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Heeeeyyy, if you're still taking prompts how about "what do you want from me" for andreil with a shit ton of angst? ... And some fluff if possible ??? 😆 xx

one angsty andreil, just for you, my lovely friend! a little lighter on the fluff than i was aiming for, but what can ya do. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

Andrew opens his eyes to the pitch black of their dorm room, unable to move, barely able to breathe. His back is to the wall, his hands are clenched in the sheets, and he is struggling not to bite through his bottom lip. Images of demons past play behind his eyes, so he does his best not to blink. Andrew jumps when Neil makes a small noise in his sleep, and he feels like the walls are closing in on him.

He climbs over Neil, careful not to touch him, and silently makes his way toward the door. He thinks he hears Neil call after him, but Andrew knows he will give him some space. At least for a little while. Andrew leaves the room, fully aware that this is just a feeble attempt at outrunning his own mind.

Neil’s weight beside him is now familiar and can even be a comfort, sometimes. But on the occasions when Andrew’s senses are on overdrive and the smallest movement feels like an avalanche, an earthquake, a fucking planetary realignment, Neil knows better than to take Andrew’s abandonment personally.

Neil’s hoodie is thrown on the back of his desk chair, so Andrew makes his way over to dig out the pack of cigarettes from the pocket. He thinks he could light it with just the fire on the edge of his tongue, but he grabs a lighter from the drawer just in case.

He opens the window with so much force that the glass vibrates harshly for several seconds. Andrew is unconcerned. He watches with disinterest as a small crack forms at the bottom of the windowsill. Whatever. It’s still functional.

He climbs onto his desk and pulls his knees up to his chest, leaning back against the wall before lighting his cigarette and taking a long, slow drag. Andrew wonders if maybe the smoke will clear out the tar in his lungs, if he’ll be able to breathe again. Probably not.

Time passes, and Andrew doesn’t notice. An hour, maybe two. His breath fogs up the window. He stares outside as the sun slowly illuminates the parking lot below. The Maserati begins to take shape, and he has the sudden urge to drive until he can’t anymore. Maybe through the mountains, maybe off a cliff. Who knows.

He must be spending too much time around Neil.

Andrew distracts himself by recalling the highest points of elevation in the United States from a geography book he read in high school. He isn’t even halfway through the list when he hears the bedroom door open. He doesn’t look, but the sound of the door closing lets him know that it’s just Neil. He never lets the door click back into place; he turns the knob and shuts the door, releasing it only when the door is fully closed and will make no noise. Andrew isn’t sure whose sake he does this for. Maybe Kevin’s, maybe his own.

He keeps his gaze trained on the parking lot until he feels Neil approach him. He slowly flicks off the ashes from his cigarette into the small pile he has made on top of Kevin’s history book. Ancient Rome or something equally as useless. Andrew doesn’t care enough to look. He turns his head to see that Neil has stopped a few feet away, running shoes in one hand and a hoodie in the other. He doesn’t say anything, but he extends the hand holding the hoodie, the same one that was on the chair. Andrew looks back to the window and takes note of the layer of frost on the outside. It’s probably a bit above freezing. Funny. Andrew hadn’t noticed.

He reaches out and takes the hoodie. Stares at Neil. Prepares to pry open his jaw and force out a reply to whatever Neil is about to say.

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Headcanons for the reader dating an older Damian Wayne


~ J.


Headcanons for dating an older Damian Wayne


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but now I got a cold and my eyes are tearing up and my nose is running and I’m supermegaterriblyemotional I guess it’s as good a time as ever.

There are some people I am forever thankful for and indebted to because you are why I’m still here, why I can stay hopeful and courageous and keep loving and I have way too much love and I could burst but instead… thank you wonderful, open-minded, respectful, kind, loving, supportive people who I’ve got to know at least a little bit or very much love your blogs and appreciate the shit out of!

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Since the anon hate disease seems to still be infecting writers’ ask boxes, I’ve decided to spread the love to some of my favorites. Just a little thank you for taking time to share your writing with those of us that actually care and are aware that y’all are human. I’m letting you know that y’all are loved and appreciated. Keep on doing you no matter what. Please and thank you.

Much love to those of you who have to step away for a while because real life shit is happening & you can’t do the writing thing right now. We’ll be here waiting for your triumphant return!

This is just a small list of writers that I follow/reblog as often as I can. Sorry if I missed anyone! (This is in alphabetical order cause that’s how I am. Lol.)

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Requested, thank you

Requested, thank you

“You two still not got anything?” You questioned, quirking an eyebrow at the boys. “No love, so why don’t you just go back out of my quarters and help Gibbs on the deck” Jack nodded before turning back to Will. “Well while you two were in here doing I don’t know what, maybe braiding each others hair and twiddling Jack’s moustache, I found her” you countered smirking and them. “What?” Jack asked in disbelief. “Yeah, now I think Gibbs said a bird shit on the wheel. So why don’t you go on deck and clean it up like a good little Captain because at this rate the bird has done more work than you Jack” you teased deviously.

