i love you both but i don't love this movie

  • things you should not come to me about: how much you hate ron weasley and his fans and how he's not that great
  • things you can always come to me about: how much you love ron weasley and the books and to complain about the movies
okay, listen

i know we all wanted dizzee and thor to kiss. but just because they didn’t it doesn’t mean that it was queerbaiting or bad representation so please stop saying that. dizzee was confirmed to be bi and confirmed to be in love with thor

and if we watched the same show i think we all saw the lovely scenes thor and dizzee shared: they both worrying about each other, dizzee always writing thor letters/comics, thor being a supportive boyfriend and both being so in love and there for each other. also dizzee/rumi’s alien thing was obviously a metaphor (a good and accurate one) for his sexuality and his struggle to accept himself 

and you know what else? unlike other shows/movies they weren’t scared of the word bisexual. so umm back the fuck off 

Melvin in books: Smug asshole with an attitude problem, needs a real talking to. In it for himself. One of those guys who you kinda love to hate.

Melvin in movie: Adorable bean who I love. Means well. Highly represents kids with Aspergers. “I don’t get it.”

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First of all: I love this page <3 I don't know if your ask box is open, in case you're not, just ignore this message. But if you could grant me this wish, I'd love you even more hahah Can I have a scenario with Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa and Iwaizumi where they are watching a movie at home with their s/o, and while they both are having popcorn, one falls between their s/o breasts without her noticing and they get "bothered" by that and want to get it out? It can be funny or naughty your choice :D

This request made me giggle, because I have totally had this happen to me. Enjoy!

~Admin Alyx


It was obvious you were completely into this show. It was the latest Netflix series and Kuroo was enjoying it, but he was almost enjoying watching you more. Your eyes were fixed on the screen, hardly blinking. Your hand blindly brought popcorn from the bowl in your lap up to your mouth, making a bit of a mess as you occasionally missed a piece on the way.

Which brought him to his current dilemma. He’d mostly been picking up the pieces you dropped on the couch or in your lap and eating them himself (five second rule, come on). Now, though, you’d dropped a piece right down your shirt. It was obvious you hadn’t noticed at all, and it was driving him crazy.

As he watched you and it became completely clear you were oblivious and weren’t going to do anything about it, he started to reach for it himself—

Shit. He couldn’t just do that. You would think he was just randomly trying to cop a feel. He’d already sworn up and down he was totally not the “Netflix and chill” type of guy (well, maybe eventually, but you had only just started dating and he really wasn’t like that). But damn, that piece of popcorn was bugging him…

You cleared your throat, raising an eyebrow delicately. Kuroo looked up at you and realized with a horrible jolt that his hand was hovering awkwardly mere inches away from your boob.

“I’m sorry!” he yelped. “Shit! I’m not—I swear I wasn’t—there’s a piece of popcorn down your shirt and it’s been driving me crazy!”

You stared at him for a moment and then burst into giggles. He was ridiculous. “Oh my god Kuroo, you should see your face.”

“I—” he started, clearing his throat. His face was flushed bright red. “Uh, may I?” he asked, gesturing vaguely towards your chest.

You laughed again. “Go on, then.”


The two of you were in the middle of your epic, day-long Disney movie marathon. You had prepared ahead of time with all manner of snacks, most of which were now demolished. The two of you were slowly munching on the third bag of popcorn as The Lion King played.

Without warning, Bokuto reached over and stuck his hand down your shirt, straight between your boobs. You sputtered slightly, starting to protest before he withdrew his hand, a piece of popcorn secured between two fingers. He popped it into his mouth and went back to watching the movie. It was only a second later he seemed to realize you were still gaping at him, because he glanced over with a slightly uncertain look.

“What?” he asked, frowning.

“Nothing,” you said with a giggle, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek as you grabbed another handful of popcorn.


Oikawa’s arm was slung over your shoulders as you watched a movie together. It was your pick this week, but you ended up watching an alien movie anyway because you saw the way Oikawa’s face lit up when he spotted it as you scrolled through Netflix.

The movie was objectively terrible, but terrible in the enjoyable kind of way, so you were having a good time. You were bringing a handful of popcorn up to your mouth when a shitty CGI alien popped up on the screen, managing to startle you enough that a few pieces of popcorn went flying—one of them straight down your shirt.

