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“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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Why do you ship Shieth (I'm not an anti, I'm just curious since I don't)?

Two reason. Aesthetically, I find both Shiro and Keith attractive, and their contrasting body types look good together to me.

The other reason is because I love their canon relationship. These two start as the most important people in each other’s lives. 

Keith is the only one that Shiro is willing to let down his leader facade around and show just how hopeless he feels (S2E1). Everyone else Shiro has to be the leader, the strong one, but for Keith he can show that he’s been through hell and his year long imprisonment has left scars that may never fully heal. Keith doesn’t look down on him for it either. Despite seeing the doubts, he’s always the first to insist that Shiro, not Zarkon, is the true Black Paladin. If Shiro freaks out during a training exercise, Keith is the first to leap in to protect him.

The same important person aspect goes for Keith. We don’t have the details yet, but Shiro did something for Keith. Helped him out when he was at his lowest and Keith will never forget that. When Shiro was declared dead. Keith went from being the next prodigy of the Garrison to dropping out due to disciplinary issues. In the BOM episode, Shiro walking away could cause Keith to drop everything and run after him but his father and all the promises of information on his past couldn’t stop him for more than a minute. 

Shiro is also the first to realize that something is wrong with Keith when he starts acting strange after realizing his inherited blade is Galra in origin. Shiro finds him in private to ask him if he is okay, no one else does.  When Keith is revealed to be a Galra half-breed, Shiro, despite being tortured and enslaved by the Galra, doesn’t even bat an eyelash. In fact, he ups the physical contact he gives Keith on a regular basis when they separate for the next mission (the hug).

They mean the world to each other, and exploring that relationship is beautiful to me.

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what would be your dream vibe for ts6? would you really want a more relaxed raw vibe or no?

i mean i wanna preface this by saying that i 100% trust taylor to make an album that i will love because she’s not yet released something that i haven’t adored. like beyond me being obsessed with her as a person, she’s my favourite musician for a reason and that’s because i genuinely love everything she releases and i cannot imagine a scenario in which i just straight up didn’t like an album of hers. 

that being said, i would LOVE a more relaxed/raw vibe, but when i say that i don’t mean like entirely acoustic or anything (a few ppl seem to want that but i don’t really - i need BOPS) but i just mean maybe more songs written without cowriters etc and maybe overall a less overtly pop vibe. i loooved 1989 and it was an amazing album but i think the entire vibe of the era is what led to a huge influx of hatred towards her - a lot of the criticism towards her has been to do with the perception that she’s very calculated etc - so i think a less polished approach to both her music AND the promo might make her more favourable in the eyes of the general public which would save me a few headaches tbh.

but like i said in my original post, this is really just a theory based on not much at all. she might show up in her perfectly winged eyeliner with a full on pop, co-written album containing bop after polished bop and i will of course be shakin my ass to every single one and definitely not be mad about it

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UM EXCUSE ME THT last Drabble made me do a spit take IM SO IN LOVE WITH GRUVIA AS PARENTS AND THEIR CHIKDRENENNENENE IM LITERALLY SQUEECHING MAYBE, just mAYBE could you do a tiny Drabble of gray and Juvia getting that cat you talked about ?? I think that it would be so hilarious if the cat had like a love/hate thing with gray but adored Juvia LOL LOVE YOU BONBON

Here we go! I hope you like it. <3

Gray Fullbuster never had any problems with animals in general; they seemed to like him well enough and he liked them back. He was more of a dog person, but hey, he never minded cats. He always liked Happy, Charle was a good friend (who had a special spot in his heart because of her part in saving Juvia’s life a few years before) and Lily was a great sparring partner and loyal friend.

Growing up, Gray didn’t have pets for obvious reasons so when Juvia came home with a black stray cat in her arms, wounded and missing a part of its tail and looked up to him with her big blue eyes pleading for them to keep it, Gray could hardly say ‘no’.

Juvia tended to the cat she named Chaos because of how she found him, and then the cat simply thought he was king of the house who owned Juvia to do his wishes and Gray was the bother he had to endure to have it.

Gray and Chaos absolutely hated each other. They were silent enemies and constantly fought for Juvia’s attention, not that she noticed.

That night, they got inside their apartment, Gray with his arms around her from behind, kissing her neck a hand on her stomach while she giggled. Gray closed the door with his foot and was about to turn his wife to face him when the little demon they called cat, came into the living room, meowing.

“Oh, right.” Juvia pushed Gray’s hands away and picked up the cat, to his disbelief. “Juvia just needs to feed him, Gray-sama.”

“You are kidding me.” Gray said and she looked at him apologetically while the damn cat threw him a look of victory Gray hated. “The cat can wait.”

As if to prove him wrong, Chaos meowed, dramatic as ever and Juvia looked down to him in pity. “He’s hungry, Gray-sama.”

Gray groaned in frustration and put the cat down to the floor and walked to the kitchen to get the cat food. He looked to the cat, that was on the doorway between the living room and the kitchen and Chaos looked back in Gray’s direction.

“No wonder you lost a piece of your tail.” The cat glared at him. “Must be your sparkling personality.”

“Gray-sama!” Juvia gasped in horror from the kitchen and he heard the food being poured, Chaos ran towards it. “Don’t say that.”

He snorted. “He doesn’t care about me. He has you running to meet his every need.”

Juvia came out from the kitchen looking at him in disbelief. “You are not serious.”

“Look what you just did, running to feed him, knowing very well his meows were a lie and he was well fed.”

The blunette was clearly confused for a few moments before understanding washed over her. “Oh, my god, are you jealous of the cat?

What? Of course not.” He was clearly offended by her words.

