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Hi, I know its monday and you probably have tons of things to do, but could I get some fluff, please? It's been an awful weekend(one of the most loved grandmas of the neighbourhood died saturday) and my grandma(who I haven't seen in years) died today and we can't go to her funeral. I am a breath away from an anxiaty attack and later today I have to go back to college alone, after weeks in family. So please, can I have some Tony&Peter or Tony&the bots or Tony&Harley&Peter&Rhodey fluff?? Thanks

Aw burrito. :C

Tony ran a hand through his hair and sighed, dipping his head. “Okay. All of you have new wheels. You have new screws. Dum-E has a new strut because he bent his somehow–”

Dum-E let out a happy beep and spun in a circle. Butterfingers and U watched him for a moment before following suit. Sometimes they really were like little kids that copied their older brother.

“Sir,” JARVIS said. “You speak as if Dum-E didn’t bend his strut trying to keep an engine from falling on you.”

“Shh,” Tony answered immediately, scowling.

That had been a… frightening day. Tony didn’t like to admit that he made mistakes, but he had, the chain hadn’t been checked properly, the engine hadn’t been anchored properly, Tony hadn’t done everything properly. It was his fault.

He had been so–so scared when the chain slipped and the engine started to fall–more scared that when he battled Doom Bots or sentient slime, because this–this was what he did for fun, and he’d felt a little betrayed over it, even if it had been his fault. So many calculations had run through his head and he still hadn’t been able to get out of the way in time.

And then Dum-E–dear, sweet, foolish Dum-E–had let out a terrified squeal and clenched his claw around the alternator, and the sudden weight had caused his strut to bend with the stress, almost fold in half, and his servos had whirred frantically.

Butterfingers and U had zipped over, wheels leaving burnt rubber on the floor, to hurriedly grasp the engine. They’d beeped at each other and moved together to settle the engine on the floor a few feet away as Dum-E creaked his arm down to tap Tony’s face with his claw. Tony had felt awful that Dum-E had had to damage himself to save him.

“This should stand up to any engines,” he said to himself, reaching out to run his hand over Dum-E’s strut. Dum-E rolled closer to let him. Tony smiled tremulously. “Good boy, saving your dumb old daddy.”

Dum-E let out an offended beep and shoved his open claw against Tony’s stomach, curling it just slightly so that he was holding Tony’s waist.

“Dum-E does not like it when you call yourself dumb,” JARVIS supplied.

“Oh, but it’s okay when I do it to him,” Tony said, lifting a hand to wipe away–sweat, yeah, sweat.

Dum-E pressed closer to him, chassis bumping against his knees. He beeped again. It sounded… fond.

“I love you,” Tony blurted out, wrapping his arms around the bot as well. “I know I don’t say it enough, but–I do.”

Butterfingers and U rolled over to grasp at his shirt and arm, beeping quietly.

“We love you too, Sir,” JARVIS said quietly, part translation and part sincere.

Tony pressed his forehead to Dum-E strut.

He’d kind of figured that, when Dum-E had grabbed a falling car engine to keep it from killing him at the expense of his own arm.

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Hello! ''Tis me again. Could you write some general romance headcanons like you did before for MTMTE Megatron (maybe a bit of before and after the war?), Fortress Maximus, Optimus Prime (from tfa and/or tfp, or even IDW if that's easier), Prowl (IDW or tfa), Soundwave, Rung, Heatwave (rb), and Grimlock (rid15 or IDW). I'm so sorry there's so many. Your headcanons are flufftastic though and I'm crying from the cuteness

It’s only 8, lovely(Made 9 by me but shhh)! I don’t mind a lot of characters~ Rescue Bots isn’t on the list of continuities I do, buuuut! You’re a committed follower and I have seen RB, so I make the exception for you. Also I hope it’s okay I did TFP Soundwave? You didn’t specify and he’s like… My favorite soundwave–
Aaaaaaaaaaa thank you so much! You’re too nice to me!


Megatronus(bot! s/o only)
~Despite his demeanor and time in the pits he’s a surprisingly gentle and careful lover.
~Finds it an honor that his love chose him.
~He enjoys casual PDA, quick kisses, hugs, forehelm bumps. Mostly he just enjoys holding your servos.
~However, in certain company, he only allows for quick kisses or a hug, sometimes not even that.
~In other company he’ll keep an arm firmly wrapped around your waist, keeping you to his side. He wants them to know you’re his and that either you or him will kill them if anything happens to either.
~In private he’s prefers the more intimate affections. Such as holding you in his lap, arms wrapped firmly around your midsection, placing gentle kisses to your plating.
~He enjoys getting your opinions on his writings and even practicing speeches in front of you. He’s absolutely overjoyed if you clap for him and he takes all your suggestions and critiques in stride with an appreciative smile.
~Sharing a berth is about the same regardless of your size, he usually recharges on his back with you pulled into his side.
~He does understand, however, if you’re bigger and it’s uncomfortable for you to be pressed into his chassis with pedes hanging of the berth so he’ll compromise and you two will sleep face to face with his arm wrapped around you and legs tangled together.
~He likes dates where you just share energon at your home and talk about your days, but he also enjoys walks.
~Regardless of what you do for your dates, he likes to talk about your days and plans for tomorrow and just general things.
~He is elated to become Conjux with you and takes the whole thing very, very seriously.
~He takes his time in going through it all and, when you reciprocate, he picks you up in an almost crushing hug and swings you around, laughing.
~Unfortunately your relationship is doomed from the start. When the war starts, you grow apart, he’s not the mech you knew and he scares you.
~If you meet again after the war he’ll ask for your forgiveness, but never ask you to take him back. He understands that’s not what you two need. He will also readily understand if you are unwilling to forgive him.

~He’s a bit rougher than he used to be, more likely to do certain things without first asking you.
~He’s wholly against PDA except for servo holding when the situation allows it and maybe a passing hug or two. You can get away with a kiss to the cheek occasionally.
~However in private he is very affectionate, he believes it means more if only you get to see how much he loves you.
~In private he likes to be as gentle as he can, which is surprisingly very.
~He’s slow and careful with every touch, regardless your size or species.
~Even despite his carefulness he’s still a bit rough, he’s got a certain degree of numbness to his servos and, therefore, can’t always gauge how much pressure he’s using.
~He gently demands that you /tell him/ if he’s hurting you, he doesn’t want to and the communication helps him learn how certain pressures feel in his arm instead of his servos.
~His favorite kisses are to the forehelm/head and he likes to gently press forehelms together.
~He adores when you sit in his lap and let him place his chin on your shoulder and arms around your midsection whether you’re bot or human, though if you’re human he’ll either use massdisplacement or hollomatter.
~Sharing a berth is out of the question if you’re human, he doesn’t move much, but if you move and then he moves and he’s just too paranoid about hurting you for that.
~However if you’re a bot and smaller than him, which is more likely, he’ll always kind of wrap himself around you and hold you close to him. It doesn’t matter if your back, front, or side is to him, he will have himself wrapped around you.
~If you’re bigger than him it’s kind of the same thing only it’s a little harder for him to do it and, most of the time, he just ends up laying across your chassis with your legs tangled together. Sometimes he wants you to hold him, though. Only sometimes and he never says it out loud, just kind of pushes his back into you until you get the hint.
~Date nights are a must, they’re always quiet, but rarely the same. He may take a walk with you through the halls and just enjoy each other’s presence in silence or he may plan something with food/energon and music and dancing. It depends on how much time you have together and your moods.
~He always makes sure you get two date nights a week if he can manage it.
~Conjux is all but out of the question for him. He’s afraid of having someone that close to him considering what he’s done and who he is. He doesn’t want you to suffer with him simply because of his own wrong doings.
~You may both sit down and have a conversation about it and come to the conclusion that it could be a possibility in the future, but that is entirely in the air.

