i love you gaywad

so like ive yammered on and on about this on twitter but ill keep going i guess! anyway 3 months ago an anime service i follow introduced a contest wherein you submit your own original anime merch concept via twitter and possibly win a trip to japan! merchandise is like.. my passion so i thought “hell yea” and got on that ASAP. in total i submitted 40 drawn entries (and 1 not-drawn since i was having issues drawing it LOL) - which ive compiled in this big shitty collage! i put a lot of hard work and had fun with it! 

im also elated to say that i did in fact win the contest!!!!!! the fruits of my efforts…paid off!!! my friends were the biggest help&inspo so id really like to thank them….love you guys…
(related: i had my twitter handle set as “gaywad” when i won so at least 7 people sent a congrats message to me while i was Gaywad…RIP)