i love you even if you are a psycho killer


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Genre: Soulmates!AU, angst

Characters: Jungkook; Reader (You); Taehyung

Word count: 1461

Notes: So I tried writing a soulmate au….

“I love you”, you breathed heavily as Jungkook kissed up your neck, making his way up to your lips. There were tears streaming down your face, mascara running in rivers as they were halted by Jungkook’s thumbs cupping your cheeks.

“Hey, shhhhh. Don’t cry baby girl. It’ll be okay, we always find each other”, he whispered.

He captured your lips in a deep kiss, not stopping until your need for oxygen came in the way.

He held you close, breathing in your air as you breathed out.

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Why I love Harley Quinn

I’ve been thinking lately about why Harley Quinn is my favorite comic book character and why I love her so much. So I figured I should try to put it down in words…

1. She is a villain, but she is a lovable one

The most typical villains are seen as just “plain evil” because they are only ever seen doing bad things. They are cold, heartless and lack compassion. Harley is not like that. I would definitely call her a villain, because she loves being bad, but at the same time she isn’t always bad. She cares very much about her friends and will not hesitate to hurt you if you hurt them. Harley is a very three-dimensional character and also very human I would say. She’s easy to relate to. She isn’t always sure of her choices in life. Sometimes she questions them. There are numerous times we see her thinking that maybe the Joker isn’t the guy for her after all. She realizes that sometimes he treats her badly, but she also understands why he does this and that’s why in the end, she will always go back to him. This leads me to my second point…

2. Hopelessly in love

“Have you ever been in love?” Harley asks Deadshot in Suicide Squad. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to Harley when it comes to this. She’s hopelessly in love with someone she’d do anything for. Now I can honestly say that I’ve never been in love, so I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be that devoted to someone, but when I hear Harley ask that question to Deadshot, I can hear all of the emotion in her voice. Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but it also means that you’ll have to go through a lot of heartache. And that makes her all the more relatable.

3. Harley kicks ass

I think we can all agree on this one. Harley will always stand up for herself and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Not even the Joker. Do you remember when she broke out of Arkham just so that she could beat him up for hiring a new henchgirl? So don’t say that Harley is a poor, defenseless victim! Try and tell her that and I can assure you she will kick your ass.

Those are the three main points, but I should also add that I love her personality. She’s so funny and adorable in a way, despite being a psycho killer. Like I said, there’s so much more to her than just being a villain. There are probably a lot more things I could add, but I don’t want to bore you to death, so I think I’ll just leave it at that. XD

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hey you great memes,,, anyways do you have any psycho! ksoo or just evil ksoo bc that is life,,,, peace

bruh same

  • Egg Head - admins’ fic of the month (more than a month even lmfao)
  • I Don’t Get Mad, I Get Even - this was seriously intense. extremely sadistic!soo. (warning: lots of blood and infidelity) - S 
  • Killing Ants - prob lighter than most of these fics, but soo loves torturing ants it’s so cute. - K


more psycho soo (+kai) and the psycho tag here!

- The Admins

Mixed Solarpunk Genres

I’ve been thinking a bit more about solarpunk as a literary genre and this time about how stories may intersect with other genres, as many stories could fit more than one. In a previous post I mentioned what would make a story fall under the solarpunk genre. You can find it here

As a subgenre of science-fiction there’s a few genres which already overlap with solarpunk, which would be any of the speculative fiction genres: fantasy and horror. 

Solarpunk + Fantasy_Imagine the futuristic settings of solarpunk, with the advanced technology, the sustainable energy, a civilization in harmony with the environment. Yes, the future is green, and so are the dragons (or the elves, the giants, or whatever floats your boat). It all looks fantastic, but those orcs you’ve been slaughtering think it’s high time to fight for their rights to… not be slaughtered! Those dragons don’t want to be encaged for their magical attributes. And your hero was just about to take a day of to relax at the solar festival. Nope! Get your but out there Celestine!