~He’s gentle and caring and always wants to be with you when he can.
~He’s very understanding with you, no matter what you’re doing.
~He tries to be as protective of you, to the best of his ability. He would go down fighting for you, not before trying to either run with you or talk them down.
~He likes keeping you in his lap and running his digits through your hair or gently massaging your helm.
~He’s a worrier, so if you’re in field a lot he waits, antsy and impatient, for you to get back.
~If your human he worries about you getting stepped on or seriously injured just being around the ship.
~If you’re bigger than him than he absolutely adores being picked up, held, and cuddled by you. It makes him feel very safe and protected in your arms.
~Also if you’re bigger than him he likes sitting in your lap and playing with your servos.
~His favorite show of affection is gentle forehelm/head touches and kisses.
~He’s not against PDA, but try to keep it to a minimum because he gets super embarrassed.
~Dates with him can either be perfectly planned or a bit spontaneous.
~If he you want to go out and explore the world they’re currently landed on, he turns that into a date quickly. However most of the time he plans his dates with good energon/food, soft lights that resemble candles, and gentle music.
~He likes casual and relaxed conversation during your dates, how your days went, stories from your sparklinghood/childhood, what you’re planning for tomorrow, etc.
~Recharging with him is different depending on the height and species.
~Humans don’t recharge with him. He’s absolutely terrified he will roll over and kill them.
~If the bot is the same height or smaller he faces them and tangles himself in their limbs, pressing their cheekplates together until he’s asleep. Then his helm may fall to their chassis or back away from them.
~If the bot is bigger it depends on how bad his day was, he may demand, very gently, to be held and cuddled, he needs the comfort. Otherwise it’s the same as above, he just wraps one leg around their waist and ends up with his helm to their chassis.
~Conjux is a bit of a scary concept to him, not because he doesn’t love you enough to be Conjux with you, but because he’s honestly afraid to tell you everything about him and he couldn’t imagine being Conjux with you /without/ telling you about his mistakes and secrets.
~He does eventually come clean, slowly, and he’s elated when you simply kiss him, “The past is the past, my sweet. You can’t change it, only learn from it… And you’re doing great.”
~He definitely cries when you become Conjux.

Fortress Maximus
~He’s afraid of how big he is, he’s going to hurt you! This is an especially aggravated fear if you’re human.
~Mostly he likes to keep you on his shoulder, there’s no way you’re bigger than him so even if you’re a bot as well you’re still probably sitting on his shoulders.
~PDA makes him nervous and a bit embarrassed so it’s pretty much just servo holding.
~He won’t fight you if give him a kiss or hug him as long as you warn him about what you’re going to do. If you don’t warn him sometimes he panics and he might throw you.
~If you’re human he’ll straight forget you’re on his shoulder if you stay quiet and you /will/ scare him scrapless if you talk suddenly. He almost screams.
~Also if you’re human he rarely holds you in his servos for very long, only long enough to deposit you somewhere else. He’s scared he’ll drop or seriously injure you.
~He’s not very good at dates, but he tries.
~The first few dates are awkward because he’s so unsure and he’s trying /too/ hard. You have to reassure him that you could just take a walk around the Lost Light and it would be perfect.
~From then he doesn’t try as hard, but he does his best to do things you would enjoy together.
~It takes a long time for him to think about sharing a berth with you and won’t do so until after you’re Conjux. He doesn’t want to let someone that close that might not stay.
~Sharing a berth is out of the question if you’re human, even if he doesn’t move much. He won’t recharge because he’s so nervous about it.
~Sharing a berth, however, is interesting. He’s so big and he takes up so much room you need a /giant/ berth.
~He keeps you on his chassis and holds you close, arms wrapped around your waist.
~He finds it’s easier to recharge with you there and your weight on top of him.
~Conjux is probably the scariest thing about relationships, but the moment he knows you’re the one, he’s going for it. He doesn’t even begin to allow himself to overthink about it, you’re the most important thing in his life.
~He’s crying when you reciprocate, but he’s going to pretend he’s not and don’t say anything he might snap at you! He’s fine!


Optimus Prime
~He’s the leader and a Prime so he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with you and that absolutely kills him.
~He does his best to at least make an hour a week to be with you and only you. Ratchet does the best he can to make sure he gets that hour.
~He’s not overtly affectionate, he either doesn’t have the time or needs to uphold himself properly.
~He’s not against PDA, however. Just keep it to a low minimum of servo holding and maybe a quick kiss or two, cheek or lips.
~However, in private, he is very, very affectionate.
~He holds you to him and kisses you where he can reach, shoulders, helm, lips, wherever he can get so he can show you how much you mean to him. Even if you’re human he’ll kiss your head a lot, may even use massdisplacement or hollomatter just so he can kiss you everywhere he wants.
~In private he rarely lets you get away from his hold, keeping you against his chassis.
~Dates are nearly impossible, so you can’t expect them much. Even in that hour he tries to make sure he gets a week he won’t plan anything, he doesn’t want it to fall apart and be completely ruined.
~However if he knows you’ll get a chance for a date he’ll make sure it’s simple, dinner and maybe a movie. He might dance with you, he likes to slow dance.
~He doesn’t recharge much so you might be hard pressed to recharge with him. Most of the time you’re forced to drag him to berth or he’ll flat skip recharge.
~If you’re human he won’t even allow you to stay at the base for the night. He loves you, but it’s not safe for you to stay and you have family you need to see. Just be back in the morning.
~If you’re a bot and you /actually/ get him to berth he’ll lazily wrap an arm around you, he can only sleep on his stomach or side, if he’s careful, so, no matter the size of you, you’re usually curled into his side with his arm around you.
~However if you’re smaller than him, similar to Arcee’s size, he may keep his arm off you. He doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you by pulling you into him too tightly.
~He won’t be Conjux with you. End of discussion. This is war and he doesn’t want to commit so much to you for you to just lose him or vice versa. It would be hard enough just to lose you, but to lose you as a Conjux would kill him.
~However, after the war, he would happily become Conjux with you. And by happily I mean he will cry and you’ll swear he’s not a Prime anymore, but Orion Pax again.

~He’s damn hard to read to most people, but never for you. You can read him very well and that’s something he loves about you.
~You find it easy to read his subtle body language and gauge his reactions and you always know how to react in turn.
~You can have full conversations with him and no one understands /how/. There’s nothing on his visor, no mashed audios clips, he’s just standing there and you’re talking. No one understands. That’s how you two like it.
~He’s completely against PDA, especially in front of Megatron.
~He may let you get away with leaning on him.
~If you’re human you can lean into his foot or, if you have the ability, he ignores you as you climb up his body to rest in any spot you fit that’s not dangerous if he moves. He’ll use his tendrils to move you if it’s dangerous.
~He still isn’t overly affectionate in private.
~He mostly likes to just hold you to his chassis, which can get awkward if you’re bigger than him because he’s like… All arm. You somehow make it work.
~He absolutely loves to nuzzle his helm to your helm/head, shoulders, or stomach, always gently. You know he loves it because there’s always a little heart emoji on his visor.
~The closest thing you’re getting to a date is leaning on him while he works and conversing in your own special way. Other than that, he’s just not the dating type. He’d rather just cuddle up in your berth.
~He also likes to tickle you with those damn tendrils, regardless of your species or size.
~You always share a berth, even if your human. He doesn’t move at all so there’s no issue in you getting hurt unless you fall off him and then that’s your problem, not his. If your bot it doesn’t matter what size you are he demands to be the big spoon, it’s easier on you both because he’s 90% lank and arm.
~If you move while recharging sometimes you may wake up with an elbow in the side or in a strange and compromising position. If he’s been awake before you, he has a picture of you.
~He also takes pictures of you constantly; everything is cute. He’s got quite the database of pictures of you, a lot of them are hyper focused on you and, therefore, very aesthetically pleasing.
~He’ll want to be Conjux with you, but he’s a little scared to do it considering the war. He eventually decides that he would rather die a thousand deaths with you in his spark than die even once without you.
~When he disappears your comfort is taken in that you can still feel him in your spark. He’s not dead.


