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I feel silly asking but do you happen to have the lineart for your art Messenger I think it's called? The stag with the white flag and arrows in it's feet, I love that so much I've been considering it as a tattoo since you don't seem to mind people doing that.

Hey don’t feel silly! I’m really happy you like the piece enough to consider tattooing it. Here are the lines–tumblr doesn’t let me put hi-res images into my asks, so you can grab a quality version from my tattoo lines masterpost! 

all fandom ships can be categorized into the same exact universal identifiers:
  • Wholesome Married Couple: most often goes hand in hand with childhood best friends but these are the two who make sure the other is well fed, never seem to have any personal space, and arent afraid to say “i love you”. often are the alternative ship to the Dramatic Edge Ship (ex. makoto/haru, naruto/gaara, mccree/hanzo, finn/poe)
  • Dramatic Edge Ship: tragic gays who would die for each other but also sometimes try to kill each other. a huge discourse bomb that can veer into weird territory although most of the time its not that real. often times rivals! (rin/haru, naruto/sasuke, shinji/kaworu, vriska/terezi,)
  • The Ship Everyone Agrees On: everyone knows theyre dating and its a constant across all fans even the most shipwars heavy spaces. oddly enough sometimes this means its hard to find fancontent because theyre consistently put into the background of fics but not the focus (rose/kanaya, nagisa/rei, gerita, taako/kravitz) 
  • The Weird Straight Ship: like its just fucking weird and you dont know why straight people are like that (rey/kylo ren, sasuke/sakura, dave/rose, tavros/vriska) 
  • Straight Ship You Approve Of But Also Theyre Both Gay: straight ships you approve of but also theyre both gay. theyre quality ships for like a straight ship (beast boy/raven, naruto/sakura, dva/lucio, finnrey) 
  • I Know Theyre Straight But: str8 ships that are just really good. a lot of the time they get “theyre lesbians harold” treatment. youre a lil bit embarrassed by how Good this str8 ship is (winrey/ed, shikamaru/temari, steve/peggy, jim/pam) 
  • Can You Not?: the ship that is just really fucking bad and has a lot of abuse/age shit/other weird things but doesnt necessarily have to be str8 (oh come on you know them)
  • Its Not Bad Its Just Boring: absolutely is nothing wrong with this ship but you just find it so so sooooo fucking boring. the fandom is fine and the fanart is cute but youd rather die than read the 5k fluff no plot fics of them. you approve of them and trust people whos otp are of them but god its just really isnt your thing (gaara/lee, mccree/genji, rei/rin) 
Depression/Anxiety Preference TFW

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: @dragonheartstring360

Could I have a TFW preference of how they make you feel better when reader’s anxiety/depression is acting up and making them feel worthless and unlovable?

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He notices right away when your depression acts up again. You pull away and he knows its because you feel worthless and unable to be loved. So he pulls out all the stops. He has you dress up in your favorite outfit as he takes you to dinner. Afterwards a stroll by the lake hand in hand as he tells you how much he loves you. He leads you to a little clearing, far enough away from everyone with a blanket spread out where he proceeds to make love to you under the stars.

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He takes long relaxing bubble baths with you. Gently washing your body as he kisses wherever he can showing you how much you mean to him. after bath time he carries you back to your shared room where ice cream and your fav. Chick flick are waiting as the two of you snuggle in bed.

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At first he doesn’t understand why you’re so sad. After some explanation on Deans part he decides he wants to make you feel better. He brings you candies and flowers. Showers you in gifts. Takes you on dates and ends up having a Netflix and chill as yo cuddle your new fav. Stuffed bee and him.

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edmund pevensie // king for a day

please, won’t you push me for the last time
let’s scream until there’s nothing left
so sick of playing, i do'nt want this anymore
the thought of you’s no fucking fun
you want a martyr? i’ll be one
because enough’s enough, we’re done

oh hey guys

and gals

yo i’ve been mighty inactive lately, eh? 

sorry for that everyone, i’m gonna try to pump out a few replies later tonight, but don’t expect anything crazy, pleeeease. I’M VERY THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE HERE.



and p.s.s. i totally want to stream guilty gear tonight

In my heart, love overflows and spills onto its surroundings, as a river does in a heavy rain, soaking the grounds with what it needs to thrive. For you see, this world around us needs more love, it never has enough. Although I feel an endless amount pulsing through my veins, the deep rooted veins of this earth thirsts for it. Too often flowers are dismembered from their roots, trees are left to wither and cry, earth is replaced with gravel, concrete, animals are left to die. But every ounce of love we give to our surroundings makes a difference, every kindness leaves a mark, and while we may still look around this world and see violence, hatred, and selfishness, in the end, love defeats them all.

