i love you geri

Songs about Geri on El Dorado:
  • Me Enamore: Song narrating when Shakira first met Gerard and how she quickly felt physical attraction to him and fell in love. 
  • Amarillo (Yellow): This is the song that Geri talked about that includes a Catalan word in it (T'Estimo=I love you). 
  • Coconut Tree: This song talks about a trip Shak & Geri first took as a couple, where they went searching for a lost island to find peace. She describes the feeling of falling in love “under a coconut tree where we created a universe”.
  • Toneladas: A ballad that talks about the “tons” of love Shakira receives from Geri and how happy he makes her.

Ok so I speak like 0 spanish but this is what I got from the stream

Geri and Jordi seeing the stream go live and get super excited about it

Showing Leo to fans but Masche is in the way with his wife on the phone and asks not to film

Geri being an asshole and coming even closer to film them lol

People asking for Bartra

Leo asking for questions 

Geri and Jordi reading the comments to find good questions and not finding any lol

Geri and Masche talking about River

Geri showing Luis for like a millisecond coz he doesn’t want to get filmed and gets really shy about it 

Geri showing Bartra who is watching the stream himself lol

Matheu and Geru looking for good questions and again not finding any (cules really let us down this time)

Matheu pretending he is smoking a cigarette







Everyone playing parchis 

Geri seeing Marc and getting super excited to get him on the stream

Geri asking Marc how to say I love you in german:

Geri: “Ich bein dich? I love you?”

Marc: “ich liebe dich”

Geri: “Exactly”  *I died around here*

Geri seeing “TER STEGEN TE AMMOOOOO” comment and saying it out loud and being super excited about it and I loved this moment very much it was the best I tell you 

Dani Alves getting an appearance and showing us his tongue as always  lol

Geri making fun of Bartra coz he got an appearance today

Aleix playing parchis and being too consumed with the game to talk to you mere mortals

Aleix being sassy in general (I didn’t understand shit but he was sassy af)

Munir trying to look good


some kids in the background were also very cute 


Pique receives the award for best Catalan Player of 2015

The Barça defender said last season “I performed at a level that I wanted to achieve at the beginning. Players’ careers are long, they have ups and downs and I like to achieve goals. I feel proud after winning the Champions League and achieve the goals that I had set for myself.” 

Piqué received a message of congratulations via a video from former Barça captain Xavi Hernández. (Notice the look of pure happiness from Geri, when he realizes the Amic who left a special message for him is no other than Xavi.)

Piqué also thanked FC Barcelona for their support, adding, “I also thank my team mates and family, for without them I would not be here today.”