~He’s either extremely understanding or extremely annoyed with you and there is rarely an in between with him.
~Usually if he’s annoyed he just tells you he’s too aggravated to talk right now and he’s going to cool down. That way he never just storms away. Usually you agree it’s a good idea too cool.
~If it’s something like tripping over yourself and therefore tripping him up or tripping off his servo causing him to have to scramble to catch you he’ll just make sure you’re alright and then gently smile at you.
~Generally speaking he’s more likely to take a partner who’s calm, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take a partner that is more rambunctious and ready to party/fight. It just means he’s more likely to get drug out of his comfort zone.
~PDA isn’t something he’s huge on, but if you take his servo or kiss him he’ll return the gesture. He does like to keep you in his lap if he’s sitting though or to be in yours if you’re bigger.
~He won’t let you get too touchy in public, don’t wrap an arm around him he’ll slink out of it and give you a look.
~He gets super embarrassed if you kiss his face in public and will definitely duck so you miss and end up kissing open air.
~If you’re human he likes to keep you on his shoulder, which means he can’t duck! You’re free to kiss his face all over where you can reach and make him a blushing, stuttering mess.
~His dates are generally very, very quiet and always just the two of you.
~He likes candle lights and starry night walks. Conversations come and go easily and there’s never any awkwardness between the two of you.
~Sharing a berth is completely different depending on you and you’re species and height.
~If you’re human he keeps you either against his neck or on his chassis, he doesn’t move so there’s no worries and it won’t be a particularly painful drop if you happen to roll of him yourself.
~If you’re a bot yourself and smaller than him he likes to either be the big spoon, though he’ll let you be the big spoon if you ask, or recharge face to face in a tangle of arms, legs, and chassis. Sometimes you have a bit of trouble separating in the morning.
~If you’re bigger than him he still likes to be the big spoon but he’s far more likely to settle on being the little spoon. He still likes to face you and tangle up together, however sometimes it ends up with him just being on top of you.
~If you move in recharge there’s a chance you might push him off the berth and he’ll never forgive you. (he forgives you by the time you’re out the door of your habsuite.)
~Conjux is /slightly/ scary concept for him. He’s not sure he’ll be the best partner for you, you gently reassure him that he will be the best partner.
~He takes his time with it all, because he wants it to be slow and special and all mean the world to the both of you.
~When he joins the Well of Allsparks you feel it in your own spark and are knocked to your knees and left breathless and lost.

{Rescue Bots}

~He’s actually a lot of fun, even if he can be kind of stiff and a bit heated.
~He likes having you around, you really even him out and keep him level, even if you’re similar to him your presence really just calms him down.
~He’s the leader so that often means you don’t get a lot of alone time so you have to take up to being okay with some PDA, but not too much. He’s got a reputation to uphold and he doesn’t want anyone to think less of you either.
~PDA with him is fairly cautious and sensible; don’t hug him too much, kisses on the lips are short, stop being so cute!
~It’s not that he doesn’t love you and if you /ever/ feel like that’s why he doesn’t show a lot of affection publicly he’ll be more inclined to prove you wrong.
~The real reason he doesn’t show a lot of public affection is because he’s seen what people can make of it and he doesn’t want that for either of you, you deserve better than /that/.
~If you tell him you’d like to show him more affection he would agree, but it’s still not silly or long, awkward affections. Just more kissing, hugs last longer, he’s trying.
~He’s a hot head so sometimes you argue and he rarely backs down, you have to be the one to walk away before things get back. He’s working on that, but it can get hard on both of you.
~Sharing a berth is about the same regardless of your species, it’s size that’ll change it.
~If you’re human or a bot smaller than him he’ll let you recharge on his chassis with an arm lazily wrapped around your waist. Sometimes this changes to him being the big spoon, but he doesn’t much care for spooning so it doesn’t happen often.
~If you’re bigger he will shamelessly sprawl across your chassis but if you take pictures or tell /anyone/ he will never forgive you.
~He’s a sucker for romantic comedies so your dates are often curling up in his lap or holding each other and watching the newest one or even one of your favorites. That’s his favorite date.
~However he does also like dates like those /in/ his romantic comedies and he’ll try to recreate them. Sometimes this goes smoothly, sometimes you feel like maybe, just maybe, you /are/ the romcom itself.
~Heatwave isn’t sure about Conjux until you bring it up one night just before you fall into recharge together.
~”You ever thought about being Conjux with me.” “I…. All the time.” “Good.”
~He can’t believe that just happened. He’s ten seconds from squealing when you start snoring and then he has to keep it on the inside. How dare you do that to him.


~He is just… So excited? About everything you do? He just loves you so much?
~You could just say I love you to him and he’d squeal and wrap you in a bear hug.
~He doesn’t much like to get away from you, practically begging Bee to send you teamed together. The only time he doesn’t beg or even bother to ask is if you can’t split off into teams of two, but instead one.
~He loves it if you sit and watch him train and work out. Though it will eventually dissolve into cuddles and tickling each other after one of you starts to tease the other.
~He is all about PDA, though he knows when enough is enough.
~He loves to hold you to him and have you touching him in any way possible. Whether this be an arm around you or servo holding is dependent on you size and species.
~If you’re a bot and small then him you can find yourself sitting in his arms in a hug or sitting on his shoulders because that’s where he put you and that’s where he wants you.
~If you’re about the same or maybe a little bigger he keeps an arm wrapped around you somewhere, usually around the waist with a servo on your hip.
~He’s into every type of kiss, cheek, bunny, lips, passionate, chaste, just kiss him he loves it and he loves you.
~He won’t let it get to far, kisses are never too long, hugs are never sensual, he knows what’s too far and he doesn’t cross that line.
~He likes to have you on his shoulder, regardless of if you’re bot or human. He just likes having you there.
~Sharing a berth is the same no matter what. He transformers and curls around you with his dino head rested underneath you. That’s just what he likes.
~If you’re human you sleep on top of his head unless it’s deemed unsafe for you.
~If you’re a smaller bot you basically sleep curled into his dino neck, if you’re bigger you’re leaning into him instead.
~You’re pretty much always on one big date and he doesn’t know a lot about dating, so it’s up to you if you go on an actual date. Make sure it’s fun!
~Conjux for him isn’t something he understands or ever thought about so you have to make the moves and explain to him what you’re doing and why.
~He’ll cry once you are Conjux though, he can’t believe someone wants him so much.

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I'm still fangirling over your picture (because I just love chubby ppl(and how squishy they feel when I cuddle with them), but anyways, *awkwardly clears throat*, I was wondering if your still open for requests and if you are, can you do some fluff hcs for Poly!Cygate, TFP!OP and two other bots of your choice with human s/o? c:

Hello sweet person~! I’m going to take you calling me chubby as a compliment since you said you love it. X’D And thank you! :3

Okay so I hope you like these darling, I’m tired right now but I put a lot of thought into these. They’re all MTMTE except Optimus and though Megatron was a little tough, I wanted to try my hand at fluff with him. 

So here you go darling~!


  • The human has to work hard to become close enough to Cyclonus to be his s/o but Tailgate has had a great opinion of them since day one so that helps. He wants to get to know them better and be their friend and encourages them to try to get to know Cyclonus as well (and for Cy to not be so withdrawn from the human). Over time, all three do become very close and no one on the Lost Light is surprised when the three enter into a poly relationship.


  • Being in a relationship with these two means there’s always a good balance. Cyclonus is the best one to go to for advice when something goes wrong, while Tailgate helps his s/o cheer up with his bright and positive personality. Both enjoy snuggles with their s/o (though no PDA for Cyclonus, he gets grumpy) and Tailgate especially likes to always be touching one of them if he can. Cyclonus usually just holds them to his chasis and lets them sit on his shoulders or in his hands. Tailgate runs a servo over their hair, pokes them lightly to tickle them and nuzzles them.


  • Imagine there was a garden somehow made for the human on the ship.
    Both Tailgate and Cyclonus enjoy helping their s/o garden and pick food or flowers (using holoforms of course). It’s a soothing past time for all of them and Tailgate will make them both flower crowns to wear. Cyclonus sometimes sings for Tailgate and their human as he helps them garden. Sometimes Tailgate and the human will join in and anyone walking by will just hear the three singing together, maybe a bit too enthusiastically. ;P


  • He’s wary and closed off around the human at first. He doesn’t know how to react to them being on the ship and is sure they hate him and who could blame them? The human is cautious around him too since he used to be a terrifying warlord. They don’t start to open up until one day when the human comes to drop off some paperwork and sees poetry Megatron had written. They’re excited because they love poetry and before either knows it, they’ve spent hours talking.


