i love you doyle

“Welcome back to the family!!!”


Did you say Cuddling? I hope comforting counts,,

Carolina comforting a crying Kimball probably wasn’t what you were looking for, but I hope this is alright!!


after the 100% perfect relationship-building slow burn of s1-s3, i will always feel like season 4 of gilmore girls brushed against rory/paris so excruciatingly closely that we could almost taste it. (they slept in the same bedroom! their lips met in a kiss! a random stranger called them girlfriends! rory was so upset about paris dating asher that ‘my friend is dating a creepy old man!’ almost veered into ‘my friend is dating a creepy old man and i’m jealous of that creepy old man!’. BILL MOYERS AND PIZZA!)

… and then both rory and paris got banished to hetero land for the rest of the series.



there’s a serious lack of gérard fanart on this fandom