i love you dino~



  • The8: Let’s work hard on exercising together. To show our fans a cool image kkk (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening well when I talk~ Having someone like hyung next to me is really great~ Let’s be together in the future too~
  • Jun: Cute and cool Hoshi Prince~ You know that I always love you right? ^_^ kkk I’ll work harder~ Together hwaiting ^o^
  • Dino: Aigoo Mr Hoshi~!! Brother! Hyung you know and think of my heart.. ^^ Like a real brother, our Soonyoung hyung, I love you ><


  • Dino: Our performance team flower boy Jun hyung~~>< Thank you for always being with us!! Even though I don’t say it often.. thank you and I love you^^ I’m being honest ^^
  • Hoshi: Jju-ni Jju-ni Always take care of your body and healthily carry out this round of activities >_< Because you’re here, it feels like performance team will not waver. Kind Jju-ni, thank you-ong ♥︎
  • The8: Together let’s hwaiting~ When hyung is tired, thank you for talking with me~ I will continue to listen well ^_^ Let’s do this together!!


  • Hoshi: Our The8, thanks to you we really gained strength and created pretty choreography. After coming to Korea, the way you adapted well is really pretty. Now, stop becoming so cool! Cool guy, let’s be together forever.
  • Dino: The8~!! Because hyung is here, our atmosphere has become even brighter >< Us 4 and 13, let’s be forever. Wo Ai Ni~ ♥︎
  • Jun: The8!! You have to eat more. More more more!! Because you’re doing a lot of dangerous stunts, you need to be careful of your health. Let’s go eat delicious Chinese food, gogogo


  • Jun: Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-ya~ Dino who is always the most hardworking and has the most worries~ You already dance so well so always be confident. Together let’s hwaitingtingtingting!!
  • Hoshi: Our maknae~ >_< You being here is so reliable, but you don’t know it. Thank you for following your lacking hyung so well. From now on, let’s put in more effort and shock the world! Hwaiting ♥︎
  • The8: You’re really cool!! Don’t think so much~ Whenever you’re having a hard time, you must tell me~ Whatever happens, you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Hwaiting!!

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trans: doogii-pd

Just imagine. It’s finally the day Dino has waited for… graduation. He finally feels like he’s growing up, like he’s not just the youngest of the group. The moment has come. They call his name. He gets up, standing tall and proud. Suddenly in the distance, a familiar voice sounds. “DINO! WHO’S BABY ARE YOU!?” It’s Jeonghan. Dino sighs. He can’t overcome it. It’s primal instinct now. Quietly, he accepts his fate, and replies, “Jeonghan’s baby.”


Today the the birthday of a now young man.

Today is the birthday of an extremely talented human being!

Today is the birthday of Seventeen’s sweet maknae: Lee Chan aka Dino.

Dino is a maknae who right from the beginning i felt so protective of! And not in the sense of ‘EVERYONE GET AWAY FROM DINO NOW!’

Rather i did not want to see him get any hate.

After all he is so sweet

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So cute

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But also… so extra

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And of course, so talented!

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Those are just a few words that can be used to describe Lee Chan!

Here’s some Dino spam!

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I wish our amazing young man a lot of happiness.

I wish him a lot of new adventures (good ones, of course)

I wish him energy and constant passion!

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What Carats love about Seventeen: In my aggressively passionate POV

S.coups: Why you have to be GODDAMN made of 100% father material?Like we didn’t ask for a second (or third if you into that shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) dad thank you very much sir. Also choke one of the members with your gorgeous muscles again I DARE YOU.

Jeonghan: Standing next to this naturally beautiful lil shit makes me look like a trashcan with legs (not even cute legs T-T). He swindles so flawlessly like boi teach me your ways. ಠ_ಠ So much to the point that I question how many times he got away with it….

Joshua: Why do you have to be so pure and kind? Why has the darkness of the 12 evil boys around you not ruin your purity yet? WHY CAN’T I RUIN YOU! OH SHIT and your rap skills? SLAY THE CHARTS BOOBOO! Like get me some of that “Yo burger king…I’m the rap king….you make my wanna sing” action! Such meaningful lyrics BTW.