Being autistic us exhausting

Having meltdowns because a certain texture rubbed you the wrong way

Having sensory overloads all the time because the world is too damn loud and bright

Having a fucked up sleep schedule because your body can’t stay still and even the night is too loud

Nearly everything is a trigger that scares the shit out of you because you’re waaaay too sensitive

It fucking sucks, man.. I love being autistic but damn

Thats right little boys. Drool over my beauty, every one does. Fantasize about seeing me in real time. In my car, or walking down the street. Im that gorgeous girl you’d never have the balls to speak to, let alone make eye contact with. You’re ugly, fat and pathetic. You could only dream of having a girl like me. So you grovel with gifts and cash to feel that pinch of attention and acceptance. I still treat you like shit. You come back for more, like the true idiot you are. You love my abuse. I love abusing you.





Louis moves back home after graduating from college and finds out that Harry hasn’t changed much in the ways that matter and neither have his feelings for him.  His hair is longer and his voice is deeper and he now owns the bakery where they worked as kids.  But his eyes are just as bright and his dimples are just as beautiful and he’s still everything Louis wants.  Niall and Liam basically help them both get their shit together because what else is new.


Remember when you asked me why I love you and I couldn’t exactly explain? Of course you’re beautiful, even far beyond beautiful. And you’re a good kisser, too. Also you’re a passionate lover, and our minds are quite alike. But I think… I think it’s the little things that made me fall for you, and still do, every day, over and over again. I think it’s hidden in the way you talk about your friends, or how you’re late for work every morning, but never forget to kiss me before you leave. I think it’s because we both know I cook like shit and often my dishes taste like baked air with salt and pepper, but you shove it in until the very last bite and look at me and say “Thank you darling”, and be genuinely grateful for it. Or maybe it’s because you know that certain simple things that seem so easy for other people, require so much effort for me. You see through me and allow me to grow. It’s in your kind attitude towards strangers, it’s in the graceful and peaceful manner you approach my family with. You fill up a room with your bubbly spirit, yet never demand too much space. It’s how your voice floods into a high pitch when you’re finally able to play with your cats again. It’s not only your body, but the elegance you move it with. Not just your beautiful face, but the way in which it exposes the depths of your soul by just a subtle twitch or a hurting smile. It’s in the way your hand seeks mine at night, after a long silence, when we turned our back towards each other. Or maybe… Maybe I just love all those things because someway, somehow we just found one another and it really just doesn’t matter, because darling I love you, and literally nothing in the world could change my mind.

You know I’m thinking of one of those old “characters meet their past/future self” scenarios with Riku and Sora and I’m laughing cause like

Okay okay first of all. Riku is consumed with self-loathing. Like he grabs KH1-Riku and just whispers “shut the fuck up about the keyblade you little piece of shit” Meanwhile overwhelmed by Sora being even shorter and somehow more impulsive than current Sora.

Meanwhile current Sora is just kind of like “oh huh that’s me” and keeps telling Riku to “give yourself a break, you’re just a kid haha!”

KH1-Riku being disgusted by how in love with Sora current-Riku is. Intimidated cause Sora is still just as cheerful but like /holy/ shit is that boy strong. KH1-Sora is just glad they’re friends again. Might start crying because of it.

But. /But./ My favorite thing to imagine is the look on KH-1 Riku’s face when he learns Sora has /two/ keyblades

Hi guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️
The haul today was very small, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I was able to bring home! 💖😊😘

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel: $2.94
Love Culture Hairbows: $2.12
Hot Topic Grey Beanie: $5.99
Lovesick Lace Ankle Socks: $1.00 (BOGO accessory for $1!)

Total: $17.11

And guess how much I got it all for? That’s right! $17.11! Because I BUY shit that I want, instead of stealing it and saying I’m just having a little harmless fun, or fighting the system! 😝

ok I was discussing this with a friend. So it’s likely that draco malfoy spent a lot of his time in the sun playing quidditch. But what if he got freckles???? and he covered them up with a spell or something because ‘malfoys don’t get freckles’

see, Plec, if you hadn’t fucked up in the first place, Kai and the Gemini storyline and Bonnie could’ve revived this show. But no.

he was a great villain, who was slowly on his way to becoming something better (while still being a sarcastic little shit who is struggling to care about anything except Bonnie)

Bonnie deserved a fabulous storyline and love interest/cool dynamic with Kai, and with finding out more about her history.

and now, with Kai back (for probably just a few episodes), you probably won’t even have him and Bonnie interact

if you wanted to keep Kai a villain so bad, you shouldn’t have started to redeem him. And even if you wanted to stop that progress, there wasn’t time to do it effectively (and I’m not actually convinced that it could’ve been done. Yes, there’s a grey area to play around with, but not dramatically slingshotting back and forth in the span of two episodes). That’s not how character development should work

#1 hoe tip anyone could ever give you

Look girl i want you to fuck whoever you want to fuck. Fuck yo best friend fuck yo friend fuck a stranger fuck your boyf fuck your girlf , Fuck whoever (be safe about it!) as long as your happy doing it.

