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You’re Underestimating Karen

Kevin: People loved you. Gary loved you, these two have loved you. 

Ika: She’s loved us.

Kevin: William LOVED you, William LOVED you.

Ika: Yeah, he did. 

Kevin: And that’s more.. if I didn’t have a secret power of veto I would have been gone since I didn’t have great relationships.

Demetres: Yeah we talk about that all the time.

Ika: We dread William.

Kevin: Thank you William, thank you William. 

"Do You, I Do?" Chapter 1

~To everyone who is about to read this first chapter, this story will hopefully be different from any Joshifer fic out there, that is what ohmyjoshiferr and hope while writing this. The first couple of chapters are nothing but fluff, but yes, it will get angsty and sad. You have 100% reason to fill both of our ask boxes with questions and why’s we are doing this to you. But without further ado, here is the first chapter of Do You I Do~


“Do you, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, take Joshua Ryan Hutcherson to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The pastor asked Jennifer, who stood in front of Josh dressed in an elegant white gown. It was finally the day they would become husband and wife. It had been a spur of the moment idea, flying to Vegas with their closest family and friends.


It was a small chapel but they thought it was perfect for the occasion. They just hoped the day wouldn’t be ruined by unwanted guests with cameras. The bright sun poured through the stained glass around the room, somehow making the event happier than it already was.


“A million times yes,” She smiled happily at the man in front of her. “Oh, oh, oh! I mean I do. I do.”


The small crowd laughed around them. “You’re something, Lawrence.” Josh teased. Jennifer rolled her eyes. 

“I won’t be a Lawrence for long.” He slipped the sparkling ring on her finger and although she had seen it before, she gasped at it’s beauty.

“If you’re both done flirting, we continue with the service.” The minister commented with a soft chuckle.

“I’m sorry. I’m nervous,” Jen laughed once again. She couldn’t seem to tame the contagious grin on her face, brought on by the fact that she’s finally marrying Josh; her rock, her everything.

The minister smiled. “Alright,” he said. “Do you, Joshua Ryan Hutcherson, take Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” Jennifer slipped the ring into his finger with a smile.

The minister closed his ordinance book, and grinned. “It has been an honor to wed you both. By the power vested in me in the state of Nevada, I pronounce you man and wife.” He placed a hand on Josh’s shoulder. “I know you’re dying to, so, kiss your wife, Josh.”

“Gladly,” He whispered before searing his lips to her, dipping her just the slightest bit to act out a perfect, cliché wedding kiss. She had never loved him more.

Jennifer wrapped her free arm around his neck, keeping him anchored there. Not letting him go. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t. They continued to kiss, tongues teasing, biting of lips. Jennifer could hear the snickers of her brothers, imagine the look on her mother’s face. But again, she couldn’t help it.

Someone tapped Jennifer on her shoulder. She pulled her lips from her husband’s (her husband’s, she couldn’t believe Josh was now her husband). Karen smiled at her daughter. “Jenny, I don’t think Josh’s parents, nor your father and I would like to see you having sex in this chapel. So I think you should stop.”

“Sorry,” She mumbled but kept her gaze trained on Josh.

Josh grinned. “I think she’s right, Jen.” He wrapped an arm around her, helping her stand up right. “Come on. We have a private reception to get to.”

The small crowd clapped wildly as they made their way back down the aisle, hand in hand.

Josh leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Are you ready for tonight?” he asked. Jennifer felt her insides warm. It would be different with them married. Not only did they love each other but now it was official. That and the fact that a couple weeks before the wedding they decided to refrain from sex.

She almost couldn’t contain her excitement. Almost. They would have to save it for later though.

A few hours later, in a private room of the hotel, Josh and Jennifer danced close together, the both of them slightly tipsy.

“How are you holding up, Mrs. Hutcherson? Tired yet?”

“Hey don’t get to used to that,” She giggled against his lips. “I think interviewers would be confused if out of nowhere you called me that.”

“I know.” He sighed contently but his stomach twisted at the fact that they would have to continue hiding it. It was a struggle at times but having her all to himself was worth it.

“I do like it though. It sounds nice.” He smiled back in response and pulled her waist closer with his arms.

Jennifer nuzzled his neck with her nose. “I love you, Mrs. Hutcherson.” He whispered in her ear, her body shivered in response.

“I love you more.” She brushed her lips against the growing scruff on his jaw, giggling softly about the way it tickled. Both of them we’re practically oozing happiness.

