every chance I got to visit him I would.

Not only did I have all this crap going on in my life, I had managed to get myself into trouble. With a guy.

At first he was lovely guy and because I was vulnerable he tricked me into thinking he was a caring person. But he wasn’t. He didn’t care at all. He had serious anger issues and would take it out on me. My body was littered in cuts and bruises all made from him. I was to scared to tell him I didn’t want to be with him anymore. Who knows what he might do. He would probably kill me.

But then I wouldn’t really mind if he did. At least it would mean that he couldn’t touch me Or get to me again. It would stop all the pain and suffering of my life, after all I didn’t have anyone left. Sam was the only one keeping me alive right now.

I hAd a plan. To work as hard as I could and as many hours as I could. I was going to save up all my money and buy a nice little house, then I would get Sam back and we could live normally.

It would take time though and i needed patience.

It was a normal Saturday night and I was at the strip club serving drinks at the bar. I kept telling myself I was doing this to get Sam back as it was the only thing motivating me.

My manager had just informed me that we had a booking for a stag due tonight booked under the name of Calum Hood and that I had to look after them.

That’s when it happened. Four tall boys walked in through the door, the first one had brown hair the second one had light brown hair the third one had red and black hair and finally the last one had blonde hair.

It caught my eye making me properly look at him and that’s when I realised it was him. I knew those piercing icy blue eyes of by heart, they were the same ones haunting my dreams.


It was him. He was actually back.

His eyes met mine as he looked nervously at his friends.

“Surprise” one if his friends shouted to him.

Oh, he must not have known that his friends were bringing him here. He obviously hadn’t chosen to come here. But then again this was one of his friends stag dues.

“Y/N” my manager said gesturing me to walk over with him to the group of men"

I watched as the manager greeted them before introducing me to then and telling them I would be looking after them tonight. I refused to look at Luke, he had hurt me badly when he left 6 months ago. He never felt the same as I did he just used me.

I smiled at them all before leading them to a table.

“So who’s the lucky guy getting married?” I asked looking at them all except Luke.

“This guy right over here” one of them said pointing to Luke.

My breath caught in my throat and I chocked back a gasp.

“Oh… Congratulations” I fake smiled looking at him. He smiled sadly at me.

“Well whoever she is she’s one lucky girl” I said turning back to the others “would you like any drinks?” I asked.

I took there orders going up to the bar and getting them. I watched the group from a far who were giggling like naughty little school children at some of the other girls who worked here who were giving people a show.

Luke obviously didn’t care about me anymore. Well he probably didn’t to start with. I tried to not let it get to me and tried to be professional but it was hard. The whole night I could feel his gaze burning into me.

The boys had left an hour ago and my shift had just finished. I needed to forget tonight so I took a bottle of vodka behind the bar and slipped it into my bag. Leaving the club I started the walk home. Before I could get very far I saw Luke leaving against the door at the front of the club. As soon as I met his eyes I turned around and started walking the other way.

“Y/N wait please” he said running to me and taking hold of my wrist.

“Let me explain” he said

“You don’t need to explain anything I don’t care leave me alone” I said angrily.

“No I’m not leaving until you let me explain”

“Explain what? There’s nothing to explain” I shouted storming away. He silently followed me all the way to my house stepping inside my house after me.

“Seriously Luke. Leave me alone” j screamed.

“Shhhh, you’ll wake Sam” he said

“No I won’t” I said “he doesn’t live here anymore”

“What? Where is he?” He asked confused

“Care home” I stated bluntly.

“Why what happened?” He asked softly.

“Mum passed away” I whispered

“Oh god. I’m sorry” he said holding me tightly to him as I started to cry “it will be alright I promise” he reassured “I’m here, I’m not leaving you this time” he said

“You’re getting married” I stated

“Yes but I don’t live her, I’ll sort it out later just forget about that okay?” He said

“Okay” I said back

He took my cheeks in his hand rubbing his thumb softly over my jaw line. I flinched as he touched the bruise inflicted by my ‘boyfriend’.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly. He examined my cheek wiping off the foundation covering it up.

“Holy shit. Who the fuck did this?” He said angered

“It doesn’t matter”

“Who was it?” He demanded

“I can’t tell you, he’ll kill me” I sobbed

“What have you gotten yourself into?” He sighed

A loud obnoxious banging sounded at the door and I knew it was him.

“Y/N open up this door now you little slut” he shouted obviously drunk.

“Was it this guy?” Luke asked as I whimpered in response

“You have to go Luke, if he sees you he will kill you” I sobbed

“No, come on let’s get out of here” he said running to the back door that led to the back of the flats.

We ran outside and down the stairs to the bottom of the flats. We then ran through the car park and past the children’s play park.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I ran after Luke.

“To this place I know” he said running to a tall building several streets away. We stopped In front of it gasping for breath and clutching our sides.

“Your firm?” I said in realisation.

“Yep, now come on I know a place we can stay” he said unlocking the door and locking it back up once we were inside.

I followed him up 10 flights of stairs until we came to a door at the top of the building. The roof top door.

Stepping out into the night air I took in a deep breath. New York looked beautiful in the dark. The lights of buildings and cars illuminated the streets making it look magical.

“Wow” I said breathless

“Yeah… Wow” Luke whispered from beside me.

Luke’s pov.

I couldn’t think of where to being her so I brought her here where no one could find us.

I watched her as she looked over the city in amazement.

“It’s so beautiful” she whispered

“I know” I responded as I kept watching her intently.

She walked over to the edge of the building leaning on the railing. I followed her putting my hand on the small of her back to steady her. It made me nervous that she was close to the edge. She jumped at my touch as I pulled her closer into my side just so she didn’t fall.

I entwined our fingers pulling her away from the side and moving to sit on the floor. She sat next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you Luke” she said

“It’s fine, I told you I want to help you”

“I don’t need help” she said “I can do everything by myself, I always have”

“But you don’t have to” I told her

“You’re getting married”

“I know but-”

“But nothing” she said “you’re getting married and I don’t want to stand in the way”

“You’re not standing in the way, I don’t want to marry her anyway…”

“Why did you ask her then?” She said confused

“I felt like it was the only way…” I said before losing my train of thought

“The only way to what?” She questioned

“Get over you…” I mumbled

“What?” She asked shocked

“Im in love with you, clearly you don’t feel the same but I can’t help it…” I said meaningfully

“Luke- I-I don’t know what to say” she stuttered

“Just say you love me back, please… That’s all I need to hear and I’ll cancel the wedding.”


“God damit” I shouted “just tell me you love me. I know you do.” I was getting angry.

“You can’t-” she started

“I can! I fucking love you and I want you to need me as much as I need you!” I shouted frustrated “please I don’t want to be alone again” I whispered

She grabbed my face in her small hands pressing her lips to mine.

“You’ll never be lonely again.” She whispered as I leaned into her kiss wanting more. “I love you Luke” she said pressing her forehead against mine and laughing in happiness as I picked her up so I didn’t have to lean down to kiss her.

Our relief and carefree laughs filled the night air as we enjoyed the feeling of happiness, a feeling which neither of us had much experience with.

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