i love you booze


i’m drunk again
been choking down storms
in glass bottles of remorse
far too down
now in the drown

chase me like coke after whisky
make me grin, akin to waves of gin
from a fellow favorite human
let me burn your throat like rum
let me intoxicate you with care
compassion, empathy, and then some

i am trying to be better
with my substance abuse
i’d love to write you a letter
but i don’t want you to know
this horror show

i am simply trying to be better
but instead of a letter
i’m some volume of liquid
deep in
so here is a poem
that you will never see
oh, lovely, lovely friend
i am drunk again

you are the most adored soul
no fairy tale has ever foretold
even alice had to drink
after escaping wonderland
because that dumb bitch couldn’t think

consider me much like vodka
i can and simply will go
with nearly anything you put me with

i love you and adore you so
so much more
than you could ever
possibly know.

You were addictive. My own personal cocaine. So when you left I turned to alcohol. But I don’t even need that anymore because I’m done being addicted to you.
—  Getting over you

WESTWORLD | 1.04 | Hector & Maeve

Now, my lovely friend, what deal is it you wanna make?

Dramione “Ministry Parties“

I am so sorry this is kinda late. I have been quite sidetracked by the multi-chapter fic I am currently writing. But I hope @shitheade like it.

Pairing: Draco x Hermione


Word Count: 558

Ministry Parties

Draco Malfoy hated the bloody things.
He only came for two things and two things only. First, Hard liquor. Booze, loopy juice, poison…you name it. Second, this is a place where the bored elite women offer themselves for a shag.

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obsidianmistwalker  asked:

Another Hc I had : Ben's wife takes Shanks side in teasing (like how Makino and Ben relationship is) because it's amusing. I can imagine Shanks + her vs Makino & Ben repartee battle xD

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Shanks sighed. “Our Ben, getting hitched.”

“I’ll get someone else to do it,” Ben said.

“Oh, please. Who’d do a better job officiating this shindig? I dare you to give me a name.”

“Luffy captains a ship,” Ben said. “That ought to do it.”

“Luffy has the attention span of a goldfish,” Shanks said. “You’d get to ‘we are gathered here today’, and then he’d announce you wed and get something to eat.”

“Perfect,” Ben deadpanned. “It’ll be quick and painless.” Then with a look at Shanks, “Which is the opposite of what you’re promising with that shit-eating grin.”

“You mean fun?”

“That’s one name for it,” Ben muttered. “‘Hell’ is another.”

“Oh come on, Ben,” his wife-to-be said. “Don’t be such a wet blanket.”

“You won’t find a wetter blanket on this sea,” Shanks told her. “Which is ironic, since you’d be hard pressed finding anyone with a drier sense of humour.” Then with a glance at Ben, “I also don’t think you can get much greyer, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try.”

She frowned. “He does look distressingly grey in this light,” she agreed. “Maybe we should move the ceremony to after sunset.”

“No, the moon will be out,” Shanks said. “That only makes it worse.”

“Damn. You’re right. He’d shine like a floodlight.”

“A blindfold should do the trick,” Shanks told her, pouring her a drink. “Or three shots of hard liquor. Both, if you want to cover all your bases.”

She grinned. “I like the way you think, Red-Hair.” She nudged Ben, a wink slipped sideways. “Lighten up, love,” she chirped sweetly, before her grin widened. “But not too much.”

Shanks barked a laugh, before the clink of glasses announced an alliance formed, and Ben pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked to Makino for assistance. “If we eloped, would you cover my back?”

She smiled, ever demure. “Oh, Ben,” she sighed, patting his shoulder.

“Not a chance.”

I was sixteen.
We were young, dumb, and always drunk.
Some would say I was in love

I was sixteen.
My life was happy
And in your arms I could easily fall asleep.

I was sixteen.
With a happy mother.
When I called her you would flirt with me.

I was sixteen.
Stars in my eyes and whiskey in veins.
All of the world could see you were my everything.

I was sixteen.
After years of pretending and empty smiles
I finally found someone who truly believed in me.

I was sixteen
When you told me that I deserved to be free
So my heart grew wings and began to soar.

Now I’m twenty one.
Always stressed and depressed
In a constant state of grief and disbelief.

I’m twenty one
Getting drunk
Saying I need to run from memories.

I’m twenty one
You ask me why I’m crying
With a shot of tequila in each hand

I’m twenty one
When my world implodes
And honesty finally leaks through

I’m twenty one
With plenty to run from
But I’m not running away

I’m twenty one
Swaying in the wind
With me, you, and memories

I’m twenty one
When you hear the truth.

