i love you both okay don't make me choose

  • hurley: so we need to come up with a new last name
  • sloane: okay uh..... do you have anything in mind?
  • hurley: well it should be something that means a lot to us.... something we both love......
  • sloane: aw hurley......
  • hurley: what? what did i say
  • sloane: you know i would make your name apart of mine in a heartbeat if i had to choose something that meant a lot to me but..... then your full name would be hurley hurley and i don't know if i can live with that
  • hurley: ... why are we doing this again

Anonymous asked: RTD era or Moffat era?

anonymous asked:

Oh cool ask box open <3 so since you like Jimin so much (I like him too he's so asjvdjahbjs but liking him makes me a pedophile WHY JESUS) can you make an scenario in which you have "something" with Jongin that is not yet official and he really likes you, but since you don't see the relationship moving forward you just say you're single and Jimin, that really likes you too, tries to get you to date him? You can choose with whom she stays at the end <3 also fluffy and angsty please?

  Seriously?  ~Kai~ ღ

This was such a struggle because I love both Jongin and Jimin and GAAHHHHHHHHHH FEEELS. Okay, I hope you like it :) ~Admin S

“Arm wrestle me.”

         You raised your eyebrow and gave Jongin a weird look. “Here? Now?” you questioned.

         Jongin grinned and got down on his knees, leaning against the table and propping his elbow up on top. “Right here, right now,” he confirmed.

         “Fine. You’re on.” You returned the grin and got down on the floor as well, getting yourself ready. “We need a referee,” you said.


         “So you won’t cheat.”
         Jongin frowned. “You don’t trust me.”
         “Maybe.” You took your tongue out and waved your hand. “Come on, let’s just go.”

         “Ready to lose?”
         “Is that false hope I hear?” You locked hands with him and steadied yourself.

         Jongin just very faintly blushed and looked down. “On the count of three,” he said. “One… Two… Three!”

         As soon as he said ‘three’, you put in as much strength as you could into your arm in order to slam Jongin’s down. The two of you did arm wrestling matches quite often just for fun, but Jongin almost always won.

         Jongin was beginning to move your hand down towards his side, and you were slowly starting to let go of the thought of ever beating him.

         Jongin caught your eyes for just a moment and saw how slightly upset you were getting over the fact that he almost always beat you, and it pulled at his heartstrings. Truthfully, he didn’t know that it made you upset, and the last thing he wanted was to upset you.

         “Ouch,” Jongin muttered, momentarily losing his tight grip on your arm.

         Your eyes widened when you noticed he had been distracted in some way, and you took that to your advantage. Before he could even go back to normal, you slammed his arm down on the table as fast as you could and then jumped up, waving your hands in the air. “I did it!” you cheered.

         Jongin laughed quietly and moved his arm slightly, as if making sure to see if it was still in one piece. “I got an arm cramp or something, I don’t know what it was,” he lied.

         “Arm cramps? There’s such a thing?”
         “Oh yeah, Chen told me about them.” He smiled a little and reached for your hand. “How about we celebrate your win over some food? I’ll get you anything you want.”
         You clapped your hands excitedly. “Anything?”
         “Anything.” Jongin sauntered towards the door; trying hard to suppress the smile he had forming on his lips. Your excitement and happiness always made him happy as well. He couldn’t help but feel all warm inside, knowing he was the reason for your happiness at that moment.

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