i love you clark

  • Clarke: *Is a teenage girl who has to make life or death choices with thousands of lives at stake every damn day and sometimes makes bad choices because she's human and has had a good .5 second reprieve just like everyone else*
  • Monty: "You can't just choose who lives and who dies."
  • Jasper: "Clarke, you're not god."
  • Raven: "Choosing who lives and who dies is your specialty."
  • Octavia: "You let a bomb drop on Ton DC and didn't care about who would die"
  • Clarke: "Okay, so does anyone else want to step up and make perfect decisions every time so that everyone is happy and we all get to live even when we're constantly at war with someone or something."
  • Monty: ...
  • Jasper: ...
  • Raven: ...
  • Octavia: ...

not everyone
not y o u

Okay but can we briefly discuss how in complete awe Lexa was of Clarke? Here’s a girl who’s gone through so much and done so much for her people and here comes this girl who literally fell out of the sky. Who kills hundreds of her warriors and dares to sass thr great commander and she literally looks at her like she puts the stars in the sky. I don’t know what upsets me more how much Lexa loved and appreciated Clarke or that Clarke doesn’t have that kind of pure love and total support anymore.

imagine Lexa whispering “I love you” in her own tongue during sex without really realizing and Clarke doesn’t know what it means because she’s never heard it in trigedasleng and so Lexa takes advantage of that and keeps saying it sneakily because she thinks Clarke isn’t ready for the “I love you” so she says it in a way that makes Clarke think it’s some cute nickname but then one day Clarke hears Octavia say it to Lincoln and asks abt it and Octavia tells her and Clarke just….can’t really believe it

and then the next night when Lexa says it she replies with “I love you too” and the look on Lexa’s face is of pure shock and surprise and she’s like “have you known this entire time” and Clarke just smiles and says “no, but now I do, and I love you too”