i love you for the rest of my life

i think the line that gets me the most is “but i hate the person i am around you, and i can’t be like that for the rest of my life”

because its aaron acknowledging that the way he is acting around robert lately is not normal and he can’t possibly go on like this and he’s sitting there crying because he loves robert but he doesn’t know how to not be the way he is and the only way to not feel paranoid and jealous seems to be to end it

please someone get aaron professional help soon he rlly needs it 



this is what happens when you pair a person with someone who lied, manipulated and used said person for a long period of time all in the name of fanservice …. in this case robron. everyone saying “this shouldn’t work but they love each so….” is annoying bc it takes more than love for a relationship to work, robron really shouldn’t work, and its not working lol. aaron’s self awareness was a huuuuge step tonight, “i hate the person that I am around ya and I cant be like that for the rest of my life” (btw I’m mad they didn’t expand on that??? like that was so important and they just cut to the next scene and try to brush it under the rug with vegas like…. wtf… anyways…) he doesn’t like the person he is around Robert, you can be in love all you want but its not worth digressing who you are as person, its not worth it mentally especially for aaron with his mental health as it is. you can love and not be happy, you can love and not trust. robron shouldnt be together at all tbh

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 17

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 17 (it was SO UNBELIEVABLY HARD deciding on this since I love this ENTIRE chapter to bits and pieces; definitely one of my favorites in the series):

As if the colored pages weren’t enough of a cue, I knew this chapter would be a special one as soon as the rest of the Shinsengumi boys showed up in their yukatas. I’m pretty sure I squeed in happiness.

I’m still surprised that Gintoki didn’t ask for strawberry milk or parfait, but I guess his head was more in the game than Tae-chan, Kagura or Sadaharu. Makes me chuckle every time.

I mean, my 3 OTPs are sitting together facing each other. How can I NOT love this moment??? And while I don’t quite ship YamaShin, I don’t mind them as a unit one bit.

Ok, this is completely childish but the double-entendre going on here never fails to crack me up. I am not at all sorry about it.

Proof that Tae-chan is born to be the Commandress of the Shinsengumi…(and the Yorozuya as well apparently). 

I love everything about the chapter and this final scene. So funny, sweet, and bittersweet at the same time.

Ships Tally:

And boy were there a few…

GinHIji (I wished he would dump Hasegawa as his drinking buddy and take up with Hijikata instead. Naturally I say that with a good amount of bias)

GinTae (not my ship but they do have cute, violent moments so I get it)

KonTae (if we hurt the ones we love most, then she undoubtedly loves Kondou a whoooooole lotta bunch)

HijiYama (again, not my ship but I get it. Especially from that position)

OkiKagu (look at how freaking cute they are! They are MADE for each other!)

YamaShin (I’m trying to remember if I was ever seriously into this pairing for even a few minutes and I honestly cannot recall if I was or not. But I’ll include it anyway since the better halves I ended up pairing them up with hadn’t come into their lives yet)

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


Dear Emily (who runs this blog) and DMB readers

I just want to say thank you. For reading my letters, for your empathy, for all the replies and advice. For making me feel okay about whatever it was that I was ranting about. For not judging me.

Thank you for letting me read your letters. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one going thorugh a hard time. Thank you for lettimg me reply to your letters, for letting me share my own thoughts and experiecnes with yuo. Thank you for allowing me to see a part of your life. 

I know today is not a great day for most of us. I’m not even an American citizen but I feel for you. The rest of the world is hoping for a better future with you.



i’m going to sleep. for the last night i can say this, barack obama is my president. i love and support him and i don’t remember being conscious of a political world without him as my president. i’m sad i will have to face that world so soon. i am so proud to be a citizen under his presidency, and i will fondly remember loving him as i did throughout my teenage years. i do not know if i will ever see a better first family in the white house or if i will ever see another true love & respect like that between him and michelle, but i am glad and thankful i got to experience and grow with it in my life. 

hopefully i can someday soon say this again, though it will have to rest for a while now: my president is black. and we are all better for it. 

thank you, obama. i love you. i already miss you. barack obama is my president.

justaqueerwitchy  asked:

Like if you can understand something? That's fine, but don't try to redefine someone's attractions just cause it doesn't fit your model? I have a romantic partner that I love and love to do romantic stuff with and i want to be with him for the rest of my life, but I have 2 close bonds that I would call alterous cause I don't want to be with them romantically like my bf, but I want them to be a part of my life for the rest of my life, and I have a deep bond with them that only alterous describes

Yea honestly I would call someone I had an alterous relationship with a “girlfriend” or a “boyfriend” bc that’s how the relationship would be interpreted in its importance to me, but making it distinct from a romantic one is just as important to me bc I literally cannot fall in love, do not experience romantic attraction, have no desire for it, and am extremely repulsed when I feel like someone has feelings too close to romance towards me. So like….I need language to both specify that “hey, this isn’t friendship, you’ve earned more openness, comfort, intimacy, and desire for permanence than my friends have,” but also make it clear “I’ll never be in love with you, I’ll never be able to satisfy the need if you require a romantic relationship, even if I give you all I got.”

And I think the primary problem is, people keep defining “prioritization” or “giving everything you can” as “romance” when it really fucking isn’t.