Josh shook his head. “Not even close, baby.” He murmured. “I am so happy you didn’t get such a big dress.” His lips moved on their own to lightly graze her neck without bringing more attention onto themselves.

“Me too. God knows I wouldn’t make it two feet with anything bigger than this.” She looked down at her dress, admiring the simple combination of lace with silk underneath, the length at her ankles but not long enough to make her trip.

It hadn’t been her first choice, but when she put it on, she knew it was the one. “You know what I can’t wait for?” He whispered in her ear.

“I think I have a couple guesses,” She murmured with a smirk on her lips. “But why don’t you tell me anyways.”

Josh dipped his head, his lips meeting her neck. “This dress,” he said between kisses. “On the floor." Kiss ”With you, screaming my name.“

Her breath hitched in her throat but she continued swaying with him in front of everyone.

His lips continued downward. "And my mouth on your other lips.” Jennifer’s eyes widened.

“You’re asking for it,” She responds with a shaky breath, giving his ass a quick pinch. “You’re making promises that you can’t keep. At least not right now.”

He chuckled huskily. “Oh, I fully intend to keep my promises. "Every." Kiss. "Single." Kiss. "One.”

“Not now.”

Josh grinned against her skin. “I think there’s a storage closet down the hall.” He said, his left hand trailing down her hips. “You’re too hot. And so tempting,” Josh moaned. She placed a sloppy kiss on his jawline. “God, Jen.”

“Josh, there’s people here for us. We can’t.”

“I know.” He muttered under his breath. “This is your fault.” He spun her so her back was against his chest.  Josh subtly starting to grind against her.

"Joshua,” Jennifer growled, “You’ve got to stop.”

“I don’t think you want me to.” He pulled away with an amused grin and held a hand out to her. “Come on, the food is here.”

Jen stood still for a second, jaw slackened just slightly. “Tease,” She mouthed at him, following behind him to get in line.


Karen and Gary stood a few feet away, a smile on both of their faces. “She looks happy,” she says, her arms wrapped around her husband’s waist. “But I can tell they’re ready to get out of here.”

“That’s every couple on their wedding day,” He chuckled watching Josh whisper something in Jen’s ear that made her fold over in laughter. He never intended to let his baby girl go so quickly but he was more than happy it was with him.

Karen looked up at Gary. “We were like that, remember?”

He smiled at the memory of the two of them sneaking away during their reception to be alone in the bathroom. “If I remember correctly,” Gary said. “Ben was conceived in a bathroom.”

She placed a kiss on his cheek. “I think I may or may not remember it that way.”

Gary laughed and drifted his gaze to where his son in law and daughter were tucked away in a corner, mouths fused together. He tapped Karen’s shoulder. “Look,” he said pointing to where they were.

She gasped but laughed along with him, slapping her hand against his chest. “Stop, honey. Let them be in love.”

“I bet you that twenty minutes from now, they’ll be sneaking off,” Gary said. Karen shook her head.

“You might be right,” she sighed resting her head against his shoulder. “And we will pretend to not notice and occupy everyone else like the wonderful parents we are.”


“Josh,” Jennifer said, lolling her head to the side as they once again swayed on the dance floor, but Josh’s hands were anywhere but Jennifer’s hips, his lips suctioned to her neck. “I think you seem to be forgetting we are at our wedding, in the middle of the dance floor.”

“Am I now?”

“Quit trying to seduce me with your smartass replies. You already got a ring on my finger.”

“Oh shush,” He grinned, spinning her in a circle before trapping her in his arms once again. “You love it.”

“That I do.” She pecked his lips but he held her there for a longer, more passionate kiss, letting their tongues touch for the shortest second. Her lips hummed against his in approval. “Is it rude to leave your own wedding early?”

Josh pulled away, catching Gary and Karen’s gaze, who both held grins. Gary angled his head towards the exit. “Go,” he mouthed. 

Josh turned back to Jennifer with wide eyes. “Your dad just told us to get out of here.”

“Josh, we can’t. Who leaves in the middle of their own wedding?”

“It’ll be easier to avoid the paps if we leave earlier than everyone else, right?”

“I guess,” She cracked, “but let’s at least thank everyone. They flew out for us.”

After bidding their goodbyes, Josh and Jennifer snuck out from the back entrance of the venue into a car that would drive them back to their hotel. They were only staying overnight. They had planned for their honeymoon only two days after the wedding so having a wedding in Nevada meant they would also have to go back home to get their packed things.

Their lips met as soon as the privacy window was up in the limo. Hands roamed. Lips did too. “Jen,” Josh moaned. “Who’s idea was it not to have anymore sex until we got married?”

