i love you chunk

therosettaskull  asked:

how does one draw beards, besides selling their soul to Satan?

no soul-selling! it’s pretty simple

well, what i’m gonna show you is pretty simple

so let’s take these baby-faces:

having the jawline/chin/etc down pretty accurate is important! because the beard grows from there!

dudes all have a specific growth pattern on their face. when doing a 5 o’clock shadow, you can pretty much just follow that and fill it in with a gray/their hair color at a low opacity

with the growth pattern and jawlines and mind, it’s pretty easy to make a readable beard by doing little lines that follow those patterns! i never do a straight line to draw beards. it’s an option, but it’s tough to make look natural lol–i don’t even do that for comics! but once the hairs are curved along the jawline, i think getting rid of the visible jawline helps show thickness/structure to the beard itself

as beards get longer, you can lengthen the lines and make them have more minds of their own, as they begin to stop conforming with the face!

so that’s about it. if you want beards with a little more texture, remember that beards grow in layers. they grow just like hair! but…on..on the face.

as a beard might.

ENFJ: I’m not leaving until you say it.


ENFJ: I’m serious.

INTJ: … *struggles*

ENFJ: I can wait all day long :)

INTJ: agh

ENFJ: unfortunately you cant, you have a class in 4 minutes.

INTJ: ngghhh…

ENFJ: :))))))

INTJ: fine!


INTJ: … i love you.

ENFJ: *gasps* you heard that?? a chunk of ice fell from your little pretty heart <3

internal INTJ: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Pretend you are strong, no blushing. I SAID NO BLUSHING YOU IDIOTIC NEANDERTHAL.

  • Friend: You miss him.
  • Me: How do you know?
  • Friend: You're seeing all these different guys, testing waters and trying to tell yourself you're having fun getting to know people and putting yourself out there but I know you. You're not the kind of girl who goes on dates with strangers you just met just because they seem nice. You're trying to forget him and the only remedy you know how is by some strike of fate you meet someone exactly like him. You're trying to find a replacement, and that's not you. You're not the kind of girl who hurts other people.
  • Me: Well, what if I'm tired? What if this time around I'm tired of being the only one hurting? Of course I miss him, but what else did you want me to do? I will never be enough for him, and I don't think you understand just how much of yourself you lose when you love that much. I lost a huge chunk of myself when I lost him, and this is me trying to pick up and save what didn't fully break.

me every time i see a short girl: oh my fucking christ yessss ur gods perfect creature u r angels made flesh come here and let me carry you around and reach high shelves for you and generally be your loving and tirelessly devoted servant til we both perish
me every time i see a tall girl: u r so gentle and perfectly formed u have the beauty of 10000 oceans u r th most beautiful creature to walk the earth ur a glorious amazon made of flowers and stars pls let me be near u ill wear extra bulky boots to be taller than u and u can be the little spoon
me every time i see a girl: i love you….i love you so much….