You were just about to reach down to grab it when Oikawa’s hand reached out, his long, elegant fingers sliding down your shirt. He snagged the popcorn between his index and middle fingers, pulling it out slowly, gently caressing your chest with his thumb as he did so. He displayed his prize with a flourish before popping it into his mouth, dragging one finger seductively across his lower lip.

You let out a sudden snort of laughter at that. “You dork,” you said, putting your hand on his face and giving him a gentle push.

“Hey!” he said, feigning offense. “I’ll have you know I am very alluring. There are plenty of girls who would line up to have me eat popcorn out of their boobs.” He said the last part a little uncertainly, his mouth twitching at the corner as he obviously tried not to laugh.

“Is that so?” you countered, utterly failing to conceal your laughter.

“Quite so,” he said, leaning into your space until your faces were inches apart.

Dork,” you repeated fondly just before your lips met.

“You know you love me, ____-chan.”

You smiled at him, running fingers softly through his hair. “Yeah,” you said softly as you both returned your attention to the movie.


“You have…” Iwaizumi cleared his throat, glancing away before continuing. “Uh, you have popcorn. Right here,” he said, pointing at the center of his own chest. He cleared his throat again, shooting you an apologetic look.

“Sorry, where?” you said, giving him your best innocent (if slightly coy) expression.

Iwaizumi pointed sort of vaguely towards your chest this time. “Right there.”

You made a show of looking for the popcorn on your chest and stomach, feigning confusion. “I don’t see it, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi let out a low growl and abruptly flipped over so he was bracing himself over you with one hand on the back of the sofa and his knees on either side of yours. He reached down your shirt, grabbed the piece of popcorn, and popped it into his mouth without ever breaking eye contact with you.

“Don’t play coy with me, ____,” he said in a low voice. His eyes were narrowed dangerously, but his mouth was quirked up in an easy smirk.

“It worked, didn’t it?” you replied, smirking right back at him.

You were rewarded with another growl before his lips crashed hungrily against yours.

Neither of you paid any attention to the rest of your movie.


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Swerve with a tall bot s/o headcanons? (Also my little headcanon I'd like to share, can't you just see him climbing on bar stools just so he can kiss s/o and give them hugs when they're having a bad day, and when he's down and dumps s/o picks him and starts calling him very obnoxiously cute nicknames as they kiss his cheeks "awe, pookie bear, don't get so down in the dumps" "I love you schnookums")

omg that’s too cute ahhhhh

  • Swerve loves to be held. This tiny boy craves affection. Sit him in your lap and rest your chin on his head during movie time, it’s his favorite thing.
  • If there aren’t any bar stools around he’ll just climb you to give you kisses. 
  • Cheesy nicknames are his life. He’ll always have an even mushier name to one-up yours. 
  • “Hey, Rewind! Tailgate! I bet my s/o can beat up both of yours at the same time!”
  • He also high-fives them all the time because they’re all at just the right level to get a perfect view of tol bot aft. 

happy birthday sukumari (6.10.1940 - 23.3.2013)
gone but never forgotten 

Malayalam cinema actress Sukumari holds the world record for acting in the most movies. Likewise Jagathy Sreekumar holds the world record for actor who has acted in the most movies #malayalislaying

Movies to watch on Valentine's Day
  • (not your typical cheesy movie)
  • Aries: This Means War // "Don't choose the better guy, choose the guy that's gonna make you the better girl"
  • Taurus: 50 First Dates // "Sorry to interrupt, but I notice we were both eating alone and I thought perhaps I could sit with you, maybe build a syrup Jacuzzi for your waffle house?"
  • Gemini: When In Rome // "If you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly"
  • Cancer: Walk The Line // "Well, then start loving yourself, so we can go back to work"
  • Leo: Crazy, Stupid Love // "Seriously? It's like you're Photoshopped!"
  • Virgo: Love, actually // "I love that word "relationship" Covers all manner of sins, doesn't it?"
  • Libra: The Tourist // " Where I come from, the highest compliment they can offer a person is to say that they're down to earth, grounded. I hate it. It drives me nuts!"
  • Scorpio: Silver Linings Playbook // "You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining"
  • Sagittarius: Lost In Translation // "Let's never come here again because it would never be as much fun"
  • Capricorn: Intolerable Cruelty // "I could have you disbarred for that"
  • Aquarius: Slumdog Millionaire // "When somebody asks me a question, I tell them the answer"
  • Pisces: (500) Days of Summer // "I need to know that you're not gonna wake up in the morning and feel differently"

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After watching R1, it quickly became my fav SW movie and I fell really deep into the SW fandom for the first time. But recently I've honestly kind of felt bad about myself because I loved the whole squad, including Jyn, and I absolutely love Jyn/Cassian, but the amount of vitriol surrounding both is unlike anything I've ever seen in any fandom. I know I shouldn't let antis get to me, and I don't want to give them the satisfaction. Do you have any advice on how to keep a positive head space?

