i love you both youuu

Laughter Lines Fic ll Art by: Gin-twaka 

Preference #78: Whipped

Hello my lovelies! Probably haven’t written in a year…maybe even more, but alas, I am back with this itty bitty Harry preference for you all. If I get enough messages or likes on this I’ll write a preference for each boy, so get liking if you’d like me to continue! Hope you enjoy! <3

Harry: “My bladder is about to explode!” you yelled while laying on the soft white carpet in the bedroom you shared with Harry “Go to the bathroom then…it’s about 2…4…8…10…10 steps that way babe,” he smirked down at you as he walked into the room. “I’m so lazy though…I don’t think I can stand up,” you pouted, your puppy dog eyes staring up at him. He sighed jokingly, “okay, come here,” as he reached his arms down to you, yours immediately lifting up to meet his. He picked you up easily and carried you to the bathroom setting you down on the cool tiles. “Please don’t tell me you really carried her to the toilet,” Niall groaned as he walked into the bedroom after listening to the conversation you two had just had. Harry peeked his head around the bathroom doorframe, “possibly,” he answered, laughing as Niall left back to his video games in the living room, whispering “so whipped” on his way out. He turned back too you and you both had a chuckle. “I love youuu,” you smiled as you placed a soft kiss on his cheek, “but I believe you’ll need to leave me now,” you laughed, playfully pushing him out of the bathroom.