But that does NOT include someone who is in a relationship/married. I dont care if you love them and they love you, or their partner isnt satisfying them enough, whatever the case may be, it still does not justify how fucked up and disloyal you guys are being. 

Dont try and pull any shit on me like ‘You dont know what its like to be in that situation’ because all of this is coming from someone who fucked around with their best friends boyfriend. Yeah, I know what the fuck im talking about. Let me give you a little background details on the situation. I fucked around with her boyfriend for abt 3 months and it changed me as a person. He made me feel like the most special girl in the world when i was with him, but any other time i never felt more disrespected and degraded. Theres no pride in the side girl title, theres no pride in fucking somebody who isnt yours to fuck. On top of that, the guilt ate me alive. And karma sure as hell kicked my ass for it, because when we ended up dating, he turned out to be a mentally unstable piece of shit who emotionally, sexually, and physically abused me. On top of that he cheated on me multiple tips. Shocker. (keep in mind that if you end up dating the boy thats cheating with you, hes going to cheat on you too. once a cheater, always a cheater, youre no exception.) That was a year ago and ive grown a lot as a person since then, but it is sincerely my biggest regret and it still haunts me. You deserve to respect yourself. You dont deserve to be a dirty secret and a side girl, just like the other person doesnt deserve to be betrayed like that, and just like how the guy/girl whose cheating doesnt deserve either of you. 

And i dont want anyone reading this to think im only going after the side person because to be quite honest, the cheater is the dirtiest one in this situation. Im just trying to tell you guys to avoid a dirty situation of hurt feelings and broken hearts.

Ive been reading a lot of similair blogs to mine encouraging the side girl position and i just cant back it. If you dont agree, unfollow me, you wont be missed. 

#4 - Auston Matthews - #34

Requested by anon: Could you do an auston Matthews one where their like at the fam skate before winter classic as like dating but not official and marner makes fun of auston and you or something . And you guys have your first kiss. Just like super cute and you’re holding hands and shit

* This actually turned out pretty cute. I’m still working on making these longer but clearly it’s not working :(. I still hope you enjoy this anyway. *

Word count: 314

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You and Auston walked hand in hand over to the ice. You sat on the bench and Auston helped tie your skates.

“Look the love birds have arrived,” Mitch joined by William skated over to you and Auston. Mitch had a cheeky grin on his face.

“Mitch we aren’t dating,” Auston stepped onto the ice.

You made your way onto the ice, of course slipping a little. Auston caught you before any further damage could be made. As you steadied yourself you glanced over to Mitch and William who were both giggling to themselves. You and Auston began to skate side by side. There was no shortage of questions asking if you guys were together or not.

“Y/N,” Auston said barley audible enough for you to hear it. You stopped skating and looked him in the eye.

“Is there something wrong,” you were slightly concerned in his sudden change of mood. Seconds ago he was all happy and smiling and now he is more serious.

“No of course not. I was just wondering why we aren’t dating?” Auston looks down at the ice and scratches the back of his neck. You smile at him as he looks back up at you.

“I don’t know, why aren’t we?” you took a small step forward almost completely closing the gap between you two.

“Do you want to be?” Auston returned your smile.

“Is that your way of asking me out?”

“Kinda yeah,” Auston smiled at you.

“Then it’s a yes,” you couldn’t stop smiling as those words left your mouth. Auston leaned down and kissed you. A wave of excitement rushed over you.

“That’s my boy!” Mitch yelled skating his way over.

You broke the kiss but slipped your hand into Auston’s. He looked down at your hands and smiled before starting to skate along side Mitch. It as the start to a wonderful relationship.


So before I sound like an ungrateful little shit:

Thank you so much for displaying the first one on your blog. It still means a lot to me that you did. I was so shocked you liked it enough to show to other people.

But like I will actually die if I have to look at the original one more time, please forgive me. Every time I see it I just think about how much you probably want to replace it but didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

AND LISTEN. My dude, if you do not want to display my art at all that is FINE. That is cool beans 100% okie dokie artichokie. For starters I did the original way before the collective was even a thing, and you MAY in fact wanna put up something more related to Tarek, or! You may just! Not want to show mine at all and that’s completely absolutely fuckin fine like no questions asked no problem!!