First of all, nonny, I am so happy you love Rogue One so much! I know so many people have had it skyrocket to their favorite Star Wars movie and are finding themselves in fandom for the first time. It’s great to see and participate in all this Star Wars love. That is what fandom is all about.

Given that, I am so sorry that the antis are getting you down. People can be jerks, and antis feed off the way they upset people. I’ve come across this with many of my favorite characters and it’s really just same old, same old with these people. The structure of Tumblr makes it a little harder to get around them but here is my advice.

1) If you see antis when you go into the tag, go ahead and block them. I block freely and without reserve. People who don’t respect the tag or don’t try to keep their posts out of the search results are trying to rile you up and they don’t deserve the satisfaction.

2) Do not directly engage with a post. What I do and what I’ve seen others do is create a new post that mentions the claim and then debunks it. What you are interested in is not convincing the anti, who is out to destroy happiness, but to generate positive conversation with people who are casually reading things (and your friends). Keep the high ground at all times. Responding to the post directly only feeds the trolls. If by some bizarre unfortunate chance you get anon hate, delete it without publishing. Imagine the anti, refreshing your blog over and over waiting to see your outrage in vain.

3) If you have friends who are posting negative things about Jyn or Jyn/Cassian, ask them if they can use a tag so you can blacklist their posts. Friends don’t want to keep upsetting friends, after all. I use Tumblr Savior but XKit is also a good tool to filter out these posts.

4) Rewatch Rogue One! (Maybe stop right after they go through the shield gate so you don’t cry but up until that point it makes me purely happy.) Watch Jyn learn to trust again and find a home after being abandoned for so many years! Watch Cassian yell for her in concern and go back for her repeatedly, even when the mission does not require it! Watch them have no concept of personal space, even when they’re upset with each other! Watch the entire Rogue One team bond and become a found family! Watch the way Jyn and Cassian light up in the “welcome home” scene with bonus leaning! Watch the elevator scene! The good news is that canon is on our side.

5) Most importantly, focus on the joy in fandom :) There are so many more fans who love this movie and Jyn and Jyn/Cassian than people who hate her and the ship. There are many people who are not on Tumblr who love the whole team, including Jyn and this ship. You can follow positive blogs to stay inundated with positive fandom and I have to give a shout out to @therebelcaptainnetwork​ as a central location for happy Jyn/Cassian content.

(When in doubt, step away from Tumblr. Go for a walk, drink some tea, pet a fluffy animal. Fandom should be fun but it’s also important to take breaks when it’s not, as with anything.)

The antis are loud because they want attention but at the end of the day, these people are spending their time hating something instead of creating positive content about something they love. They are the equivalent of the bullies in the parking lot yelling mean things as you drive off with your friends to do something you love, and they should be treated as such - ignored in general and publicly, calmly, and factually refuted when they become a nuisance (like this weekend). In contrast, we get to spend our time being delighted and happy about these characters.

Above all,

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People who say that it's only the gay fans who want gay couples pisses me the fuck off. I'm straighter than a fucking ruler and I want the LGBTQ+ community represented. I want people my age who are scared to come out to see on tv and movies that you know what it's perfectly fine to love someone of the same sex or to love both sexes. I hope when I have kids they don't have to grow up in a world like this

And the world needs more people like you <3

It’s 2017, and we still have to fight for representation.Still most of us are closeted. World is a sad place. Hope the next generation will grow up learning about the right things. We can at least try that.

Your message made me very happy. Have a nice day xx

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i've never even watched ninjago and i don't know what the plot is or what the ninjas do exactly but i love zane. i love him so much and he's my son

Anonymous said:(i love zane despite not having watched ninjago anon) i also love garmadon. you post about them both pretty often and i love them based on your posts

IM SO GLAD!!!!!!! THEYRE BOTH RLLY GREAT!!!!!!! I hope u get the chance to see them in the movie!!!!!!!! 

