i love you even when

Wind — [Farewell to Naruto]
Cover by Ronya

So… I finally watched the last episode of Naruto today… And…. idk if y’all know this about me…. but….. I am and always have been sincerely in love with this flaw-filled mess of a series… it means so much to me…. so…. I had to do SOMETHING to bid the series that shaped most of my childhood farewell. What better than quickly cover my favourite song of the entire show…

• Original song: Wind by Akeboshi
• Music Box Arrange: [here]

Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.

anon said : Hi, I don’t know if you know Vixx, but I would like to request their reaction to their girlfriend’s insecurities about having naturally wavy/curly hair (It’s okay if you don’t know them, you can switch it with BTS c:) Thank you in advance <3

I’ll write the Vixx version! 

N: He couldn’t understand why you would feel insecure about… hair. He’d ask you why you didn’t like it because he truly couldn’t understand. It was fun to play with, looked good when you did nothing with it, and it looked good on you. He made sure to tell you that because he wanted to see you confident and happy. 

“Well, I love your hair even when it’s pushed to one side when you wake up in the morning so…”

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Leo: When he saw you wearing a hat for the fifth day in a row, he couldn’t help but ask you why. Wasn’t it uncomfortable? Wasn’t it hot? When you told him it was because you didn’t like your hair, he simply nodded. He didn’t want to see you unhappy with any part of yourself, but he wasn’t sure what to do… In the end, he found a way to complement you on your hair every day. 

“Your curls look extra shiny today Y/N.”

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Ken: When you told him you didn’t like your hair because you couldn’t do anything with it and that you thought it didn’t look good, he made it his goal to convince you otherwise. He’d been dying to play with your hair anyway, so this was the perfect excuse. He gave you ridiculous hairstyles each day to show you that your hair could do things, but that you shouldn’t let him do those things…

“I call this one… the beehive.”

In return for messing up your hair, he’d let you do his…

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Ravi: He couldn’t understand why you didn’t like your hair even though you’d explained why you didn’t like it at least 50 times. He found everything about you perfect and he wouldn’t settle for you hating even one thing about yourself. He would actually keep his witty comments to himself and find ways to compliment your hair. He’d probably try to give you suggestions on what you should do with your hair, though those stopped quickly when you showed him what your hair looked like when it was brushed out…

“Okay, well… how about we try a hat for today. Sorry Y/N.”

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Hongbin: He would ask you why you didn’t like your hair and why you always straightened it. When you told him it was because you were insecure when it came to your hair, he would simply nod. He wouldn’t stop you from doing what made you feel good about yourself, but he’d be more conscience when he complimented you, making sure he complimented you on your hair when it was in its natural state as well as when it was straightened.

“Babe, your bed head is super cute.”

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Hyuk: He would do his best to understand why you were insecure about your hair, but he just… couldn’t. The curls were fun to play with and you didn’t even have to use heat to get them. He made sure to compliment you on your hair when he could see you were more unhappy with it than usual. 

“You look extra beautiful today Y/N.”

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Love Letter
Love Letter

My Dear Yura,

There are things that go unsaid, things we both already know. Things like the stuff that makes you laugh, things like how you like your toast in the morning, and things like your favorite outfits. We know these things, we know them and we don’t have to say them aloud. But I feel like there are things we know, that should be said out loud. So I hope you don’t mind me taking the time to tell you those things. 

I love you, Yuri Plisetsky. I love your smile, and the way it makes your eyes a little squinty. I love how your hair flips at the ends even when you try to make it straight. I love the look in your eye when you finally get onto the ice with arms spread wide. I love the way you let me hold you, and the way you hold me back. I love you, and I am not afraid to say it out loud.

In which Otabek lets Yuri know exactly how he feels!

The song is First Love - Utada Hikaru [Music Box Version]

Note: Hey guys, I had such a hard time doing this without squealing, it is just too cute!! I am actually yelling!! Also, there is another Otabek voice actor here and I am so happy and actually crying haha!! Please enjoy this audio!


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Even + Isak’s sweatpants


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

They’re saps


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #42. Ryan Atwood & Marissa Cooper

“I’m sorry for all the craziness.” “I wouldn’t have done it any differently.” 


everyone in harry potter is a poc: hannah abbot (x)

A pink faced girl with a white headscarf stumbled out of the line, put on the hat, which fell right down over her eyes, and sat down. ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ shouted the hat. The table on the right cheered and clapped as Hannah went to sit down at the Hufflepuff table; the ghost of the Fat Friar waving merrily at her.


probably the best and most important video edit out there - credit

you might never understand my ways of you showing you love.
Since I never really told you I love you.
But I’ve expressed it into ways words could’ve never showed.
I loved you when I woke you up from bed because you were having a nightmare.
I loved you when I made us breakfast at 3am in the morning just because we were too lazy to go out.
I loved you even when I took the bottle of vodka from you just to stop you from talking about how you wanted to marry me in your sleep.
I loved you even in your darkest days when you wanted nothing but to fall asleep in my arms.
I loved you so damn much when you were putting your favorite song in the car and dancing your worries away.
I loved you so much when you told me your lame jokes and i called you an idiot.
I loved you so much that I no longer thought the sea was what kept me alive.
but you did.
You were oceans and every damn sea and I couldn’t do anything about it , but fall inlove with you every single day.

- you were oceans and every damn sea.


Geez, what a difference a year makes! Especially if you’re drawing the same character nearly every day.

I still remember the first time I drew him and being so jazzed and proud about how he was designed, and thinking about how he took way too long to draw, haha. Luckily I’ve gotten faster at it, or else updates would take even longer than they do now :P

Happy Birthday, Fatal_Error :’)

And thanks to everyone for being here to celebrate it <3 I’ve got a little surprise planned, but it’d take a miracle to have it done before the end of today. I’ll do my best though ;)

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