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Reasons Jacob Kowalski is Amazing

WARNING Contains Fantastic Beasts Spoilers!!!

Ok, so am I the only person who thinks Newt is utterly adorable, BUT actually likes Jacob Kowalski better in pretty much every way?

1) Jacob is the first really positive Muggle/No-Maj character we’ve had in the Potterverse, and I didn’t even realize that was missing, much less how desperately I needed it, until I saw Fantastic Beasts. I mean:

-Vernon and Petunia Dursley are portrayed as boring, stupid, unattractive, bigoted, and abusive.
-Dudley is better than his parents by the end of the series, but his scenes at the beginning (where he’s a nasty, ignorant bully) are pretty frequent, and once he starts growing as a person, he’s less integral to the plot, so we don’t see much of him acting decent.
-Piers (Dudley’s friend) is described as looking scrawny and rodent-like, and from what we see of his personality, he’s selfish, cruel, and cowardly.
-Tom Riddle Sr. abandoned his wife and unborn child when he discovered his wife was a witch.
-Hermione’s parents seem nice enough, but are barely featured at all.
-Filch, while not a Muggle, is a Squib, so he also doesn’t have magic. He is described as ugly, vindictive, and cruel.
-Mrs. Figg, also a Squib, is definitely a well-meaning person, but she’s portrayed as a little loopy, the stereotypical “crazy cat lady.” 

Meanwhile, Jacob is a central character who is sympathetic, kind, multi-faceted, funny, interesting, creative, has unique hopes and dreams, and his—not Newt’s—is the big romantic relationship in the film.

I was talking to someone about this—how the Potterverse was practically starved for positive Muggle characters before Fantastic Beasts—and they pointed out how most of the audience is (presumably) made up of Muggles, so having a non-magical character we can relate to is pretty important. I started thinking about that, and I realized it’s kinda true. A lot of Potterheads consider ourselves witches and wizards, and by default any non-fan—especially one who is dense or disrespectful—is a “Muggle.” I thought about how devastated I was when I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter at age 11, and now I wonder how much less upset I would have been if we’d had a Jacob Kowalski in the series from the get-go.

2) The way he reacts to magic. Ok, so he freaks out at first, but who wouldn’t? I love how quickly he accepts magic, and how he reacts to all magic he sees after that… like, he just sort of goes, “Oh, that’s a thing? Oh hey, that’s just great!” Like, magic obviously makes him really, really happy, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time goggling over stuff like Harry did at first. He just lets it all roll over him. He never takes it for granted, like the Weasleys or other people who grew up surrounded by it, but after the initial shock, he just accepts that all this wonderful stuff exists and immediately takes advantage of all the little practical ways it can improve his life (self-stirring cocoa, magic strudel, et cetera). He’s so open to trying everything new. No hesitation. Even with stuff that seems scary like some of Newt’s creatures, he’s just like, “Oh, this huge tentacled creature out of a Lovecraftian nightmare wants me to pet it, sure, I guess that’s cool.” I just adore how accepting and open he is about this whole world of crazy stuff he never knew existed.

3) He’s ridiculously handsome, honestly. As a bigger person myself, I love love love seeing physically attractive heavyset characters. Like, I wouldn’t kick Newt out of bed either (what sane person would?), but my Fantastic Beasts crush is definitely Kowalski. He’s dapper as fuck, with the hair and the mustache and the suit; his smile is like sunlight, and his eyes are so friggin’ gorgeous I can’t even start. He’s simultaneously adorable and sexy, and like, seeing a character like that makes me so much more confident about my own body. 

4) The relationship between Jacob and Queenie. Not only is it super adorable, but please note how unusual it is for mainstream films. In most big Hollywood movies, it would go like this: “Tina and Queenie both crush on Newt (who is the leading man, the “hero” type, and the more generically “attractive” male) and get into a sort of contest about who can impress him more. Jacob likes Queenie right away, but stays out of her way because he wants her to be happy and figures he doesn’t deserve her. Near the end, Queenie finally accepts that Tina and Newt belong together, and then realizes that Jacob has been there for her the whole time,” yada yada. But no. Queenie sees Jacob and there’s this instant spark. You can see her eyes light up a bit the minute they meet. There’s never a moment where she’s like, “You’re a really sweet guy, but…” It’s not necessarily “love at first sight,” but there’s definitely “strong mutual attraction and some serious sexual chemistry at first sight.”

5) The bromance with Newt is almost as adorable as the flirtation with Queenie. It’s so wonderful to see two male characters deeply care for one another, and even show unashamed physical affection, without them being portrayed as gay.* Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with gay characters (obviously) and generally I’m all for more queer representation in film, but it bothers me that apparently “straight men can’t have strong emotional bonds.” It has a lot to do with toxic masculinity: men can’t show affection towards one another unless they’re gay (i.e. unless they’re “girly”), because having emotions is a “female thing.”

*I know that Kowalski x Newt is a semi-popular ship, but I don’t think there’s a lot of canonical evidence for it, and given that we know Newt eventually marries Tina, and Jacob and Queenie have mad chemistry going on, it feels pretty OOC to me.

6) His dreams of opening a bakery. I can deeply relate to having a dream career that seems unachievable for financial reasons, but you still strive for it, because there’s nothing you love doing half as much, and it feels like you’re just meant to do it. And I love how this guy who seems really generically masculine at first glance has a passion for something as “feminine” as baking. Plus, though I’d never really considered baking as an art form before, it obviously is to him. He clearly doesn’t think of himself as a creative type—“I ain’t got the brains to make this up”—but he couldn’t be more wrong. What he does with all the fantastic creatures made of pastry at the end proves it. Yeah, he didn’t make up Nifflers and Bowtruckles and such, but having a vision of something in your head isn’t the same as bringing it to life, in 3D, in such a unique (and temporary!) medium. Newt may have shown him the creatures he modeled them off, but the whimsical charm each little pastry has is all Jacob’s own.

Also, I adore why he wants to be a baker—he wants to make people happy, in whatever small way he can, and that’s beautiful. I can’t imagine a more perfect reason to follow a dream than to bring charm and joy to a grey world.

7) Pretty much everything else about him, period, because this man is overall incredible and perfect.



A few weeks ago I was toying with the idea of saving up to try and get some acrylic charms printed, and while that probably won’t be happening for a good while I DID draw out and color in some chibi designs for some of the Babylon gang (by which I mean all the Mesopotamian kiddos minus Gil). Yes, I tweaked Tiamat’s design to make it worksafe.