  • Emma: Calm down.
  • Emma: Suing who?
  • Regina: Disney! They've gone too far this time! They made a movie about the children of fairy tale villains.
  • Henry: Cool! Am I in it?
  • Regina: Luckily for them, no.
  • Henry: Aww.
  • Emma: Maleficent, you seem pretty calm about this.
  • Maleficent: Eh, I don't like how they imply I don't love my daughter, but I got played by Kristin Chenoweth. Can't really ask for more than that.

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curious to know what you think about RM and Chris's relationship,I mean I know Chris is beyond thankful for glee but toward the end,you could tell he was ready to be done. At paley fest maybe? Ryan was talking about the scene between Darren and Chris under the big tree and he said, "as someone who loves kurt and loves Chris I wanted that for him" ;wanted him to be happy Chris said he didn't consult Ryan at all when he did his movie? I find that a little strange don't you? And now nothing?!

There is no relationship btwn Chris and Ryan. Broke down years ago when Ryan’s jealousy over Chris’ talent (both onscreen and his writing) got the best of him.  Not to mention Chris’ relationship with Darren.  Something Ryan was completely against and also jealous of.   Make no mistake. Ryan tortured them and made their lives hell.   I do believe Ryan and Darren have made a deal.  And clearly chris is ok with it.   But there is no love lost between Chris and Ryan.  But honestly.  I think they will at least feign a public reconciliation before/as Darren comes out.   I believe that’s part of the deal.  Mitigating the damage to Ryan and Fox.  

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Could you draw Darui and Sakura in Kumo together soon after the time the Boruto movie took place?

It’s hard to find time for a date when your boyfriend’s the kage of Kumo. Sometimes, I have to steal him away while Omoi and C aren’t looking.

They Don't Know About the 'I Love You's' | Harry Styles

They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction


They Don’t Know About the ‘I Love You’s | Harry Styles One-Shot Imagine

Requested: Could you please write one shot where you’re a famous actress and you have a movie premiere so Harry shows up and everyone’s surprised that he’s there but he came to support you because the two of you are secretly dating but no one even knows that you two know each other so media asks you both what you think about each other and later when you’re alone you watch something about the premiere on the television and laugh at how clueless everyone is. 

Your POV

“Y/N, are you almost ready?” My agent, Katherine Tillman, asked me as she poked her head in my room.

“Almost,” I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I slowly glazed over the beautiful black Dolce & Gabanna dress with red floral prints that hugged my body.

“Okay the car is going to be pulling up in a few minutes,” She looked down at her phone to check the time, “You look beautiful by the way!”

“Thanks Kat.” I smile at her through the mirror then she left.

I took a deep breathe and slipped on a matching pair of red pumps for the finishing touch. I grabbed my clutch and champagne colored iPhone 6 then headed downstairs.

Tonight was the red carpet premier of a movie that I worked on tirelessly for 5 months, so my agent hired professionals to come over and do my hair and make up.

I had a contract with Dolce & Gabanna this year, so Katherine made sure that they sent over one of their best dresses and accessories to match; I also wore a beautiful pair of gold vintage diamond earrings that dangled along with a matching necklace and bracelet.

It’s been 8 years since I’ve started my acting career. First, it was a few Disney movies as a kid but then I worked my way up to Hollywood as I grew older. I’ve made quite a few movies in the past four years but tonight, it was different, he was going to be there for the first time and I was nervous. His opinion mattered to me the most.

I climbed in the back of the Rolls-Royce where Katherine was waiting for me; I unlocked my phone and texted him after I settled in.

Harry’s POV

Y/N: I’m heading there now.

I locked my phone as Niall’s voice rang in my right ear.

“Oy! I need a beer Harry!”

“What?” I shot him a confused look as we headed down the stairs of my house in L.A.

“If going to this movie premier with you, I need a lager!” Niall fixed the sleeves on his blazer.

“Really, mate?” I scratched the side of my head.

“Hey! I passed up a date with the couch, a footie team and a six pack for this!” He folded his arms across his chest.

I rolled my eyes, “Go grab a beer in the fridge, hurry up, we need to get going!”

