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Things I loved about Beauty and the Beast
  • Diversity slapped me in face and I welcomed it with open arms
  • The enchantress didn’t curse an 11 year old who obviously knew stranger danger
  • He was an actual douche bag who deserved to be cursed
  • Belle’s blue dress
  • “You’re library makes our small corner of the world seem big”
  • “But she’s so well read and your so… athletically inclined.”
  •  I want that music box. TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY
  • Belle Doing laundry
  • Belle teaching the little girl to read
  • I love that it’s eternally winter there that just seems really cool to me

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If by chance you find a selfless love, keep it. Love them back and do not let them fly. Because if you do, it is just that they can no longer love you out loud. It just means it is a corner of a room or a much protected photograph, a piece of paper with designs of ink or a flow of melody, all concerning you and only you.

That is why we torture ourselves. We torture ourselves with the things that reminds us of them; to know we feel something; that we are not dead inside. To know it’s worth all the pain, the suffocation; suffocating our wake, killing our time until eternity. And that is the finality. There is no “I used to be in love with that person”. The minute you fall for someone, they become our constant, our routine; the someone we are comfortable with and someone we map out our tomorrow’s with. But it is time that moves forward, not entirely us. It is just that we suppress ourselves from feeling like that, trying to forget inch after inch that takes decades and infinity and so on. It is just we learn to think of “something else” than someone else and when we really are thorough with “something else”, we slowly web out to another “someone else”. But it stays, somewhere in us. What we felt, our shared days, of everything. It stays. So please, keep them.

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Do you think Maul is still bugging the hell out of Obi-wan in the Force, even after Obi-wan becomes one with the force too? I bet he is.

I know there’s all that blahblahblah about how Force-Ghosting works, but really: I am totally on board with Maul ghosting it in some form, and being obsessed with Kenobi in the afterlife, because it’s hilarious and we all know that making fun of Star Wars (OUT OF LOVE) is why I am here. 

Like, for Maul’s sake I hope he’s more at peace by that point, but let’s be real: no one ever really gets over being obsessed with Obi-Wan. So, y’know. Sorry, Kenobes. You couldn’t shake Anakin, and you’re not getting rid of Maul. Your Sithly fanclub is coming to the afterlife with you. 

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If beauty were time, you would be eternity; If for every time you earn a dollar to love you, would be the richest person in the universe; Your eyes are as radiant as the rays of the sun, your arms as fragile and soft as rose petals, your serene legs but firm in contact with the ground, you would be the most beautiful flower in the world. (For you sempoi (~` 3`)~

WOAH!!!! Such deep words! (Someone pls give me tissues)

but, you know in reality i don’t think i’m like the person who is describing by this words… i dun deserve em… 

like i never will deserve em

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I know you post a lot of Dan Stevens. So, Matthew Crowley? (not going with David Haller, or Prince Adam, or any of his other roles, lol)

hey lets play how hot is that character

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Sigh..thank you 💕💕

My heart. My soul. My other self. I love and adore Matthew Crawley in ways that will be forever eternal


Since I Don't Have You (Achy Breaky Heart Part 2)

Pairing: Dean x reader (Y/N) kinda???

Word count: 750

Warnings: angst, kinda :) sad Dean and mentions of break-up…. I think that’s it?

Summary: If i write a summary, I’ll just spoil all the fun….

A/N: Okay so I wasn’t actually gonna write a part two for this fic, but then @msimpala67​ asked and I had a couple ideas for it soooo it kinda happened… It’s loosely based on Guns N’ Roses’ version of Since You’ve Been Gone, and written from Dean’s POV :) 

Read part one here :)

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Our love should have been eternal, everlasting, just like in the stories. It wasn’t. She was gone now, had been for a while, though it wasn’t long since I saw her last. She comes to me in my sleep, haunting me in my dreams, her tear-stained face looking at me, her red eyes staring into my soul, a single word slipping through her quivering lips: “why?”

It was always the same question, but for her, I had no answer. I could lie to myself, lie to Sam, tell him that it wasn’t my fault, tell him that she had left while I was sleeping and that I didn’t know why. That she hadn’t even bothered to leave a note, just slipped out of the door in the dark of night, but to her, I couldn’t be anything but honest. I know what I did, know what kind of pain I’ve caused her, and I regret it all. She deserved none of it.