Solarpunk + Horror_The lovely colors, the bioluminescent flowers, the roaming tattoos and the stained glass windows, oh what a fantastic sight to behold. Too bad for the light pollution. At least, that was what they initially thought. Now with the explosive growth of technology, the problem festered and there’s no time left to work out an effective means to counter it. It’s too late. They’re already here, the certain type of nightlife that would turn even the most lighthearted solarpunk into screaming sobbing toddler.

Plus I hope that serial killer stops feeling artsy already (If you don’t get it, go watch psycho-pass. If you do… watch it anyway, cause it’s awesome). 

Besides these two, combining it with Romance feels like a perfect fit as well_A stunning setting such as solarpunk can provide can really help set the mood for the candlelight dates, the beach strolling and the slow dancing your characters will be doing when their discussion over which energy source is superior makes them stomp off in different directions. Oh no, how will they ever get passed their differences! *exaggerated gasp*

Anyone’s free to add if they have more ideas.

Love & Protection *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*

Requested by ssidneyg; sorry I couldn't message you so I had to tag you hope you aren't disappointed

You sighed making your way downstairs into your kitchen, when you got down there you realized no one was home something you were all to use too. Your mom had a hard time remembering that you were the teenager and she was the parent.


You sat at your kitchen table and took your phone out of your sweatshirt pocket unlocked it and went on twitter and scrolled threw your timeline.


@Y/T/N: Why do I get up so damn early??



Its true everyday you got up at like 9 to nothing but darkness and you usually sat on your couch bored out of your mind


You decided to call your boyfriend; Jack who you knew was most likely asleep but you didn’t care you were bored and lonely and hated being alone.


“Who are you and what do you want?” Jack mumbled into the phone and you rolled your eyes “Hello to you too” “Y/N? What do you want?” “Someone’s in a bad mood today” “I was just asleep, just tell me what you need” he groaned but you could tell he was just joking “Nothing specific, I’m just bored” “Are you alone?” “Do you really have to ask?” “Do I have to come there or will you get here on your own?” “I can find my way” “Good” “You weren’t gonna come if I wanted you to anyways” “You know me so well babe” “Goodbye Jack ass” you hung up

After you quickly changed into something comfortable but to the point where you didn’t look sloppy and put on eyeliner and mascara grabbed your phone and house keys then left.


When you got there the door was open as always and the place was a mess, he such a guy.


You went up to his room and you saw how messy that was too but ignored it and looked at him, you couldn’t tell if he was asleep or just had his eyes closed.


“Stop staring and come here creep” clearly he was up


“But your just so cute when your asleep” you said walking over to his bed and laying next to him.

“Closer” Jack pulled you closer to him not that you minded “Much better now shhh I’m going back to sleep” “What am I suppose to do watch?” “Yes” “Rude” “No you’re rude for waking me up from my beauty sleep” you laughed “Whatever goodnight”

Hours later


Now you were so bored and he was still asleep so you decided to wake him up again


You climbed on top of him and kissed him “Wake up babe” Jack groaned “Fine, I’m up” Jack pushed you down so that he was on top of you now “What do you want?” “Entertain me” “What do I look like to you?” “You really want an answer to that?” “You’re a pain in the ass you know that?” “Yes but that’s why you love me” “Keep telling yourself that” he got off you and got out of bed


“So since you have woken me twice I get to decide what we do today” you sat up “And that would be?” “We are gonna watch every horror movie on Netflix” “You’re kidding right?” “Nope, I mean unless you’re scared then we can watch Frozen or something” “I-I’m not scared” you lied “Okay then I’m gonna go shower and then I’ll be back” “I…will be here” “You could come with me” “No” “I tried” he disappeared.


You did not wanna watch scary movies you were a little bitch when it came to those things but you couldn’t show that now because he would definitely use that against you in the future not in a mean way just joking but still.


