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It was quite intimidating - this situation that is. And it wasn’t only because he had a cocked gun Aimed at me with not only his whole gang behind him, but also his alliances. It was intimidating because of how close he was right now. Just a few feet. A few measly steps.

This was the closest we had been to each other in almost a year. And the last time we encountered this close wasn’t all to friendly. The screams and cries, the shoving and punches that where thrown. His pleads for me to stay echoed through my head, every word staining my mind at the desperation laced in them.

<I>“Please baby girl. Don’t do this. I swear I’ll make things better, we can make things work again. Just don’t go.”

I remember every whisper, every rasp and every crack that fell through his voice in those words. But never the less I responded to his cries with harsh words and a door slammed in his face.

But if i had know that walking out would come back to haunt me like this, would I have ever done it? Maybe? More then likely no.

It wasn’t because I was scared. Oh no- not in the slightest. I had no fear. But just simply the feeling running through my body was too much to bare. The feeling of hurt, seeing him standing there with that girl - that bitch - wrapped in his arms.

That used to be me. It should still be me but I was too selfish to stay. To let him try again.

He hadn’t done anything wrong but I was too blinded by anger to realise that. In my eyes, he had committed the worst felony in our relationship. He neglected me, and i thought I would never forgive him for that. But if I had just not allowed the anger to consume me the way it had, and just realised that I wasn’t just Jason’s only priority, maybe I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

Guns raised, smirks settled on faces, some in pure bliss, others in shock. A year ago, tell me Jason would be pointing a gun to my head one day and I would have called you crazy. But here I was.

“What are you doing here?! This is my land Jason.” But I couldn’t show the hurt. The bitter sour taste on my tongue I received from seeing him with the girl. From what everyone knew, I was totally over Jason, and completely willing to put a bullet in his head if necessary. If only they knew that if it came down to that, I would rather put it in my own before I would let him die. I was utterly in love with him.

“Is that so? Well, in that case, speaking of things that are ours, why don’t you give back that little thing you stole.” He smirked in a not so friendly way.

“What the fück are you talking about? We haven’t taken shit from you.” I spoke quickly, lacing my voice with intimidation.

“Really? Cause that ring your wearing says otherwise.” Jason spat. “Now where could someone like you, possibly find the money for a stunningly expensive ring like that?”

“Shut the fuck up Jason you know well that I make just as much profit as you do. Where equals.”

“Not at the moment where not” he suddenly added “not right since you have almost over 2 millions dollars that belongs to me.”

“No one stole your money Jason. My gang isn’t as desperate as yours. We wouldn’t steal from anyone with the same amount or maybe more fire power then us.” I stated, as if it where the most obvious thing in the world.

Jason chuckled, his head low but gun still firm in place, pointed straight towards me and my gang. My hand growing tired from mimicking his actions, only my gun pointed on him. “Y/N. I’ve known you long enough to think you were going to say something like that. You always had a way of persuading people into believing things. Especially things that aren’t true.”

My hands fisted at my sides, very much knowing that right now, he wasn’t talking about ‘stolen money’. He was more so talking about our relationship. How I had persuaded him into thinking he wasn’t spending enough time with me, that it was all his fault our relationship didn’t work out. But it was easy to pin point the fact that it was really my fault. And Jason was right - i was good at persuading people otherwise. That’s what happens when your Americas most wanted female.

“You have no business being here Jason and I have every right to sink a bullet in your skull.” I stated but we both knew that wasn’t happening. We both knew that when it came to him, I was too soft. I was weak for his love. Love that no longer existed. At least not for me.

Jason shook his head, fake amusement plastered on his face. “I only came here for one thing Y/N, and I really don’t feel like wasting a perfectly good bullet on something as irrelevant as your brain so let’s make a deal.”

A scoff left my mouth, eyes rolling as I tried my hardest to hide the hurt effect his words left me. “And what do you propose that would be?”

“It I’m being honest your gang isn’t such a bad alliance. This area is getting a little bit rough and I need all the ally I can get. Despite some obvious tense past-” his eye darted around to everyone, a look of knowing on the face at the mention of our failed relationship. “-I think we could make a good team.”

“What are you saying McCann?” My eyes narrowed in on his face. Voice low and steady.

“You give me my money - we become your ally.”

Now your probably thinking- ‘why the hell would you say yes?!’ Well truth is, Jason’s Gang and my own have some tension. We’ve been attacked a few times by his gang before. Lost a few members. Out of all the gangs in North America, his one was our largest threat, especially with himself holding the title of Americas most wanted male.

So making amends with him wouldn’t actually be as bad idea as you would think. Nodding my head slowly in thought, my mind drifted back to the current situation at hand. “Alright well…any good gang leader would be foolish to pass up a deal of one like this. And knowing you for a while myself, I trust that you present your deals fairly….Okay McCann. You have yourself a deal.”

Jason smirked, his mouth turning upwards in victory as I blew a sharp whistle past my plump Lips, motioning my fingers forward.

A gang member of mine - Zayn, came forward with a large, black, leather briefcase, unlocking the latches until it stood open, revealing the large sum of cash inside which we had - actually - stolen from Jason.

Jason repeated my gesture, motioning someone forward. Someone I recognised as Khalil, Jason’s right hand man. Khalil and I where actually rather close during
the time Jason and I dated. Too bad that went to waste.

Khalil walked across the bounds to me and my gang, stopping short just inched in front of the brief case. Now this is what right hand mans are for. They’re skilled in things such as calculating large sums of money with only there eyes. amazing? - yes. Crazy? - not for us.

