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♥ Sebastian Stan x Reader ♥
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//this was inspired by an animated video I saw earlier and I just- agh so cute.// _________________________________________________________________________________

    You had been leaned against the kitchen counter, reaching into the cupboard to grab the containers of sprinkles when you felt it. It was so unexpected, it frightened you. So much it stole your attention away from the batch of cupcakes you had just baked. It came suddenly and in mighty waves. It made your toes curl and your vocal cords lose control.


    You let out a blood curdling scream with a frightened jump as he continued to destroy you with tickles. His fingers rapidly raced around your stomach and at your sides, while he held you sternly in place with some sort of sorcery he had developed.

    As all knew, you hate tickling. It’s a vile act almost always committed without any sort of consent from the victim. You hate it well, maybe not really, but what you didn’t hate is prank wars. And in a household shared by a married couple who happen to be very childish, prank wars are real, enforced, and taken seriously. Well, I mean, not too seriously.

    Though the first few seconds were venomous, the rest was, like always, full of blissful laughter. “Seb- Sebastian- Sebs c- c’mon, that’s enough,” you giggled as you shoved his hands away from your stomach though you knew they would just go back.

    “NEVER!!” he shouted out as he threw his head back in laughter.

    But alas, you, (y/n), never miss a beat.

    As he threw his head back laughing, you took a cupcake and shoved it straight at his nose. He yelped as the frosting probably got inside his nostrils, while you laughed, finally out of his ticklish clutch.

    “Now you’re really in for it,” he said, wiping the frosting off his face with a look that probably would’ve scared someone. That someone not being you, you giggled at how cute he looked with lavender frosting all over half of his face and an expression that made him out to be a fiery ball of angry bunny.

    “You started it!” you defended as he walked towards you, while you backed up towards the fridge. What Seb usually forgets in the heat of the moment is that you always have a plan.

    When you were close enough to the fridge, you opened it and slipped your hand in to grab the Cool Whip. Not missing a beat, nor the look of realization on his beautiful face, you sprayed the sugary foam all over his face. Giggling, you tried to get away, but he took hold of you before you could and squeezed frosting out of the icing bag you had put some in, all over your face.

    “Seb!” you screamed with a laugh as he bent over with laughter as well.

    Sebastian Stan has an infinite amount of traits, one of those being the perfect husband. Not because he’s a perfect person, no one is. But because he’s the perfect person for you. He’s your destined, your other half, which is why you can’t see anything about him that is any less than complete perfection. He knows everything about you, without even needing to ask. It’s like he’s a CIA agent that has folders full of every single thing about you. Maybe he is, but that’s not the point. He knows things about you that you haven’t even discovered, just like how you know things about him he hasn’t yet discovered. If you were asked to continue on with the list of why he’s perfect, your vocal cords would most likely be disintegrated and your lungs completely shriveled up. So you’ll only mention one at the moment. His ability to never make anything boring. Okay, so maybe that’s just how it is when you’ve found the one, but you still gotta give the cinna bun some credit.

    You reached into the fridge again, grabbed a pack of yogurt, and of course, poured it all over him. “Your hair is gonna smell extra good later, Sebs!” you squealed out between belly laughs as you hugged your abdomen. It was hurting from all the laughter, but it’s definitely worth it. Most definitely. You were too busy hunched over, gripping your stomach in laughter to anticipate him poofing a shit ton of powdered sugar all over you, excess falling on the kitchen floor.

    Lots of cleanup to do later.

    “And I bet you feel super sweet now, huh?” he giggled and so did you. That’s pretty much what you both were/are. Just that. Two giggling lovers. Oh, wait. Two childishly giggling lovers in a sweet food fight.

    Once again you reached into the already open fridge, took out the peanut butter, stuck your fingers in it, and smeared it all over his face, neck, and shirt. He gasped as he looked down at his formerly white t-shirt, while you bit your fingers, and bit back laughter. He looked up at you and after two seconds of silence, both of you burst into loud laughter. The neighbors probably hate you two by now.

    Still laughing, he reached for two cupcakes, the ones with a specifically huge amount of frosting, and smashed them onto your face. You pouted up at him, still slightly giggling. “I feel like this could be so erotic in any other situation,” he joked.

    “Sebastian!” you whined at him as he walked closer to you, still in a fit giggles. “You wasted my cupcakes,” he let out a breathy chuckle at the look you were wearing and brought you into a hug.