Today this piece completely spilled from my soul, as I read the news and see the world in all its chaos and lack of love. I write this to remind each and every one of you the important role you play on this earth. That even the smallest acts of kindness and love, make a big impact on others. I urge you to never stop loving, never stop trying to show others your heart and soul, to stand firmly in who you are and against who you aren’t. To never, ever, run out of love, no matter how powerful hate seems to become. ❤️


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im trying not to cry because my mum is gonna come home but the fic oh god, firstly great writing secondly alzheimer's is so lethal and just scary in real life and fics with it always make me tear up, you did a great job tho i love the way its written

ahh thank you so much!! i’m sorry for nearly making you cry (that’s all em’s fault) but you’re absolutely right!! Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia are terrifying and there’s no stopping it, I just hope someday we’ll learn enough to slow it down or even stop it ❤️

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Can you recommend some long (preferably chaptered) fluffy smut fics?

hello anon! sure, we’re great fans of fluffy smut fics ourselves :) here are some of our favourites:

Will you love me tomorrow? (NC-17)
Can’t fight these bad intentions (NC-17)
Not a fairytale (NC-17)
Then came you ( R )
If the Police Ask (NC-17)

- Admin Ellen

Not Intended (NC-17)
Crappy Ex-Boyfriend (NC-17) 
I’m Not Your Cinderella (NC-17)

- Admin Z 

McSexy on the Side (NC-17)
not just fate (NC-17)

- Admin Summer

Warm enough for you outside, baby? (NC-17, not exactly smutty but its good)
Pat It, Roll It And Mark It With A B (NC-17)

-Admin Jackie

Maybe Someday

A Kwon Jiyong Story

Summary: She was a rose, and he was the darkness that should have killed it…but when a rose is made of enough light to penetrate even the deepest darkness, sometimes the two are able to become one…

Genre: Fluff, Smut.

Chapter 12

“God, I’m not ready for this! Its been so long since we’ve performed this way, I cant-‘

“Jagiyah…calm down. Everything’s going to be okay! Just remember they’re your fans and they love you! …and so do I, so-“

“You’re just saying that so that I’ll stop worry-‘

He cuts you off by crushing his lips to yours, surprising you by daring the move in such a public area backstage, but its only after your initial shock that you realize that he’d pulled you into a hidden alcove- although with the amount of layers he had on to disguise himself, it really wouldn’t have mattered much for him, his heavy black padded coat, being enough to hide you both out of sight.

“Even though I would like you to stop worrying…I’m definitely not telling you I love you to get you to shut up. ….im telling you because I really do love you, y/n.” he murmurs after his lips had slowly pulled back from yours, his hands that were cradling the small of your back causing your skin to feel the most sensitive it had ever been as shivers riot through you and leave you glancing timidly up at him, unable to smother your smile as you see his deep brown orbs staring intensely back at you.

“I love you, too.” You murmur shyly, biting your lip in the way you knew made him crazy and giggling as he crushed you into him, his face pressing into your neck and his grin imprinting itself onto your skin as your laughter gets lost in the fluffy collar of his coat.

“Afterwards will you come to mine to celebrate?” he asks in your ear, the insinuation behind his words leaving your blood to race through your veins as your heart thunders in your chest, and you’re just about to answer him when a voice calling your name begins to echo in the dim space backstage and your body is straightening to attention.


“Baby?” Jiyong prompts, his voice getting slightly louder as you push against him slightly so that whoever it was didn’t find you together, but it’s the way he uses the pet name, in such a soft tone of voice, that has you pausing in your struggles and darting your eyes up to his face to see his worried expression, before you tiptoe to press your lips forcefully to his, not giving him any time to appreciate the move before you quickly answer him.

“Definitely. But I have to go now. I’ll see you-“

“Knock them dead, Beautiful.” He cuts you off as you go to slip past him to find whoever it was that was calling you, only glancing back momentarily to catch his warm, loving smile, that was sent your way, before leaving to run down the corridor, feeling as if you were floating on clouds.