I don’t know if I WILL get them printed at some point, but the chibis are cute so whatever. If anyone’s interested in getting one if I DO print them, or have some other characters they want me to consider making charms of, hit me up. I want to try and give some of the less popular or merchandise-heavy F/GO characters some love after all. Also if y’all want to commission me to draw you one of these it’s $5 per full-color character. Just throwing that out there.

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I'm new to the fandom and tou aret one of the first blogs I followed. Do you know any other good bts blogs? Preferably with the person on the blog interacting with the followers or slmething :)

welcome to the fandom, dear!! it’s an honor to be one of the first that you follow 💖 i’ll be posting a follow forever later this week but here’s just a few of my favorites off the top of my head:

@bfjoonie @mytaeddy @sftae @silvertae @velvethoseok @taesflower @bipjm @1una @sweatae @hoseok1e @4hyyh @1meko @itskimtaehyung @jtae @honeyboysgf @officerkook @adoreseokjin @wngs @gukiee

there’s so many more though but all of these people are absolutely lovely lil beans and they make my experience on here so much better!! plus one of the reasons i started following them was because of how they interacted with their followers so :’)

Show no love or concern to these mfs

I mean that with every bone in my body cause you better believe they always gone be looking out for themselves and 9/10 really don’t care about you like they say they do. I tested these 2 mfs who always talk that I love you shit. I told them both the same concern I had and the same price. 1 mf ain’t respond to the request and the other tried to get me to come see him for it. Even though In the past both of them have given me double the amount for no reason. That right there is confirmation that once you have them take them for all you can get. I used to feel bad about spending their money because I always treated them both like I ain’t give a shit if they died or not and all my requests were met plus more. I start to treat the mfs with decency and they out here wilding lmao. I can’t I’m annoyed and this needs to be fixed cause I ain’t got the time.

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Why doesn't she like everlasting-contrast?

I’ve never been able to figure that out. She says she has some crazy good reason, and she seems to think she’s totally validated by sending those anons to her. I’m thinking it’s more like jealousy though. E-C is pretty much the go-to blog for anything you’ve ever throught you needed to know about Dylan plus everyone loves her and Sherri tries really hard to be just like that except with Eric but she can’t stop shitting on people. All of these things she’s done usually stem from some simple argument that she escalated until she felt the need to dox the other person or send shit to their families. She sees E-C being able to blog on here without many problems and she wants that but doesn’t realize she’s the problem.

My Hero - George Weasley Imagine


Could I request a one shot where the reader and George are dating and George finds draco bullying the reader and George gets really mad at him? Sorry if it’s not so specific

-A/N: I’m sorry I didn’t know if you wanted the reader to be depressed and Self-Harmful but I did, I’m sorry if you didn’t want it like that. Plus it gives George more of a reason to kick Malfoy’s Ass (Even though I love Draco sometimes)-

•Warning: Depression, Self Harm, Bullying•

~George’s POV~

Something was happening to my girlfriend, (Y/n) (Y/l/n), she’s been acting very sad. She doesn’t smile anymore, she doesn’t have that beautiful glow in her, and she’s never happy. I didn’t know what’s going on with her, it was so sudden, one day she was happy, with that beautiful laugh and smile of hers running through Hogwarts grounds with me. Then the next day, she… She never laughed nor smiled she was sad and broken, sometimes I would find her crying and I would try and comfort her but no matter what I did she wouldn’t stop crying. Whenever I asked her whats wrong she never told me and she would just shake her head rapidly. After a few times of asking I stopped not wanting her to think about the subject but after what I found yesterday I wanted to know.


I walked into (Y/n)’s Dormitory looking for her. I wanted to ask her to go to Hogsmead with me so that we can enjoy some quality time together and hopefully cheer her up. I turned to the bathroom which had loud music playing from it and I can her loud sobbing mixing with the music “(Y/n)?!” I yelled trying to make her hear me over the music. No reply. I knocked rapidly and called her name about twenty times before getting really worried. I backed up a few steps and ran into the door.

The door still didn’t budge, I did it one more time with all the strength I had and the door finally slammed open. I looked around the bathroom to find (Y/n) sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, the music stopped. But what really scared me was that blood… A lot of blood was dripping from her wrists. She held a small silver blade in one hand pressing down on her soft skin. Her eyes red and puffy just looked up at me with wide eyes I can see the sadness in her eyes. I quickly went in front of her and grabbed the small silver blade from her hand and threw it in the trash. I grabbed a towel and wiped her cuts “(Y/n)? Sweetie why are you doing this?” I said sadly tears falling from my eyes. She shook her head rapidly crying even louder “I-I’m sorry! I d-don’t…. I…. I” she cried. I quickly embraced her in a tight hug not even caring if blood stained my robes.

“Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Just promise me you’ll never do that again. Okay?” I cried into her hair leaving kisses all over her head. She nodded into my shoulder “I-I p-promise” she sniffled holding onto my shoulder even tighter. “Let’s bring you to the hospital wing so Promfey can heal you” I whispered into her ear trying to pull back “N-no! P-please. D-don’t leave m-me. P-please. I-I love you. D-don’t leave. P-please” She cried hugging me even more tighter. “Shh. It’s okay. I’ll never ever leave you. Never.” I whispered soothingly into her ear. I gently stood up with her still in my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist tightly and put her arms around my neck, while burying her face deep into my shoulder. I carried her all the way up to the Hospital Wing.

~End of Flasback~

(Y/n) was currently sleeping in her hospital bed. I gripped her hand tightly in my hand never wanting to leave her alone by herself ever again. I looked at her arms and saw faded vertical lines going from her wrists to her elbow. “Oh Mr. Weasley your awake” Madam Pomfrey said quietly. “Yeah I can’t sleep” I said looking at (Y/n) “Do you know why Miss. (Y/l/n) would do such a thing to herself?” Pomfrey asked looking over (Y/n)’s chart. “No. Whenever I asked her she would just shake her head.” I said sadly. “Okay everything’s fine with her but Mr. Weasley I need you to stay with her as much as you can. I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to be alone for a while.” Pomfrey suggested looking at me for an answer. “I was thinking that too” I said giving her a nod.

~A Few Days Later~

It’s only been a few days since the incident in the bathroom and (Y/n)’s back on her feet. Were taking on step at a time together and everything’s becoming better.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

Life’s been pretty hard for me. I’ve been depressed and broken but luckily for me I have George by my side, He’s always supportive and caring I don’t know how I got so lucky in life. I wanted to tell George why I was crying so much and why I was hurting myself but I just couldn’t tell him. The person to blame is, Draco Malfoy, he’s made my life a living hell. He would always corner me after classes or anytime he could get. I didn’t want to tell George because I don’t want him to get involved in anything because of me, You never know George might get badly injured for standing up to Malfoy. I can never live with myself if he got hurt all because of me.