“Who knows,” She grumbled, tugging at his tie impatiently to loosen it, “But we’re married now.”

He got the hint and helped Jennifer undo the tie completely. “I think it was your idea,” he said, nibbling on her earlobe. “Oh my God.” Jennifer’s hand begun to tease his waistline, grazing his excitement.

“Shh. We have a chauffeur remember?”

“He drives wedding limos for godsakes he must be used to it.” He took advantage of the low neckline of her dress, placing open mouthed kisses on her collarbone, trailing down her chest.

Jennifer’s breath hitched. “Josh,” she breathed. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you preview of what’s to come.” He stopped when he reached the fabric that made up the neckline, giving a pout with his lips. “Your dress is in the way.”

“Too bad, so sad,” She taunted, “I guess you’ll just have to wait.”

He shook his head and wrapped both of his arms around her. “I love you.”

Jennifer looked up at his hazel eyes. “I love you, too.” And their lips met again, this time their kiss was gentle and passionate. Not rushed and hurried like their last one. They had all night so there was no need for rushing.

They arrived at the hotel and scurried in hand in hand. They had already checked in before so there was no need to stop by the front desk again.

In the elevator, Jennifer rested with her head on Josh’s chest. “I’m nervous.” She admitted. “I don’t know why, but I am.”

“You’re crazy.”

“No, it’s weird. I’m just nervous for no reason.” He placed a kiss on her forehead, eliciting a sigh from her lips.

“I think I can take your mind off things for a while.”  Josh murmured against the shell of her ear. Pleasure shot straight through her veins, igniting the fire underneath her skin once again.

“Not in an elevator, Joshy.” She moaned when he began sucking on the column of her ear. The elevator dinged loudly, making them both jump in their places.

“Saved by the bell,” He smirks, beckoning her with his hand, “Come on, Mrs. Hutcherson. We have a long night ahead of us.” Jennifer fought a blush. Wait. Why was she blushing in the first place? She ignored her frivolous thoughts and took her husband’s hand, letting him lead her into their room.


“Come on, Joshy,” She dragged out with pouty lips, “It’s fun.” He couldn’t resist her so he hopped up onto the bed. She jumped up and down, taking advantage of the bouncy springs of the mattress, holding onto him for some support. He began jumping with her and laughed with her at every delirious giggle that spilled from her lips. Her dress moved with her body, lifting the smallest bit each time she hit the bed again.

“Be careful. You don’t want to rip your dress,” Josh commented. She let a sly smirk play on her lips as her jumping ceased.

“How thoughtful of you to remind me.” She rotated so he was facing the side of her, where the zipper to her dress was placed. “A little help?”

“My pleasure.” He slowly pulled down the zipper one by one, thinking of all the ways he could take her tonight. She squirmed as he passed her hips, his fingers leaving feather light touches on his way down. He finally reached the bottom to find her naked, save a white lace strapless bra with matching barely-there panties.

“You’re killing me,” He groaned, already unbuttoning his own shirt to give them a head start. He looked up to her obviously admiring his bare chest and leaned into her lips, only to be met with the soft skin of her cheek.

“Now if I remember we were having some fun.” She began to jump up and down once again, letting her bra fall a little just to tease him.

Josh stood there, his jaw agape. “You’re not getting away with that, Lawrence.”

She stopped jumping to walk over to him on the bed, letting her fingers dance on his chest. “And who’s going to stop me?” Her tongue slipped to lick along her bottom lip, driving him even crazier.

Josh’s jaw tightened. “Jennifer.” He growled. “You need to stop.”

She shook her head, amused at her control over him. “Besides, I’m not a Lawrence anymore. I thought we made that official today.” She cupped his hard-on over his dress pants, stroking it just a couple of times to make him moan in her ear. Every noise he made was her weakness.

Josh swiftly unhooked her bra, tossing it to the other side of the room. “How long has it been since I’ve seen you naked?” He asked, mouth moving over her left breast. A moan fell from her mouth, open in pleasure. Her hands held him there, only letting to let him continue the same on the other.

“Too. Fucking. Long,” She stated with a shaky breath. She tried to pull him closer but only succeeded in pulling both of them onto the mattress, now lying on top of him.

“God you’re beautiful,” Josh said, continuing his path down her chest. Jennifer sighed, rolling them so that Josh was hovering above her. His fingers tickled the insides of her thighs. She quickly became impatient, dragging him back up to indulge in the sweet pleasure of his lips as his fingers continued their journey.