    “I’m sorry, honey, but drastic measures,” he said in a comforting tone, making you laugh into his chest. He smiled as he felt the vibrations. “But don’t worry, we can bake a new batch right now. To, you know, avoid all- this,” he gestured to the both of you and most of the kitchen. You laughed again, hugging him closer, while he smiled again, doing the same.

    “This is going to take quite a while,” you snorted, looking at yourself in the mirror, placed on a wall in the living room. He looked over your shoulder to see his reflection, and laughed again while nodding.

    “Yeah, but at least you taste good,” he smirked as he took the cupcake stuck to your forehead and ate it. You giggled into a wide smile as you admired him, admiring you. He brought you into a hug and wiped the frosting off your forehead before kissing it.

    “I love you, cupcake,” he kissed your nose making you smile wider, if that was even possible.

    “I love you too, cinna bun,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, and he stole your lips like he stole your heart.

    “I won this time, though,” he said after the kiss, making you flick his forehead.

    “I swear to God, Sebastian,” you rolled your eyes and he laughed.

    But anyway, that was four days ago.

    Right now you were reading one of your all time favorite books, The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket, sitting on the couch. Sebastian walked in and knocked the wall two times to catch your attention. It did, making you put your bookmark in place and your book down as you smiled at each other.

    “Hon, d’you know what time it is? My uh- my watch is missing,” he said as he now stood in front of you.

    “Oh, yeah and I forgot to fix the clocks, huh,” you said while nodding. “Well, that’s alright. I’ve got the time right here! It’s uh- it says- hmm, well it’s kinda cool actually,” you said as you furrowed your eyebrows at your wrist watch.

    He stepped closer, “What is it?”

    “Well, you see, it says it’s time.”

    “Time for what?” his forehead wrinkled as he squinted at your expression.

    “Time for,” you put your book aside slowly. “JUSTICE!!” you yelled as you catapulted at him and began tickling Sebastian with no mercy, yes, no mercy at all.

    Sebastian Stan is strong, everyone knows that. But what everyone doesn’t know, is that he is incredibly ticklish. Everywhere. His ears, behind his ears, his neck, his spine, his tummy, the folding part of his elbows and knees, everywhere. Which is exactly why Sebastian is now regretting having started this four days ago. He really should have seen this coming, he really should. But alas, he didn’t, and now it’s payback hour. You both laughed as you cradled his hips with your bent knees on the carpeted floor, and ruthlessly tickled all over his torso. He squirmed and giggled, and for the first minute you could handle him.

    But then, you couldn’t.

    It all happened so fast and now you were just looking dumb struck at the wall as he looked at you with horror. He had squirmed, and being way stronger than you, you couldn’t keep him contained so at some point he accidentally elbowed you in the eye. Resulting in you falling over onto your side.

    You didn’t know what to do, you were just in shock. And Sebastian didn’t know what do, he was just down right horrified.

    “Fuck, honey,” he breathed out and you didn’t know why but you just started bawling. Just, waterfalls, everywhere. The pain probably started to sink in.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he shouted as he dramatically kneeled on the ground in front of you and started pounding his fists on the floor and made sniffling sounds. He cradled you in his arms, on his lap and threw his head back to look towards the heavens and continued to scream ‘no’ in bold italics with his eyes shut. Okay, so you know that scene in theatre when the guy’s lover dies and he cradles her on his lap, and the spotlight is on him, and all lights are out other than that spotlight? That really unnecessarily dramatic scene when someone dies? That’s what it was.

    He began to gently shake you while making sobbing sounds, “MY DEAR MAIDEN, I HAVE MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE!” he fake-sobbed. He made ugly cry faces and kissed your hand dramatically and placed it on his cheek. “BUT ALAS, WE SHALL MEET AGAIN, WE SHALL LOVE AGAIN, IN THE AFTERLIFE.”

    Your tears had stopped and your were now giggling through sniffles at your wonderful husband. “That was so bad, you’re lucky I love you,” you joked as he smiled widely at you, absolutely loving the way you look when you’re happy.

    “I am, (y/n). I truly am,” he nodded and kissed you deeply.

    “Damn, right boi,” you said breathlessly when you both pulled away for air, making him laugh uncontrollably. ________________________________________________________________________
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