“There’s so many people out there….i don’t know if I can do it!” you mutter uselessly to Chaehyeon as the two of you stand backstage at your first showcase, the other two members of your group having gone to get their make up double checked before you were due to go on in the next 20 minutes.

“Don’t say that! You’re meant to be the most level-headed one out of all of us! If you’re freaking out then what do i-“

“Chaehyeon! Calm down! It’s going to be fine! I’m just rambling!” you quickly cut her off when you turn to see the panic plaster itself onto her face tenfold with your insecure confession, offering an easily applicable reassuring smile to her, and hugging her tightly, before telling her you were going to check everything was ready and leaving her at the side of the stage, feeling the fear and nerves crash into you once more the second you’re out of her line of sight.

You wonder down one of the winding corridors backstage, seeking out a decent amount of space for you to quickly go over the dance moves for the two songs you were performing, the niggling worry about your leg still being prevalent in your mind. However, its just as you get half way through the second song and you find yourself becoming marginally concerned about one of the leg flicks on the chorus, that you become aware of another presence in the small alcove of space you’d found out of sight of everyone else.

“Oh! ….Damn it, you scared me.” You mutter as you pause to look up from the feet that had appeared in front of you, the designer shoes not truly registering into your mind until you’d glanced up and clocked the face they belonged to, the sudden realization causing you to straighten up immediately, watching as he stares back at you, expression strangely blank.

“What are you doing here? I thought last night you said-“ you go to ask, thinking back to the evening before on the company roof when he’d told you he wouldn’t be able to come to the showcase in case someone recognized him (which would in effect take all of the attention off of your group), but before you can even make it through the question, he’s cutting you off.

“How are you feeling? Are you scared?”

Well that was blunt. …and putting it way too simply.

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[Screenshot of a skype conversation reads: 

”we need a better word in our vocabulary for like
trigger is far too strong and has more mental illness/trauma implications and squick is just for things that are like….icky. But we need something for like “I’ve formed bad associations for any of many less-serious-than-trauma reasons with this thing and it causes me distress and I’d rather not interact”
like when you get food poisoning somewhere and never eat there again
media poisoning”]

I’ve been looking for a word to describe this experience for long enough that I’m giving up and making my own.

So–media poisoning: when a piece or genre of media has become tainted in some way for you through no real fault of its own [bad fandom interaction, someone you really hate loves it, close association with other media you dislike, overexposure, any of those bizarre little associations that my brain in particular loves to form at the drop of a hat, etc.]. Symptoms can range from widespread avoidance/blacklisting of the affected media to active distress when exposed to it, but is a separate type of discomfort from a squick and has different sources or levels of severity from a trigger.

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i cosplayed yuuri from your fic kintsugi! i really love it so far i'm so into the story it's written so well. i'm kinda shy so idk how to show you my cosplay aaaa

oh!!!!!! my!!!!!!! god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that’s amazing im so flattered alfkjasflassdskdjdffdlkjdsaasdlja

im gonna

lay down and die

i lov u

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(Cont.) I figure MO is kind of like a sort of episodic cartoon and seeing "The Monster Office" as the title (& super unique btw I love it) immediately makes me think of adventures where eps start off in a cubicle and then the boss might say something like someones getting fired and everyone's scrambling to do better than everyone else at their monster job or even sabotage others lol (dreams in this case). Anyways just really love your concept so thought I'd give a poke, forgive me if I'm off

I personally have never seen the Office but I have seen enough clips/gifs/mentions of it to know what its about and the general tone it has. I could definitely see some similarities drawn between the two because you’re right, MO really is more just episodic shenanigans of Dreamons trying to run a business.

This is one thing I’m trying to fix with MO actually is that, its meant to be more silly than serious. The Dreamons (At least the Hueminn, Oranhamme and his kin) travel to worlds all over the universe trying to gain inspiration and experience. So the whole starting a business and running an office for them is nothing more than a whim. 

They’ve had enough experience through their travels to have a general gist of things but have never actually run a business with this many employees. They all decided to take charge of different aspects of a business in accordance with what suited them best but they’re still operating on what they think is a business, not what a business actually is. It all seems to function somehow but I think thats just the cartoony aspect I was going for.