I only drink to chase sixteen.

—  Sixteen
The Joke - John Shelby

oo, 42 & 46 with john shelby, love ur imagines so much!!!

From here:

42) “Stop being so cute.”

46) “It was a joke, baby. I swear.” 

The Garrison is heaving and it seems like the majority of the Blinders are crammed into the private room. John, Arthur and myself are packed tightly into the corner, segregated from everyone else’s conversations; which means i’m stuck listening to progressively more horrific stories of murders and maimings.

I’ve taken to pretending it’s nothing, making a big show of how unimpressed I am and joking about how I’ve done worse things. It started out as a way to hide my disgust, but it’s had the unintended side effect of really riling Arthur up, and now after each story he looks to me, waiting for me to be impressed, only to be disappointed when I shrug my shoulders. It’s funny, watching him get flustered, his face turning red before he puffs his chest out and starts on another story.

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spacedadio  asked:

i don't know if your still doing ficlet recs, but I'm dying for a shidge twister fic. there aren't enough voltron twister fics in the world. (twister the game, not an actual tornado I'm suffering enough already)

This took approximately 1000 years, so thank you SO MUCH for your patience! You’re the coolest spacedadio ever, frond. Here’s 4700 words of Shidge fluff… I hope you enjoy!!!!! Many thanks to @howlingmoonrise for the beta-reading too :)

Warnings for mentions of alcohol consumption and some minor sexual innuendo.

As Paladins of Voltron, Defenders of the Universe, there wasn’t much time for rest and relaxation. Empires to overthrow, innocents to rescue, cool robots to poke around in: the usual. So maybe, Pidge reflects over the rim of her second glass of Nunvil, that’s why, when Team Voltron did let themselves take a break, they broke hard.

Allura or Lance were almost always to blame, and if one came up with the idea, the other always backed them up. The theme of this night’s “Club Voltron”, as Lance had lovingly taken to calling it, was classic Earth games. Dubious as Pidge is (and always was) of Lance’s plan, she’s glad they’re back in more familiar territory - they had learned three Spicolian Movements ago that traditional Altean games involved an uncomfortable amount of tentacles and magma.

So of course Lance begs Pidge to start programming games into the Castle’s holodeck, and of course Keith goes off on a “top secret mission” and come back with far too much Nunvil, and Hunk is able to make the food goo taste like pizza, and they have a party.

Pidge sets her drink down and leans back in the couch. On the other side of the lounge, Keith and Lance are spinning a blindfolded Allura with enthusiasm in preparation for a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Zarkon.’ Hunk, still looking a little green after his turn, cheers her on as she toddles towards what she thinks is the holographic image of Zarkon, one hand outstretched, the other clutching Pidge’s bayard. After a tick or two, she fires off the bayard just too far to the left of the hologram, forcing Keith to duck to avoid getting zapped. Keith swears, Allura pulls off the blindfold, and they all dissolve into laughter.

At Pidge’s side, Shiro chuckles and wraps an arm around her shoulders.

“I can’t believe you let them use your bayard for this,” he says, shaking his head. “Actually, I can’t believe I’m still letting them use your bayard for this.”

“Why do you think Lance waited until after we’d finished our first drinks before asking?” she says.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a like making out with luke blurb and you're sitting on his lap and he's just touching everywhere and you're kissing down his neck and biting it

lets do it x

so i m a g i n e being sprawled about on Luke’s lap. One leg on each side, sat on his warm, thick thighs as your crotches met. After a great performance, the lads had taken you and a few crew members and friends out for a drink. You all rented yourself a space to drink and be delinquents with one another. But the others left to the dance floor, leaving Luke to get his way with you as he wanted to the entire time you two had been in the bar. 

“F-fuck, baby,” Luke groaned, having you tug the back of his blonde curls encouragingly, “you’re s-so good to me…” You felt his tongue lap into your mouth, desperate to dominate your tongue as he keeps tilting his head left to right. You two continuously suck one another’s lips together, inhaling air in perfect sink as Luke held you by your jawline. 

“L-Luke,” you moaned, having him swallow it completely as his hands soon found themselves antsy and moved down to your waist. He encouraged you to grind, feeling him do it for you as you moved with his hands. Your teeth clattered once, but he continued fucking your mouth with his as you tugged his soft hair. You kept squinting a little to see his warm skin trickle with a bit of sweat from the hot bar and the shitty red light that was constant in the place. But you two were too focused on one another to be bothered. 