Hushed whispers of I love you’s and chants of names filled the room as they moved together as one. Her hands gripped at his back, leaving angry red marks in their tracks.

“Josh!” Jennifer cried out loudly.  Josh sped up his movements, sending her over the edge. He followed right after, collapsing on top of her in a heap of sweat and pleasure.

“Oh my god,” Jennifer said, trying to catch her breath. “Worth the wait.”

“Agreed,” He smiled, pulling her in for a sweet kiss on the lips, “But I believe we have many days to make up for, don’t we?”

She giggled against his lips, swinging a leg over his hips to straddle him. “Let’s get to work.

As Promised.

Finally Here my one shot fic that I promised you all. I haven’t written any fics for a LOOOOOOONG time so please be kind. I will try my best to have as little errors as possible. 

This story is centered on the first phone conversation that Josh and Jen had after finding out who was in the cast. I did some research. I know Jen originally turned down the franchise and then changed her mind but I think this had an interesting motif as well.  By the way I like to think Jen’s parents are still romantic with each other.

Disclaimer #1: I would love to know Josh and Jen, but sadly I don’t. I also don’t know any of the cast of the Hunger Games or anyone else depicted in the story.

Disclaimer #2: Though this fanfiction is centered closely around real events, it is fictional. 

Disclaimer #3: The rating is M just in case….

And finally Here it is…

45 Minutes

Jen looked over at the script for the third time that evening. She hoped she got the role. She had read the first book prior to trying out for the role. Katniss intrigued her. She was interesting. Jen had no clue where Katniss’s journey might take her. Which only excited her more. She sighed and closed her eyes. Praying that she would be able to give the role justice. Above all, she hoped that the guy playing Peeta wasn’t an asshole or worse…boring. She could handle dick-ish guys, but boring was where she drew the line. After all she grew up with two brothers who drove her to the edge of insanity on most days. Sure they were crazy like all the Lawrence’s but at least she had fun, most of the time. She got up from the bed and placed the script on her dresser. She didn’t want to spend too much time in California waiting for an answer so she decided to go back to Louisville where there would be less anxiety and stress. “Now, where the hell did I put my cell?” she wondered as she looked around. “must be downstairs. I wonder if there’s any left-over pizza from last night. I’m hungry anyway” She mused as she descended the stairs. She looked in the fridge for anything that might satiate her hunger. As she turned to place her already heated pizza on the table she saw her phone . The damn thing was vibrating. “Fuck, I forgot to put up the volume.” She picked it up quickly, “Hello?” 

“Jen? Is that you?” 

“Yeah, I’m sorry Liz I had my phone on vibrate and forgot.” 

“Jesus, Jen, I called you four times. I was Starting to get worried something happened. Anyway, I have great news. You got the part.” Jen whooped and pumped her fists in triumph. She was so excited and enraptured in the moment that she didn’t even let Liz finish the rest of the information. She heard Liz yelling at the top of her lungs trying to capture her attention.

“HELLLLLOOOOOO!” She yelled. Jen quickly recovered and put the phone to her ear. 

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I really don’t have the mentality right now to keep in all the info that you’re trying to give me. So, can you text it to me instead? That way I don’t forget. I’m too excited right now.” 

Liz sighed and said, “Sure, But please make sure you’re at the reading on time.”

“Fine. I’ll be there. By the way who’s playing Peeta?”

“Oh, It’s Josh Hutcherson.”

Jen’s Eyes grew wide, “THE Josh Hutcherson? The guy I told you that I had to use to get my parents on board with my acting career?”

“The very same.” 

“So, is there any way you might know his number?” 

“Why?” Asked Liz with a hint of suspicion. 

“Oh come on Liz. If I have to work with the guy I at least have to talk to him at some point.” 

“Yeah, and you can do that at the reading.” 

“It’ll be too awkward. I don’t want the people to think we have no chemistry. If I talk to him I can get all the awkwardness out of the way and get straight down business.” 

“I’ll text you his number. If you weren’t an actress you would’ve made a great lawyer.” 

“Thanks. I’ll Talk to you later.” She hung up the phone and did a little jig. “I got the part. I can’t believe it.” She thought with a big grin plastered on her face. 

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*Calms down…kind of*

This is crazy though. Absolutely crazy. I thought that they were just in Kentucky for the holidays; Josh in Union and Jen in Louisville respectively. But hearing that Josh was in Jen’s hometown over Thanksgiving? Oh my goodness gracious me.

Perhaps Karen and Gary just wanted to get even more familiar with their future son-in-law ;)