“Georgie? I have to go use the Bathroom” I told him quickly trying to hold in my pee. “Okay. I’ll go with you” George said standing up “No. George this is part of my recovery. I have to learn to be independent okay?” I asked “Are you sure?” He asked getting a little worried and sitting down “Yes. I’ll be fine” I assured him before giving him a peck on the lips and leaving the Great Hall. Once I left the bathroom I tried to make me way back to the Great Hall but something was blocking my path. “Hello Mudblood” Malfoy said, I rolled my eyes and tried to swerve them but failed as he stuck his arm out blocking my path. “Why are you leaving so early? We just got here” Malfoy snickered with his idiot goons, Crabbe and Goyle “Get out of my way” I said seriously but inside I was scared out of my mind.

“Why are you still even here? I thought I told you to kill yourself! Your just a filthy little Mudblood who’s a waste of space in the wizarding world!” He yelled, I felt tears leaving my eyes. I didn’t want to fight back, all I wanted to do was leave right now and go to George. I ran forward trying to pass them but, with no-effort Malfoy grabbed me and pushed me roughly onto the ground making me hit my head on the stone floor. I cried out in pain “Hey!” I heard an all to familiar voice yell, I saw two bright red jets of light hit Crabbe and Goyle. Leaving Malfoy in the middle unprotected with no body guards, Malfoy quickly wiped out his wand ready to spell George but, George beat him “Expelliarmus!” He shouted. Malfoy’s wand flew out of his hand, Malfoy was scared shitless now.

George was so angry at him, he didn’t think stunning him was enough pain. George tackled him and punched him brutally on the nose making Malfoy scream. I just sat there in shock watching George punch Malfoy one more time. “Don’t you ever treat my girlfriend like that ever again you bloody bastard! If you touch her or even talk to her you’ll be dead in the next hour you do it! Understand?!” George roared at Malfoy. Malfoy just cried and whimpered crying for his mom. George stood up “M-my father w-will hear about t-this!” Malfoy cried out “What did you say?!” George said angrily turning back to Malfoy. I got up and quickly grabbed his hand “George. I think you’ve caused him enough pain” I said seriously “What? I barely touch the little git. But are you okay? I heard you cry” he asked worried holding my face in his hands “Yeah. I’m fine I just hit my head” I smiled “what are you smiling about?” He smirked “Oh. It’s nothing really, it’s just that my amazing boyfriend beat the living shit out of the person who’s been making sad these past few weeks” I laughed.

George’s eyes widened “He was the one - who” He turned around “Oh your going to die!” He told Malfoy who was still on the floor “George!” I screamed trying to hold him. In the end, Malfoy ended up with a broken arm, broken nose, a black eye, and a rib fracture. I feel bad for him but I think he really did deserve it though.
“Your crazy you know that?” I told him laughing a little as we sat in the Hospital Wing, George brought me here so that Madam Pomfrey can check my head. “Yeah. But only for you. I’m your hero” he flashed a smirk at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bit my lip “Yup. My Hero”

⚡️"You’re a prefect? Oh Ronnie! That’s everyone in the family!“ Mrs. Weasley cried. "What are Fred and I? Next door neighbors?” ~ George Weasley⚡️

Balconies: Chapter 7 - Leap

Originally posted by begging-passion

Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count - 1221

Warnings - Light Cursing. Fluff.

A/N - Hope you enjoy this one! This is my first time writing any Benny, my sweet cajun vampirate. There’s only one more chapter left after this! I might make a epilogue chapter if it’s requested a lot, but other than that we’re starting to wrap this baby up!

The following weeks were normal again. Dean and you spent time on the balcony together, laughing and teasing. It was all just normal. You were happy to have Dean back to his happy flirty self, but you couldn’t help but feel an underlying tension between you two.

Dean was going to kiss you. Because of the old lady down the hall, you didn’t get your kiss. There were many nights that you spent thinking about what would have happened if she hadn’t interrupted. Would he have kissed you hard and fast- his lips firm and reassuring against your own? Maybe soft and imploring- plying your mouth open against his with a soft slow lick at your bottom lip?

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“Speed up or I’ll eat all your ice cream!” -nonsensicaltriggering

“Eat all my ice cream an I’ll take everyfin from your fridge an it’ll fishteriousea end up in mine.” Meenah gave a tiny snort, climbed half up into her cabinets. She had, in fact, moved into the lighthouse Kankri had made the mistake of showing her. It was hers now. She was still working on actually getting the place into a proper sort of home, having at least fixed up most of it, gotten rid of spiderwebs and cleaned the glass. Having an actual view of the ocean, not one through an inch of sandy grime was definitely an experience she loved.  She had no real reason to move, it wasn’t as if they needed housing. They were dead. She loved it here though, so much more than her old place. This actually felt like home for her. “Plus, if you keep naggin me I might go pitch myshellf offa the failing outtide. Again.”


Request- Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a request for a fic where the reader has a chronic illness (I have fibromyalgia) and for some reason Gabriel decides to put them under his protection because he feels bad for them or something? I’d love it if Team Free Will were also involved somehow :) Thank you!

A/N- Ah so I went with asthma for the illness, because I know more about asthma than the others and even though I researched most of the other illnesses along with Fibromyalgia, to see which one to use. PLUS I wanted educate myself, who doesn’t amirite? I didn’t want to get anything wrong with symptoms and such either so I chose the one more familiar to me since I know a couple of people with asthma. I just messaged them with specific questions. Sorry this is late! I don’t want to get into the details but stuff occurred and stuf happened . Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

Gabe x Reader

Word Count-1525

Gabriel was strolling through the streets with an ice cream cone in hand. He was just so bored. He had nothing to do, even as the trickster that he is. It was days like these that made him miss his angel days. He noticed that his ice cream was melting and dripping on his fingers. He licked it off, “Can’t really eat ice cream as an angel,” he whispered, trying to convince himself that this was a better life. “I’m a trickster now,” he told himself. He looked around for the perfect person to prank.

“Yeah mom, I’m fine… No, I haven’t had an attack all day… Yes. Yes… I have it here in my bag,” he heard you say as you passed him by.

“Well that was fast,” he whispered to himself. He looked around and saw that it was too crowded to pull any sort of scheme. So he’d wait for the perfect opportunity, which gave him time to think of something that’ll humor him.

You walked for another block before you turned a corner with much less people. Gabriel saw you but your phone away in your bag and in that very moment a man passed you by while snatching your bag.