20 minutes later he came back “Ready?” “Of course” he laughed “Lies Y/N” “Would I lie to you?” you said innocently as you could


“I would hope not, now let’s get scared” he jumped on his bed and grabbed his remote “Yay” you said with fake enthusiasm


The first movie he chose was Halloween and you were about ready to cry.


“No no no, no covering your eyes” he laughed and pulled your hand away from your face and you whined “Shut up” “I thought you weren’t scared?” “I’m not…there was something in my eye” he patted your knee “Mhmm sure”

A few minutes later you felt something on your arm, you ignored it at first but then it was getting freaky so you jumped


“Oh my god!” you said when you realized it was just Jack dragging his fingers up your arm; he laughed “Thought you weren’t scared?” he teased you “I’m not”


Jack laughed and wrapped and arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer then kissed your cheek “Don’t worry beautiful I’ll keep the bad guys away” “You’re just the sweete…” your sentence was cut off by a gasp and you jumped


“You know this isn’t real right?” Jack tried to reassure you but your heart was already racing “I-I know but…” “Do you wanna stop watching this?” “No its fine I’ll be okay”


Throughout the rest of the movie you hid your face in Jack’s shoulder and occasionally screamed like just now and he laughed at you


“Stop laughing at me” you slapped him “No need to get violent, it’s cute” “Then I must be pretty freaking adorable right now” “You always are, but I love that you come to me when you get scared” “You’re the only one I have anyways”


Sadly that was true, your mom could careless and you never met your dad.


“And you always will” you smiled “I’ll be right back” “Where you going?” “Bathroom” “Do you need an escort?” you glared at him but you knew it was true “This is your fault”


While walking to the bathroom he kept touching your back “Stop it! It’s not funny anymore” you tried so hard to be mad but you just couldn’t and you both started laughing “Stop Jack don’t make me laugh before I don’t make it to the bathroom” you turned away and he grabbed your shoulders


You jumped and turned to face him “Okay, okay I’m sorry I’ll stop” he kissed you then finally let you go to the bathroom in peace.


When you came out of the bathroom he was gone so you figured he went back into his bedroom so you headed that way only to have someone grab your waist from behind


You screamed so he let go and you turned around


“I’m sorry Y/N I had too” he was laughing but you weren’t so you just turned away and continued back to his bedroom


“Y/N come on I was just kidding”


You ignored him and kept looking at the TV until you jumped again because you were scared


This action made him wrap and arm around you and pull you close to him, you wanted to be mad but this was the safest you’ve felt all night.


“Listen I’m sorry I kept scaring you I promise I’ll stop” he kissed your cheek and you just nodded and he continued “You know I would never do anything to hurt you right?” you nodded again “I’ll never let anyone hurt you, not even a fictional psycho killer” that made you smile “Ah yes a smile, does that mean you aren’t mad at me anymore?” you shrugged and turned over onto your side so that you could get closer to him.


“You know I love you right?” he asked you and began to play with your hair, you nodded “I’ll always protect you” you already knew that so you didn’t say anything


“Y/N I would die for you” “But that’s never gonna have to happen” you said quickly “Nope, you know how much I hate when you’re mad at me?” “Yes, but I can’t be for that long, you’re my weakness unfortunately” “I love you too much to ever be mad at you”


You moved so that you were literally lying on top of him “I love you” “Love you too beautiful” “Forever and always?” “Forever and always…what is this the fault in our stars” you laughed “Nah you’re way hotter” “Likewise, you’re my sexy beast” “You’re so weird, but you’re my weirdo” “You’re so sweet babe” he kissed you “I learn from the best” he laughed “Sooo lucky I love you baby”

Fourth Time's the Charm

there were so many lovely v-day ficlet suggestions! I will definitely be writing more! Here’s the first one, inspired by vulcanfrecklesderek attempting multiple times to ask stiles out for valentine’s day but stiles bulldozing right over it because he’s clueless.

It starts because Derek overhears a conversation.

“Scott,” Stiles is saying, “It’s fine.”


