i love you dex

@chillwhiskey​‘s demon!Dex fic is GIVING ME LIFE right now. I should really be finishing my orgo problem set  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I would SO much rather read a 13k word, beautifully written, angsty NurseyDex AU aka demon child and tender poet falling in loveeeee (ahem go read it now you need it).

Find it here!

ok but SO MUCH happened in these tweets I’m still wrapping my head around all of it!  I’mma bulletpoint it:

  • they hired a new manager!  
    • nobody is more stressed out about it than dex
  • tater is texting bitty
    • you know that when bitty was on that point streak that Jack was bragging (gushing) about it to everyone within earshot
  • bitty and jack’s first valentine’s together
    • who’s surprised that Jack was 110% extra?
  • rans & holster planning for the future
    • I’m so stressed out about this actually like the thought of them fighting about it makes me so sad
  • SO MUCH nurseydex flirting.  
    • SO.  MUCH.
  • Tango is a Devils fan
    • I don’t know why I find this so endearing but I do.  does this mean Tango is from Jersey?
  • Jack requests that Bitty send him a selfie every morning
    • they are so gross
  • Bitty mentoring Whiskey!
    • even though whiskey is still hanging out with the lax bros
  • actually the most concrete confirmation we have in canon yet that Lardo and shitty are dating
    • I mean you could argue that the tweet only confirms that she’s dating a white person 
    • so you can pretend it’s like Camilla or whatever
    • but the way chowder talked about it as if it’s common knowledge who Lards is dating and we’ve only ever seen her in canon with Shitty
    • it basically confirms that she and shitty are an Established Relationship

And then there’s Bitty being not even remotely subtle, once again:

immediately followed by:

I mean JFC BITS.

Nursey Doesn’t Know He’s Bi

Shhh just hear me out ok. buckle up your seatbelts and let’s talk about this doofus of a boy who doesn’t know that he likes boys.

  • Derek doesn’t know what it is about William that makes him enjoy being around him, even if they drive each other crazy.
  • William doesn’t know why this boy won’t just let him live his life and keep his pretty face to himself. It goes to show you that the one boy who William develops a crush on ends up being straight as hell.
  • But there’s just something about him that gives Dex hope.
  • Maybe it’s the way Nursey brings him coffee every Thursday morning before they go to English 111.
  • Or the way Nursey cant help but smile every time Dex walks into the room
  • Or how about whenever Dex gets tired and really just wants to listen and not talk, Nursey will gush for hours about this novel he is reading.
  • Dex loved spending time with Nursey and hell he’d fallen in love head over heels for this boy, but he kept reminding himself that Nursey was straight.
  • Nursey didn’t know why being around Dex was so easy. 
  • He memorized Dex’s coffee preference (cinnabon creamer and two Splendas) and brought it to him every Thursday.
  • He didn’t know why when Dex talked to him, his cheeks started to warm up or his hands would get sweaty.
  • Nursey had no idea why longed to touch his fiery red hair and stroke it until Dex fell asleep in his lap.
  • The only other person he felt this way about was Maggie…who he ended up dating for a year.
  • Holy crap…he…likes???DEx????
  • Nursey suddenly freezes and all external noise just stops
  • He likes? Dex? What? HOw can this be? he had only liked girls or found girls pretty before. Like sure he’d seen pictures of like Chris Evans abs and been like wow id like to like a shot of vodka off him, but who wouldn’t right, Shitty?
  • Shitty: Chris Evans is a beaut
  • Lardo: Shitty isn’t the one to talk about normal str8 boy stuff with
  • Nursey: *hits the blunt faster and harder*
  • Nursey had to take this all in and process it holy crap what was this.
  • When he finally came back to reality, he knew what he had to do.
  • He marched his way across campus to the Haus where Dex was busy trying to get Betsy to run again.
  • He walked in the kitchen and saw Dex with his red baseball cap on backwards and in blue jeans and a tight white shirt with grease stains on it and he could barely breath..
  • Dex heard him walk in and looked up from where he was working. “Hey Nurse,” he smiled, “how’s it going?”
  • Nursey walked over to him and planted a sloppy wet kiss on Dex’s chapped lips and prayed to God.
  • He broke away and Dex was all starry eyed and trying to figure out what happened.
  • Nursey just nodded, “Yup…im definitely bi.” He turns and starts to walk out of the kitchen. 
  • Before leaving, he throws his head over his shoulder and says, “Dex. Dinner? At 8?”
  • Dex nodds, “yeah…totally…that would be like…chill.”

Nursey and Dex are cuddling on the haus couch when Nursey gently looks down at him, kisses his forehead and says “I love you.” Dex, not paying attention, absentmindedly responds “Hashtag Gay.”

The look of pure unadulterated joy on Nursey’s face contrasting with the look of pure and utter horror and disgust on Dex’s face is legendary.

Dex’s mom is asleep on the couch. She’s got a blanket over her, a really hideous faux-fur thing that was a gift from Great Aunt Edna six years ago. It’s warm as hell, but every time Ma sees it, she goes on about the gaudiness of it. She did the same thing half an hour ago when Dex put it on her. Her head is pillowed on an old Pillow-Pet from Mary’s younger days; it’s so used that it’s misshapen from the stuffing that’s fallen out. Her greying orange hair fans over it like some kind of sun ray, spreading warmth on everything it touches.