“Hey!” you shouted as they took off running.

Gabriel was debating on whether to intervene or not. It took you a minute but you took off running after the man. Amused by this Gabriel decided to spectate. You ran for five minutes straight before your chest began to feel heavy. You struggled for air but you pushed through it. Not that you could do anything else. The only thing that could possibly save you was in your bag. Gabriel found it strange, your haggard way of running but he didn’t give it a second thought. Not until you fell over and weren’t getting up right away.

Some part of him compelled him to run over and make sure you were okay. “Hey- Hey, you alright?” he asked.

If you could form a coherent sentence or rather breathe, you would have told him ‘Do I look okay?’ but you just shook your head and pointed toward the man that took your bag, who evidently kept running. “Inhaler,” you manage to say as you struggled for air. In the blink of an idea the man standing before you was gone and had come back with you bag. Though you didn’t have time to question anything. You rummaged through your bag in search for your inhaler. Once you found it, you yanked the cap right off, and inhaled its contents. You had to do it two more times. “Thanks,” you breathed out once you were able.

“Did you really think you could catch that guy when you have… asthma??? Humans never cease to amaze me,” Gabriel sighed. He held out his hand to help you up.

You took it and dusted yourself off. “Thanks for the save. I really appreciate it. The name’s Y/N… I’d like to say I had it handled but,” you chuckle whilst scratching the back of your head, “Well I obviously didn’t. Thanks again.” You stuck out your hands for him to shake.

“Gabriel,” he responded as he shook your hand. “So you do this stuff all the time?”

“What? You mean chase after assholes that steal my stuff?” you laughed, “Well I guess you could say that… I have pretty rotten luck in those types of things and my crap keeps getting stolen, but I get my stuff back most of the time,” you answer.

Gabriel sighed, putting a hand on your shoulder, “Well today’s your lucky day. I’m an angel. Not in the douchy- I’m great kind of way, the- I’m an actual angel kind of way. From today on… I will be your guardian. There’s a lot of demons in this town so you’re gonna have to be careful. If you ever run into any trouble just pray to me and I’ll be here in a sec. It doesn’t have to be trouble for you to call me either,” he added while wiggling his eyebrows.

“Whoa- Whoa- Whoa! Hold your god damn horses man. You want me to believe that you’re an angel? And Demons? Really?” you question, not even bothering to hide your doubt.

Gabriel nods, “Yeah well you can believe it or not but I am going to protect you.” Gabriel looked and felt more serious than he’s ever had in his entire life.

You chuckle, “All right, if you say so, but uh- why protect me of all people?”

“Why?” he laughed. “Look at you. You’re a walking target. Bad people see it and they’re going to hit you first. I don’t want that to happen to you, but let’s not sweat the little detail,” he said, putting a hand on your shoulder.

The next thing you know, you were in your home. “Holy crap! How’d you do that? Oh… right angel… Sorry,” you chuckle. He shook his head with a smile of his own.

For the next several of months Gabriel has saved you from thieves, demons, kidnappers, demons, djinns, vampires, werewolves, and let’s not forget the demons. Such was your luck. Though you were used to it but Gabriel sometimes thought it was his fault for the supernatural creatures to be targeting you. You dismiss it every time he brought it up.

“So you’re gonna visit your brother?” you asked Gabriel, as you set a tray of cookies you had just taken from the oven onto the countertop.

“Yeah. Balthazar wants to show me something… Apparently he can’t come and show me here… You going to be okay on your own?” he asks as he reaches for a cookie.

You smack his hand, “Let them cool down damn it! Balthazar huh?” you say, turning around to turn off the oven.

Gabriel takes this opportunity to steal a cookie or two. “Yeah. I’ll ask again, you gonna be okay? By yourself?”

“I’ll be fine,” you chuckled, “I don’t have so much bad luck that I’d get attacked on the very day you won’t be here. Plus you can’t always be here right? I’ll be just fine,” you say, putting away all the ingredients.

“Okay then I’ll go. Just… Pray if you need anything,” he says, taking more cookies.

You turned around, “I know- Wait! Gabe! Come one!” That was Gabriel’s queue to leave. You sighed, “You could have left me one or two. I’m gonna have to make more, but then remember that you were out of vanilla and chocolate chips. “Crap.”

You grabbed your keys and walked to the store that was just two blocks away. Getting to the store was easy. Finding the vanilla and chocolate chips was easy. Waiting in line and paying for them was the easiest thing of all. Walking back to your house was… Well…

You were very cautious with everyone around you. You weren’t about to get into trouble.

“Excuse me Miss!” someone called out from behind you. You inadvertently jumped, “Oh sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you but… What time is it?”

“Oh… Uh-” you take out your phone as you turned to face, “It’s fifteen past six,” you answered.

“Thank you,” they said and smiled.

You nodded and turned back around, where you crashed into someone else. “My bad,” you say as you turn your head to face the tall man. Only to see the eyes staring back at you were black.

Not leaving you any time to react, he knocked you unconscious, and that was the last thing you saw.

Several hours later~

Sam, Dean, and Cas were creeping into a house with demons inside. They were on a demon hunt were demons have been taking and killing several people with vaguely your description. Though the Winchesters and the angel knew who you were nor your connection to Gabriel. They were just here to ice some demons.

They made their way inside, shanking and smiting every demon they came across. It was Cas who found you in the basement, chained to a pipe, and still unconscious. Cas shook you to see if you’d wake up.

You moaned, and groggily lifted your head and blinked your eyes awake, “Ga… briel,” you mutter.

“Did you-” Cas was about to ask when the brothers came down and interrupted him.

“Still alive?” Dean asked, pointing toward you.

“Yes. It seems that way,” Cas answered.

“Good,” Sam sighed.

Once you were remembered what happened, your eyes jolted open, “GABRIEL!” you called out and in a second he was there with you with a knife in hand.

“Gabriel?” Team Free Will questioned at the same time.

Gabriel sighed and put his knife away. He unchained you and helped you stand.

“Sorry Gabe,” you whisper, still a bit out of it.

“Don’t worry about it… Let’s just go home,” he said while giving you one giant hug.

“Hold on! We don’t even get an explanation?” Sam asks.

“I’ll explain a different day… But… Thanks for saving Y/N,” Gabriel said before disappearing with you.

“Did he just?” Dean inquired.

“I think he did…” Sam responded.

“He said thanks?” Cas muttered.

Hope you liked it! x)

Which Jukebox the Ghost member should you fight?