Also I’d love to see the commentary if I said I was polyalterous, in that I prefer multiple QPRs at a time, all of whom I experience my strongest feelings for, but are definitely not “just friends.” Because so far they seem to be hearing “I like this person more than anyone else,” and going “that must be romance!” but I highly doubt they’d respond the same if I said “I like all 3 of these people as more than friends, but its still not romantic!”

sententiousandbellicose  asked:

Have I mentioned in like a year how much I love OFD. Even when other Sherlock things let me down, that story has not. You are a master storyteller and I'll happily wait for whatever you share next. Also, way to go on that paper submission! Rest up, treat yoself to something tasty or cute. You've earned it!!! :D

Ahhh- I am answering a bit late, but thank you so much for the kind words and the congrats on my paper submission!! I was very pleased to finish it. :))

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“Baby I lied there’s no gala. I brought you here because of our love for art. We enjoy traveling to museums, having artsy dates and even showcasing art about our baby\ud83d\udc36 in our own home. If someone could describe our love it could only be done through a work of art. It is happy, fun, chaotic, inspiring and strong. I want to keep discovering art for the rest of my life by your side.

Chelsea Miller, will you marry me?”

Our proposal at @artinstitutechi

Do you ever just suddenly feel really shitty because you’re not particularly good at anything and you don’t know what you wanna do with your life and like you didn’t ask to be born and have to deal with all of this and yet here you are, confused and anxious and paying to exist on this trash planet

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..

Okay but have you considered the idea that Victor neglecting his two L’s - love and life for most of his life

may be connected to his falling in love with Yuuri on the night of the banquet?

I mean, this is just my assumption and I know it’s hard to believe but… what if Victor is actually a virgin/is really sexually inexperienced?

What if Victor himself didn’t understand love until he met Yuuri?

What if that’s why he wants to spend the rest of his life with him?

  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

in our silent moments
you ask me
what i’m thinking

i grasp for words
often remaining silent
as my tongue gets tied
into shy
and playful knots
begin to wander
and i cautiously ponder
yet all i can give
are mere glimpses
of the dream that exists
when my eyes are closed

let me try to convey
all i long to say…

i imagine walking the rooms
inside my mind
with you
who understands
my every weakness
seeing them as strength
i look upon you
who fills the quantum
celestial gap
the black hole
within my heart
a universe
this niche missing
from reality
i envision a home
and complete
with all the facets
of an unblemished love
and displayed
within each photo
that is hung on the walls
love thrives inside
the pages of every book
that rests
upon the dusty shelves
for us to read
letter by letter
i imagine that
on our darkest days
when lost in life’s maze
and one may not feel like reading
the other will speak
the words aloud
so very slowly
with compassion
the sound will resonate
and saturate
our home
this love will linger about
in the air we breathe
and swirling
captured under blankets
in-between the bedsheets
it will be piling high
on the harvest table
the vital nourishment placed
bountifully upon each plate
the sustenance
in abundance
that will feed our body
heart and soul
i clearly see you
and vulnerable
yet holding inside
the courage of lion heart
within your own wounds
your weakness
your greatest
i see you
who requires to be loved
as deeply you love
who looks into my eyes
and desires not to remedy
one single thing
what is yours
i see only you
the man who is willing
as i am willing
to cross even the most
treacherous valleys
climb the highest mountains
that we might enjoy the view
both together

in the depths
of your eyes
i see sheer beauty
within every scar
they hide
i see brilliance
in the divine plan
of the past
that lead you here

i am left looking into us
reveling in the perfection
that is chaotically scattered
like diamonds among the stones
that lay upon the path
we walked
before finding




too young - sabrina carpenter

I’m probably too old to be writing about this song, given that people I know my age are getting married on purpose, but if I think back far enough I can remember what it was like to be young and sure I was in love, so let’s go back in time for a bit.

When I was 13, 14, 15, I had a best friend. I quite genuinely thought she would be my best friend for the rest of my life, despite our long distance friendship. I also definitely thought I was in love with her, which was a lot of awakenings at the time but definitely not the point. The point is that I was 15 and in love, and defiant that I wasn’t too young for that.

If I’m too young / to fall in love / why do you keep running through my brain?

Sabrina sings the beginning of this song from an outsider’s perspective, things people have said to her. Everyone tells me I gotta go slow / and it’s gonna hurt sometimes / no matter what you do. When you’re young, everyone sets you up for heartbreak. Whatever it is, if you’re young, it won’t last. It can’t last. It’s not real.

I don’t want to say that’s true but it kind of is. I haven’t spoken to my old best friend since I was 18 and she up and decided we weren’t friends anymore. That isn’t fair to her, but this isn’t her platform, it’s mine, so for the sake of the narrative I wasn’t too young to know I was in love with her and she up and left.

So it’s gonna hurt sometimes.

I know better now than I did when I was a teenager, but I was in love then inasmuch as I knew how to be. It was real. If I’m too young / to know anything / why do I know that I’m just not the same? That’s real, inasmuch as anything can be real when you’re 15. I’ve got to fall to fly.

Sabrina’s not misguided or young, but what she’s experiencing is a specific kind of real that’s only real for a short period of time. It’s only real when you’re young, in those liminal teenage years where everything is too real and you feel it all more than anyone else.