i love you christian novelli


We are fans. They are youtubers. Why do we love them?

Because when we feel alone, they are there. When they laugh, we laugh.  When they cry, we cry. They may not necessarily be living close to us, but whenever they manage to cheer us up, it feel like  they’re right next to us. it’s their videos that makes us smile. Sometimes we lock our doors and block out the world, only to occupy ourselves in these youtubers. Nobody understands, but us. Because sometimes they make us happy the way nobody else can. We’re attracted to them. we’re in love with them. Maybe this 'obsession’ will blow over one day, but we’ll never regret how many times they’ve managed to brighten our day.  


Christian is possibly gonna hate me so much after this but guys, look how cute and adorable 2010 Christian was:D awww!! I wanna cuddle him forever!!! I still would cuddle Christian now and just forever, okay? like, I love him that much:D