Tommy Siegel

Who wins: Tommy

Don’t fight Tommy. With his fine-tuned guitar-playing dexterity and an extensive knowledge of various destruction/apocalypse scenarios, Tommy could think of ten different ways to fuck you up before you could so much as land a punch on him. Don’t let his height fool you; short people only have more condensed rage burning within. His fighting style might be erratic, but that’ll only make it harder for you to defend yourself. Trust me. He may look like a harmless little cinnamon roll, but Tommy is full of pent-up hatred for The Man that he’d be more than happy to take out on you if you challenged him.

Jesse Kristin

Who wins: Probably Jesse

Your chances are probably better than they are with Tommy, but I don’t see why you’d even want to fight Jesse in the first place. Jesse’s just minding his own business, man. He has way more love to give than hate. In fact, I can’t see any reason he’d actively want to hurt another human being. If he was defending himself, though, he’d put up a pretty good fight. He’s probably built up a good pain tolerance from all those tattoos and piercings, plus he’s got a good sense of rhythm that’ll help him in telegraphing your next move. Don’t fight him unless you’re confident in your abilities.

Ben Thornewill

Who wins: You

You could kick Ben’s ass, without a shadow of doubt. Sure, on one hand, he’s probably fast, and he could yell for help pretty loudly with those powerful lungs of his. But you’ve seen him; the kid’s lanky, and chances are, he can’t pack much power into a punch. Pin him down, maybe cover his mouth, and it’s pretty much over for him. His strength is all in his wits, and he channels all of his energy into writing angsty love songs, neither of which will do him any favours in a good old-fashioned street fight. Plus, you probably had a really good reason to fight Ben already. So fight him. Win.


Okay, so for some reason I got into One Piece through reading every good zosan story out there. Then I watched like 30 episodes, said “meh good enough” and proceeded to write like 8 zosan stories of my own, plus one with @ablueeyedbeautifulletdown. Now I’ve sort of moved on to hannigram… But to answer your question, Sanji. Even though I want to punch him in the face 80% of the time :3

It Only Takes One Time (Part 18)

You guys are great and there’s no denying it. I love that one of you even made fan art!! Btw this was more a filler chapter and it’s really bad but lIFE DOESN’T ALWAYS GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT

also this song helped me write this chap kk have fun

Ya’ll are my heart and soul.

Warnings: Swearing

Part 17

Liam’s cries woke me up at least three times throughout the night. I should’ve been getting used to the rude awakening, but I clearly wasn’t.

Dan and Phil put themselves in charge to handle Liam at night after I’d given birth so I could rest. It was basically them taking care of him unless Liam was hungry, but that was over. Not even because they didn’t want to keep helping, I just felt guilty leaving one of the hardest parts to them. Especially with Phil since he wasn’t even Liam’s dad.

At one point, during one of Liam’s biggest cries, Dan and I both actually came in to take care of it. It was a tender moment and I’d wanted to savour it. Dan really knew how to soothe Liam and I found it great, considering he was already a wonderful father.

“I got him, go back to bed.” Dan whispered as he scooped Liam up into his arms.

“Can I stick around? I want to see him go back to sleep.”  I stood next to Dan and saw Liam’s little distressed face. His screams had dramatically subsided and that was only from Dan cuddling him for a bit. He was so good with the baby and I almost envied him.

“He’s really precious.” Dan smiled proudly at Liam as he began rocking him back and forth. Liam flailed his arms around a little bit and made a few little noises before the room went silent.

 “He’s definitely the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Mind if I steal him from you for a sec?” I mumbled, toying with the belt of my robe. Dan simply nodded a yes and carefully placed Liam in my arms. He was wide awake and his chubby cheeks were puffy from his little scream fest. He was still so charming and I could only feel my love for him grow more and more. When they say that your child becomes your life, they aren’t kidding. I couldn’t see myself caring about anything as much as I care about Liam.

“I can’t get over how much he looks like you, Dan,” I kissed Liam’s forehead and gave him a snuggle. He had no response other than looking back at me with his wide chocolate coloured eyes. Liam had the same head shape as his father, and as of right now his nose only sort of looked like mine. I could tell that when he grew older, he’d be almost as exact replica of Dan.

“Actually, I think that he looks like me if I got an upgrade.” Dan chuckled. “And it’s probably because he’s a combination of me and you, you know, average looking guy and stunning women.”

 “Maybe he was just meant to have good genes from both parents.” I joked, slightly bouncing a bit to tire Liam out so he could start falling asleep.

“Maybe we were just meant to have a child together,”

After Liam’s eyes got heavy, I laid him down and left the room. Well, let me rephrase:

I left the room, pissed.

Why did Dan have to do this? Why did he keep mind fucking me? Did he really think so deeply about everything? Did he really think I was… Stunning? Even if he did, he probably needed glasses. My post pregnancy state was not something I treasured. My old clothes fit, but some with more difficulty than others. I wasn’t feeling good about myself.

Also, my inner conflict about Marie was starting to screw me up a little. I made a promise to her I didn’t know I could even fulfill. How did I even know that she wasn’t just playing with my mind so I’d get away from Dan?

 I needed to stop being so damn nice all the time.

 “What are you wearing tonight?” I heard a familiar voice ringing through the house while I lazily lay in bed with Liam’s sleepy body guarded by pillows. Dan and Phil had gone out to see a few friends that were in London visiting. I was left alone with Liam, which was wonderful since it gave us bonding time.

“Catherine…” I whispered out, getting up and opening the bedroom door. My dinner with Dan was that night and even though he only asked me a day ago, I’d felt like I had more time to get ready. What the hell would I wear?

“I came here for a reason. You need to look good and I’m here to help.” Catherine smiled. “I just finished exams and you know what? You need to make tonight the night that Dan realize he still has a chance with you and to break up with his bitch of a girlfriend.”

“They’re engaged, Cath. plus, I can’t anyways. Marie and Dan are in love and I’m very supportive.” I shrugged and walked back over to the bed and picking up Liam. I hadn’t told anyone about what happened with Marie, and frankly I didn’t want to.

“Whatever.” Catherine rolled her eyes. “Let’s get you ready.”


After my extreme make over, I almost felt like a new person. My brows were plucked, lets were shaved, and I even got waxed in some uncomfortable places. My face was full of light make up, and I put on a simple dress. It was black and the skirt flowed nicely down to my knees and the top part was lacy and long sleeved with a sweetheart chest line. It was kind of fancy but not at the same time, so it was perfect for just going out to dinner. I opted for my preferred shoes (whatever ya’ll wear) and did my hair as nicely as I could (however your hair is.)