TL;DR: The Monster Office is very similar to a show like the Office where monsters from another world get into shenanigans every day while trying to run a so called business.

For Who You Are

Gotham One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Edward Nygma + Jim Gordon, Kristen Kringle & Tom Dougherty

Warnings: bullying and a lil bit of fighting

Request: “could I request an Edward Nygma one shot where the reader is new the GCPD and gets teased by the cops for being kind of quirky (like singing to herself and stuff??) and Ed confronts them over the matter and has a small altercation, then the reader feels really bad and invites him over for dinner and they’re both pretty awkward and clumsy throughout?? (sorry if that’s too long or anything, I absolutely love your blog!!)” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,758

A/N: its not too long, i actually prefer one shot requests to be detailed !! and thank you so much for your support !! 💛 i dont know if i made it awkward/clumsy enough, but i hope it’s okay !!!

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Woooo weee this chapter was an emotional roller coaster


Okay idk but i loved this scene and this was an amazing capture lol. But seju is starting to scare me

Me tbh, like if we going to watch a movie together you better believe there is a cinematography and plot layout analyzation and discussion happening straight after.

Well if this aint me, i empathize with sungji a lot




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"ce va! ce va? ce va! i am tumblr user sooyyoung and i luv choi sooyoung" and then u will reply to this and say its splled "love" not "luv" and this whole concept of this ask is my impersonation LOL

I was just gonna correct you and say that it’s ça not ce but I guess u already dragged yourself enough asdjhdfgkjdhf

Love don’t get too down the reason most anon hate happens is the jealousy they feel of pure greatness 😄. Seriously though I know its hard but don’t let em get to ya at least try. I love you and so do all your followers. ❤ you know I’m here if you ever want to or need to talk 😘😉

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I’m ok, truly. Luckily, I read it while my students were at recess and I was grading their spelling tests. It just hit me hard because this particular anon brought my kids into it.

Apparently I spend too much time on Tumblr and not enough time with my children. Also, I’m a slut and spend too much time fantasizing about men who would never want me because I am ugly.

But I am better now! I have received some amazing messages that made me smile and I’m not going to let that asshole keep me down. I’m gonna keep slutting it about Bucky Barnes and Ivar because I want to and I welcome everyone to join me!

@daringtodreamawake I love you and thank you always for having my back! - Sam

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The signs:

Aries: Something about you makes my blood boil in a unique, uncomfortable way, you are full of mystery. You have black holes for eyes, remarkably, that are too intense for most people to look into. You have no control over your greatness, you were born this way. Notice it and blossom. Not a single person on earth can blossom like you can. Not a single person can blossom like you will. You have great and empowering words to say in this life, make sure to say all of them without fear. You are not afraid. Be great.

Taurus: You are so lovely, the embodiment of nature, the embodiment of all the naturality in life created by the one and only, engulfing creator. I remember losing you and all nature that surrounded me seemed to shrivel and die. My heart ached when I heard the crunch under my feet of every dead leaf I walked upon. It brought me so much pain, i felt like death. I lost my vision and a bright white light came over me, fading into a soft glow and all I could see was your face. If I was dying, this was my glimpse of heaven, it made me want to die. I would rather die with your image in my mind than not have you in such a short, sometimes seemingly meaningless life such as this one. Perhaps you were just too lovely to be with someone like me, perhaps too lovely to be in my filthy grasp. You are my glimpse of heaven. How I long to be able to tell you that. How I long to be able to sing to you and whisper you the sweet words I never did. I am so sorry.

Gemini: I feel so naked when I’m with you. You strip me of my walls, you strip me of my guarded defenses, leaving me completely and utterly vulnerable. You shatter any mental boundaries I possess. You open my mind to the awareness of a mind. You show me to simply have a mind, such a power house is astonishing. You leave me breathless with your aura and creative, rhythmic way of speaking to everyone. You introduce open mindedness like no other, freedom like no other, a genius. With you, losing my mind and falling into madness is okay, almost a necessity. In life there simply seems to never be enough time. You show me how to embrace the lack of time we all have, you show me that death is the inevitable and that its not as important as we make it. The important thing is to experience life fully, entirely, with every part of our being. To be thankful of the rare oddity, the rare adventure we have all been gifted with called life, to dance with the music of life. I swear I’m out of my mind and that’s a wonderfully beautiful thing. Thank you for teaching me that.