In a pile on the rug sits all three of Dex’s sisters, two of them asleep and one of them halfway there. Mary’s still sitting up, so her head fell forward when she slipped into sleep and she looks comical. Sadie still wants to watch the end of the movie, but her eyes are slipping. She knows how it ends, anyway; she’s seen Miracle on 34th Street a million times this Christmas.

It’s snowing outside, a back-and-forth thing where it’s hard, then tiny flurries, then a mess of swirling thick flakes. A part of Dex wants to go outside and just stand in it, but he’s warm here, in an armchair with his laptop on his lap. The family cat, which is inside for once because of the weather, is sniffing around the coffee table, where cookies have been left out, forgotten. He licks at a snickerdoodle and pulls back, affronted, and saunters off to bother someone, probably Max. Max is a little shit, and probably Dex’s least favorite sibling if he was pressed on the answer, but he’s the cat’s favorite.

The book in Mary’s lap is being squished by Colleen’s head, and Dex makes a note to himself to save it before it becomes folded in. Dex hates ruining books, partly because it wastes money, and partly because he’s always seen books as sacred. Something to be cherished, preserved. Nursey thinks so too, but he doesn’t care about preserving them. He thinks that leaving his mark on a book makes it an experience. Someone read that book, they liked that line, they cried on that page, they got distracted here and put it down so the page got creased, or maybe they were up too late trying to get to the end and fell asleep right in it.

He misses Nursey, Dex realizes as he thinks this, a goofy smile on his face. Warm in his family home, half of his immediate family asleep around him, he misses Nursey. Almost absurdly, his phone begins to vibrate right at that moment and he answers it quickly to keep from waking up his ma and sisters.

On the screen, a judge gets several bags of letters addressed to Santa Claus dumped in his lap. Dex smiles and says, “Merry Christmas, Nursey,” into the phone.

so dex gets a boyfriend.

and it’s fine, okay, it’s great, nursey is super happy for him, really. guy’s getting some, you know? and this dude seems okay. everyone else thinks the sun shines out of his ass which is ridiculous but- it’s fine. nursey is super happy for them. really.

except bitty keeps looking at him sympathetically every time dex and his boyfriend wander into the haus holding hands, and lardo keeps giving him commiserative slaps on the back, and ransom and holster keep spouting metaphorical bullshit about the course of true love that bitty says they got from a guy called johnson.

in the end chowder is the only one he can stand to be around for extended periods of time, which seems to please the goalie to no end. he chats away happily about his girlfriend and the sharks and jack zimmermann, completely oblivious to nursey’s sour mood. his general cheer actually goes some way to make nursey relax as he listens to chowder go on about farmer’s hair, and her eyes, and that warm feeling he gets every time she walks into a room-

oh. well. okay then.

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nursey: i loved you, but in the moment i needed you most you betrayed me

[20 minutes earlier]

nursey: yeah…

dex: careful it’s hot!

nursey: *screams*

Frog GC #2
  • Chowder: ok, captain kirk, jon stewart, and yourself.
  • Nursey: easy
  • Nursey: id marry jon stewart, fuck myself, and kill captain kirk
  • Nursey: bitty, rupaul, ransom
  • Chowder: !!!!!!!!! RUDE
  • Chowder: ...fuck bitty for sure. marry ransom?? BUT RUPAUL....
  • Chowder: marry rupaul and kill ransom :(
  • Dex: I'm gonna tell him you don't love him.
  • Dex: I won't actually.
  • Chowder: dex,,,, nursey, ron weasley, and nick offerman
  • Dex: Kill Nursey, fuck Ron, marry Nick.
  • Nursey: ....*clock
  • Dex: I stand by my decisions
  • Nursey: :(
  • Nursey: hey, chowder, whyd you say definitely fuck bitty
  • Chowder: (:

And now on the topic of Dex’s little displays of affection

Nursey being super fucking frivolous and spending too much goddamned money? Dex rolls his eyes, cancels the orders Nursey doesn’t need and sits Nursey down with a bowl of soup he made from a recipe one of Nursey’s moms sent him

Nursey whining about something? For once Dex laughs and calls it cute even if a bit spoiled and Nursey can’t actually breathe for a solid two minutes. He just. Cannot take in air.

Nursey’s sick and milking it hard? Dex lays in bed with him when he asks and showers him with kisses because he doesn’t do that on a regular and Nursey will hoard every opportunity he gets to have that and keep it close

Nursey just causally minding his business? Dex walks up and says “I love you” because Dex loves his boyfriend and sometimes he just wants to tell him and Nursey feels like the luckiest man to ever exist

From: Bitty     To: Jack


Jack: I love you, Bittle. You complete me. My heart isn’t caged by you, you make it feel more free than ever.

Bitty: Aw, you’re the best darned boyfriend a boy could ask for, Jack. I love you too, honey.

Dex: [jumping out from behind a corner] That’s two pet names, two “I love you”s, a full minute of mushygushy loveydovey nonsense, an actual romantic Valentine, crying, almost making out, and with that, ladies and gentleman, I’m getting my new dryer! Pay up, Zimmermann and Bittle!

Lardo: Leave Bitty and Jack alone, you gremlin! It’s fucking Valentine’s Day!