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For the marauders fluff thing, sharing each other's clothes? Like they don't know who's it originally was but they all try to wear it anyway

  • They would honestly be as bad as girls sharing clothes
  • constantly borrowing from each others’ trunks and noticing halfway through the day that Sirius was in Remus’s shirt or Peter had borrowed James’s trousers because he’d lost a little weight and his own didn’t fit him right anymore
  • They’d all have those one or two things they’ll never let anyone else wear
  • “Prongs, if you ask to borrow my Harpies tee again I will Petrificus Totalus you in your sleep”
  • There’s this one jumper with a giant puffy Gryffindor lion head on the front and its tail comes out the back and none of the Marauders can really remember where it came from or whose it originally was, but come Christmas they’re all fighting over who gets to wear it for the various ugly sweater parties and Hogsmeade pub nights they’re planning on going to
  • Remus swears it’s his because “none of you even like jumpers, I happen to love them!”
  • Peter is sure he got it in an owl package from his Nan last Easter and will fight anyone who calls him a liar
  • James is positive Sirius stole it from him sometime after moving in with his family (”Just admit it mate, you’re a SWEATER THIEF”)
  • And Sirius just hopes they all argue each other to death so he gets to wear it by default
  • “Fine, we’ll ROTATE”
  • Brotherhood of the Traveling Lion Jumper
  • It’s canon
  • Don’t fight it
  • Eventually they pay off Lily to duplicate it magically because she’s much better at those kinds of spells than they are and they all look so cute in their matching (albeit hideous) puffy lion sweaters and they know they look goofy but dammit they are goofy and proud

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I don't want that business professional look they had at the bbmas. I want them to look hot af and just murder all the other celebrities. If they were performing bst, I wouldn't be worried. But with dna, they've had some questionable outfits lol

Okay but that Business Professional was for sure a “hot son of a CEO in a strip club” look and it slayed both celebrities and the public (read: me) alike.
But srsly I get what you mean. I am not a huge fan of the DNA styling (with some very important exceptions) especially compared to the ethereal beauty that was the Wings styling. And I just… don’t think it’s suitable for that sort of performance? And also I’m not sure I can handle another “they’re the next 1 boyband!” ignorant article, which I feel this styling lends them towards.
But also, this is a very big and like. Pretty important gig for them; it’s their way to nab the international market. Personally I’d like to see a combination of the more formal and dark styling from BST merged with the bright colours and personality from DNA.
But honestly, those boys could pull off any look and I’m just excited to see Western artists I love watching another artist I love as well.


 I’m really shit at talking about feelings but there seriously isn’t enough good words to describe the complete treasure that you are. 

You came into my life when i was a mess, you wrapped me up and gave me countless TLC and helped me build myself back up to the person I’ve become. 
I’m the best version of myself I’ve been and i can’t thank you enough for staying with me through all the bad/ugly days I’ve had. 
you came with me to every appointment, made my phone calls for me because i’m a nervous wreck, let me cry on you and held my hand through it all.
you fit me better than my favorite jumper, I’ve never felt so at ease and so comfortable with anyone before. 
i want to wake up beside you and fall asleep on your chest for the rest of my life.

i love you because you sing and make up songs with me when we can’t sleep, i love you because you let me call you Daddy even though i know you hate it, I love you because you make me coffee every morning even when you aren’t at work, i love you because you tell me to ‘be safe’ whenever i get in the car, i love you because you buy me kebab wraps when i’m drunk, i love you because you always kiss my head and pull me closer in the middle of the night, i love you because you let me be dramatic about everything, i love you because you’ve never once hurt me in any way, i love you because you bring me flowers when I’ve had a bad day, i love you because you let me be weird with you and become equally as weird back, i love you because you’re a sarcastic little shit and you constantly have me creased, i love you because you always make sure I’ve eaten and i’m looked after, i love you because you endlessly quote films with me, i love you because you constantly feed my Disney obsession, i love you because you rub vicks on my chest when i’m poorly, i love you because you show me every single day that you love me.

You’re my best friend, my soul mate, my adventure buddy, my safe place and my home. 
Our future started years ago and there’s so much yet to come. I love you because you’re different from anybody else and because not a day goes by where don’t remind myself of this.
I love you, and i cant tell you this enough 

I’d choose you. In a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.