But if you do decide to use my art as a banner anyway pls take this one I am begging you my anxiety is killing me

Winter Drabbles – Wonho

Tbh I’ve secretly had some Wonho feels lately, so I needed this fluffy ass drabble to quench my thirst. Also, it hasn’t really truly snowed yet, and it’s kind of bumming me out. I want to build a snow fort. Feed back is always appreciated! Still taking requests, too! Enjoy!


“You are so annoying!” you grunted, shaking snow from your hair, and pouting dramatically.

Wonho snaked his hands around your waist, pulling you tightly against him as the two of you made your way through the park. “Oh, babe!” He smirked that annoying little shit smirk at you, “you love me.”

You pushed him away from you with a growl, “no, no I don’t!” you protested, and he raised his eyebrows at you, clearly testing you. He began leaning down slowly towards the snow, “Wonho! I swear to God, you will sleep on the couch for the next thirty years!”

Wonho grabbed another handful of snow, and you held a finger up to him. Your eyes wide with a don’t you fucking dare stare, “thirty years!?” He taunted you, laughing as he pretended to throw the snow at you once more, “who says I want to sleep next to you for the next thirty years? You snore, anyway!” He ran at you, snow still in hand.

You froze, throwing your hands over your face, and squealing anxiously. You peeked nervously through your fingers when your surroundings fell silent. Your hands flew from your eyes straight to your mouth as you saw Wonho in front of you, down on one knee.

He held out his hand, and you were shaking as you slid yours into it. “Y/N, I don’t want thirty years, I want forever.” Tears fell hot on your cheeks, and you bit your lip beneath your hand, trying to keep yourself from jumping and squealing like a little girl. He flipped open the little black box, removing the ring, and holding it out to you, “will you marry me?”

Words suddenly escaped you, and you nodded your head frantically, trying to contain your shaking as he slid the ring up for finger. His smile was beaming as he kissed the top of your hand. You pulled him quickly to his feet by the collar of his sweater, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for a needy, lustful kiss. His arms wrapped tightly around you, you both smiling into each others mouths.

He leaned back, glancing dopely between your eyes and lips, a perfect smile never leaving his face, “I love you so much.” You giggled, and slipped from his grip, grabbing a handful of snow quickly.

He had no time to react as you smashed the snow into his face, and ran away hollering back at him, “I love you too, baby!”

tveckling  asked:

Ok because I crave more Mercutio and Paris interactions: Q. One missed call. Feel free to involve the rest of the Escalus family if you want :DD

Q. One missed call.

Paris hissed an exasperated sigh when Mercutio’s phone clicked over to voicemail: Oh shit, looks like you missed me! Go ahead and leave a message if you’re still living in the Dark Ages. Otherwise, just send me a text.

“Mercutio, seriously. I’ve texted you five times already and you haven’t answered. Call me back.” He hung up and stuffed his phone into his pocket. Did he honestly believe his cousin would return his call? Not really. He loved the kid, but Mercutio was the most contrary little monster he’d ever met. The only people whose calls and texts he answered without fail were Valentine and those two Montague hooligans. Not even their uncle could boast that, which was why the sudden radio silence was unnerving: Valentine had been the first to try and contact him, only to receive no reply.

His phone rang a couple of minutes later, and he snatched it up with lightning speed, only to see Valentine’s name on the screen. He answered.

“Have you gotten ahold of him yet?” Poor kid sounded worried out of his mind - not that Paris blamed him. Although he himself was an only child, it would take a real idiot not to recognize how close his cousins were to one another. They were pretty much attached at the hip growing up, and even now that they were teenagers - the age when most siblings wanted nothing to do with one another - not much of their relationship had changed.

“Not yet, Val. I’ll keep trying, though. His phone probably died - you know he always forgets to charge it.”

“Y-yeah. Probably. Thanks, Paris. I know you’re busy.”

“It’s no problem, kiddo. We’re family. Let me know if he turns up, alright?” Valentine agreed, and they hung up. Paris felt guilty for lying: Mercutio’s phone had rang a couple times before voicemail picked up; if it had been dead, it would have clicked over automatically.

They found Mercutio some hours later. His phone was in his hand, the touchscreen smeared with the blood from his fingers, the LED still blinking.

EDIT: There’s now a continuation of this fic right over here.

Black Eyes and Soft Sighs

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader (female)

Prompt: none

Word Count: 1,799 words

Warnings: mentions of a little domestic abuse (sorry Seth, I still love you <3), fluffy smut

Authors Notes: OKAY, first time writing smut. *bathing myself in holy water* by the way, it’s set in a highschool AU. carry on.

Tag List: @hardcorewwetrash

“Are you even listening? Sami questioned his best friend, who was obviously not listening, looking straight past him, in a daze. 

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