“It’s fine. Ask Kira to go out with you this weekend.”

“We can go another time–”

“Okay, seriously? One of us has to get some action on Valentine’s Day, otherwise it’s just going to be sad. Don’t make me threaten you, dude.”

Derek can’t see their faces from where he is in the school parking lot, but he can imagine the way Stiles looks (eyebrows quirked, backpack slung over one shoulder, full lips stretched into a grin that’s just shy of self-deprecating). 


He tells himself he isn’t going to do anything about it. 

He tells himself that it doesn’t matter that Stiles will spend Valentine’s Day alone because hundreds of thousands of people do that every year. 

He does it every year. 

Then he thinks about Stiles’s scuffed up Adidas and the way his laundry detergent always lingers in the air; the rabbit-fast beat of his heart and the slope of his neck and the time Isaac asked were you lonely.


When he’s at Wal-Mart the next day, he spots Stiles standing in the middle of the Valentine’s Day aisle deliberating between two packs of chocolate. He stops abruptly and he grits his teeth so hard they hurt and even though this has to be some sort of cosmic joke, he turns his cart down the aisle. 

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Luke Gets Jelly Of Evan Peters

     You curled up on the couch preparing yourself for another episode of your favorite television show, American Horror Story. As you set up the TV, your beloved boyfriend, Luke, settled down next to you. He pulled you close to him and you both cuddled into each other ready to watch the program. Now Luke wasn’t a real big AHS fanatic like yourself. You absolutely adored the show and everything about it, while Luke simply enjoyed just spending time with you. He didn’t mind what you guys watched. One particular thing you really enjoyed about the show was the famous beloved actor, Evan Peters. You may have had a slight crush on him. All though slight would be an understatement. You practically worshipped him. So once the first Even Peters scene popped up, you were squirming and fangirling in your place, while Luke just sat there awkwardly.

“Oh so perfect.” You mumbled to yourself absent minded, unaware your boyfriend heard. Rolling his eyes “I really don’t see the fascination there is with this guy.” He huffed.

“Oh he’s so perfect. He loves Violet so much it hurts.” You explained. This caused another eye roll from Luke.

“Are you kidding?! The guy’s a freaking psycho killer!” He exclaimed.

“So, he’s learned from his mistakes, he’d do anything for her. He’s so sweet. Tate and Violet are the cutest.” You stuck up for your otp.

“I thought we were the cutest.” Luke pouted. “But if you’re so interested in psychos, then don’t come crying to me when you get yourself killed.” He crossed his arms and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Lukey, are you jelly?”


You kissed his cheek. “Awe, it’s okay Lukey. It’s just a tv show. You’re still my favorite and the best boyfriend ever.” Luke smiled at your words and kissed your lips.

“That’s right baby.” You snuggled back into his chest to continue watching the program. Luke kissed your forehead and whispered into your ear.

“I love you more than Tate loves Violet.”

I really hope you liked that! Please please send in requests! 

-Evie :)

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Hi, first I would like to say that I really enjoy your writing, it really makes my day!! Second, can I have steter with either established or non-established stiles/peter (doesn't matter) where they find a baby werewolf an have to raise it? (Accidental baby acquisition). Like their initial reactions an maybe an overview of figuring out how to deal with baby (doesn't have to be very detailed). I love these kinds of stories so much but they're always sterek, not steter.

“We’re not keeping it." 

"Oh, my god, Peter.  It’s a little girl, not some stray cat.  Pretend to be human for, like, a single second of your existence.” 

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I’ve wanted to do this a long time ago but had not had time so today I will finally do it!! I’ll make a follow forever because I love everyone that I follow and think it’s time to prove it, yesterday I also reached to 1.2k and i’m so so happy, thank you all for following me and stuff. I am very blissful here (even though I only have half a year here) I have met many people through this beautiful fandom and so grateful to share the same love for these books, characters and cast and everything related with all of you, thanks again.


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