  • They tend to keep the relationship hush hush but behind closed doors, Megatron is surprisingly affectionate once he figures out how to be affectionate with a being so small. Very gentle with them but really enjoys when they reciprocate his touches, especially kisses. Though he still isn’t the biggest fan of using holoforms, he will when either is feeling particularly upset about something and needs some serious cuddles for comfort. He also likes to use it to put on music and slow dance with his s/o.


  • He honestly values his s/o’s opinion more than what anyone would expect of him. He knows they’re intelligent and through falling for them has let go (slowly) of some of his prejudice. So as a sign of respect (and because they are dating), he tries to be honest with them and talk to them about what’s going on. Whether it’s with him personally (since he struggles with talking about himself, this takes a while) or what’s going on with the ship. Megatron listens to his s/o’s input and though he might not always agree, they can tell he thinks a lot of them and their abilities.

Ultra Magnus:

  • He tries to hide his growing attraction to the human on the Lost Light, he really does. But it’s super obvious to everyone around him including the human so a few bots kept talking to the human about approaching Magnus since that was the only way anything would happen. They were nervous too but imagine their surprise when Magnus was really happy (if shocked as well) that they’d asked him out. Rodimus was eavesdropping and cheered loudly outside the room. :P


  • A romantic deep, deep down but it takes a while for him to get used to being in a relationship after so many years of war so he’s a bit stiff at first. He’s quite old fashioned and his ideas of romantic dates are tuned to what his s/o likes (he just wants to make them smile). He teaches himself how to cook human food (and cook it well) so that he can make them homemade meals with candlelight and soft music. He’s blushing all the while but he’s trying bless his heart.


  • He really enjoys the soft moments with his s/o and any affection they show him, even if it makes him awkward and he blushes a lot. They’re the only person who can call him Mags without getting reprimanded and though he doesn’t say it, he really likes it when they call him that. He usually prefers to cuddle out of his armor since it’s so damn big. For some reason his s/o really likes his mustache and teases him gently about it when they cuddle. He doesn’t mind though because he likes seeing the playful sparkle in their eyes.

TFP Optimus:

  • He’s hesitant to be in a relationship during the war, especially with a soft, fragile human. But he can’t deny his attraction to them (mentally and physically ;D) and has a hard time trying to keep himself from growing too close to them. It’s inevitable though and he realizes how much he cares about them when during one of his rare free moments, he immediately seeks them out. They talk until both grow tired and the human falls asleep on his chasis while he’s laying in his berth, Optimus falling into recharge only a few minutes later.


  • But once they do finally get together, it’s undeniable how happy the two are. Optimus is a tired, stressed warlord but when he spends time with his s/o, they alleviate some of that pain. He’s often caught himself staring at them with soft optics from across the room, occasionally ignoring by accident whoever’s talking to him at the time. When they’re alone, he does love cuddling his s/o and holding them close and ever since that first time, the two like to sleep together.


  • He’s truthfully very protective of his s/o, despite trying his best not to make that obvious or overbearing. They’re in a war though and he worries a lot for them and the thought of anything happening to them hurts his spark. He respects their independence though and trusts them to do the smart thing if there’s ever an emergency. But if they’re okay with it, he prefers keeping them by his side. Even in front of others, he’ll hold them in his hands and as he works or they talk, gently caresses them with a servo.


lilysflowershop  asked:

I really love that ask you just did about the MTMTE bots meeting their human s/o for the first time and how they ask them out!! It was super cute! Do you think you'd be okay with doing the same thing for MTMTE Rodimus, Rung, Ratchet, Tailgate and Cyclonus? Thank you~!! ❤

Of course little lovely!!!!! x3

-He arranged a meeting with you to discuss your safety on the ship and possibly making alternative ways for you to safely go around
-He will see you in the halls and say hi, then it went to small talk, then it went to him searching for you around the ship just to get some sort of conversation in that day
-He fusses up to you, he likes you and it’d be an honor to have you as company to the bar later

-You got sent to meet the therapist, pretty much everyone has to meet him and there are no exceptions
-He decided it was mandatory that you come in from time to time for him to evaluate your psyche since being the only human on board can be a bit lonely, but then he starts falling
-He has a hard time telling you, after all, you’re his patient

-You got sent to the medbay one day because of a minor injury, he helped you onto the berth and ran through the exam like the professional he is
-He would pass you and ask how you’re doing and to remind you he will help you if you need it
-He doesn’t tell you he likes you, someone else does who happened to overhear him talking to the other doctors. Now it’s up to you if you want say anything or not

-He heard about you and immediately wanted to meet you because he’s never seen a human face to face
-He thinks you are the cutest thing ever and asks if it’s okay to be friends
-He starts to realize he is crushing on you and just comes out and says it

-He doesn’t think much of you in your few encounters, but he acknowledges your presence with a nod
-He begins to find things he has in common with you and you two start bonding over that
-One day he asks you if human dating is similar to Cybertronian dating

anonymous asked:

hello love! since i dont see enough of it around... rodimus, ultra magnus, whirl, and drift have not seen much of their s/o around lately. they begin to panic, thinking they've lost her to someone else, but then they burst into their shared hab suite and see their artist s/o painting a HUGE, beautiful landscape of pre-war cybertron to be mounted in swerve's bar. even if the painting was half-done and kinda meant to be a surprise, how do said bots react??? (canon-sized bots!) love the blog<3

Hahaha guys I lied my response isn’t any shorter than before oops.

So from what you wrote I’m assuming reader is human female, hope that’s okay! Also thank you, anon. <3

  • Rodimus acts like he’s not panicking but he totally is: “Oh Primus, what if she’s found someone cooler than I am? Pfft, I mean like that’s even possible, but what if she doesn’t even like me anymore? OH MY GOD what if she’s been kidnapped. What if–” He goes around asking the crew if they’ve seen you and his overall behavior becomes very snippy and cranky.
  • “How the hell have you been in here the whole time without me noticing?” He’s happy to have finally found you but you had him all wound up for nothing. He pouts a little until he notices your art.
  • He’s speechless upon seeing your painting. Rodimus is far more clever than he lets on. The fractured state of Cybertron, his home, does sadden him; your art reminds him that the whole point of the quest is finding the Knights of Cybertron to restore their planet’s glory. He doesn’t stay sad for long. You and the Lost Light are his home now. He tells you that he really loves your painting and he knows everybody else will love it too. Then he ruins a nice moment by going: “Yo you should totally draw me, I’ll model for you.”
  • Ultra Magnus feels a bit insecure about your prolonged absence, but convinces himself that maybe you just want some space. When he realizes nobody else has seen you around either, he gets concerned and goes looking.
  • Is half relieved and half disapproving when he finds you in your shared hab suite. “(Name), you can’t spend all of your time holed up in—I thought we agreed to keep our habitation suite clean! Why is there paint on the walls?” He puts the pieces together when he sees your painting.
  • To him, Cybertron before the war was Functionism and living under someone else’s shadow. There’s not much that he misses. He thinks your painted Cybertron is idealistic, too perfect despite being unfinished. He’ll beat himself up for being naïve but maybe, just maybe, Cybertron may truly look like that one day.  For now, he’s happier here, now, and with you. Tells you he’s very impressed but makes you promise to take breaks, your painting is huge and is going to take time.
  • Whirl actually becomes anxious and moody, he plays around with ridiculous theories regarding your disappearance but it’s all distractions to keep him away from the very real possibility that you’ve abandoned him or you no longer love him. He goes looking for you to find the truth.
  • He’s thrilled to find you in the hab suite and just plops on the ground to be closer to you, inadvertently getting paint on himself. “Babe, where the frag did you get all of this paint? Don’t tell me you stole it—no wait, wait, I take that back. You stole ‘em didn’t you, aww ya little badass, I’m rubbing off on you, aren’t I?”
  • Always impressed to see you creating things, he thinks your painting is gorgeous and that you’re crazy for attempting to paint something so huge. He doesn’t dwell on any pre-war feelings that he might be reminded of when looking at your art, but he does casually bring up his old watch shop in Polyhex. He leaves you to it but regularly drops in to check on you and annoy you. You’re painting doesn’t stay secret for long
  • Drift is concerned about your whereabouts and goes looking for you. If for some reason he thought you left him for someone else, he’d grow very quiet and become prone to lashing out at people. He decides not to jump to conclusions for now
  • He’s relieved to have found you but notices your painting before acknowledging you. “Wait, is that Cybertron? How do you know what Cybertron looked like before the war? N-not that it isn’t beautiful, it is!” He picks you up on his palm so you two can admire your handiwork together.
  • Drift does NOT like to be reminded of his past. Instead, he brings up religious sites on Cybertron that he wants to show you someday, compliments your lovely painting techniques, and tells you how excited he is to find the Knights of Cybertron. He can’t wait to see your art in Swerve’s bar and promises to keep it a secret. He really does believe Cybertron will be as beautiful as your painting when the quest is over.