Cancer: I would make love to you in the sweetest, most enticing way because I deeply believe you deserve to be made love to like no other. I hope you remain soft, I hope you have the strength to. I say this even though I know you will. You have always remained selfless, you have always remained kind, somehow. I do not understand how someone can turn such pain into beauty. Your creations are just as beautiful as you are, that is so admirable. You shock people with such generosity, you are completely, utterly and naturally divine to the point you are unhealthly wanted by every pair of eyes, even the blind. I swear its like the blind regain their sight in your presence. People notice you in a crowd, don’t doubt that. People especially notice you when you think you are not being noticed. You are the most beautiful conscious being and that will never change. You have angel lips as sweet as honey, your voice is melodic. I have always ached and dreamed for you to love me. Please one day love someone like me. Your being is so lovely that I can’t help myself from hopelessly weeping. You are a walking art piece, a priceless masterpiece. I lost everything the first time I looked in your eyes. I lost everything.

Leo: Remember that people want to be like you, just as much as you want to be like them. You can be admirable of others, you absolutely can be, but live your life knowing without a doubt that you are the best there is. Countless people admire you and want to be just like you. Effortlessly you shine brighter than the sun itself and when you smile, every pair of knees weaken, instinctively and inescapably bowing down to the ingenius design you are. Your mind and appearance radiate exuberance. I pray you can fathom just how special and gifted you are because you yourself are the unfathomable. You are inspiration and ambition, the abstract dreams I have at night that inspire my creativity, that lead me to create the never before seen. You are surrealistic art, our God’s most treasured and individualistic specimen. You are not only that but also the sun that lights the entire sky, you are the sun beams that sink into and warm my skin when I stand in such brilliant light. You are the light that keeps me from opening my eyes, preventing blindness but how I foolishly dont mind and long to go blind by such greatness.

Virgo: You remind me of sleep but you also remind me of night terrors. I feel like I don’t know who you are, slightly fearing you. Seemingly the most difficult puzzle to put together. I wonder and ponder if you are the worlds never ending puzzle, if I will ever figure you out, i have never been able to entirely comprehend your depth and mystery. You are almost frightening, shockingly and startlingly enchanting. You are hypnotic and maneuver with magic. I do not know the depth of your mind and apart of me never wants to. I enjoy the enigma you are, forever intriguing and intelligent. Ask me personal, peculiar questions and I will unintentionally and completely open up to you, instinctively trusting you. Your questions are always intense yet tender, your mind must be filled to the brim with intellect and perplexing art. Your mind is a masterpiece and your soul is ethereal. Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. I hope you can live with and fall in love with your sly mind. I am in love. May you always be yourself, may you feel everything you are meant to feel in this life and may you surface from the darkness.

Libra: You are the bittersweet lonliness that the sad and dreamy ones feel midday, swirling like the wind, leading long, lovely hair to flow, swirlingly and gracfully making your way through clothes, sending goosebumps down backs, leaving a lasting, cold and drowzy sensation. You’re the words in a book that readers grow tiresome of until finally falling asleep, leaving them with their adventurous dreams connected to the adventurous story they just took in. I see you in every free, soaring bird. I feel you in every unique and precious song that lively birds compose. You are melody, rhythm, sound, the grand orchestra. You are poetry, expression, a famous sonnet. You walk with fearlessness, you live with each lovers name you’ve ever loved written and embedded on your flashy skin. You are autheticly rare and always ready to entirely open yourself up, to let the flowers you encompass within bloom for all to see , appreciate and mesmerize. My god, do people mesmerize you.

Scorpio: I’m so lustful of you, lustful out of complete, biting love. I’ve never fallen so deeply and madly in love with a soul, It is insanity. You are full of demons that I face from loving you everyday and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be you and live with them, deep inside, haunting and strange. I have been face to face with insanity, letting your wickedness and sin make its way within me. It all makes me more infatuated. No matter how hard I try to find your core, your raw center, I can never seem to dig deep enough, I can never seem to withstand the screams, painful howls and blackness that your inner monsters let out and intensely sophocate me with when I try. When I give up, it’s like you see my vulnerability and you see it as me being submissive, knowing this is when you can strip me naked and consume me entirely, this is when you know and are proud of the secrets you keep from me, this is when you know you own me because I will fail to figure you out, i will fail to get anything from you yet continuously crawl back for something, for anything I can get from you. You have me in a trance that I can’t snap out of, you need the control because it brings you security and deep, sinful satisfaction. You experience a sense of peace in knowing that you can cause me to feel pain so that you won’t feel so alone and lost in your own. I want to make love to you and feel the pain I experience from being in love with you. I am incapable of leaving you alone, regardless of the sorrow i experience. I will never let you feel alone. I will feel this pain with you, right by your side, my ride or die. You are not alone. Maybe this isn’t love, maybe it is just madness but I’ve always been mad.. but not as mad as you.