Niall and I climbed in the back of the BMW that management sent us. I told my manager that I was invited to a movie premier and they decided to send a car with security since Niall and I were going together.

As the car slowly pulled up to Hollywood Boulevard, I noticed that there were a lot of paparazzi and fans all crowded along the red carpet.

When the car door opened, Niall was the first to step out.

“It’s Niall Horan from One Direction!”

Then I followed him and adjusted my blazer when I was finally standing on the carpet.

“Oh my god! It’s Harry Styles!”

“I didn’t know they were going to be here!”

Niall and I walked next to each other down the red carpet, smiling and waving to the fans, while I was trying not to trip over my own two feet.

Fans were going a bit crazy so we decided to stop for a few pictures with some of them, telling them to watch the movie once it hits theaters. We posed for a few photographers and answered a handful of questions.

One of the red carpet interviewers from E! News was the first to stop us, “Harry! Niall! What are you two doing here? This is unexpected! Are you both a fan of Y/N?”

“Yeah! She’s great! Definitely excited to be here!” I nodded and held my hands behind my back.

“I’m here for the free popcorn!” Niall joked, “I’m kidding! No she’s awesome, I’m glad we were invited. I’ve seen all of her movies!”

“Didn’t want to bring dates?” She continued.

“Are you kidding? I have the best date right here!” Niall put his arm around my shoulder.

I just laughed and nodded my head.

“How do you expect the movie to turn out?” She held out her microphone to us and her camera man slowly made his way around us.

“I’ve seen the trailers and it seems like a great story line!” Niall smiled.

“I agree, I love romantic movies, so I’m quite excited.” I looked at Niall when I answered and he just smirked at me.

“What do you guys think of Y/N? She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” The interviewer continued asking questions.

“She is, but more importantly she seems like an all around wonderful person inside and out. I heard she has a charity foundation and I think that’s great.” I spoke into the mic.

“I think she’s quite funny, a bit sarcastic if you ask me but yeah she’s pretty!” Niall admitted and I wanted to hit him.

“Oh really? Have you hung out with her before Niall?” The interviewer raised her eyebrow and Niall immediately realized he slipped up.

“We’ve watched her interviews on Ellen and she was on Jimmy Fallon the other evening and we caught that episode, it was quite funny.” I covered for  him and reminded myself to kick Niall’s ass.

“Do you guys think she and Zac Efron are dating? I heard they were pretty close!” Now she was just being rude.

“Ah- no comment.” Niall said and held up his hands.

“Yeah we don’t really have an opinion on people’s dating life, not really important to be honest.” I smirked.

“Oh and here’s are our stars! They just pulled up!” The interview turned around and we looked ahead to see a black Rolls-Royce pulling up.

Your POV

“Okay you two, behave out there.” Katherine my manager said to me and my co-star Zac Efron as we stopped in front of the red carpet.

Zac and I have grown pretty close within the past year and of course there were rumors about us dating since we’ve seen each other on and off set. 

“Us? Not behaving? Since when?” Zac joked as he nudged me.

“Yeah seriously… we just love to stir up the media.” I winked at him.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, get out there and keep smiling!” Katherine said before the driver opened our car door and Zac stepped out.

He held his hand out and helped me out of the car, and the paparazzi and fans went wild. There were screams, there were questions thrown in every direction, there were hundreds of flashing lights, it was still overwhelming despite how many premiers I’ve been too.

“You look great by the way,” He smiled as we walked down the red carpet.

“Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” I smiled as we posed for a few photographers.

“Oh look! Here comes an interviewer. Let’s stir the pot.” I joked and he just chuckled and kissed my temple.

I scanned down the red carpet to see quite a few familiar faces but I was only searching for one person. 

I saw my favorite pair of green eyes connect with mine from the across and down the red carpet and blushed.

“Zac! Y/N! How are you both feeling about this premier? You two look amazing!” An interviewer asked.

Zac smiled, “Thank you! I think she looks better than me though! But yeah, this movie was one of my favorites to make so far, so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

“Thank you and I agree with Zac, we had a lot of fun filiming this movie!” I chuckled.

“Oh, so are you two dating? It has been the biggest wonder of the summer!”

Zac and I looked at each other nervously and started laughing.

“No, we are just good friends!” I blushed.

“Yeah! She’s an amazing person and any guy would be lucky to have her, but no, there is nothing going on between us!” He smiled, “I’m sorry but we have to get going!“ 

We continued down the red carpet and I searched for those green eyes again but he was whispering and joking with his best friend.

