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he's a bit late, but lori would still like to give frajyle some hydrangea! - lampentdaily


Unlike his distant personality with others, Frajyle is quite happy to see one from his line. He appreciates the flower, accepting it from Lori and puts it along his mask. “Thank you for your generous offer. Unfortunately, I came unprepared and was not expecting to exchange flowers with many or none at all.” He doesn’t know many pokemon, and it seemed silly to exchange flowers with a stranger. Though he supposed in this case, it was okay.

“I can present you with a flower of your own, if you wish. We can head to the Flower Forest, but if you’re fine without one, then I suppose that’s fine as well.”

BTS reacting to you unexpectedly speaking Korean

  Namjoon: *in English* “So i just wanted to say that it could be hard to live in Korea since you can’t speak Korean, so I will more than glad to gui..”*you in Korean* “Actually, I think it would be really easy for me.. what were you saying”*him*………

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Yoongi: *in Eng* “So I..uh you look swag… me too swag..*Korean* Namjoon-ah come here and transl..”*you interrupted* “You can just speak in Korean.. I understand”*him* Bitch you should’ve told me

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Hoseok: *Eng* ”Hello my name is Jhope, I’m your hope, I’m your angel..I can’teu speakeu Englisheu very well gurll” *you mocking him(Korean)* I can’t speak Korean very well either” Then you both laugh hoarsely.

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Jimin: “You look berry nice today..I..want..”*in korean* “ahhh what was i going to say” *you in Korean*” It’s cute that you’re trying, but I speak Korean you know” *gets shy* 

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