anonymous asked:

OMG I just read your headcanons about a few of the bots getting their s/o pregnant and AHHHHHHHH. I HAVE MAJOR BABY FEVER RIGHT NOW. Can you do more please! Thank you SO much!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Since you didn’t specify a canon or characters for this request, I’ll be doing two of my favourite IDW characters. You can find more headcanons of this type here and here! )


✦ Is shocked to learn about these turn of events when his human approaches him about their results. The relationship Optimus and the human have is more friends-with-benefits than anything else. The two looking for ways to blow off steam with how he’s working so hard to help Earth enter the intergalactic stage while the human is focusing on helping Marissa Faireborne prepare for her spot in the Council of Worlds. The pair have a long discussion about what they should do and, in the end, agree to keep the baby and raise them to the best of their abilities. They tell their closest companions about the turn of events and make them swear to secrecy in order to keep the media from finding out.

✦ The media finds out anyway. Probably for the best that his human is out of the public’s eye while they go through the pregnancy. The news circuit flips out when they learn Optimus Prime’s human lover is pregnant with his child and try to get any shot of them in the following months, running think piece after think piece about this revelation and how this could affect humans-Cybertronian relations. This is one of the most stressful periods in the human’s life and Optimus tries to be there for them when he’s not away on missions or activities. Often enough it’s Jazz and Arcee who keeps the human company the most. Arcee is… awkward at best though she does her best to protect the human. Jazz helps smooth out tensions and ruffled feathers and helps the human laugh more often. Over-all this time could be better and it could have been worse.

✦ When they break their water, the human is taken to a hospital and has to be under an alias to keep the media off them. Alas Optimus is not there when the human is going through the motions of childbirth, having to deal with a crisis. He could have delegated the mission to someone else but thought it would be better he’s there on the field, finding the idea of being useless as his partner screams and labours in pain too much for him. He’s apologetic when he comes see them much, much later when all is said and done. Optimus promises he’ll try to be the best sire and provider for the two long as his spark runs and the human thinks that’s enough. It’ll have to be. This is no fairy tale romance and they both knew it when going in.

✦ The baby is a cute and sturdy little bitlet, communicating through low and serious-sounding beeps with those around them. The bean may seem aloof at first, preferring the hold and attentions of their sire and carrier, but they will practically melt in the arms of whoever is holding them if you scratch their tummy juuuuust right. They have Optimus’ antenna finials which wiggle and twitch about to show how happy/annoyed they are and the antennas are another good spot to scratch if you want to have a purring sparkling cuddling up against you. They absolutely love Arcee for some reason and tries copycat her movements whenever they’re together, something everyone thinks is not the best of ideas.

✦ Pyra Magna and her Torchbearers adore the little one’s presence when the human brings them along into meetings, with Skyburst, Dustup, and Jumpstream being the most intrigued by the baby’s presence. The baby, in return, adores the Torchbearers for their interest in them and the fact they are so very colourful. Not that the baby’s arrival makes Pyra Magna feel more lenient with Optimus. If anything she’s become more critical of him, observing him now that he has to act in the role of a sire and how fares as that. (Hint: Not well. Don’t get him wrong. He’s not trying to be an awful parent on purpose. It’s just he’s been at war for so long and has been looked up to as a leader by so many people that he finds it difficult to not be practical and firm. Despite the best solution with his sparkling is to sometimes act softer and kinder.)

✦ More worried than ever about the prophecy he’s had. Never once did it show his partner or child in his visions, making him wonder what happened to them. He shudders at the possibilities and does whatever he can to keep them by his side. As a result he can be a bit controlling about his human’s movements and decisions, especially if it involves the baby. The human will have Words with him on his actions and a lot of fights happen between them. The relationship they have is sometimes fraught, often exhausting, but one they’re determined to see through. If only for the sake of the baby.


✦ Since he’s never met a human before the liaison, he presumes that the morning sickness and tenderness of their body as signs of them having the flu or cold. He only realises what’s going on when they start to see Ratchet for check ups and tests on the side, having seen their open planner by accident when tidying up the liaison’s office one day. At first he’s a little miffed that they went to Ratchet instead of him and then he thinks something terrible must have happened and they’re trying to hide it for his sake and oh no P a n i c T i m e. He makes his poor human lose at least twenty years off their lifespan when he barges into the officers’ meeting out of the blue, yelling about how he’s there to support them and see them though whatever he’s ailing them okay? The liaison realises what he must have realised by accident and awkwardly explains what’s really going on. This is how First Aid (and everyone in the room) learns about the pregnancy. Rodimus pulls out a party popper from his subspace and pops it in celebrations. Ultra Magnus scolds Rodimus for his behaviour. Megatron wonders if he should have stayed in his cell. (A question haunts First Aid for the rest of his days regarding that fateful meeting: Why did Rodimus have that party popper in the first place? A mystery.)

✦ The pregnancy months are a wild ride for the couple and everyone on the Lost Light. Everyone has to actually hide their weapons and keep high-grade energon out of reach. Ultra Magnus is cracking down on serial cussers so they don’t negatively influence the child’s first word. Nautica, Brainstorm, and Perceptor are helping babyproof most of the ship with the aid of Megatron and Rodimus. First Aid tries to learn everything he can about human pregnancies and Swerve, Tailgate, and Rewind offer to help him out by going through the human internet with him and looking up videos. Big mistake - They may have freaked themselves out by accident when learning what could go wrong during the pregnancy and during the delivery because there is a lot of ways it can go wrong. The poor liaison needs to assure the four that they’re fine. Really. There’s no need to try and put them in a plastic bubble or carry them all around the ship if they have to be somewhere. Please you guys. They need to finish this report by tonight. You guys-

✦ The day his human’s water break First Aid surprisingly keeps himself together. The liaison was worried he would go into hysterics or something and yet there he is, calm and cool and collected as he helps them out of their shared habsuite and into the medbay. He tells the medical crew what’s going on and leaves it to their capable servos, trusting Ratchet and Velocity to handle the procedures. He focuses all his attentions on his human as they go through contractions and the pains and the dreaded crowning, telling them how wonderful they are and how strong they are and yes he will never touch them again if that’s what they want. There’s a reason why Ratchet realised he could be the next Chief Medical Officer.

✦ Their baby is a box. That’s a very rude way to describe a babe and yet that is the truth. It is a box that hops around and beeps/chirrups if they want something and is still somehow the cutest bean to ever exist. It might have to do with the fact the baby is so soft and squishy, always up for cuddling sessions. The baby is fussy however and, ironically enough, hates going to the medbay whether its to see their sire or get a much loathed checkup. Remember how it’s mentioned the baby beeps/chirrups in communicating? Well not in the case of them going to the medbay. The baby box screeches and this is when everyone learns the importance of lowering their audials’ sensitivity or noise cancelling plugs. At least Siren gets a taste of his own medicine.