“Fuck!” He practically yelled, his hands moving to your ass to give the cheeks a harsh squeeze. You jumped, squealing into his mouth as he nipped your bottom lip with his rouge pair. You could feel his boner become prominent below you, your grinds going slower without his guidance as you let in the taste of Luke. It was of beer and tequila, booze and everything Luke. 

“I love you,” he spewed out between kisses. “I l-love you so much–mmph!” 

“L-love you, t-too,” you reply, refusing to leave his lips as you felt them beginning to swell. But Luke didn’t care, and you definitely didn’t care any less than he did. Your lips trailed down to his strained, tense neck and the boy knew he was a goner right then when you grazed your teeth upon it. 

sry this was late, love x

anonymous asked:

murdoc with his little kid that always makes him something for his birthday, and "makes" him breakfast in bed (aka a donut but we dont talk about this) and just general cute stuff that a little kid would do for their grumpy rotten avocado dad

~ Murdoc wasn’t entirely a fan of having a kid around but when his baby was dropped off at his doorstep, he didn’t really have a choice. He was terrified for the first couple of months but he gradually got around to being a pretty good dad. Once his kid was old enough, he’d take them into the studio to show them what he does for a living. Murdoc would watch in awe as his kid plays with the instruments and giggles as they make their sounds. He loved this kid.

~ As Murdoc’s birthday rolled around, he didn’t expect much to happen. A few text messages and a free meal at his favorite strip club but that was about it. When Murdoc awake on his birthday, he saw his child standing by his bedside with a tray in their hands. “Happy birthday, dad!” Murdoc looked down to see a bottle of booze and a pink, sprinkled donut. He chuckled and took the tray from his child. He took the donut and split it in half. “Here, we’ll share my birthday breakfast.” The children excitedly took the half from their father and munched on it. He ruffled their hair and took a swing from the booze bottle. “Thank you, little one. I loved it.”

~ The child giggled and climbed onto the bed. “We’re going to do all your favorite things today!” Murdoc looked confused but went along with it. “And what all is that?” The child pulled out a tiny notebook from their pocket and handed it to him. “Well first I wanted to give you your gift. I made a book about you!” Murdoc looked at the tiny notebook and flipped through the pages. The child came to sit next to him and watched. The book was filled with hand drawn pictures of Murdoc in several situations. “This one’s my favorite!” It was a picture of Murdoc and his kid in the studio. Murdoc was playing his bass while the kid was singing a tune.

~ As he reached the last few pages, Murdoc felt tears begin to form. He quickly wiped them away and took a deep breath. “This gift is the best thing anyone’s ever given me. Thank you so much. I love you, dear.” Murdoc pulled his kid close and hugged them tightly. “You’re welcome, dad! I’m really glad you liked it. Can we go celebrate now?” Murdoc chuckled and kissed their forehead. “Give me a second to get ready. Could you go take the tray back to the kitchen? I’ll get it later.” The child jumped up and grabbed the tray. “Sure thing.” They walked out and Murdoc waited for the door to close before he giggled. “Damn, that kid isn’t so bad. Maybe I’m not the asshole father I always thought I’d be.” He said to himself before getting ready.

Birthday and Booze

Prompt: Hello! I love your stories :) Could you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is out with her friends and Jason picks her up because she’s drunk.

Thank you, you get the prize for being my first request Anon! Also, I’d just like to throw it out there that I have a request rules post, in case anyone else wants to ask for one. I’ll link it Here.

Also, in this request, every character that consumes of alcohol is written to be of the legal drinking age!

Y/N= your anem

H/C= hair color

TW: Mentions Alcohol, Mentions Throwing up

Word count: 948

“Y/N!” one of your best friends, Barbra Gordon, shouted in the fairly crowded bar, “let’s do some shots!”

A part of your brain knew that this was a horrible decision, but that part was shut up by the part of you that already tipsy, that had already had a few “girly” drinks from the ladies’ night menu. They were cheaper, not your usual poison, but cheaper booze was cheaper booze. The cheery response of, “Okayyyy!” was out of your mouth. Barbra and you wormed your way up to the bar. Cass followed you, quiet, but just as  tipsy as the rest of you. Kathrine was busy flirting with her girlfriend at said bar.

The battle plan had been simple, wear comfortable “sexy” clothes and shoes, get to the bar early, stay as late as you possibly could. You partied until you knew your liver was gonna hurt, then you partied even more. You definitely thought that you’d be a lightweight, turns out, you could even outlast Cass. You were a bit off on your feet, but at least you could still form coherent thoughts. The bartender cut your friends off with a dismissive shake of her head, “Sorry ladies, you’ve had a bit too much.”