“Phil just texted me that they’re on their way up,” I sighed, grabbing my purse and my phone. I managed to get Liam down for a nap so Phil and Catherine didn’t have to while Dan and I were out. “We have to explain a few things about Liam and then Dan and I will leave.”

“Jesus, I’ve been here a billion times and Phil lives here. What can you tell us that we won’t already know?” Catherine rolled her eyes playfully and plopped herself on the couch in the lounge, turning on the TV.

“I just need moral support for when I’m about to leave. Don’t be this way.” I chuckled and stood by the door. Moments later, we heard footsteps and the boys walked in.

“Will you two be okay with Liam? He can get pretty fussy.” Dan shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked in, but immediately turned his head to look at me. His mouth opened wide and he blinked a few times. Phil pretty much did the same but he was able to just smile and look away while Dan kept his eyes on me.

“You look… Fantastic…” Dan blinked a few more times. “Sorry, I just, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I grinned. I felt myself blushing and I was so over the moon. It seemed I’d just taken his breath away. Hell, he’d taken mine away. There was a slight drizzle happening outside so some of his hobbit hair way peaking in. He wore his classic leather jacket, black t-shirt and jeans. Although I’d seen him dressed the same many times, I never got bored of him.

Dan wasn’t an artist or any extraordinary human being, but to me, he was everything.

“You two should leave. We’ve got everything under control.” Phil gestured for us to leave, and so we did.

Soon, we were at the restaurant. It was more elegant than I thought, but it was fine. Dan and I were dressed appropriately and I was in too good of a mood to care.

Well, I missed Liam. This would be the longest I’d be away from him since getting pregnant, so I was emotional.

“I’m glad we’re doing this.” Dan stated as soon as we sat down. I nodded.

“Me too.”

The evening was filled with laughter and chatter about Liam. It was wonderful and I was having fun. Dan was a genuine guy, and spending my free time with him was definitely not a waste.

“Okay, okay, serious talk time,” Dan took a sip of his drink and placed his hands on the table. We’d finished our main courses and were waiting on the dessert.

“Yeah? What’s on your mind, Howell?” I leaned on the table and looked him straight in the eyes. Slowly but steadily, he grew a tiny smile on his face and he took in a deep breath.

“Okay. This is really hard for me to start saying… But, okay.” He closed his eyes for a second. “But I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Those were the words I’d wanted to hear for such a long time, but there was no point anymore. I was just going to break his heart.

The Reunion.

Prompt: a school reunion imagine where the pack and the other people from BHHS see each other again after idk 5 years and the reader and stiles see each other too and they used to have crushes on each other so stiles is kinda flirty with her but she’s more shy and distant bc she’s been hurt a lot but they somehow end up together? – anon

Author’s Note: So, I really love this prompt, and at first it was just going to be one-shot type deal, but then a friend told me about how their high school reunions are and my ideas just went from there. One thing led to another, I got carried away, and if I left it as a one-shot, it would have been waaaay too long. So, I’m turning it into a little mini-series. How “mini”? I’m not sure yet. At least three parts… maybe four… or more. Who knows. We’ll see where it goes and if y’all like it and want more. (:

I hope you don’t mind this, anon. (: Thank you for requesting!

Here’s part one, and I hope to get part two finished and posted by next weekend.

Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated! (:

The Reunion, Part One.

Oh my gosh. Why am I even going to this thing? I don’t go to these kind of things. I’m not a socializer. This is going to be a disaster; I just know it. (Y/N) thought to herself as she straightened out her dress after stepping out of the cab that dropped her off in front the hotel lobby. She turned back toward the cab driver and paid him the fair before turning back towards the entrance of the hotel. You can do this, (Y/N). She thought to herself as she let out a deep breath.

“Not to sound like a creep or anything, but you look really nice tonight.” She heard the cab driver say from beside her.

She turned back towards him and offered him an appreciative smile. “Thanks.” That compliment actually settled her nerves a little. If she ended up making a complete fool of herself in front of her old classmates, at least she would look nice doing it.

It was the first night of the reunion weekend and she wanted to make a good impression; one that said she had her life together. She wore a black, knee length, one shoulder dress and black strappy heels. She kept it simple with the jewelry; a black and gold watch, black ring, gold earrings, and the gold dove pendant necklace that she got from a friend as a high school graduation gift. Simple yet sophisticated… at least that’s what she was going for.

She walked through the hotel doors and followed the signs that read Beacon Hills High Class of 2016, which eventually led to the doors of the ballroom. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before walking through the doors and looking around. She was actually pretty impressed with the set-up. Chandeliers lit up the large room. Tall tables were scattered about where old friends reunited with excitement. There was even a small dance floor in the center where a few people were dancing to the upbeat song that the DJ was spinning. If it weren’t for the rather large cocktail bar, she’d think she had stepped back in time to her high school prom.

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Occult Classes in Eberron

First off: I solemnly swear I am not muscling in on @dailycharacteroption​‘s territory. I am going to start talking about using different classes and archetypes in Eberron from time to time, but I figure that since I am working in a very specific world and DCO is much more generalized, I won’t be stepping on too many toes. That said, if you want more ideas on how to use different classes and archetypes, you should definitely go check DCO, there is some great stuff there!

Occult Adventures introduced use to some awesome new classes, but they occupy a very interesting space in Eberron. The occult classes are Paizo’s answer to old-school psionics, using some of the same source material, but also drawing on real-life occult practices. In Eberron though, where Psionics have such a codified niche, where is the space for the occult, especially since we have the option of using Dreamscarred Press’s fantastic psionics conversion? It is absolutely possible to replace the psionic classes with the occult ones and if you don’t like psionics or don’t want to invest in DSP, I’d suggest doing that. I  personally think the two groups of classes can play off of each other quite well and that the occult classes can serve as a bit of a bridge to the psionics. So where do the occult classes fit in Eberron? Here are some suggestions. 

The Planes: Like Psionics, the Occult has strong ties to the mind which the Eberron cosmology represents as Xoriat and Dal Quor. A connection to either of those planes works just as well for the Occult classes, so you could expect to find them amongst the Sarlonans, the Inspired, the Kalashtar, and amongst the minions of the Daelkyr. The Kinesticist could also have ties to variety of other planes like Fernia, while the Occultist, Spirtualist, and Medium could have various ties to aspects of Dolurrh. Irian could also work and that plane has some other interesting implications we will get to in a minute. I’m absolutely sure there are others as well that I haven’t come up with yet. 