Jun: Hey Jun. NoW look here sOn. You can’ be fuckn cute and fukin hotter than a devil’s dick at the same time okay? My heart doesn’t have enough capacity for that BS. Pick one or GTFO (nooo wait stayyy)

Hoshi: Your boi making up dances as he breaths. Yeah I saw those noodle dances created right on the spot. Much impressed aight? BUT stop looking into my soul every time you deliver hip thrusts. I don’t wanna want to at first be looking at your squishy hamster cheeks and THEN BOOM looking at your other squishy cheeks (if you know what I mean) within a split second. ╚(•⌂•)╝

Wonwoo: Aye someone put some child safety locks on those cheekbones because they are sharp and extremely  dangerous. Voice so deep I can fall inside and never GTFout of it. Here. HOW ABOUT I START A PETITION to keep Wonwoo locked up (preferably in MY basement) just to keep carats safe from that beautiful hazard of a man. + Don’t get me started on his dad jokes.

Woozi: talent,TaLenT, TALENT. Your oozing with talent. How can such BOPS come out of your ass in such a short period of time??? I can’t even write a short paragraph due in a week for school like MY GOD, REST and lay down for a bit.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DK: Okay DK you have to calm down with those high notes because you’re making my ears greedy -_-.  Trying to listen to songs without your DK charm is hard man. Over here sitting and waiting for “DK’s high note;” like TF if a song aint got it I’m leaving, bye. Why you gotta ruin me like that?ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Mingyu: Quit being perfect . Hannah Montana told me that nobody’s  perfect and your seriously ruining her song for me. Thanks btw. Cooking, cleaning,styling,sports,eating,breathing,living like WHAT CAN YOU NOT DO? (Other than DROPPING EVERY FUCKING THING that comes in your possession-including a dog that one time) And that slight lisp you have that makes my heart melt? Yeah quit it. I can only take so much cute. >-<

The8: back at it again with thughao. Boi known for going from this:               (=^-^=) to this  (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿, in the course of 2 comebacks. Bro you gotta stop attempting to speak Korean because your fukn adorable accent is killing me slowly. B-boying skills too on point you gotta sit down and like let ME rest for a second because just watching was tiring T-T; but knowing you: you’d just keep going. BTW I’m gonna steal your earrings. (>’-’)> WATCH ME.

Seungkwan: Beyonce who? Mariah Carey WHO? Nah bitch it DIVABOO. And I though I  knew what sass was! Seungkwan, babe you gotta stop being so lovable and energetic. Like I don’t come over to seventeen videos to be attacked by light in the form of a 5′9, squishy, 19 year old Korean man with the last name BOO. (And a first name I STRUGGLED to spell for the first MONTH of stanning these lil shits. ( ._.)

Vernon: Don’t even get me started on Vernon………..NO, I’ll get myself started! Okay Vernon chill with your facial structure and expression. Like.  I didn’t ask to be blinded by chiseled perfection okay? And why you gotta be so fkn WOKE™ ? How can you see everything in such a positive light? How does one be so free spirited and open minded. How does one retain so much passion without bursting into little unicorn happy bits? Like seriously;The world is shit: ACT LIKE IT.  (/゚Д゚)/

Dino: Stop trying harder than me dammit! ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)  I can’t keep being one uped by you, Makne Dino. It’s like a constant game of “Everything you can do I can do better” Like God damn, I can breath you can breath better! I can kinda danc-wait no i can’t; BUT YOU CAN. I can kinda si-wait no I can’t; BUT YOU CAN. I can kinda appreciate my exis-wait no I can’t. bUt YoU CAn! Ugh! Stop being so multi-talented it’s make me sick!


Dino is the 22-year-old 10th Boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia. He came to be known as “Bucking Horse Dino” and fixed the Chiavarone’s financial problems, turning them into the third most influential Famiglia in the Vongola Alliance.

Happy Birthday you adorable dork! ☆ヾ(*´▽`)ノ [02.04]

Happy first anniversary, Carats!!!

