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Foxes' night at Eden's Twilight
  • Renee: This "snake juice" is basically rat poison... everybody's wasted!
  • Nicky [crying and pointing]: You don't even know one thing and I didn't even say one thing and then she asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once.
  • Allison [swinging her drink around]: I'm like... an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room it's like okay she's in there.
  • Neil: I'm not gonna tell you... that- [points at Aaron] that bitch over there. I'm not gonna- I don't- I don't wanna brag?
  • Kevin [smiling to himself]: ...........bababooey
  • Matt: Turn this music down! [closes his eyes and sings] Farts and poop and love an' stuff... Macaroni salad.
  • Andrew: [rambling in german with a cigarette in his mouth]
  • Dan: [bursts into laughter and coughs then procedes to drink in silence]
  • Aaron: [blacks out completely dancing to Who Dat Girl by Flo Rida]

throwback / 2000s-early 2010s // listen here

i tried to keep it an upbeat playlist that u can sing along/dance to, its mostly pop/hip hop! these are the songs i loved in middle school.

  1. s&m - rihanna
  2. yeah! - usher (ft. lil jon and ludacris)
  3. one, two step - ciara (ft. missy elliott)
  4. fergalicious - fergie (ft. will.i.am)
  5. promiscuous - nelly furtado (ft. timbaland)
  6. sexyback - justin timberlake (ft. timbaland)
  7. come on over baby (all i want is you) - christina aguilera
  8. alejandro - lady gaga
  9. low - flo rida (ft. t-pain)
  10. hollaback girl - gwen stefani
  11. kiss me thru the phone - soulja boy (ft. sammie)
  12. so what - p!nk
  13. judas - lady gaga
  14. boom boom pow - the black eyed peas
  15. dj got us fallin’ in love - usher (ft. pitbull)
  16. like a g6 - far east movement
  17. london bridge - fergie
  18. what the hell - avril lavigne
  19. cooler than me - mike posner (ft. gigamesh)
  20. hey ya! - outkast
  21. down - jay sean (ft. lil wayne)
  22. replay - iyaz
  23. the sweet escape - gwen stefani (ft. akon)
  24. fire burning - sean kingston
  25. pretty girl rock - keri hilson
  26. lip gloss - lil mama
  27. sos - rihanna
  28. hot in herre - nelly
  29. crazy in love - beyoncé (ft. jay z)
  30. toxic - britney spears
  31. beautiful, dirty, rich - lady gaga
  32. love on top - beyoncé
  33. rehab - amy winehouse
  34. disturbia - rihanna
  35. milkshake - kelis
  36. clumsy - fergie
  37. everytime we touch - cascada
  38. hips don’t lie - shakira (ft. wyclef jean)
  39. don’t stop the music - rihanna
  40. evacuate the dancefloor - cascada
  41. take it off - ke$ha
  42. bad girls - m.i.a
  43. don’t cha - the pussycat dolls
  44. shut up and drive - rihanna
  45. teach me how to dougie - cali swag district
  46. boss ass bitch - ptaf
  47. dynamite - taio cruz
  48. only girl (in the world) - rihanna
NCT 127 reaction to you calling them daddy


Anon: Do you do smut reactions? Can you do one with Nct U and 127 (Not including Mark and Haechan) react to you calling them daddy? It’s okay if you don’t want to do it. Btw I really love your blog. You’re amazing! :)

I literally cringed so hard whilst writing this because this whole daddy rage for me is a bit weird so it felt weird to write these lmao 

But anyway , I hope you like this! I can add Ten or Hansol or Kun if you want me too! Please enjoy and send in feedback if you do! Bisous, Flo xx

(its not that graphic tbh)

You can find TenKunSol’s (Ten, Kun, Hansol) reaction here:


Would pull a face when you called him that. “Are you mocking my age?” He’d question you, raising an eyebrow. Secretly though he’d love it, despite his initial reaction. Next time you’d have sex, he’d ensure that you called him that again, loving the dominance the word gave him in bed. 