The Undying Court: This is what really sold me on having the occult in Eberron. While I was browsing the Occult Bestiary, I stumbled upon the entry for the Prana Ghost. It struck me as being very familiar with its generally good outlook, connection to positive energy, and willingness to help its ancestors. Then it struck me, if I changed the Prana’s type to Deathless, it would make an excellent addition to the Undying Court. Both the Occult classes and the Court place a high emphasis on positive energy and once I twigged onto that, it seemed obvious. I suspect there are quite a few elves of Aerenal that practice some sort of occult magic. 

The Valenar: Occult elves, take 2! The Valenar’s connection to their ancestors also makes for an excellent source of occult power. Spiritualists who have such a strong connection to their ancestor that they allow the spirit to manifest would be practically revered amongst these elves, while the Medium and Occultist can represent elves who are attached to lesser ancestors, much like Binders were used in 3.5. The Mesmerist has its place there too, allowing the insane charisma of the elven ancestors to be emulated even at low levels. 

Blood of Vol: Ha, you thought we were done with elves didn’t you? This one’s a bit more tangential, but the Blood of Vol originally sprung from the exact same type of connection to the ancestors that fuels the Valenar and Undying Court, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find some occult practices amongst the modern Blood of Vol, although they would be far fewer. 

The Silver Flame: While it may not always be the focus of the formal Church, but the Silver Flame is definitely an ancient magical practice, and it is a conglomerate of souls. I remember that one of the older arguments about the Church was that it is less of an analogy for Catholicism and much closer in role and purpose to that of the Jedi is Star Wars. There’s definitely some occult background there. 

Curiosities: The last suggestion I have is that occult classes may occasionally just crop up, kind of like sorcery does. This would certainly occur at a lower rate than spontaneous arcane magic, but more frequently than psionics. It does kind of make sense though, especially for the Spiritualist, the Mesmerist, and the Occultist. Spiritualist would have become more common throughout the Last War with loads of people dying off, especially if you go with my canon, where Khorvaire got depopulated 40-60%. Beyond its magical component, the Mesmerist doesn’t really have a reason to be restricted and a number of Dragonmarked Houses would love to get their hands on them. Plus, with Adventure Archeologists™ running about it only makes sense some of them would try and read objects. 

The Importance of Names

I could add to your list, even: dwarves won’t tell outsiders their true names, the Noldorin elves were given multiple names, Melkor was called Morgoth after stealing the silmarils, plus dozens of examples of characters taking on symbolic names. Names are so incredibly important in Middle Earth.

I think the reason why is simultaneously simpler and deeper than you might think: Middle Earth was created by a linguist. Tolkien spoke about a dozen “real world” languages and created over a dozen fictional languages for his stories. He was, without a doubt, someone who loved names, and words in general. More than that, though, he was someone who understood the power of words. I mean, look at Middle Earth - look at what it means to today’s culture. Half a dozen movies, millions and millions of dollars, university classes, books translated all over this world, countless blogs and forums, games, music, jewelry, not to mention the important place Middle Earth has in many of our hearts. And it’s all just words.

Tolkien understood, probably better than most, the importance of language, words, and names. Language is culture (look at the divide between Quenya and Sindarin, or the dwarves’ protection of Khuzdul), words are power (the universe was created with a word, you know), and names are identities (Smeagol became Gollum, speaking Sauron’s name implied familiarity with him, and the nazgul’s identities have been totally lost in their servitude.)

If interested, here are a few other posts pertaining to the importance of language and names in Middle Earth:

SOURCES: All of it, really


Favorite screenshots part 2. (2014)

If i was forced to pick an all time favorite shot, the first one, from bioshock infinite: burial at sea would probably be it. Its taken in an inaccessible area, right below where you actually walk around and it has everything i look for in a screenshot. Good memories, an interesting perspective, beautiful graphics, contrasting colors and a bit of mystery. When i flew the camera down here for the first time and saw rapture glowing in the depths, it immediately brought back the feelings i had during the initial decent to rapture, in the first bioshock. Trying to recapture that, was my first priority for this shot. From there, i also wanted to showcase the beautiful architecture and art direction inside rapture. Another thing i like to do when taking a screenshot is to include something, that i think compliments the scene or is an interesting addition. In this pic, its the independence banner, one of raptures core principles. Getting all of these things in a cramped area, without adjusting the fov too high was a challenge, but possible, if i got back into the very corner.

The second shot is of elizabeth, from bioshock infinite. This was taken after you find chen lins body and the lutece twins appear. Once they enter the area, the lights dim (which helps block out the ugly background) and liz makes this concerned face, which perfectly matched her disheveled clothes.

The third one is from deus ex: human revolution. I thought adam looking at this mannequin/puppet kind of goes with one of the themes of the game, which is, augmentations could be another way for organizations to control you. Its almost like adam is wondering if hes exactly the same as what hes looking at. Because of a couch in the way, a portrait aspect ratio is the only way this would work. The one thing i dislike about it though, is that he doesnt cast a shadow. Sadly, nothing could be done about that.

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anonymous asked:

How do you like this mini arc so far? I am dissapointed how Gray and Juvia are handled in this arc so far. And that both of them regressed this much and are almost exactly back to the characters they were in the beginning. Gray is back to his revenge thing and Juvia is a rainwoman again. I expected something different for both of them.

I expected something different for them, too, anon. I wanted Juvia to be so much more involved, and I wanted Gray to not have been corrupted by darkness. So, it looks like (at least thus far) the exact opposite of what I wished for is occurring. So, no, at the moment I’m not that happy with this mini arc. 

Personally, I hoped, that if Gray was truly lost to some extent in darkness, that Juvia would play an active role in getting him back. Especially since Mashima is taking us back to character’s origins. We now have the perfect set up for Juvia to be for Gray, what Gray was for Juvia. Juvia was in a dark place emotionally when she met Gray, shouting about how she didn’t need love. And Gray literally and figuratively showed her the light, while claiming he wouldn’t lose to someone like Phantom (because he was a FT mage). 

Juvia is once again the rain woman, yes. But she hasn’t regressed entirely, because she was someone who was suppressing her emotions at that point when we first met her. While now she clearly still treasures her friends, because it was on Natsu’s words about getting FT back together, that Mashima showed us her crying face. And she certainly still values love. So, she’s not 100% back to how she was. It’s just the rain being brought on by her depression (she is literally sick with worry) because of Gray’s disappearance under very distressing circumstances.

While with Gray, he has actually gone beyond what he was when he ran after Deliora as a child IMO. At least as a child he had yet to learn those lessons Ur, Ultear, Natsu and the rest of his friends have taught him about valuing the people in your life, and living for them. Now he’s boasting about how nothing and no one matters, and he merely exists to defeat END. So, he’s beyond regressed if he’s being sincere with this. 