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Andy had asked you to move in with him, and as he’s your boyfriend, it would be cruel of him to leave you to carry your boxes in by yourself. You ran back out to your car to pick up another of your boxes…

*Andy’s point of view*

I was in our bedroom, unpacking a few boxes. It was nothing too important, just a few clothes and a few other things. I picked up one of the smaller boxes and started taking things out of it. There was her laptop, a picture of us, and A diary. I didn’t even know she had one… I sat it beside me, trying to ignore my curiosity. It felt like it was taunting me, trying to get me to open it. I gave in and pulled the tie, holding the diary shut. It fell open in my hands at ‘May 3rd’.

‘May 3rd, 2013

I managed to last another day without being beat to death… It’s my fault by though… I deserve it! I make him angry at me. And with his hateful words aswell… I know it’s pathetic and stupid, but cutting seems like the only way through it… I’m weird and ugly, and I don’t deserve anyone.. I deserve to be covered in scars and cuts, and I deserve to be beaten… It’s all my fault. I can’t do ANYTHING right! I guess all I can do is bandage up my cuts and, face the next day, hoping he’ll be gentler… ‘

Was that dickhead beating her up!? She cut herself? Oh God…
She walked into the room and’ I threw her diary aside. “Y/N! Why didn’t you tell me he was beating you up!” She sat the box on the bedside table, sighed and looked up at me. “I didn’t tell you… Because he said that if anyone knew, he was going to hunt me down and kill me… That’s why I ran away… He has no clue where I am… He’s sent his ‘friends’ out to look for me… I told him it was over, and ran.” I pulled her into a hug, “And,” I started,pulling up her jumper sleeve, “Why did you do this?” She looked at the ground. “I did that because it felt like the only way to stop the emotional pain… But I just gave myself more… The voices in my head, told me to do it… And then once it was done… I called myself, ugly, pathetic, weak… And I couldn’t take it…” She said, starting to cry a little. I stroked her hair, “Don’t worry, you’re safe with me. Just promise me one thing,” I said, holding her scar covered arms, “Please, please, don’t do this again. I love you too much to watch you suffer.” She looked up at me and nodded.”I promise…”…

(A/N: There! It’s not my best but I tried! xD)


Wisła 2016 in kruczekseagles’ eye - “the best” shots

I know, my “bests” aren’t even good but I was tryin’. Most of the pics are blurry, unsharp, “noised”, etc. Besides - the fog… It was so thick we barely saw the contrahill (?) in the first round but it kinda stepped out a bit in the second one.

Some of the jumpers were “uncapturable” for me, for example Sev, Pero, Domen, Roman, Simi, Stefan, Poppi, Tande, Gangnes, Michi (they just simply didn’t stop by to give autographs/take selfies). I also wanted to see the competition, not concentrate only on taking photos, ‘cause that wasn’t the point. My fav models were Nori and Stephan Leyhe. I took two pics of the second one and they’re my small masterpieces. I’ll be posting single photos from the ones I still have and weren’t publiced. But all of pics look like some kind of “hidden photos” taken by a paparazzi.

Ski jumpers are very nice! Japanese team never said “no” to selfies and autographs. Vincent was making funny faces for the selfies and he showed to my friend that he didn’t look good on their pic (which wasn’t true!). Simi asked a fan if she wanted to take another try because the first selfie didn’t come out well. Most of the ski jumpers offered “fan moments” after the second round. They made their promises come true!

I only had two funny situations. First: during the trial round, one of te prejumpers stopped by, looked and smiled widely at me, so I smiled, too. I find it veeery sweet and cool! Another one wasn’t that funny for Anze Lanisek. XD Well, he was giving the autographs during the trial round and I tried to take an “en face” photo of him. My camera shed a small red light, “warning me” from too dark lighting/too short distance. Anze saw this light on his own face and looked at me as if he wanted to kill me… XD

I’m very, very sorry, Anze! :( That wasn’t on purpose…

I saw Jaka Hvala playing soccer with Robi Kranjec. :’) I also saw him talking on the phone with somebody next to the Slovenian bus during the second day and two stupid fangirl were blocking the way because they were standing on the other side of fence and staring at him… As if the jumpers were some kind of koala bears in a ZOO… Jurij was giving his photos with autographs after the first competition. :) I also saw Poppi running through the major traffic jam. XD And also I saw Łukasz Kruczek which was very, very important for me!