✦ There is not shortage of babysitters for the bean since everyone wants to help take care of the first ever recorded human-Cybertronian sparkling in history. Rung looks after them in his office, the room having been turned into a nursery of sorts as he helps in the child’s development and looks after them when the parents are busy. Swerve shows the baby educational cartoons and sneaks them the actual fun cartoons when First Aid isn’t looking. Even Whirl volunteers to give a hand/claw but he’s stricken off the list when the couple learn he tried to use them as a coaster at Swerve’s. The baby box loves their family and the attention they get though there is no denying the fact they love love love their parents the most. The baby all but leaps out their sitter’s arms when First Aid or the liaison come to pick them up at the end of the day, purring and beeping up a storm while they’re being carried away for recharge. (Sometimes, when in their habsuite and he thinks they’re already asleep, the human will heard First Aid whispering to the sparkling all sorts stories during his time on Delphi. Most of the tales focusing on his time spent with ‘Uncle Ambulon’ like how he helped the ‘bot get a new paintjob or how, one time, he transformed into a leg by accident and was so embarrassed he hopped away. ‘I think you would have loved him,’ First Aid always sighs whenever he finishes telling his stories.)

✦ Oddly First Aid is a stickler for proper terms. He will get annoyed if someone calls his child a ‘bean’ or ‘blob’ and will not hesitate to tersely remind the individual that his child is a protoform or baby, thank you very much. The only ones who get away with calling his child a bean is his human partner, Velocity, and Ratchet. The first two are obvious choices due to how close they became over time. Ratchet is only allowed because there’s something hilarious in seeing how his old boss cooing over a baby and using a high-pitched voice and kissy noises to keep the child’s attention on him. This is Ratchet at his best and his most shameless.

Asgardian Alcohol and why super soldiers shoudn't drink it...
  • [Steve and Bucky are both drunk]
  • Tony: Hey.
  • Steve: Hey! It's Tony, I love Tony! [Hugs Tony]
  • Bucky: Oh, I love Tony! Tony lives with a bot.
  • Tony: Hi. [Hugs Bucky]
  • Tony: Alright look, I need some help, okay? Someone has to convince my hand twin to cooperate!
  • Steve: I'll do it. Whatever you need me to do, I'm your man.
  • Steve: [Sits down on nothing and falls to the ground]
  • Steve: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you okay?
  • Tony: Yeah. Fine. Thanks. Hey Buck, how do you doin'?
  • Bucky: I'm doin' good baby. How you doin'?
  • Tony: Steve, don't let him drink anymore!

lilysflowershop  asked:

Okay because I'm not great at coming up with good ideas for requests but want to support your blog (excited for you btw!!) do have any romantic headcanons for Swerve with a human s/o??

tis okay, my friend!! thank you for your support, it’s really appreciated :’) and but of course– i also have a huge soft spot for Swerve <3

Swerve ( MTMTE )

  • First and foremost, despite his jokes and faux self-confidence, Swerve’s still genuinely surprised he has you as his s/o. And he couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. Almost every time you guys lay down and cuddle together, he tells you about how he’s the luckiest bot out there to have you.
  • Expect that he loves to chat with you. Especially when the bar is running a bit low on activity. He’ll chatter on and on forever. And he’s so happy that you genuinely want to listen.
  • But due to his lack of self confidence in this, he’s constantly second guessing himself. Do you actually want to be with him? Are you actually happy with him? Oh, don’t you deserve someone cooler like Rodimus or Drift?
  • To which, no doubt, you notice this and you kiss all over his faceplates and tell him how much you care about him and how you’re the luckiest human alive to have him.
  • Oh my goodness, so many cuddles! Especially when it’s laying and watching sitcoms together.
  • I’d imagine he’d be very excited to ask about your culture. So many cuddle sessions are spent trading things about each others’ cultures. He wants to know all about humans. He’s so in awe of how different all humans are and how you became you! He praises you all the time!
  • Like you kiss his faceplates, Swerve loves to turn on his holomatter form and kiss you all over your face! He just needs to show his infinite love for you!

anonymous asked:

forget abt the mean person who said to 'write less' i know that i (and all ur followers) love to read all of what u write! we wouldnt be following u if we didnt! keep up the good work of gracing the tf fandom with ur lovely writing!!!

Ahhhh!!!!! It was such a surprise to see this in my inbox!! Thank you so much anon, you have no idea how much your words mean to me.

I know that sometimes (okay a lot of the time) people get annoyed when I write long posts and don’t bother reading. 

But I can’t help my writing style you know? And I think the more detail the better!! You’re getting more reading material about your favorite bots, what could be wrong with that!! 

I’m always amazed when I see writers put so much time and effort into their posts, like @patchworkgremlin and @cybertronianrecords, who both write long and very detailed posts. They deserve the love and appreciation they get, so I feel it’s unfair to come at me on my blog when I manage to write something long. 

But! I know that there are people who love it and show their support, and I thank you all for that, especially you anon.


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How many followers fo you have??

First of all, I don’t like to call them “followers” because it’s not a number, they are peoples, beautiful peoples!
And secondly, they are 791 amazing and lovely peoples following this blog (not bot or porn blog because I block them immediately!)
And that’s really mind blowing! I mean why? Okay, most of them are my friends (and I’m glad they are :D)! I actually thought peoples would unfollow me since… Well… The big change but no! You are all so comprehensive! Thank you so much!!!

smolmemeboiyo  asked:

Okay but what about yandere parents cygate and rewind/chromedome reacting to their 'child' falling in love with a bot on the ship? Thank you!!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I’ll be doing headcanons for these since a scenario wasn’t requested. Hope that’s alright with you, lovely! And RIP to the ‘bot in this scenario. I don’t know why but I keep imagining Pipes or Ambulon for this situation?? Like they never catch a break in canon might as well not give them a break in imagines too. )


✦ They find out about the crush because their sparkling willingly informed them of said crush. Tailgate, who has a much easier time getting information out from their bitlet compared to Cyclonus, is asked for advice. Mainly on how to speak with other ‘bots and how to keep their interest. The liaison tries to hide behind the excuse except Tailgate knows what’s up. It takes a lot of teasing on his end but he’s able to get the name of the ‘bot in question after he swears up and down he won’t tell anyone about this. He quickly relays the information to Cyclonus moment the couple can be alone together; he’s so excited to tell his Conjunx this exciting bit of news!

✦ The couple is so happy for their little sparkling, they really are. They’re falling in love! Cyclonus and Tailgate found happiness with each other, it only makes sense that they should get the experience of finding their true love. With a Cybertronian no less! That pleases them a lot since it means there’s a stronger chance their little one won’t leave them as easily should they ever go back to earth. Why leave the Lost Light when their parents and their Conjunx are there?

✦ It makes sense to them that they apply some pressure on this ‘bot when Tailgate learns their child is preparing to ask them out soon. They just want to be sure their little one is happy. Tailgate goes first and tries to capture the crush with honey. Tries to butter them up by talking about how wonderful the liaison is and how pretty they are and how they’ll be a great partner for anyone lucky to catch their eye, bot or human. If the ‘bot seems lukewarm at the idea of the liaison as a partner or, worse, uninterested in them, this is when Cyclonus steps in. Tailgate doesn’t know what exactly his Conjunx does to them in the unused habsuite but it sure gets the results! The the ‘bot later comes out, agreeing to anything and everything the couple tells them.

✦ Cyclonus and Tailgate are ecstatic to learn from their sparkling that they’re going out with their crush. The date goes perfectly, with their little one over the moon with how attentive and considerate their date is to them. Dates become a regular thing between the two lovebirds and it isn’t long before the ‘bot asks if the liaison want to officially be a couple with them. The liaison has never been any happier as they gush about the news to the pair. (After this, when they get another chance to be all alone with the terrified ‘bot, Tailgate and Cyclonus make something very clear: This is going to be a long-term relationship. The ‘bot will now focus on their child’s happiness and comfort from now on. If they so much as think the ‘bot is unfaithful or cold to their child they’re going to wish they were never forged/constructed.)