Like Johnny is daddy!af so like I have nothing to say 


Johnny would only enjoy it on rare occasions. The times where he’d get super rough with you and dominant. Usually if he was jealous or if you hadn’t seen each other for a long time. He’d get an instant boner, and would pick you up bridal style, carry you to the bedroom, before tying you to all four bedposts of the bed and having his way with you. 


Honestly, Taeyong would prefer to be called “sir” over “daddy” just because he found it weird to be called something a toddler calls their father. If you ever did, his eyes would darken and he’d grab your wrist, “you better correct yourself young lady/man. It’s “sir” to you”. This would only make the pair of you even hornier, and you’d defiantly be punished through overstimulation for calling him that. 


This would make him feel like the man. Although he wouldn’t have a daddy kink, he wouldn’t mind sometimes, like if he was feeling low or self conscious, to be reminded of how much of a man he really was. He’d let you dominate him and would watch you intensely, telling you to do various things for him e.g. “open your legs for daddy”. It would really boost his self esteem. 


The first time you called him “daddy” he’d be confused. He’s probably very clueless about kinks and fetishes, so would have no idea what to do. Once you explained it to him, he’d want to the idea, but would need to put it in practice just to make sure. This would be the first time he’d ever get that dominant and sexy with you but it defiantly wouldn’t be the last time either. 


He wouldn’t like to be called anything but his name in bed, but would get hard if you ever called him that in public. If you were horny and started teasing him, whispering rude things and calling his daddy seductively into his ear, he wouldn’t last long. “Daddy” was just a part of dirty talk for him, and dirty talk would really make him horny for you. Either through the phone, text, webcam or in person, any form of dirty talk would result in a 100% success rate of sex lol 


Honestly, WinWin would be so vanilla in bed (which is not a bad thing, I think that’s good) He’d find it a bit weird and would be confused as to why people would ever find sexiness in such a normal word. But, if that was something you wanted to do or try, he’d defiantly let you. In bed, and in general, he’d just want to please you, so if that meant being called “daddy”, he’d do it for your sake 

(on a serious note though, if someone doesn’t like something in bed, don’t keep doing it because you like it - both people should enjoy it and like it ok)

No but have you guys ever thought about Joyce bursting into Hawkins police department demanding to see Hopper and Flo’s like “he’s not here yet Joyce, honestly I don’t even know if he’ll even show up today…” and Joyce doesn’t even care, she just goes and enters and tells Flo she’ll be waiting in his office and Flo just

Studyblr Introductory Post

Hi! I’m an 18 year old undergrad student and its been a while since I started this blog, I figured it’s about time I become a lil more active studyblr.

I’m a Biotechnology, Chemistry and Botany triple major nearing the end of my third semester right now and my classes are: 

  • Molecular Biology and Biophysics,
  • Organic and Physical Chemistry, 
  • Plant Taxonomy and Economic Botany
  • Compulsory English
  • Additional English

My goal for this semester is to hit an 80% percent average in all my subjects (it’s going to be hell, yo)

I’m pretty passionate about literature, mathematics, physics, art, history, cosmology, music and philosophy, so I’ll probably post about those sometimes.

Some of my favourite study blogs so far are @hobifulstudies, @jiyeonstudies, @architstudy, @bionctes, @biolangual, @studynotepad, @studylustre, @flo-studies, @caffeinatedcraziness, @cancerbiophd, @bookishbumblebee, @emmastudies, @chrissiestudies, @rhubarbstudies, @spooky-studies, @stvdybuddies and, and,…. I could go on and on. The studyblr community has some of the best blogs out there like wow. I love you guys!

My main blog is @tiagray and its there for kpop, bands, Humans are Space Orcs discourse, Night Vale, and memes. I’m always willing to talk, so if anyone wants to be mutuals, send in asks, or chat, I’m up for it :)

Wish me luck!

