i love you but i love my sleep


Mediterráneo, classic song in Spanish by the Catalan singer and songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat. Here are the original lyrics in (European) Spanish and their translation to English.

Quizás porque mi niñez
Maybe because my childhood

sigue jugando en tu playa
is still playing in your beach

y escondido tras las cañas
and hidden behind the canes

duerme mi primer amor,
sleeps my first love,

llevo tu luz y tu olor
I carry your light and your smell

por dondequiera que vaya,
wherever I go,

y amontonado en tu arena
and stacked in your sand

guardo amor, juegos y penas.
I keep love, games, and sorrows.

Yo, que en la piel tengo el sabor
I, who on my skin I have the

amargo del llanto eterno
sour taste of the eternal weeping

que han vertido en ti cien pueblos
that a hundred peoples have spilled on you

de Algeciras a Estambul
from Algeciras to Istanbul

para que pintes de azul
so that you paint in blue

sus largas noches de invierno.
their long winter nights.

a fuerza de desventuras,
by dint of misfortunes,

tu alma es profunda y oscura.
your soul is deep and dark.

A tus atardeceres rojos
To your red dusks

se acostumbraron mis ojos
my eyes have become used to

como el recodo al camino.
like the bend to the path.

soy cantor, soy embustero,
I’m a singer, I’m a lier,

me gusta el juego y el vino,
I like games and wine,

tengo alma de marinero.
I have a sailor’s soul.

qué le voy a hacer, si yo
what can I do about it, if I

nací en el Mediterráneo.
was born in the Mediterranean.

Y te acercas, y te vas
And you come, and you go

después de besar mi aldea.
after kissing my village.

jugando con la marea
playing with the tide

te vas, pensando en volver.
you leave, thinking about coming back.

eres como una mujer
you are like a woman

perfumadita de brea
perfumed in tar

que se añora y que se quiere
who misses and loves herself,

que se conoce y se teme.
who knows and fears herself.

Ay, si un día para mi mal
Oh, if one day for my disgrace

viene a buscarme la parca.
the grim reaper comes to find me,

empujad al mar mi barca
push my boat to the sea

con un levante otoñal
with an autumnal Levant [easterly wind]

y dejad que el temporal
and let the storm

desguace sus alas blancas.
dismantle its white wings.

Y a mí enterradme sin duelo
And bury me without mourning

entre la playa y el cielo.
between the beach and the sky.

En la ladera de un monte,
On a hill’s slope,

más alto que el horizonte.
higher than the horizon,

quiero tener buena vista.
I want to have a good view.

mi cuerpo será camino,
my body will be path,

le daré verde a los pinos
I will give green to the pine trees,

y amarillo a la genista.
and yellow to the broom [plant]

Cerca del mar. porque yo
Near the sea, because I

nací en el Mediterráneo.
was born on the Mediterranean.

highresolutionnerd  asked:

Hii! May I please have domestic fluffy HCs of Shinsou with his female S/o please? I love your blog! Hnnghh

My beautiful 💕 finally I’m answering one of your previous asks! I’m sorry it took so long! I feel like we’re sharing the same love for Shinsou and that makes me just so happy? Thank you for loving my blog, I love you pretty 💫

By the way, I plan on continuing the lapdance story, no need for you to beg 😘

 For now, here we are ~

Shinsou Hitoshi

  •  He and his partner are having at least two cats and they have the cutest nicknames you can imagine
  • Shinsou’s favorite sight is coming home in the late afternoon, seeing her asleep on the sofa with their cats sprawled over her. The setting sun is dying the cotton candy clouds in a dusty pink and the last twinkling yellow sunbeams are dancing on her sleeping countenance. Seeing her peaceful face and her chest slowly rising up and down he can’t help, but rub his eyes every time. If this is a dream, please don’t wake him up
  • He watches everything she does with the utmost admiration. It’s one of his favorite past times to just sit close to her and let his eyes travel over her delicate frame. It happened more than once that she was talking to him and he was so lost in her, he couldn’t hear her angelic voice until she frantically gestured in front of his face. Every time this happens he will scratch his head and flash her an apologetic smile and she will grant him that captivating laughter of hers
  • They both like movie nights a lot, entangled on the sofa, their cats lazing around and all their favorite food/snacks on the table in front of them.