Zac was pulled away by MTV for an interview and I was stopped by Sugarscape.

“So word is that Harry Styles and Niall Horan of One Direction are fans of you.” The interviewer asked.

“Oh really?! That’s awesome! I’m a huge fan of their music!” I chuckled.

“Is that so? What’s your favorite song? Harry says you’re a wonderful person, what do you think of him?”

“Yeah! I can’t pick just one song there’s so many great ones… and he said I was wonderful? I don’t even know him! But he seems like a great artist and musician!” I lied through my teeth.

“Do you consider yourself a Directioner?” She pressed on.

“Does being a Directioner mean you own all their albums? Because I do!” I laughed.

“That’s so awesome, did you know he was going to be here tonight?”

“No! I had no idea! But I’m really flattered! I hope they enjoy it! I hope everyone enjoys it! I absolutely loved making this movie!” I looked around to see where Zac went because I just wanted to hurry and get in the theater.

He saw me panicking and quickly came in to rescue me.

“Sorry, but we have a premier to get going too!” He nodded at her and pulled me away.

I felt my phone buzzing and knew it was him calling.

“Thanks Zac! I’m going to go to the bathroom, I’ll see you inside okay?” I smiled at him.

“No problem, see you in there!”

When I finally pulled out my phone, it had already stopped vibrating. Inside the theater there weren’t any paparazzi, thank god, so I quickly looked around to find a bathroom so I could call him back.

As I walked through the halls, someone suddenly pull me into an empty room and pushed my back against the door as it closed.

“What the-” I hollered but then felt his familiar lips on mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him back as I wrapped my hands around his neck and while his hands moved down to my waist.

“Hi.” Harry finally pulled away after a few minutes and smiled down at me, “You look gorgeous.”

“Thank you, you know we can get caught right?” I shook my head.

“Exactly why this is so hot, I want to rip this dress off of you,” He mumbled as he placed kisses on my neck and my bare shoulders, “The idea that someone can walk in on us while we-”

“Harry! Stop! The movie starts in 20 minutes!” I gently pulled my neck away.

“It’s fine, I know how to make you cum in 5.” He said in a deep seductive tone.

I was completely turned on but no, I had to be the responsible one, cause heavens know he is too horny right now.

“You are so bad.” I chuckled.

“And you love me for it,” He lightly nipped at my lips wanting more.

“I do love you.” I said as I kissed him.

“Your place tonight? I miss you and that bloody Irish man is driving me crazy.” He kissed my forehead.

I laughed, “But I love Niall!” 

“Because he hasn’t been staying with you for two weeks. You haven’t had to cook for him, clean for him, remind him to bathe. Even though he’s 22, he acts like he’s 8.” Harry shook his head and I just continued laughing.

We both jumped when we heard a rhythmic knock and both stared at each other with wide eyes and held our fingers up to each other’s lips.

A very familiar Irish voice was heard through the door, “Oy! I know you two are in there! People are looking for you Y/N! Get your arse out here, make sure you look presentable! I know you two fuck-“ 

I immediately opened the door and cupped my hand over his mouth.

“Shut up!” I whispered harshly and he jerked his head back away from my hand as he chuckled.

“I’m going to kill you.” Harry glared at him.

“Hi superstar! I’ve missed you too.” Niall hugged me.

“I’ll see you guys after the movie.” I winked then quickly hurried off.

- - - - -

Harry’s POV

I knew that this movie was a love story. 

Hell, it was based off a Nicholas Sparks’ novel for god’s sake but I didn’t realize how annoyed I would get watching Y/N and Zac interact.

I dug my nails into my palm throughout the whole movie and had to remind myself to breathe multiple times.

I shifted in my seat the first time they kissed. I know she’s done a few romantic movies before but I don’t know why I was so uncomfortable watching this one.

“Wow, this movie is pretty good.. it’s not as lame as I thought it was going to be… it’s as if they are really in love.” Niall leaned over and whispered as he stuffed popcorn in his mouth.

During their sex scene, I wanted to punch someone and it didn’t help that Niall kept commenting whenever Zac and Y/N touched, or kissed, or anything.

“Whoa… I just saw your girlfriend’s ass and so will the world.” Niall chuckled.