And that’s pretty much all of the good things I saw. I’m not a crazy fangirl, I came there to feel the emotions, the atmopshere. Music was great and the best Polish commentator, a good friend of Adam Małysz (he got him in contact with Adam’s psychologist), was commenting the whole weekend! And he gave us so much hope on Saturday saying that “competition would start at 17:00″ that the whole stadium started to make a huge and pleasant noise. And the noise we made during Kamil’s and Nori’s jumps! INCREDIBLE!

Of course, there must have been some douchebags. There was this half-drunk married couple who kept pushing me and my friend in order to catch somebody to take a selfie with. If a jumper didn’t want to, they started caling them “stupid fuckers” and stuff… It was mainly to Kamil who kinda slipped behind the Stjernen’s and Fannemel’s backs during the second round because they stopped to give some autographs and stuff. Well, if you still don’t know, then I am informing you: THEY ARE NOT FUCKING CELEBRITIES, THEY’RE ATHLETES! They don’t have to take your stupid selfies if they don’t want to. They want to focus on the hard work they have to do, so STOP SAYING THOSE UGLY STUFF ABOUT THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO DO SOMETHING YOU WANT THEM TO! Let them do their thing! Beside the married couple, there were fans who desperately wanted to reach the jumpers. Everybody got their chance, so - what was the point? Others didn’t have to be squeezed by you. I’m pretty sure she won’t see it, but I want to send some love for the girl who was reaching for the autographs and I was stepping back for her to do so. :) She seemed very nice!

Tomasz Zimoch welcomed warmly the Slovenian supporters. :’) And on Saturday, Michi came out on the downhill and Zimoch sang to him Austrian and Polish “Happy Birthday” songs. :) He’s got a birthday cake but my camera died already during the Friday’s flower ceremony, so I could only take this photo:

I felt sooo, sooo honored to see them from such a short distance that I didn’t take a lot of pics, I just wanted to feel the emotions. It was a cool experience although it wasn’t my first time watching ski jumping from the hill perspective. I was on the SGP in Wisła last year. :) But this felt equally awesome and good! And I still claim that wind owes me 100 zł. AND MUCH MORE.

So - wait for the rest of the pics. :) I promise you, I made the best of me. I’m just a lousy at photography.

I hope you also liked my report. :) I’m trying to get back from my short hiatus.


good mor-eve-night lovelies! here’s part three of ??? of the in your atmosphere drabble series. you can read the previous two parts here! hope your monday has been swell. lots and lots of love!

ugly christmas jumpers - december 2021

“Eva no,” Harry whined, his arm looping around her waist, pulling her back down against the mattress next to him. He nuzzled his nose against her shoulder, breathing in her new sugar cookie scented body wash. “Take today off. Stay in bed with me forever,” Harry begged, looping his left leg over her in an extra attempt to pin her to the bed.

“Harry, I have work,” she told him, squirming under his hold. “Just because you’re off of work doesn’t mean that I am.”

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Tennessee Teacakes: Thirty-Six

Hello, my little cupcakes! Here we are at chapter thirty-six! I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


chocolate-orange cupcakes for dad; december 8, 2019

For someone who spent a better part of his career getting his picture taken, Harry wasn’t being very cooperative. He wouldn’t take direction, practically refused to smile, and spent a majority of the time complaining about the cold. We were going to have these photos for the rest of our lives and in the spectrum of things, I wasn’t asking a lot. He could handle a few outfit changes and some creative poses.

“I’m not hugging a bloody tree!” Harry crossed his arms, straining the sleeves of his grey cable-knit sweater as he shot me a grim a snarl.

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A very merry Christmas to the fabulous @mean-cannibals!  I was so excited to get you as my giftee for the @hannigramholidayexchange because I love your blog ^-^ I loved the ideas you suggested but I ended up doing something different, hope you don’t mind (I may end up drawing grumpy sick Hannibal in future, it sounds fun!).

Hannibal wants to send Jack & the FBI a taunting holiday card, but is grumpy when his murder husband refuses to do it unless Hannibal wears an ugly jumper and hat for the photo. 

Happy Hannibal Christmas!