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Of course, that's only Ricky's side of things. The same Ricky who still makes tens of thousands of dollars by attending The 100-specific cons, only to trash JRoth and the show right in front of his former cast mates, creating an incredibly awkward situation when they all clearly love their time w/ the show. It's amazing how he can't let it go. How when he's doing interviews for American Gods that he, the *subject*, is the one bringing up his beef with JRoth, not the interviewer. So mature.

Truly shocking how his old cast mates still love him and support him them isn’t it considering how he is “creating an incredibly awkward situation.” I just saw him and Richard voluntarily hanging out less than 2 weekends ago. They were going out around Syndey and going to the gym together. Ricky has done the same with other cast members.

I love how you all seem to think it’s wrong for this man to have a voice and stand up for himself against someone who had authority over him that was mistreating him. Instead of showing concern over the fact that this was happening, or wanting to figure out what happened, you’re giving him shit about the fact that he’s still earning a living. “Oh people love him and still associate him with the 100, a show for which he was a main character for 3 seasons? He’s a good person and he’s willing to meet Lincoln fans? Guess since he’s a decent human being and earning money, any bullying done to him is void!”

What you’re saying is that just because a person is successful, they have no right to speak up for themselves. Instead of showing concern for this man, you’re doubting him. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

When I first decided to move accounts, I was so worried about all the progress I had made being erased because I moved. I know it doesn’t matter much but I was proud of what I had done. Even so, I made the decision to move and today I woke up to this. Guys, I can’t thank you enough for the continuous support and love I have received since I officially joined this fandom in January. It’s been the best time ever (even with all the bullshit drama and negativity) I love being able to share my work and then talk about it with you all. I love when you guys send me randoms stories or attack me with Daveed photos or yell in my inbox about how the cast is perfect. I love you guys, more than you know. Once again, thank you. I hope to keep making you all happy with fics and other random content I post on here <3

Cry-Baby-Witch’s “Self-Love Spell”

This is a repost since the original Tumblelog was deleted.

Now, don’t be fooled by the name. This is not another self-love spell for you.

I was browsing the World Witchy Web and I noticed that the only self-love spells I could find were to do on yourself. As a person that knows a lot of self-hating people, I thought that was a little odd. So, with a little witchy help from @in-scopa-cubiculum, I made a self-love spell that you can cast on the people in your life who aren’t the most self-confident. So, here ya go, gray witches like me: a self-love spell for those you care about most under the cut.

Materials Needed:

  • A symbol of the person to wear
  • A naked area of earth (no grass)
  • A lighter/match of any sort
  • Water, charged with rose quartz
  • A notebook or piece of paper
  • Any type of writing utensil
  • Optionally, rose quartz for circle

1.) Cast a circle around you and your naked area of earth and yourself.

2.) On your paper, write down the name of the person you would like to charm and a passage of why you love them. End this passage with “Blessed be your heart so you may love yourself the way that I have come to love you.”

3.) Close the notebook or fold up the piece of paper. Light the corner of it and set it on the naked ground. (Make sure there’s no grass or plants that can catch on fire!!) As it burns, the charm will be carried away to that person by the wind in the form of the smoke your fire gives off.

4.) Hold the symbol of the person over the fire (make sure you hold it far enough away if it is flammable or small) and let it absorb some of the magik.

5.) Pour your bowl/cup of charged water onto the earth and ash of your spell, sealing the spell with all the elements. Optionally, you may draw a pentacle in the mud to symbolize this.

6.) Close the circle. Hold your symbol of the person over your heart and then put it on. This will strengthen your spell.


Taako can’t with the idea that people actually like him and want to spend time with him and here come the two most adorkable sweetheart nerds, getting all up in his life and ruining his blasé and his blouse and I can’t 

“I had this vague notion that one day I might be editor of ‘Vogue China.’ It was a bizarre ambition, as I didn’t speak a word of Chinese. There were flaws in my plan, admittedly.”


Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario talk about the “I love you” scene. +

okay so I just feel the need to say why Brooklyn nine nine is the best show so strap yourselves in it’s gon be long

* first off, hella diverse cast
* and no “token” characters there just for the sake of diversity, each character has very different personalities from each other and represent the actual population
* despite totally different personalities they are all really good friends and care about each other so much- each character’s relationship is different and I find that beautiful
* amy santiago is never played off as “just Jake’s love interest/girlfriend” she has all her own plots and stories and is amazing and strong and the best
* healthy communication in amy and jakes relationship !!! making sure it doesn’t stop them from doing their job to the best of both their abilities !!!
* Terry is a very macho “man’s” man but isn’t afraid to show his feelings and it’s real nice to see them show how being emotional doesn’t make you a weak man
* the solidarity between the girls because we gotta stick together
* “I met god” “what does she look like?” “Ethnically ambiguous”
* constantly calling out the world for all it’s shit (homophobia, racism, gun laws, corruptness of the police, sexism, I cOULD GO ON)
* and now the reason I decided to make this now: THEY JUST MADE A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HOW BULLSHIT RACIAL PROFILING IS
* a show about cops still managed to find a way to talk about it bc they know it’s an important issue and did it in such an incredible way
* showed two sides of dealing with the situation, holts plan and terrys, and neither were ideal, both would have backlash for Terry more than the dickhead who stopped him tbh
* and showing Jake doing hella suspicious shit and not getting stopped
* (but this time with a whole ep not just mentions bless)
* also Jake and amy having to explain it all to Terry’s kids was v upsetting to see how scared they were at first that this would happen just because they were born as they were
* AND mentions of transphobia and telling the twins it’s okay if they don’t identify as female, what other show would

this ain’t even everything it was just getting v long

BASICALLY no show is as woke as brooklyn nine nine, it’s hella funny too with great plots and ships too if that’s what you look for and everyone should watch and @ fox if you don’t renew I will fight it is better than all other shows