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Stydia (sorry not sorry I really am in a lurking your blog mood)

Oh my god, that is actually so cute! Enjoy the trash that lies in the dumpster that is this blog, honey. <3 Stiles and Lydia, oh how I love person A has been crushing on person B since forever while person B is oblivious until they aren’t anymore ships, one of my favorite tropes on television. Let’s go. :D

• Who said “I love you” first: Stiles, obviously. He’s always loved the strawberry blonde, 5'3, genius beyond her age girl who wouldn’t give him the time of day. He’s always known it, he had a ten-year-old plan to make Lydia Martin fall in love with him and the moment he let it all out it felt as natural as it always did in his heart - what he didn’t expect was Lydia looking at him like all the times she did it before she was only looking, but not actually seeing him. 

•Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both because they love each other that much and can’t wait to see each other again. They also secretly love seeing the other’s face first thing in the morning - makes all the supernatural fighting get easier.

•Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Lydia, just one of the small things she likes to do for her hubby.

•Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Both but especially Stiles - remember Lydia’s birthday in canon? He got her everything because he couldn’t decide #HusbandMaterial

•Who initiated the first kiss: In canon, it was Lydia stopping Stiles’ panick attack and that actually coincides with my headcanon - I feel like in every AU there is, Lydia would do it first, just seems more natural to me. Also Stiles I’ve-been-in-love-with-Lydia-Martin-my-entire-life would be waay too nervous AND actually maybe have a panick attack before he’d even attempt that lmao.

•Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Both, depending on who gets up first. Usually it’s Lydia because Stiles likes to sleep in. Also he drools on the pillow and only Lydia would find that endearing.

•Who starts tickle fights: Stiles. He likes to annoy Lydia when she studies, he tickles her until she gives him attention. Naturally, they end up making out after. And Lydia is not nearly as bothered by it as she claims.

•Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Lydia. Only she not as much asks as she seductively drags a happy-to-oblige-ma'am Stiles to shower together. She says it’s to save water but they both know it’s not.

•Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Both would do this but for some reason I feel like it’s more of a Stiles thing to do because he worries about his overachieving GF forgetting to eat while working hard on some genius thing she usually does.

•Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Stiles freaking Stilinski, are you kidding me, guy’s the human embodiment of anxiety and once you add Lydia Martin to the mix, it’s a full on panick attack. Thankfully, she knows how to calm him down. 

•Who kills/takes out the spiders: Lydia, Stiles wants to be all tough and protect his wife but he’s really creeped out by those things, way too many legs than neccessary. 

•Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Stiles. To. The. Entire. Bar. And. Three. More. Bars. Along. The. Way.

@heyitsharding replied to your post “ME:A is mostly me enjoying jet jumping around and getting sweet…”

God pillars of eternity is so good though

It really, really is! The story is very interesting. The world is complex and fun to explore. The characters are beautiful and engaging (Eder is my brand, but Sagani, Eloth, and the Grieving Mother also hit me in my feels so often). The writing and voice acting is A+. There were interesting little choices you could make that would butterfly through the world. I loved the interesting way they allowed you to set the events that happened thousands of years ago through dialogue choices, without making it seem overt.

I got pretty frustrated with the combat (especially if I was in a place with a lot of doorways), but I turned on each character’s AI and it helped a bunch. There were WAY too many loading screens, but I heard that the next one will have fewer. Both were irritating things to me but I’d still call this an awesome, fun, engaging RPG to play.

If you, Gentle Reader, have thought about getting Pillars of Eternity - I’d recommend it. I’ve seen it go on sale on Steam a few times. It’s worth the price.

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Here comes the sappy post. 

Phillip Matthew, you’re three years old today. That’s 1,095 days I’ve gotten to love you with all my heart. That’s 26,280 hours I’ve spent thinking, worrying, hoping, wanting everything in the world for you. Since the first minute I knew you were in my life, I have made sure I was going to be the best possible mommy for you I could be. Gone were the days of not taking care of myself. Gone were the moments when I wondered what my life’s purpose was. I knew it was to have you and to raise you to be a beautiful man. You’re still my little boy right now, but you’re getting older and older. Smarter and sillier and sassier and stronger. You may have been born prematurely but baby boy, you are a fighter. There hasn’t been a single moment in your life where you haven’t proven to me just how lucky I am that you’re mine. Your kindness is infinite. Your charm is magnetic. Your baby blues, your smile, and your laughter are the three keys to keeping me solid and sane. You are everything I ever wanted and so much more. I didn’t know what true love was until I looked into your eyes and felt your finger wrap around mine. My love for you is steadfast hope that never fades. I know you’re going to change the world one day. I know you’re going to bring light and peace and beauty to a world that desperately needs it. You’re going to do so many things and my faith in you will never fade.