Now, what I’d LIKE to have happen, if I have to accept that Gray is corrupted at the moment, is for Juvia, who as I said, was lost in the darkness once before herself, could be the one this time to show Gray the light as a FT wizard. And once she brings Gray back to his senses, the rain would disappear as well. So, in a way, she’d be solving her own problem, and his. It just makes sense. But it’s NOT going to happen that way from the looks of things. But that would be ideal for me personally. 

And I don’t even need Juvia and Gray to have a proper fight. i’d love it if Gray was on the defensive if she tried to attack him, because there was that other part of himself that did NOT want to hurt her, and that would be the only reason she would win against him (not because I don’t think she could in a fair fight, it’s just that Gray is being built up to be a match for END, so we can’t have Juvia being able to seriously take him down, you know?). Plus, I think it would be more meaningful if he obviously didn’t want to hurt her, even while being manipulated by the darkness. Again, though, not going to happen. ^^’ 

Instead Natsu is very likely going to be the one to bring Gray back to his senses (whether with a mention of Juvia in the mix, or not) because they need to set up a situation where Gray returns the favor come the time when Natsu loses himself in END, and they have to truly face off. That’s where it seems like things are headed anyway. 

The thing is, I’m sure whatever the conclusion of this story thread will be, is one I’ll be satisfied with (maybe even immensely so), but I’m not always a fan of the road to that conclusion, or I should say, the execution of it.  

of Sex & Swiping

I recently had a friend download Tinder.

She’s trying to get me to do the same.

I kindly declined.

“Well, you’re so desperate to meet a guy, what’s wrong with trying it out?!”

I shrugged and asked her why she choose to download the app. I mean, she’s good looking enough and gets a fair amount of attention from men. 

“Ehh, I’m just trying to make some new friends.”


For those of you who are technologically challenged (like me), or just behind on the latest online dating fads, Tinder is a new-ish relationship app that matches people based on their pictures. Going off location data, it gives you potential matches within your region, and it’s up to you to either swipe left or swipe right on their photo to approve or decline the person.

Swipe right, you find them attractive. Swipe left, you don’t. Moving on. Simple. 

One you’ve swiped right, your picture is then sent to the potential in question. If they like what they see in return, BOOM, you have a match! From there on out, you’re allowed to start communicating with each other.

Yes, it really is as shallow as it sounds.

In Tinder’s defense–did I really just say that?– it doesn’t “have” to be used as some sketchy hook-up app. Just like Snapchat doesn’t “have” to be for vanishing sexts or Twitter “has” to be used for pointless debates (too late.)

I didn’t doubt that my friend was using the app for legitimate reasons to try and connect with a few new faces around town. If her motives were innocent, more power to her.

Then 24 hours went by. 

And she got a match.

His name was Miguel. Or Raoul. Or Steven. Unimportant.

What WAS important, was that my friend had a date with him later that afternoon.

“I thought this was just a friendly experiment,” I asked confused.

“It was, until he thought I was cute!”

But isn’t that the point? Swipe right, hot, swipe left, not?

“Do you know anything about him?“ 

She smiled, “It says in his profile that he plays soccer and that he goes to church!”

Look out world. Match made in heaven coming through.

I shook my head. “Do you know anything other than that?”

“He thinks I’m pretty. What else matters?”

We live in a modern society that’s obsessed with beautiful things. You can sell anything as long as you make it look sexy enough, from sports cars to cheeseburgers. We are stimulated by attraction and confident in our turn-ons. Which is part of why it makes us feel so good when we find out somebody likes our face.

Now, you can’t get me wrong here. Physical attraction IS super important. We’re wired to desire people in a sexual manner. That’s not sin nature, that’s design. It’s a good thing to find your significant other good looking (I’d be concerned if you didn’t), but there is a fine line between allowing attraction to fuel our fire or add to it

And that’s really where the problem lies.

David Beckham was just named People Magazine’s “sexiest man of the year.”

Ironically enough, I was thinking about the whole “sexiest man” thing several weeks ago.

What happens when a new sexy man is crowned? Does that mean last year’s sexiest man isn’t sexy anymore, or is he just less sexy now and a sexier guy came along? Or do they stop being sexy altogether? AND WHY HAS BRAD PITT BEEN GIVEN THE TITLE LIKE EIGHTEEN TIMES?! HOW DOES HE KEEP BRINGING SEXY BACK?!

It’s all too complex for this right brain to understand.

It made me wonder how crazy it is how we can fall so far from sexual grace, so to speak. One minute, we can be the most dazzling creature on the planet, and the next, Mr. Posh Spice is stealing our crown and claiming his victory on a front page cover spread.

Culture instills the fear in us that we need to remain beautiful if we want to remain important. Sex doesn’t just sell anymore. It decides our worth.

Lately, I’ve been praying for a man who loves me when I’m ugly.

We’re talking bedhead, no eyeliner, ‘I just woke up and should probably throw a plastic bag over my face until I’ve had some coffee’ ugly.

I’m like every other single Christian girl who dreams of meeting a guy who thinks I’m gorgeous, but a shift in perspective has me asking for a guy who loves me even when I’m at my least attractive. Both inwardly and outwardly. A man who will still go after me even when we fight and I’m wrong, a man who will see me when I’m hungry and impatient and snap at the car in front of me for not driving faster, a man who will see past the lack of sleep and eyeliner and still be glad to call me his.

I want this, because it’s how Christ wants us.

We’re His bride, and we are a mess. We are divided and envious and prideful and easily angered and narcissistic and worried. We often blame Him more than we trust Him. We ask Him for more without even saying ‘thank you’ for the last thing He did.

There is no reason for Him to keep coming back to us. Yet He does. Because a good Groom doesn’t only love His bride when she’s all dolled up, He loves her even when she’s at her worst, her ugliest, her… un-sexiest.

Attraction in its purest state is the opposite of the swipe left gospel.

It didn’t work out between my friend and Tinder boy.

“There really wasn’t any chemistry,” she explained, “plus, he was late.”


“I met another guy though. He said I have beautiful eyes” she swooned. “I still think you should give it a try, you might find someone who likes you!”

I kindly declined.


30 day Lee Pace challenge!

Day 1: Favorite Character

I chose Ned

Not because hes adorable and shy and all awkward (though that is half the reason :3)

I chose him because he is such a strong character. Not like Thranduil strong or Roy strong. He is strong in the heart. He loves too much and is such a trusting character. Ned has been hrough a lot, plus his power which is a minus and a plus in his life. He takes on so much and is so strong :3

there is probably more  i can add but i wont bore you xD