THE ICHIHIME VICTORY MIX VOL. 2 (THE ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL)origo sound makes a comeback with its second installment of the widely beloved and most-screencapped-then-talked-shit-about fanmix of 2016

my house flo rida | victorious panic! at the disco | one more time daft punk | applause lady gaga | tuesday (ft drake) makonnen | i love it icona pop | all star smash mouth | don’t you (forget about me) simple minds

First Kiss: Taeyong


Anon: Can you please do how Taeyong, Ten, and Jaehyun’s first kiss would be. If you don’t want to do them all, you can pick one. Thank you and I really love your blog. :)

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! It is veryyyy long and quite angsty and emotional and its basically a confession scenario too lol. I apologize that there isn’t much “kissing” in this - when I do his making out one, I’ll make up for it :-)

Enjoy! Flo xx

ifucing love taeyong omg i have never felt so much love for someone in my life literally

Originally posted by taetohan

  • My ult bias omg 
  • I see Ty as being a very emotional and sensitive person in a relationship 
  • When Ty first kissed you, the whole process 
  • Leading up to it and the actual kiss 
  • Would be very dramatic and fast paced 
  • Even though Taeyong would be very emotional, he wouldn’t be the type to ever tell you what he was feeling 
  • So basically, he wouldn’t tell you that he liked you EVER 
  • And not so long that, they eventually he feel in love with you 
  • Again, he wouldn’t tell you that he loved you either 
  • Purely out of worry and he probably feared that you’d reject him 
  •  (Obviously, you liked, even loved him, back) 
  • This would all spiral out over about a year and a half 
  • Your relationship was a complicated and confusing one 
  • He was very protective and empathetic towards you 
  • He could easily read you and vice versa 
  • And treated you like a princess 
  • He’d always stare at you, because he loves how beautiful you looked all the time 
  • But would never do any kind of skin ship with you 
  • No hugs, no cheek kisses, no nothing 
  • Not because he didn’t want to 
  • Boy, he really wanted to do a lot of skin ship with you secretly 
  • But because he was scared of his feelings 
  • And he was scared of hurting you 
  • This would mean that his feelings for you would continue to grow and deepen 
  • And you for him too 
  • Until eventually, Taeyong couldn’t keep it in 
  • You told the boys, one day, that you had an important thing to tell them 
  • Ty instantly knew that whatever it was, it wasn’t good 
  • You sat them all down 
  • And then proceeded to tell them that you were thinking about moving out of Korea and to America 
  • Because you thought your life wasn’t giving you enough in Seoul 
  • You wanted new challenges and to meet new people 
  • Since you were so close to the boys, of course they were upset 
  • And a little annoyed that you thought your life was basically “boring” here 
  • There were a lot of “oh’s” and “please don’t go’s" 
  •  But within the hour, they had accepted your wishes 
  • They were secretly upset but they all loved you enough to let you go if that was what you wanted 
  • Ty, on the other hand, was mad 
  • He couldn’t fathom how you could possibly think that you didn’t have a good life in Seoul as it was 
  • Or how you could think that you wanted new people in your life 
  • By the afternoon, he couldn’t bear being around you 
  • He immediately grabbed his coat and phone, storming out of the dorms and slamming the door 
  • The others didn’t seem too bothered by his exit 
  • "He’s like this all the time” - Hansol 
  • “But, not as bad as this” - Taeil 
  • “Y/N, shouldn’t you go after him?” - Ten 
  • “Be careful though, he’s sensitive” - Yuta 
  • You ran out after him, your eyes frantically looking left and right for him 
  • The slouched, stiff figure of Taeyong was angrily marching away from the SM building 
  • You couldn’t see it but tears were running down his face 
  • Sad tears 
  • Angry tears 
  • Lonely tears 
  • Running after him, you called out his name repeatedly 
  • He stopped suddenly in his tracks 
  • And without turning around to look at you shouted back: 