“I swear to god, if you say one more thing, I’ll make you suffer.” I hissed.

There was a close up of Zac’s body and the camera focused on his ‘muscular’ arms and chiseled abdomen as my girlfriend strip him naked; I felt every hair on my body raise and I sharply inhaled when they were doing the deed.

“Zac has a sexy body, I would be worried too if I were you,” Niall joked.

That’s it. 

I swiftly punch him in the nuts and Niall immediately covered his mouth and struggled with the unbearable pain that was surging through him.

Serves him right for pissing me off.

“Fuck… you…” He breathed.

“I warned you.” I scoffed then looked back up at the screen and prayed the sex scene would hurry up and end.

When the credits started rolling, I heard many of the females around me crying as I wiped the few tears from my face. I looked over at Niall not expecting him to be blubbering like an idiot.

“Are you- are you okay mate?” My eyes were wide.

“I’m- I’m just- she just- she died- she just-so-young-” Niall dropped his head in his hands.

I tried so hard to keep myself from laughing so I bit my tongue. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my pocket square and handed it to Niall.

“Come, let’s find Y/N,” I pulled him up.

Niall took a second to compose himself and then we followed everyone out of the theater. We said hello and spoke to a lot of people that we knew. 

I finally saw Y/N as her hand hung on Zac’s arm, so I unexpectedly went up to them, needing to say something.

“Y/N! Zac! I’m Harry! Great movie, I absolutely loved it!” I was quite enthusiastic.

“Oh hey! Thanks man! I appreciate it!” Zac shook my hand.

“Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!” She smiled at me, I knew she was surprised.

“Y/N! Come! We have to get going!” I heard Katherine, her manager, say and pulled her away.

Y/N mouthed ‘See you later’ to me and followed Katherine.

- - - - -

Your POV

I heard my doorbell ring at midnight and opened up to see my boyfriend frowning with a bouquet of roses.

“I am confused by what I’m looking at.” I chuckled.

“You could’ve warned me about that sex scene!” He pouted as he walked into my penthouse and handed me the roses.

“I thought you read the book and thank you for the roses…” I bit my bottom lip as I closed the door behind me.

“I’m sorry, I’m being silly.” He pulled me into his arms and lead me into my bedroom. I replaced the roses that were dying with the new roses that were on my side table.

“Yeah you are. I don’t know why… how long have we been together?”

“A year next week if I’m not mistaken.” He kissed my forehead.

“It was a rhetorical question, but I’m glad you remembered.” I stood on my tiptoes and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

After an hour of making love, Harry and I laid in bed wrapped in each other’s arms.

Harry turned on the T.V. and it was a replay of the red carpet premier on E! News.

“So did you really like the movie?” I looked up at him.

“Yes! Oh god, I forget to tell you, Niall was sobbing!” Harry laughed.

“What?!” I picked my head off of his shoulder, “Shut up!”

“I’m serious! He cried a lot when your character passed away and Zac was doing his monologue in the background…” Harry turned back to the T.V.

I giggled and made a mental note to tease Niall about it tomorrow.

Harry turned up the volume and we watched Harry’s and Niall’s interview from early today.

“Wow! Niall freaking slipped!” I shook my head.

“Yeah, what an idiot! I’ve told him and the boys so many times to act like they don’t know you and he goes and says that you’re funny and sarcastic… please I’m the funny one.” Harry stuck his tongue out at me.

“Oh okay Mr. Styles, whatever you think.” I traced his butterfly tattoo with my finger tips.

“They are all idiots.” Harry smirked as we continued to watch.


“They don’t know about the things we do~ they don’t know about the ‘I Love You’s~” Harry sang.

“You’re an idiot.” I shook my head.

“They don’t know about us~” He continued singing and I just rolled my eyes.

“I mean either that or we’re ninjas, I think we are the first couple to pull off hiding our relationship for so long.” Harry held up his fist.

“Yeah they are all idiots,” I giggled, “But I kind of like it” I touch my knuckles to his.

“Like I said, it’s hot, to know we can get caught any minute.” He lifted my chin up and kissed my lips.

We heard the hostess continue talking.‘Y/N says that she is a huge fan of One Direction, admitting that she owns all of their albums… I wonder which one of the five she likes the most?‘ 

“Zayn.” I said as I kissed Harry and he immediately pulled away.

“Excuse you?” His mouth hung open.