“Toshi, watch the movie, not me”, a warm laughter fills the room

“I’m sorry, I cannot help it, nothing is more mesmerizing than you”

“Oh cut it”, she laughs again “I didn’t know you are such a hopeless romantic”

He nuzzles his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her comforting scent and enjoying the peace of this moment

  • Sunday mornings are always spend with breakfast in bed, particularly Shinsou making her favorite dishes and a cup of hot, steamy coffee/tea/cacao. Usually, she will find a little gift or a flower accompanying her meal tray. It’s not something big, but something he caught her unconsciously saying she wanted it, it’s his little way to spoil her. Actually, he wouldn’t mind giving her anything she wanted, even if it would be expensive. The loving smile dancing around the corners of her curling lips is worth more than anything he could ever buy

I love the scene with Noctis at the end bc of The Gay but also I love the scene with Noctis because of how fucking heartbreaking it is, that you can see Noctis finally coming to terms with the idea that he is royalty and that he can do something to help the people and the world, and he is! So! Positive! Let’s build a better world where war doesn’t tear families apart, let’s save everyone and be happy, and actually you know that a few hours from there he’s gonna find the crystal and Bahamut is gonna announce him that he has to die and he can never actually accomplish anything /as a king/ and it serves nothing that he learned how to be one and I’m very emotional

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My girlfriend though. Like. She's the most adorable thing. Last night we went camping and we were just laying in our sleeping bags and she was pointing out the different constellations and stars and her eyes were shining and she had this goofy grin on her face and I died. Like, wow, I'm so gay for her.

I’m gross sobbin’ Ya’ll are lovely, beans wishes more stars and cozy camping spots. 


Ferdinand to Isabella:

My Ladyship

At least now it is clear which of us two suffers [from love] more, judging by what others write to me about Your Ladyship, you can be happy [while] I can not sleep… There are so many messengers over there that come without letters [from you], not for lack of paper and not for not knowing how to write, but for lack of love and haughtiness, since you are in Toledo and I in small villages, but some day we will return to our first love. If you don’t want to make me kill myself, you should write and tell me how you are… There is nothing more to be said about the matters from here, except what Silva will tell you and what Fernando del Pulgar has already said. I beg Your Ladyship to believe Silva and to write to me, and to not forget about the Princess, who, for God’s sake, is not to be forgotten, as well as about her father, who kisses the hands of Your Ladyship and is Your servant. 

The King.

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, I am going to Medina.

[Tordesillas, May 16th, 1475].

Direction: To my Lady.

Source: “Isabel la Católica en la opinión de Españoles y Extranjeros”, Vicente Rodríguez Valencia, tomo III - Cartas autografas de los Reyes Católicos de España: Don Fernando y Doña Isabel, 1474-1502/transcripción y estudio por Amalia Prieto Cantero

dedicated to: @conquistadoradelmar and @edwardslovelyelizabeth

caaptain  asked:

How do I escape my love for Tom Holland?? I can't sleep anymore

You do not, instead you let the love embrace you and rock you gently to sleep.

Serious talk though, I know what you mean. First time I saw him, I was like “look at this cutie pattotie, ain’t he adorable!” And now I’m just like “YOU INSULT TOM, YOU INSULT ME! FIGHT ME BITCH,” so, don’t worry, we’re all in this same boat together, slowly sinking into the sea, never to be seen again, never to be saved.

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything

To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.

• The 1975 - new albums music Lockscreens !
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“I dreamed you’d come back for me…”

“It was like I was in a dream too. I forgot everything. But even though I didn’t remember you—I felt your presence… and I knew that I would never be complete unless those shadows were brought into the light.”