  • “Leave me alone Y/N. I mean, you’re going to anyway. Why not start now?" 
  • His bitter tone surprised you 
  • What was wrong with him? Have I done something?, you thought 
  • "Ty, I-I…what, what do you mean by that?" 
  • He rolled his eyes at your question 
  • Turning round to stare at you, you gasped slightly when you saw his red and wet face 
  • "You know what I mean. How could you think that your life here is too boring and dull for you?" 
  • "I just want new challenges. I don’t see the problem with that. Just like you being an idol - it was a change you wanted for the best" 
  • "That was a different type of change, Y/N! You want to move to the other side of the world! Have you ever thought about who you’d be leaving behind?" 
  • "Of course I have! And I appreciate everyone. But-" 
  • "But, we’re not exciting enough for you? Not giving you that thrill that your so dearly want?" 
  • By this point Taeyong was screaming at you, crying maniacally at the same time 
  • "I have no idea what is wrong with you Taeyong! But you seriously need to drop it and get over it" 
  • He suddenly stops crying, looking at you with eyes wide open 
  • "You, you want me…! You want me to get over it?!" 
  • "Yes! Why is it that so hard? You will eventually" 
  • "I can’t get over it! Are you joking right now?" 
  • "Why not? Give me a reason to stay Taeyong, because right now, you’re making me want to take the next flight to Amercia tomorrow, right now!" 
  • "I won’t be able to get over you! I can’t get over you! I need you here, here with me. And the boys. And, and I need you Y/N…" 
  • Taeyong whimpered slightly, as if a plaster had been ripped from a fresh wound 
  • ”…what?“ You stared at him in shock
  • Now, you were confused 
  • "Look, Taeyong. You’re confusing me. I’m going back to the dorms. Cool down and come back, okay. I don’t want to leave like this?" 
  • You turned away from the boy, starting to trudge back to the dorms 
  • "Y/N! 
  • I can’t let you go because
  • I love you!
  • Taeyong yelled his confession to you, cursing at himself for letting his feelings develop this much and allowing himself to attach himself to you 
  •  Like Taeyong previously did, you suddenly stopped in your tracks 
  • "You, you love m-me?” You returned. 
  • “God, Y/N. Why are you making my life so hard for me? First you make me fall in love with you and now you’re running away from me with my heart”, Taeyong’s voice cracked slightly 
  • His whole “bad boy” façade being shattered 
  • You glanced over your shoulder at him, debating on what to say 
  • “Taeyong, you make me crazy. You’re confusing and cold and yet you love me?" 
  • He looked to the ground in shame. 
  • "Yet, I think you’ll find that under this confusion and empathy for you, 
  • and even though I don’t want to admit it 
  • I think you’ll find that 
  • I love you too
  • For a few minutes, neither of you spoke 
  • The sky had gotten dark by now 
  • And the lights of all the restaurants and bars near by lit up the street 
  • Taeyong took a step towards you uncertainly, searching your face for any sign of lies or discomfort 
  •  He soon took another and another 
  • Until he was standing right in front of you, looking slightly down at your smaller frame 
  • "Do you mean it? Do you mean it when you said you loved me too?” He whispered 
  • You couldn’t trust your voice enough to answer, simply nodding at his question 
  • Whilst you stared at his chest, embarrassed to look up at him since things escalate quickly, 
  • He smiled shyly, his heart warm at your confession and eyes filled with adoration for you 
  • He cupped your face with his hands, tilting it up so you were now looking right back at him 
  • Uncertainly but slightly confidently, he leaned forward 
  • His lips brushing yours in a ghostly yet sweet kiss 
  • When you didn’t stop him, he went back in pressing his lips harder into yours 
  • They were slightly salty from his tears but were soft at the same time 
  • He waited months to kiss you and hold you like this 
  • Just enjoying the way you felt in his arms 
  • Or the way your lips melted into his 
  • He was in love basically 
  • Very much in love