We have no reason to feel alone this Valentine’s day, because we have a very special reason to celebrate. Broke or rich, we are all equal and precious to Seventeen’s eyes. Through the good and the bad, let’s stay together and keep our feet on the ground. 💝


[TRANSLATION] 170203 pledis17’s Twitter Update

[17'디노] 여러분~ 어른 디노에요!! 오늘 저의 졸업 축하해주신 팬분들 우리 형들 모두 고마워요. 사랑해요♥♥ #교과우수상_이찬

[17'DINO] Everyone~ it’s adult Dino!! Thank you to all the fans and my hyungs who congratulated me on my graduation. I love you♥♥ #AcademicExcellenceAward_LeeChan

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
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SSo I was showing my SO Mansae by Seventeen and he wanted to learn all of their names, so I paused it at the beginning and we studied it for like 10 minutes and this is what he came up with:

Top Row (left to right): Coups, Vernon, Donkey Kong, Argyle, Wingwoo, Joshua, Woozi, Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy)

Bottom Row: Minghwa, Sad Hoshi (game grumps anyone?), Jun, Bangs, and Number 8

P.S. his bias is Hoshi

AL1: Performance Unit’s messages to each other


THE8 — Let’s exercise diligently together. You have to look cool for our fans kekeke (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening to what I have to say~ I’m so happy I have someone like hyung by my side~ Let’s stay together even in the future~

JUN — Cute and cool Prince Hoshi~ You know I’ll always love you, right?^_^ kekeke I’ll work harder~ Fighting together^ㅇ^

DINO  Aigoo Hoshi-ssi~!! Brother! I think hyung knows my heart..^^ Soonyoung-ie hyung who’s like my real hyung, I love you ><


DINO — Our Performance Team’s flower boy Jun-hyung~~>< Thank you for always staying by our side!! Though I can’t say it normally.. Thank you I love you^^ It’s true^^

HOSHI — Jjuni Jjuni always take care of yourself and let’s healthily do these promotions well >_< Because you’re here Performance Team is unshakeable. Thank you kind Jjuni♥

THE8  Let’s do fighting together~ Thank you for telling me when you feel down~ I’ll always listen to you^_^ Let’s continue together!!


HOSHI — I feel like I really gain strength and that our choreography comes out beautifully thanks to our The8. You’re also adapting well since coming to South Korea and and that’s so good to see. Also stop becoming cool now! Cool dude, let’s continue together for a long time

DINO — The8~!! Because of hyung’s presence it feels like the atmosphere got a lot better>< Us four, thirteen, let’s be together forever, woaini~♥♥ (t/n: woaini means I love you in Chinese)

JUN — The8!! You have to eat more food more more more!! Since you do many dangerous moves always take care of your health and let’s go eat delicious Chinese food gogogo


JUN — Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-yah~ Dino who always works the hardest and has the most worries~ Since you already dance so well, have confidence always. Together let’s fightingtingtingting!!

HOSHI — Our maknae~>_< You have no idea how reassured I feel because of you. Thank you for following this lacking hyung well, let’s work hard in the future and surprise the world! Fighting♥

THE8 You’re really cool!! Don’t overthink things~ If you feel down, definitely talk to me~ No matter what happens you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Fighting!!

source: MooooocciR
credit: jina + erin @ fyperformanceunit
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Happy Birthday to our most fantastic baby, Lee Chan. We have watched you grow so much in the past years we have been blessed with your existence. You are so special to us all and Seventeen’s most precious diamond. So much drive, talent and creativity that you shine out and make us all watch you in awe with. We are so proud of you and I can’t wait to see you be the most greatest, our small giant ♡ I love you. #HappyDinoDay

Seventeen reaction to you curling against their body when it’s cold

Could I get a seventeen reaction about you curling up against their body when it’s freezing cold (you aren’t together but he obviously likes you) 

Because Seventeen is such a big group I’m doing this in their units.

Performance Unit


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“Cuddling against me because I’m so hot, right?”


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“Aw Jagi, you’re so cute!”


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“Oh, look at that, I love you~”


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“Ah, you’re cold!” 

*baby needs warmth too*

Vocal Unit


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“Yes, dear, let me warm you up~”

*not in that way u perverts*


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“Here, baby, take my jacket.”

*always and forever the gentleman*


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“Jagi your feet are cold…”

*isn’t a fan of your cold body against his but will try his best to warm both of you*


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*falls asleep while cuddling with you*


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*has only heart-eyes for you*

Hip-Hop Unit


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*pulls you close to warm you up*


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*smiles cutely at you while he grabs extra blankets*


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“Warm drinks will help you get warmer too!”


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“I know a way we can get warm ;)”