“It’s all good Jay. 2 mill- exact.” Khalil announced.

Jason smirked once again, clicking the safety back on his gun before slowly lowering it away from my head, and back down to The floor.

“Well then L/N. Nice doing business with ya.”

With a swift movement, Khalil had locked the briefcase shut and taken it out of Zayns grasp, strolling back over to Jason and his gang which had already begun leaving.

Jason spun on his heels, arm still draped around the barbie looking girl fitted in cloths sized for a 10 year old before suddenly stopping in his tracks. Craning his head to peer over his shoulder back at me, I watched as his smirk never faltered, opening his mouth to say,

“Oh and Y/n, sweetheart, I suggest laying off the Cheetos. I mean, I know you love them but your starting to let yourself go a little, don’t you think?”

The girl on his arm opened her mouth, allowing a not so attract snort to escape it before continuing on her way with Jason.

On the outside, I showed no emotion, eyes never wincing or giving away any sign of hurt, but on the inside I was crying, clawing the walls of my brain to run after him and beg for his love once again.

My mind was a dangerous place. I was unstable, no matter what people chose to believe, no matter what I told myself. I was really just a ticking time bomb waiting to implode on itself. But not physically. It was all mental. How much longer before I finally had a mental breakdown and gave up on hiding my emotion?

How much longer before people finally look at me as not a ruthless leader, but instead a weak, unworthy girl who was too caught up in a lost relationship that had already withered away months ago?

And it was because of him. One person. One ruthless killer.


Jason - fücking - McCann.

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FIC REC: Of The River And The Sea by Aleycat4eva [x] [x]

 What’s great is the giant blue shark kid is arguably the most ‘normal’ of this little group. Pretty sure Zabuza just looks for ways to get out of wearing shirts. Whoops, almost got clipped by those shuriken, aw look, shirts ripped - welp no point in keeping it now. You lil’ shit.


Gave her a shot, still trying to figure out how I want her to look in my style. Still not 100% satisfied but she’s my favourite ever so I had to doodle her!

Conversations during a sleepover

Aquarius: Hey guys, thanks for coming over!

Taurus: No problem! Oh yeah, I brought more food just in case SOMEONE *points to Capricorn* eats all of your food, Aquarius.

Capricorn: *currently eating Aquarius’ Cheetos* Whaaat?–No, that won’t happen… *continues eating Cheetos*

Aries: Hey Capricorn, can I have a–

Capricorn: NO!

Aquarius: We’re just lucky that I have 3 more bags of Cheetos. Plus the bag that Taurus brought.

Pisces: So Cancer, how have you been lately?

Cancer: The same. How about you?

Pisces: Well, I’ve been–

Gemini, interrupting and talking super fast: Hey guys, what are you talking about? Your lives? Oh cool that’s great. How have you been, Pisces? I’ve been great. Cancer, how’s your family? Oh, the same? That’s cool. Hey do we have any more chocolate, I like chocolate. I want cookies and sugar. and and and–Gotta go faster faster fastfastfaasterfaster…Oh look, more chocolate! *runs to bowl filled with chocolate*

Scorpio: Gemini, I think you’ve been eating too much sugar…

Sagittarius: Don’t worry about her, Scorpio. She’ll probably crash in an hour or so.

Libra: *drawing*

Leo: What should we do?

Virgo: Maybe play hide and seek?

Hyper Gemini: I think hide and seek could be so much fun! So where should we hide, Libra? Huh? Huh? Where should I go? I think I’ll go hide where the candy is. Where are you guys going to hide? I’m thinking Pisces is going to hide behind the couch, and Sagittarius will probably hide in the fort she made, and maybe Scorpio will hide in the–

Aquarius: Okay, seriously Gemini, I think you’ve had waaayyyy too much sugar. Maybe you should lay down or something…

Taurus, walking to Gemini: *gives Gemini a Snickers bar* You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Capricorn: *still eating Cheetos* I LOVE CHEETOS!

Cancer: I’m guessing Capricorn isn’t playing.

Aquarius: I’ll count, I guess. One, two, three…

*everyone hides*

Hyper Gemini: *making it completely obvious where she is by talking so much* Hahahahahahahahahhahaha, Aquarius will never find us, right Leo? HAHAHAHAHAHAHDUESWGDYUGFEYSDHAKUHDAL

Leo: Gemini, shut up!

*25 minutes later after the game is done*


Still Hyper Gemini: What are you talking about, Taurus? I don’t think I’ll be the same again. I want more chocolate. I think I’ll go get more chocolate. Come on, Aqua, let’s go get more– *crashes and falls asleep*

Everyone except Gemini: Finally…

~The End~

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Haha. I’m sorry and I won’t post Cheetos ice cream ever again! Yall are so disgusted and disappointed. Should I tag it?

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2, 4, 5 :U

2. who is your favorite character to draw?
me. i wish this was a joke but i draw myself more than anyone else :^)))

but probably cheeto i love her

4. how often do you draw?
everyday. i just. never finish anything

5. digital or traditional?
i wanna say traditional because it’s easier but digital is more convenient. so probably traditional

than k you for asking a question i love u and everyone should love icky go follow him

  • promo for barn mates: *leaks*
  • people: lapis is back but idgaf about that whiny bitch but it that means JASPER MUST BE BACK TOO
  • me: can you give me a minute and let me celebrate the return of my water child before i fight you