✦ They find out by complete accident. During Rewind’s clandestine following of their bitlet around the ship as they do their rounds, he’ll notice they like to visit and talk to a particular ‘bot more than the others. He notices how much they smile at the ‘bot and laugh at any (un)funny jokes they make, lavishing praise and attention that makes him feel sick. He also notices how the ‘bot is very receptive of the attention, their optics bright with mirth. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their child is nursing a crush for this particular crew member. When Chromedome tries to ask them if anyone on board has caught their eye, their reluctance and shyness to speak about it only confirms it.

✦ The couple… The couple is not happy with the revelation. At all. In fact they disapprove and are jealous of the crush. Humans have so little time as is. They want to spend as much time they can with their baby and their work around the ship takes them away so much as is. How dare this interloper come in, trying to take away them away now. They will not hesitate to start a campaign against the ‘bot in question, doing everything they can to ruin the relationship before it begins. Chromedome uses his ties with Rodimus to have the schedule of this ‘bot changed so they never run into their little one as easily anymore. Rewind starts looking up for any information to use against them, along with using his relationship with the rest of the crew to dig up dirt.

✦ All the while they pretend to be supportive of their child’s crush on the ‘bot, nodding and faking their happiness when informed by their sparkling they finally got a date with their crush. This is when the couple corners the ‘bot, knowing it’s now or never. All alone with no one else around to intervene, Chromedome and Rewind do not fool around while showing the confused and frightened soul all the blackmail they have at hand. They tell the ‘bot to make the date they have planned with the liaison awful. They order them to make the liaison feel regret for liking them, for acknowledging their presence. The crew member doesn’t like it, not one bit, and try to refuse. Chromedome pulls out his needles as one final threat and Rewind doesn’t stop his Conjunx approaching the now cowering ‘bot. The ‘bot agrees to sabotage their own date in the end - Only after they feel the press of the needles against their neck cables.

✦ Chromedome and Rewind are quick to provide their support when their bitlet returns from their night out at Swerve’s, embarrassed by how badly that date had gone. They listen to the liaison’s rants about how rude and crude their crush was, how everyone in the bar was staring at them when they burst into tears, how utterly stupid they feel for liking that idiot in the first place. At that point Chromedome will gather the tired human up, rocking them back-and-forth them as he brings them to berth where Rewind is waiting for them. Don’t struggle against this. It’s fine. It’s okay. Rest up and focus on feeling better, okay? They’ll deal with that awful ‘bot later. No one embarrasses their sparkling like that and gets away with it.

anonymous asked:

Alie did her head tilt thing when she said the word "together" to Clarke, and I think it means she must have known that Clarke associates "together with Bellamy," which means she was trying to use Clarke's love for Bellamy to manipulate her into not pulling the lever. But it 10000% backfired on her, and proved that once again, Alie does not understand what love truly means.

I like your interpretation for that artistic choice in that moment, and I will come back to it in this post. Okay, so my review ended up being a book, I’ve decided to break down parts of the episode with the different asks people gave me. It’s much easier because brains would explode if I tried to write a full out review (I may still though, we’ll see). 

If you are a huge Cl.exa fan, you may not want to read this. You have been warned. 

Premise 1: In order to better understand where I am coming from in this post, you’ll need to know that I believe the COL Le/xa was summoned by Clarke and her need, and that it wasn’t the real Le/xa we came to know in 2B or 3A. Look at the following dialogue between Clarke and AI Becca:

Clarke: “Did you give me this (talking about her Father’s Watch)

Becca: “No, you did. ALIE 2.0 has merged with your mind. But your mind is in control. And only the mind that is in control can operate the kill switch.” 

Clarke summoned things she needed to gain strength and guidance in COL, and she “fixed” them in order to remember the best parts of them:

Reminder - Emori in 3x15: “I would if I had any [defects].” Ppl fix things in the COL. ;-)

1. Her father’s watch - once broken is now fixed and ticking (she fixed its defect). 

2. Her season 1 clothing - the part of her she identifies with (current identity is a defect, so she fixes it)

3. The switch - she’s pulled two switches that caused pain (she fixes it by summoning up a switch that can save people - she is fixing her past wrongs/defects). 

3. Le/xa … well, do you see where I’m going with this? 

  • Screen-To-Script: “Goddamn right IT’S LE/XA! In full battle armor and war paint – the perfect [fixed] embodiment of the SPIRIT OF THE COMMANDERS.” (LINK TO SOURCE)
  • Interview with Eliza Taylor: Did you at least ask them why you’re wearing Clarke’s first-season costume when she enters the City of Light? “I did! I thought it was kind of a cool spin. It was the first season costume, but it was blue shirt as opposed to gray. Jason [Rothenberg, EP] was like, “Well in the City of Light, you see yourself as the way you would have liked to have been, the way that you think you look to other people.” I kind of like that, especially after everything Clarke’s been through. Even for me as the actor, I identify with Clarke the most in that wardrobe. It was nice to put it back on A) it’s just such a nice callback and B) because it still fit after three years and I’m really happy about that! (Laughs)”

Clarke summoned the Le/xa she loved the most, the Le/xa she “saw,” not the Le/xa that was portrayed on t.v. over the last year. This COL Le/xa hadn’t broken her heart in 2x16. This Le/xa had the real Le.xa’s fierce nature, snarky smiles, and relentless passion … but the L.exa in COL also lacked the real L.exa’s sadness, seriousness, raw anger, and dubious morality. At first, I was thrown by COL L.exa … because it wasn’t the Le/xa I remembered and connected to in 3A. This L.exa felt surreal, and Alycia Debnam-Carey over acted the part (which was weird to me because she is a brillant actress that knows how to do subtle acting). However, I believe this was an intentional artistic decision made by the director, Jason, and Alycia because they wanted show that this was Clarke’s mind in control, and it was the flame connected to Clarke’s mind itself guiding her to the kill switch, not the real Le/xa but parts of the real Le/xa (the better parts, the fixed parts) definitely. In the end, it was really Clarke that saved herself in that moment Le/xa sailed over her head and killed those COL people bots, not Le/xa (which is important to me because our Clarke is not a damsel in distress, thank you very much). (Note: one of the many reasons why the ADR ILY should have been left out). 

                                                             - - - 

Okay, knowing that premise now, I want us to look at two very important moments in the COL. In order to understand these moments in the script, I’ll need to remind you that “love is weakness (but really a strength)” is a running theme in this show, and it has always most strongly centered around Clarke/L.exa and Clarke/Bellamy. That is canon, and we all know it, but we’ve learned throughout 3B that love became a strength for Clarke… and who helped her realize that, by the way? hmmm … I wonder … I wrote a meta about it (HERE) between Clarke/Bellamy. It was important that this theme was rehashed between Clarke/Bellamy before 3x16 because it was reminding us that Clarke’s love for Bellamy gives her strength … same with Le/xa. 

Note: The writers rehashed this theme with Le/xa and Titus in 3x07 to remind us all about Le/xa’s link to Clarke and theme of “love is weakness (but really a strength). 

Clarke/Le.xa in the COL (Clarke’s memory for Le/xa gives her strength):


Le/xa: “Our fight in not over” Clarke finds strength to pull to standing, before falling …

Note: Le/xa gave Clarke strength to fight. Love is not weakness; it is strength. 

Clarke/Bellamy in the COL (Clarke’s memory of Bellamy’s act of selfless love in Mt. Weather gives her strength):


ALIE: Will you really condemn the human race to die in six months?

Clarke: (trying to convince herself more than anyone) We’ll figure it out. We always do. [Note: she thinks of the delinquents and her friends in the moment, not necessarily Bellamy Blake … not yet. This is important so that people realize that later it IS Bellamy that gives her that final strength to pull the level in COL. Here, the delinquents/family were not quite enough to give her hope.]

Becca: “There’s still hope” [Note: Becca is doing what Clarke needs and is part of Clarke’s mind . . reminding Clarke of her own belief that there’s always hope season 1 callback]

ALIE: “According to my calculations, there’s is not.”

Becca: “Ten second, Clarke”

Clarke’s hand is frozen over the lever, tears in her eyes as she gazes upon the malignant planet. 

