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Chen in GIRLS
Chen in GIRLS

4 minutes and 43 seconds of kim jongdae aka all the times chen slayed in the girls album

mcu soulmate marks ideas

i woke up at 4am with these in my head and i knew i had to put them out there, because soulmate marks are my absolute fave trope right now, and i love the mcu, and i thought amusewithaview and ozhawkauthor would appreciate them as they are the ones who got me into this stupid trope with these stupid characters in the first place (btw the goal with a lot of these was to make one or both person’s marks super awkward, which is why there is excessive swearing)

  • What’s your superpower, sweetheart? - Putting up with you for the rest of my life, apparently. (Johnny or wade to their soulmate probably)
  • *cheesy pickup line at a terrible time like in battle or something* - are you fucking with me right now? 
  •  Shoot me now - that would be counterproductive (probably hunter, under his breath, complaining about a mission to the person standing next to him) 
  •  Passionate Karaoke a la jemma/remy: “I will always love you” - dude we haven’t even gone on a date yet, you need to slow down times like ten
  • Any movie quote by a pop-savvy person to a non-pop savvy person so the non was super confused about their mark for the longest time and says so in their response (lots of people think steve with the non-pop savvy, but tbh it could also be bruce or jane, distracted by all the science!, peter quill from being off-planet for 30 years, or coulson you know from being dead for a while; alternatively, i bet may secretly binge-watches shows on netflix in her bunk at night, so she’s super pop culture savvy…actually i bet steve does too just so he can throw a reference out there to floor tony with)
  • I am so sorry for interrupting, but my friend over there bet me I wouldn’t come over here to try to get your number, so could you do me a favor and write down any seven digits? - better make it my real number, don’t you think? (said to one of the more famous avengers, or maybe pepper)
  • One half keeps getting secret admirer letters from the other half, so they know it’s their soulmate, but they can’t fucking figure out who it is, which leads to “this isn’t what it looks like?” “Fucking finally!”
  • Clint + someone else signing and texting their entire relationship through so they haven’t ever actually spoken to each other, but they know each other so well they kind of forgot they hadn’t actually spoken, so when someone (probably Tony) sees their marks and figures out they are soulmates he tries his hardest to get them to speak to each other, but they figure it out and purposely don’t talk just to mess with him, until he finally gives up and leaves and they say: “think we should tell him?” “Holy shit it IS you!” (I really like this with Clint/bucky actually, i bet they would totally do this)
  • *Person two has headphones in when person one talks to them* “I’m sorry, did you say something?” And then person one proceeds to not tell person two they are soulmates for angst purposes
  • Person one kisses person two because they are about to die, but then they don’t die: “sorry, but if that was going to be my last chance to do that, I had to do it” “I’m glad you did it then”
  • “*something important to person 2* is overrated” “fuck you, you fucking fucker!” (Probably said over a heated game of monopoly or poker with all their friends, when tensions are running high)
  • Time travel happens so one half of the pair knows they are soulmates but the other half doesn’t until the time travel thing is undone (Steve wakes up with “you raging jackass!” written on his ribs, and he recalls someone saying that to him in a bar in England once, and then he meets her in the future but she doesn’t remember him so he befriends her, and maybe he more than likes her, and he doesn’t realize she’s his soulmate for sure until she’s sucked into a portal to the past…) could be steve/darcy or bucky/darcy (big faves of mine) but steve/jane or bucky/jane could work too, bc it could have a side of jane and Howard sciencing together to get her back to the future.

if someone wants to run with one of these, fucking do it and tag me and i will love you forever