Sagittarius: You are the book of everything, a book holding all the knowledge in existence. You are the infinity sign, you are lively, always hungry for life and full of wisdom. Youre the feeling you get on a hot summer day, laying in the center of a sweetly scented meadow, taking in every bit of the sun, not being able to suppress a tight smile. Feeling at complete peace, no worries or a feeling of weight on your back, feeling free and open in the mind. I want to be alone with you and hear you speak about all the things that go on in your head. I imagine you have a billion things to say, or maybe nothing to say, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is exist and you are performing one of the most incredible things possible. People forget that simply being alive is utterly mindblowing in itself. You give inspiring advice and shock people with your spunk and inner lightening. I appreciate your uniqueness and ability to be open to every side of a spectrum. You are the instant, refreshing feeling you get from diving into a cool pool on a hot day, your my child hood memories, you are the embodiment of an entirely fulfilled life. Your soul has lived a thousand different lives, you will exist for eternity. You are existence itself. Live free and die free, make your inevitable mark on this world. It belongs to you.

Capricorn: no one’s ever ready for what you’ve got to offer to this world, you can do so much with so little and have an achingly powerful mind and aura. You don’t have to do anything to shock and mesmerize mankind, just be yourself. You change the world with your ambitious actions, you change people simply with your way of presenting yourself. You are intelligence, skillful and have the ability to accept time, accept that everything takes time. That’s something a lot of people can’t do. You can do so many things others can’t, but you are not flashy. You are low-key while remaing self assured. Maybe you experience a lot of self doubt, but im telling you right now, you shouldnt. Your jokes and attitude are like a fun house, utterly amusing and dirty, sometimes scary. You are full of original ideas that you can easily bring to life. I hope you know how much you actually benefit and effect our species. You have immense purpose, see that you are the greatest and anything you want can be obtained. I hope you know how attractive and special you are. Absolutely outstanding.

Aquarius: life is a lonesome experience, you understand that more than anyone. You carry the weight of humanity itself with you everywhere you go on your back. To fit in seems like a maze that is unsolvable. Your aquarius minds are unending, no limitations, you are mad men. Not only ingenius but geniuses yourselves. You obtain something no one else can obtain and this can never be taken away from you. Nobody quite understands what makes you different, you dont even understand it yourself but you feel it deep within your bones. “I do not belong here, I do not belong anywhere and I don’t want to belong anywhere.” So hard to comprehend or understand, you are utterly perplexing but so fucking beautiful. I can’t fully convey in words how astoundingly beautiful each and every one of you are. Let someone take a look into your eyes and theyll travel through space, adventuring and absorbing the sight of multiple universes. Let someone take a long look at your face and watch them get lost in mesmerization. Magnetic, mystifying, heartless, mythical beings. A world such as this one does not deserve you or your revolutionary touch. You are the lone, last star of each ending night, still shining brightly as the sun begins to rise. Glowing alone to express your individuality, glowing as brightly as you can until the sun puts you out but you are always going to be there again when the sun goes down and you are always going to be the last one shining when it rises again.

Pisces: you are hands that are made to create art, you are the creases in the hands of an infant. You are the start of life, the start of plant life, the start of a human life, the start of an animals life. You are the smoke from my cigarettes, dispersing through out the air. I hear you everywhere I go, echoing in the back of my head as a guide to being a better person. You make me want to be a better person. You are the sweet cherries around my sweet ice cream, you’re the soft, enchanting scented lotion I spread on my skin. You are the goosebumps left after a lovers sensitive touch. You are the feathers that fill my softest of pillows. You are the sweetest of piano music ever played. I love you. I miss you. You will be with me.

american gods: a summary
  • Wednesday: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)