First Kiss Series:

Bechloe Texting Prompt 1x?
  • *Bella's chat. Chloe added Beca.*
  • *Amy has joined the chat.*
  • Chloe: Okay, does anyone want to explain to me why there's a fully grown dog in our kitchen right now?
  • *Flo has joined the chat.*
  • Amy: Well ginge, the story is that I found it and decided we'd keep it.
  • Beca: You understand this is a shared kitchen, right? If it's still there when I get home, I'm taking it to the pound.
  • Chloe: Where did you even find it?! It could have fleas!
  • Flo: I had fleas once.
  • Beca: Always a nice input Flo.
  • Amy: Nice one Chloe, bring your midget girlfriend into this. I'm keeping the dog. You guys can fight me, Aussie style. It involves a large kangaroo and a pint of beer.
  • Beca: Yeah, I'm tagging out. Chlo, add Stacie to the chat. She hates dogs.
  • *Stacie was added to the chat.*
  • Beca: Oh for fuck sake.
The things you find in used bookstores, part 2

You might recall that the last time I went trawling through the needlework shelf in the local used book shop, I found this lovely book on Palestinian embroidery.

Tonight’s haul is… not that.

This is a real object I am holding in my own two hands in the year of our lord 2017. It was not self published. You can get your own on Amazon. I am speechless with glee.

I bought it, of course, and will be giving it to @thewriterflo. And, I said, this is going on Tumblr.

“It was probably BORN on Tumblr,” she said. “This is its homecoming.”

Flo is wise.

I expect that, in due course, she will take it to a white elephant gift exchange and cackle in delight when people see what they’ve traded for. Because, lbr, the greatest value in this item is the joy of making someone else take it home.


Questions I still have about the series:

What will happen to the rest of the Winkman family? It’s been conclusively proven they can hold their own.

Why hasn’t the problem ended if Marissa has been the cause of it the whole time?

luCE aRe yOu gOnNa kiSs lOckWooD?!?!?

If the blood from kipps’ wound was frozen or something from the other side how come it was still covered in blood? And why did kipps not get as much fatigue?

What’s the deal with Marissa’s connection with her body?

Why does DEPRAC continuously try to silence the truth about what’s really happening? Do they have alterior motives?


WhOoO is Holly’s roommate I wanna make sure she’s worthy of my wife???

Why does Lucy have such bad communication skills come oN gIRL

How did Lucy’s arm not snap as she dropped on the trapeze?

Lockwood’s not dead so what’s up with the horrifying foreshadowing? Why did that even happen?



All I got for now, reblog this with questions you have!

  • nathan: chyler, that isn't the wedding ring i gave you?
  • chyler: it is now, sweetie. i forgot to take it off for a bts photo so i had to lie, so it's my wedding ring now.
  • nathan: but it's engraved with 'i love you maggie sawyer'?
  • chyler: and?? i fucking love her, what with her gorgeous brown eyes, her soft beautiful hair, her deep dimples, the way she can change her voice from cutie to daddy™--.
  • nathan: ...
  • chyler: i mean alex loves her, duh.
  • chyler: maggie's fictional.
  • chyler: it's my mojo-flo-lo that i'm in love with.

dreamy female vocals | (listen) (artwork
a collection of ethereal female vocals that took my breath away. includes music from st. vincent, lianne la havas, kali uchis, and more. 

i. goddess - banks | ii. losing you - solange | iii. call me - kali uchis | iv. au cinéma - lianne la havas | v. i’ll drown - sóley | vi. if you can’t love this all goes away - flo morrissey | vii. flowers - willow smith | viii. cruel - st. vincent | ix. smother - daughter | x. queen of peace - florence + the machine | xi. daydreamer - adele | xii. avalanche - quadron | xiii. appletree - erykah badu | xiv. papi pacify - fka twigs | xv. fantasy - alina baraz & galimatias | xvi. sally ride - janelle monáe 

In Memoriam - A Lockwood and Co Fanfic

Written for the @lockwoodandcobigbang. Thanks to @theladysherlock for betaing!

Summary: Two years after Lucy and Lockwood were killed facing an ominous Visitor, their spirits have begun to manifest in the warehouse where they died. The remaining members of Lockwood and Co decide to take the case, opening old wounds, in honor of the friends whose loss has haunted them ever since.

Keep reading

me and my roommate florence welch
  • me: yo where did u go u were missing for like a week i would have called the police if it wasnt for the note those birds left on my pilow
  • florence: i'm so sorry, darling, i only meant to take an evening stroll in the park, but got lost in a forest of seemingly infinite expanse. it was there that i came upon this derelict civilization of woodland creatures plagued by an evil spirit, and upon defeating it with the sword their council gifted to me, the animals crowned me their queen. it seems i lost track of time while performing the rituals to restore their kingdom to its former glory, but it was all quite exciting! i'm glad you got my note
  • me: *sighs fondly* yeah flo, communication is rly important ok? just give me a heads up next time like text me or something
  • florence: of course. *she smiles, and it lights up the whole room. plants begin to sprout from where her bare feet rest on the carpet*