ALIE: (practically in Clarke’s ear now) “Let me ease their pain, Clarke. We can save the human race … [anon reminder: head tilt] together.

This lands on Clarke. It’s what Bellamy said to her at the Mt. Weather lever, a moment that haunts her still. [Note: Again it is BELLAMY, not the delinquents that give her hope. She didn’t think about the together in 3x11, she thought about Bellamy and her in 2x16.]

Finally, she looks back at ALIE, finding her strength … 

Clarke: “You don’t ease pain. You overcome it … and we will.” [Note: because Bellamy is the memory she drew on for her strength … this also implies that she believes Bellamy has been the one to help her “overcome” her pain as well. Again, please don’t misunderstand me here. Clarke 100% is strong by herself, but here and elsewhere this season Bellamy has inspired her and reminded her of herself …that’s been his role]

With that, she PULLS the level with AUTHORITY.

Now, we know that Erica uses the head tilt action to show that she is learning and using that knowledge in attempts to convince people to her side. I also believe ALIE is using her knowledge (knowledge she learned from Jasper and Abby) that she learned about Bellamy and the delinquents to “ease” Clarke into accepting ALIE’s help. She must have learned that this word “together” is important to Clarke and that, when Clarke hears this word, Clarke tends to become compliant. What ALIE failed to understand was that the word “together” wasn’t a word devoid of emotion … it was a word brimming with love (An emotion that ALIE cannot understand and has now continuously used on others and found it effective. Lol, except between Bellamy and Clarke–Bellamy to Raven ALIE in 3x11 “you don’t know what you’re talking about”. Bellamy and Clarke’s love for each other has been literally incomprehensible to ALIE, which I find absolutely amazing). I believe this word, “together,” did indeed recall Bellamy to the forefront of her mind. It reminded her that even in the darkest of times there was this one thin thread of hope that has passed through her experiences on Earth, and Bellamy Blake always seems to remind Clarke of that hope … not only does he remind her of hope, he helps her to believe in it. With that belief (belief that she and Bellamy will save the world again together, and the reminder that she was able to overcome her pain because of the delinquents and Bellamy), she pulls the lever. She gains real hope for the future… and the source of that hope came from her memory of Bellamy. It’s that simple, folks, and that is f*cking powerful stuff. 

I already saw some Cl.exa folks try to minimize that moment and the script-to-screen, saying that it had nothing to do with Bellamy’s love for Clarke or Clarke’s love for Bellamy. Some of them are still calling us delusional (and we are delusional if we think that moment is romantic, by the way. It’s not romantic … it’s more powerful than that, quite frankly). Don’t worry my anons and followers, we aren’t delusional. Why? Because we actually acknowledge Clarke’s entire story and all her relationships, not just the one. I acknowledge that Clarke had romantic feelings for Le/xa, and that she had come to “love” Le.xa on a deep level, but Bellamy’s love for Clarke and Clarke’s love for Bellamy has consistently sustained Clarke more than any other love on this show. Bellamy has never truly broken Clarke’s heart, not in the way her past lovers have … and that, my friends, is significant. No, Bellamy and Clarke are not “romantic” yet, but what kind of story would be told if Clarke didn’t end up falling hard for the man that has been her consistent and loving partner. A partner that she trusts, she believes in, she hopes with, she heals with, she fights with, she is equal to … and so, so much more. It’s only a matter of time, and people that don’t want Clarke to be with someone like that must not understand what unconditional love looks like. 

Besides, Aaron Ginsburg said that the one emotion that would save the day this season was “love” … it’s significant that the memory Clarke drew upon to “save the world” was a memory of Bellamy. 

Again, that’s powerful … and it was a move I predicted because I know, and you all know, that the most important relationship on this show is Bellamy and Clarke. The show will always begin with them (those damn lever moments) and end with them (again with those damn lever moments), because together they embody the theses of the show (love is strength, faith, hope, belief, home, the better way, and living not just surviving). 

Bellarke is the most beautiful relationship I have ever seen, and that is why I will always cringe and roll my eyes whenever these two have “romantic” relationships with other people because it, quite frankly, feels fake to me. I really do hope that the writer’s go with Bellarke next season because if they do anymore “side romances” for these two … It would be f*cking frustrating. *sigh*. I do, however, think they will begin to really go down that road between Bellarke this next season. It just makes sense. 

Endnote: If you want further meta on why Clarke and Bellamy are the embodiment of the theses of this show please go (HERE). I explain how and why the show centers around these two and always will. It’ll help you understand the way this show is structured around these two. 

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Why do you like Transformers so much? (Besides the obvious? ;P) Also what do you enjoy most about running this blog?

Ayyy anon thanks for playing along and sending in a question~! :D

Okay so why I like tf so much is a complicated question lol with a complicated answer but I’ll try to sum it up to the best of my ability. 

I mean yes there’s the obvious stuff like the smoking hot robots. But I like fantasy and sci-fi stuff a lot. I really love being able to go to a different world! Or explore the universe in the comics lol. Transformers is fresh and exciting and different! 

I mean, sexy robots with sentience that weren’t created by humans? How can you not like it?? XD

As for what I enjoy most about running this blog, it’s interacting with my followers like this!! Getting to know y’all better, seeing you’re interested in talking to me, getting nice messages … it just really makes me feel good and like I’m not so alone. 

So thanks <3 

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I just want to let you know that I love love LOVE BOTS. Like it is legit my favorite story and I re-read it like five times before you update. I always message you immediately after it is updated and literally just love it. Okay, have a goodnight! <3

oh my gosh you’re too sweet!! thank you sooooo much for messaging me after i update it, because i’m always so damn anxious and excited to see your guys’ reactions right after posting it!! so you’re the true mvp

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*pats shoulder* I can relate, once you start getting used to it, you start feeling that they'll hit you so putting your arms up in defense is normal. But Stars *hugs chu* I hope you're okay, I'm glad you're telling us what's happening instead of keeping it boxed in. Congrats on ur new drawing tablet and new follower count! You deserve it!

I’m happy that you all love me and thanks for everything and remember I love all of my followers (except for sex bots) but anyways thank you and I’m fine (depressed) but I’m good (I will be live streaming nsfw today if you don’t want to see that please say so ^¬^ also I got a different drawing program it’s Paint Tool Sai!)

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My girlfriend is my only follower that isn't a porn bot and I love to reblog your posts for her to see because they describe how I feel about her so accurately. I'm so bad with words and and so awkward and everything you post is so beautiful. Thank you

Okay this is so sweet and wonderful and hi to you and your girlfriend I hope you two are very happy together. I’m glad we can help you say how you feel, good luck babes.

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Ahh so glad you updated BOTS!! I actually had to recheck if i was reading “7” correctly on the title haha. I loved it, this is really one of the best stories here on tumblr!

omg i bet half the readers did that too because man i feel like i’ve been talking about posting chapter 7 for so long now :’D but gosh, that’s such an honor for my fic to be held in such prestige! thank you!! :”)

Anonymous said: I’m late like one day late but it was worth it to read BOTS 7 in the middle of class!! -Lots of love from a J-Hope stan

it’s okay i’m sure there are a lot of people who still don’t know i’ve updated bots yet HAHHA fjawe;foaiejf guYS PLEASE IT’S SO FLATTERING THAT YOU’D READ BOTS IN THE MOST INCONVENIENT TIMES BUT!! I CANT HELP BUT FEEL GUILTY :’D thanks so much though, always happy to provide more fics for my hobi stans :)

Anonymous said: Wow i was just introduced to this fanfic and needless to say i finished reading everything.. this got me rethinking so many things about hoseok @_@ [im biaswreckt]

wow it always amazes me how much convo goes on behind the scenes regarding fics/fic recs?? and that people are recommending my works? :”) thank you for reading!! my favorite thing to do is bias wreck people with the golden hyung :^)

Anonymous said: I’m already crying knowing that the angst is coming soon ;-; why you gotta break my heart Erin 😭 first paper hearts, labyrinth and now bots!!!!! I can feel the heartbreak alreadyyyyyy


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