You grinned and went up to the bar to order another as Kathrine, Barbra and Cass pouted. You got another beer and made a bee-line back to you table. Katherine sighed, “You know, Y/N, you could have at least gotten us some…”

“I’m sorry?” You said, pointing the open end of the beer bottle at them, “ Whose Birthday is it?”

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anonymous asked:

How and when will the Fo3 companions say 'I love you'? (And gob and nova if its alright?)

Butch- It’s on his mind for ages before he says it, and if he was honest with himself, it’s something he’s wanted to say for a few years. But everything sounds too sappy in his head. He’s too stubborn to admit how empty his life would be without them, or that he often lays awake thinking about what to say. Eventually this frustration with himself makes him curt and even more rude with them than usual, until one day he snaps at them over something small. A bullet only just grazes their arm in a fight, and he pushes a stim on them despite their protests, scolding and nearly shouting at them all the while. “You gotta be more careful!” he says like an overbearing parent, “I love you ya’ jackass, you can’t keep-” They both stop dead. He stammers and tries to play it off (“I said I… I-i shove you! I… dove you? Shut up!) but they both know exactly what he said.

Charon- When the urge to protect them morphed from a order he had to mechanically carry out to a near panicked response when they were in danger, he couldn’t be sure. What was once just his job now feels so much more important. He needs to keep them safe. They’re curled up next to him, fast asleep after an encounter with ferals, and though he knows he has no right, he touches their cheek. He never says it aloud, yet it’s the only thing on his mind as he watches them. He doesn’t say the words until glass separates them, and their Geiger Counter is shrieking, and the rotunda is foggy with clouds of radiation.

Fawkes- He wants to find a better way to say it. Something more deserving of a beautiful soul like theirs, some grand gesture or a moving poem, but nothing feels to do it justice. No words seem strong enough to carry the weight of his feelings for 101. “You okay, Fawkes?” they ask him when he’s been staring off into space for a particularly long stretch of time. He looks at them, reaching for something to say, and the words slip out. “I love you.” They’re simple, but he guesses nothing can really describe it better.

Clover- The first time she says it, and she’s not just saying what she thinks they want to hear, is when they’re laying in bed together in the quiet Megaton shack. Their fingers are brushing against her bare shoulder, and it’s the only thing on her mind as she stares at them in the dark. “I love you,” she says softly into the crook of their neck and she slides her arm across their stomach to hold them close. It feels like forever since she really meant it as much as she does this time.

Paladin Cross- Lone is the closest thing to family she’s got. With James and Catherine gone, Cross is sure Lone likely feels the same way about her. She catches the look of mourning in their eyes as they overlook Project Purity and places a hand on their shoulder. “I know it will be hard without him. It might not feel like it at times, but there are people who love you, Lone. I love you like my own blood, and I know the Brotherhood does too. We are a poor replacement, but I hope… perhaps you might find a home with us.”

Jericho- 101 downs what’s left in the tequila bottle and ends up hacking up a lung, doubled over the bartop coughing. Jericho slaps them on the back and wheezily laughs. They peer up at him, seeming a bit embarrassed, and he takes them by the cheek. “God damn it I love you, kid.” It could just be the booze talking, but he’s never felt this fond of the little Vault asshole until this moment, as he plants a sloppy kiss against their neck.

Nova- It’s in the middle of a heated encounter, far from their first, when she’s panting and failing to keep them both quiet for the sake of the other patrons in the bar, that she catches herself breathlessly exclaiming, “I love you, god, I love you!” After their peaks leave them sprawled across the bed, she’s left to wonder if she meant it. She’s never said it before, especially not to a paying customer. They could many things from her, but never those words. But as she’s mapping out the contours of their hands, she finds she doesn’t regret saying it, nor does she want to take it back.

Gob- The kid from 101 is one of few people in Megaton that not only treats him with some respect, but isn’t afraid of touching him. They even make a habit of ghosting their hand over his when they’re accepting their drink. It’s after they come in day after day for weeks, giving him those tiny gestures that haunt him well into the next day, that they finally steal a moment away from Moriarty’s gaze. He takes their hand in his, and instead of recoiling, they push their fingers further into the space between his. He says “I love you” before he can catch himself. Not even if he knows if what he feels for them is love, if he appreciates the kindness they show him or this is real infatuation, but at the moment, he doesn’t really care. There will be time later for self-examination. For now, he’s content just to touch and be touched.