The older you get, the more you might become embarrassed by my little acts of love - you’ll squirm away from me kissing your cheek, you’ll drop my hand when we’re crossing the street. You’ll yell, “Okay!” when I tell you I love you as you leave. That’s okay. That’s never going to change how I feel about you. My first born. My baby. My Philly. My prince. But you’re not that old yet and today, I’m going to fully soak in you wrapped around my legs and your insistence that Mommy sit by you and help you color.

Phillip Matthew, you are my world. I love you to the moon and back and a second time around. You will always be the best part of me I put out into this world. #phillyturnsthree

@keeoone, thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for him. He is your mini me and I’m so thankful that when I look at him, I see you too. Happy birthday as well to the beautiful man who raised the beautiful man whose love helped me create this munchkin and whose helping me raise our beautiful boy. I’m the luckiest woman/mother in the world. @supitskeegs

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//im lowkey starting to ship the opium duo more and more. I wanna draw the ship XD - from a fellow ghoul blog.

do it. I will eternally love you

oh and welcome to Opium Duo hell :3c


I don’t understand what it is about a boy I barely know that intrigues me so much. The only two things I can say for certain about you is that you wear glasses and love playing piano, and the only time we ever really interacted is when we were split into groups to practice music for the school play. We didn’t speak to each other then, so I’m certain we’ll never talk now. No matter how many passing glances I throw at you, I fail to muster the courage to say something, anything. Not a single hello. We’re a few years and a million eternities apart, and maybe it’s just supposed to stay that way.

-The girl you made eye contact with in the high school wing

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Karmy (for the "send me a ship" post)

Yay! Thank you, one of my all time dearest ships. Here we go:

  • Who said “I love you” first: Amy, of freaking course, her favorite sentence is “I love you, Karma.” and the second is “I love donuts”, everyone knows that.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both, they are very gay.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Hmm, Karma, she’s dorky like that.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Both. Karma got Amy the donut shirt, it’s canon, don’t even fight me.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: In my ideal headcanon, without counting the “faking it” phase, it was probably Karma because Amy was too chicken to do anything about it and she probably noticed Amy pining, freaked out, did some soul searching then stopped thinking and acted once she realized her head hurt and she’s probably been in love with her best friend her entire life too. Yup, sounds like Karma alright.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Karma. Amy just wants her damn sleep, damn it. But when she gets woken up like that, it’s suddenly not as bad. 
  • Who starts tickle fights: Karma. They end up making out after because reasons. What do you mean there’s no fanfiction about this? Unacceptable.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Karma. Amy’s too shy to do it. Also Karma’s a horny parrot.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: I feel like this would be an Amy thing or maybe both.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Amy because she’s constantly second guessing herself and not believing this amazing thing is happening to her and she’s fidgeting like an idiot until a particular someone takes her hand and her nerves are gone in a flash.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders. Karma, Amy’s a freaking chicken but somehow Karma finds it endearing.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Karma. She already did actually. Drunk actions, sober thoughts and all.
have some more anime boys in your life

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i hope i blessed your feed😘

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Happy third birthday, baby boy. Yes, third. Not first. I hope today is a day full of magic and wonder and laughter and love for you. Daddy and I love you so much and today will always be a day that’s incredibly special to us because it’s the day you were welcomed into the world. Words cannot be used to describe just how full our hearts are when it comes to you. This is only the beginning of the love that people have for you, but I’m pretty confident in saying that ours will always be the biggest. #phillyturnsthree @keeoone @supitskeegs

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Sterek AU: Smooth Criminal

Derek innocently meant he’d give Stiles his heart in its place, because yeah, he’s totally gone on him, too. Stiles was found guilty of raging hormones and inability to let his boyfriend finish his sentences. 

His punishment? Watching Derek strut around in his brand new Deputy uniform, the shiny pair of handcuffs mocking him for several weeks before both finally caved and utilized them for purposes that were indeed deviant.

Stiles later found Derek guilty of knowing exactly what he was saying, the innuendo-loving asshole of his heart.