“What?!” I grinned at him, “I mean his dark hair… his smile… and his voice.. and that scruff? It’s SO sexy…” I said sarcastically and laughed as I saw Harry’s face changed after every detail I named. I knew he secretly wished he could grow a beard like Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

“Well why don’t I just call Zayn and tell him my girlfriend fancies him?” He huffed and pushed me off of him.

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Can you set up that date for next week? On the 20th to be exact, I don’t think I have anything planned that day.” Knowing damn well that was our anniversary.

“Why I NEVER have been so HURT!” Harry crossed his arms over his chest and pouted like a child.

I just laughed at him and scooted back over to him.

“I’m just kidding, you know that you’re the only one for me.” I tried to uncross his arms.

“No! Hmph!” He turned his body away from me.

I quickly straddled Harry and placed kisses all over him.

“I am so in love with you. Your heart. Your passion. Your weird sense of humor. Your eyes. Your voice. Your smile. Your dimples. Everything about you.”

Harry uncrossed his arms and ran his hands down my side.

“That sounds more like it,” He growled.

“Now let me show you how much I love you.”

anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore your work. It's just incredible! I was just wondering whether you would ever go back to drawing say Hermione and Harry as white again - not permanently, just sometimes white sometimes black? Don't get me wrong I love the more diverse POC artworks, but I really love both and I quite like the older drawings that depicted them more like the movies. Not necessarily asking you to do it of course, just wondering whether it was a possibility. Thank you for the beautiful work anyway!

Hey! Thank you!! Very nice to hear you adore my work!! :3
To answer your question, well… I don’t think it’s a possibility, really. :/ I always liked the idea of POC Harry and Hermione. The reason why they weren’t as dark-skinned in the very beginning is because I was shy about it? I didn’t really know people actually drew/imagined them as POC, but only after I began drawing more and also joined the fandom did I notice how popular POC Harry and Hermione are, so that encouraged me not to be so uncertain about drawing them as POC, and I began emphasizing their darker skins more because that’s what I always wanted and that’s how I see them in my head! :) I really really like the way I portray some of the characters, I am attached to how they turn out in my drawings (POC or not), so I’m sure you can understand how I feel, considering that you sound like you, too, are attached to them being white, which is just as fine! :)
Everyone imagines things their own unique way, so it’s impossible for me to try to replicate everyone’s imaginations, and that’s why I am choosing to stick to my imagination only! :> Hope that makes sense!! <3

bb8scoldoutside  asked:

i love how you basically drag me to that place i don't want to go by your diego/felicity posts...... ssssshhhh.... keep em coming and muchas gracias!

in all honesty i really didn’t want to be here too? but then they’re both all mushy-gushy around and about each other?? calling each other “angel” and “a dream”??? hugging???? making eyes at each other????? 

“when we told felicity we were thinking about casting diego she just lit up” ????????????

she talking about loving him in “y tu mama tambien” is her basically saying “oh yes i loved his cute little butt in that movie”????????????????

he saying that they “love each other very much”??????????????????????????

i just hate this and hate them and really did not ask to be trapped in this hell yet here i am and there’s nothing else i can do but to try and bring everyone else down here with me

  • Presumably straight guy next to me: Jyn is awesome. And hot.
  • Presumably straight girl behind me: Cassian! God, I love him.
  • Me, a totally bisexual person: Yes to both, and I fucking love this movie, but Jyn is definitely more badass so I'm going with her. (I love you, Jyn!)

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Uhm. This scares me a bit. Why are you two "in love"? I'm pretty sure insest is unhealthy. And the movie...... "Sisterly love" So don't make this creepy.

Anna: “Last time I checked, there was nothing wrong with loving someone. People always preach stuff like love not war and how the lgbt community deserve to be free to fall in love with whoever they choose. But people are too quick to jump at us for being sisters!”

Elsa: “I agree. If you’re going to fight for love, fight for every aspect of it. Not just what suits you best. I love Anna, both as a sister and as a lover. It might not be right in society’s eyes, but I see nothing wrong with giving my heart and soul to someone. Whether they be my sister or not.”

((Hey there. Letting you all know I have nothing against disliking this ship or incest as a whole. I may be supportive of such couples, yet that does not mean I feel people should strive for such. But I do believe love is love. and if you don’t agree, then please hit the back button or block this account.))