Let you go - Opie Winston

Requested by   @homicidalteenagedream       Hope you enjoy doll.
Warning. Alcohol abuse. Driving drunk.

Song - Let You Go By Machine Gun Kelly

Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory
Since you walked out that door, yeah
And you said I changed and you’re so damn sick of me
You’re not mine anymore, 2 3 4
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

“Fuck you Opie”. You yelled at him, slamming the door in his face.
“You new about this shit before we happen, so dont go getting all mad about it”.
“You think I’m mad  because the club needs you, I’m not”. “Your way off”. You ran your finger threw your hair.
“Then what the hell are you getting so mad about”?
“You”. “I’m mad at you, you said you would come home early, then its four hours later and I find you drunk with Jax”.
“Come on Babe, its not that bad”. He said trying to defuse the bomb that was going to blow up in his face.
“Opie, I love you but you’ve changed so damn much that I dont know if I love you like I did”.
“So what are you saying”? He asked
“I dont know, I just want the same guy I started dating”. You wiped a tear away.
“So thats it we’re done”? “Your not going to fight”. Opie started yelling
“How can I fight for something that left along time ago”. “Why should I , you dont care”.  You yelled back
Opie stood and walked out of the room. Looking back in.“I love you I always will”. He walked out of the house, he was gone.

Ayy, I still remember what you wore on the first night
Still remember how that black dress had your curves right
Still remember smokin’ just to calm my nerves
‘Til you had to leave and grabbed your purse, I grabbed first
Uh, it’s no words, yeah, it’s just her
Body against mine, makeup on my shirt
Lipstick on my neck, whiskey on my breath
Takin’ pictures in the moment so we don’t forget, yeah
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

Opie rode to the clubhouse, there sitting was a some what sobber Jax.
“Hey brother”.
“Hey”. Opie said as he sat down beside him
“Whats wrong Ope”.
“Y/N and me are done”.
“Shit, i’m sorry”. “What can you do to make it better”?
“I cant, shes made up her mind”.
Jax new it was his fault, he made Opie stay over for a drink. Jax grabbed the Jack Daniels bottle taking a swig and handing it to Opie. “Drink it will make you feel better.
It didnt, it just made Opie think about Y/N even more. Taking him down memory lane. To where he first met Y/N. It was at a BBQ at Gemmas. She was a retired porn star that Gemma loved. Why? Who knows maybe because she was a fire cracker like herself..
"Y/N walked in with this sexy sundress that hugged her breast perfect, showed her flower tattooes off and that made her glow”. “I was so nervous man”. Opie slurred talked to Jax.
“Haha why were you nervous, shes probably had more guys then you’ve meet”.
“I dont know why, she looked just way out of my league”. “Gemma is the one that told us we looked good together”.  Opie said as he took another sip.
“My mom the match maker”. Jax laughed.
“We were good togethe until I screwed things up”. “I wish I could fix it”.
“You can, just go talk to her”.
Opie didnt think twice and ran to his bike. He was drunk but his love for Y/N was over powering.
He arrived at your house pounding on your front door.

And I can’t be myself without you
I am not well
Okay, I said that before but
I need you now, yeah
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

You opened the door.“Ope what are you doing here”?
“I cant just walk away, I cant”. “I’m fighting for us”.
“Your drunk, you dont care”. You said as you stepped down on the porch.
“I care so much about you, I love you”. “I cant live with out you”. “All these memories are stabbing me in the heart and I cant get you out of my mind”.
“Opie please just go”. “I cant stand by and look at the man I love destroy himself with booze and just living a reckless life’. "You drove drunk”.
“I’ll change, become the man I need to be and the man that takes care of his family”. He slurred.
“Please just give me one more chance, please”. “You are all I want”.
“I’ll call one of the guys to come get you, stay here”. You grabbed your phone dialing TM’s number.
Opie sat on the step of the porch as Chibs drove up in the tow truck.
“Hey Lass, sorry about all this”. He said as he picked Opie up.
“Just take care of him please”.
“I will, he loves you Y/N”. “He doesnt mean any stupid thing he does”.
“I know, I just cant watch this anymore”. You said pointing to Opie appearance
“I know Love, we’re here if ya need us”.
“Thanks Chibs”. “Bye”. You said as you walked back inside, looking out the door. The man you loved was just a memory now.

Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory
Since you walked out that door
And you said I changed and you’re so damn sick of me
You’re not mine anymore
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

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