“You are!” She seemed to find it hilarious because she giggled. “You always get really frowny when Juvia tends to Chaos and she never knew why, but now she does!” Gray rolled his eyes and started to walk towards their bedroom, Juvia following close behind. “Juvia should’ve known better! Of course you are, you are totally a cat-guy!”

“What does that mean?” He asked and closed the door behind them so Chaos couldn’t follow them later.

Juvia smiled. “You are mysterious, dangerous when you want to be, very skittish, dominant and god forbid Juvia gives attention to anyone else. Plus, you get all riled up if you demand attention and Juvia doesn’t give you right away.”

“I do not.” He was offended.

“Gray-sama, Juvia’s whole point was made two minutes ago when we got inside the apartment.” She chuckled and stepped closer to him and put her arms around him, smiling all the way. “Do you want Juvia to pet you?”

Gray snorted. “You did not just said that to me.”

Juvia shrugged and made as if she would step away from him. “If you don’t want them, maybe Chaos would appreciate-ah!”

He picked her up from the floor and lied her down on the bed while she laughed. “Stop it with the damn cat already!”

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I was wondering, would Bakugou's hearing be affected from the blast? Maybe he wouldn't be deaf, but he could have some hearing loss? I was thinking about it when I saw your art where his hands were stuck behind his head, but i thought it covered his ears for some reason. I adore your art by the way, and I hope you have a lovely day!!!

YKNOW WHAT. I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT THIS THE OTHER NIGHT!!! That is one hell of an outcome that I’d love to dive into BUT I also gotta wonder about if quirks manifest fail safes for that kind of thing? 

According to the good ol bnha wiki its stated 

So I was thinking maybe his eardrums are SUPER tough, because setting off explosions around yourself constantly would def cause hearing damage, but if hes TECHNICALLY immune to the impact, (but in this post!grad au thing im making lets just say hes immune unless intentionally turning it on himself?!?!?) maybe his hearing wouldn’t be affected either?!?!?!! I DUNNO MY DUDE but this is a great question! And thankyou so much! I’m glad you like :’D <3


I know I’m probably…definitely reading into this, but this scene is really important to me. In case the pictures aren’t enough, it’s episode 22 of season 9 when Hannah tells Cas to choose between the Winchesters or them, asking him to kill Dean. The reason I love this scene is because there have been several scenes throughout the show where Sam and Dean are captured or hurt or something like that and every time, especially when it’s the other person in danger, they tell the person who is responsible or is given the ultimatum “don’t do this” or “you don’t have to do this”, they’ve even said it to each other and Cas previously. However, here, when Cas is offered an entire army if he can kill one person, neither of them say anything. They don’t ask him not to do it, they don’t protest, not even Sam, they just look at him. It is such a small thing but it is so important to me. Even if it isn’t outright said, which it has also been, this shows how much they trust him and I love that.

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I'm really interested in whippets and I keep reading about sighthounds and their thin skin, but I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit about it as a vet. How easily do whippets become injured because of their thin skin, and is it often a reason that they're brought in to a vet? How serious an injury should be brought in, and if it doesn't need to be, what can an owner do to care for it? I found you through a post in the doberman tag and I just love reading your experiences and breed evals!

Admittedly, the think skin of these breeds is mostly a concern from a vet surgeon point of view, since they’re sometimes too think to even hold intradermal sutures well.

Some dogs have no problems at all. Some dogs have frequent scrapes and their owners become very practiced at cleaning them up and managing them at home, so long as it’s no more than a graze. Some end up coming in for frequent stitch ups because every time they trip over their feet they end up wounding themselves, or the owner has no idea how they manage to do that in the backyard. Sometimes they just find blood on the dog and don’t know how that happened.

Some of these repeat offenders end up having special sports tape around their problem areas (eg toes, tail tips) or live in little jackets for some extra padding. Usually the dogs get smarter about not injuring themselves as they get older.

So in most dogs it’s more a concern for the vet than the owner, but if they do end up in a dog fight then their injuries are often dramatic, and they don’t always handle subcutaneous drains very well.

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Head canon for avoiding the assassins and giving them silent treatment? Maybe its for a stupid reason or a reason to protect them? You choose! :)

Of course, love! Only going to do this for Jacob because I’m a bit strained for time right now, but if you want me to do a better version of this with more characters or a specific character, please let me know!


  • Okay first off, please don’t
  • Jacob may be grandiose and all that, but deep down, he’s a delicate soul
  • When he notices that you’re giving him the silent treatment, his mind begins to think of when he may have screwed up with you
  • Jacob loves you so much, he tends to over-analyze things when it comes to you
  • The thought of you being unfaithful flits in his mind, but he brushes it away immediately
  • Jacob knows you really well and if you’re avoiding him, you would have a fairly good reason for doing so
  • In reality, you’re trying to avoid him because you’ve been planning this romantic dinner just for the two of you after a few months without some quality couple time
  • Eventually you manage to bring him to your little dinner with Evie and Henry’s help
  • Jacob walks in, expecting an ambush of sorts only to find you in a beautiful outfit with a few candles lighting the room and a freshly cooked meal for two on a white tablecloth complete with flowers
  • “This is why you’ve been avoiding me, love?”
  • You laugh and kiss him before nodding
  • He grins before ushering you to the table, eager to finally be able to spend time with the person he loved the most

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I actually really love Sasha’s drag & she was one of my picks for top 3 since the cast was announced….which is why I am NOT super stoked abt her win. IDK…..she statistically didn’t deserve it, if it hadn’t been for the finale switch up (which was….FOR WHOM exactly???) she probably wouldn’t have even been runner up lol. shea fuckin BLED for her wins and acting like she didn’t deserve the crown because of a last second rule change is chicken mcbonkers. you can’t deny Sasha coulda pushed her aesthetic more, pushed her alleged political reasoning behind being on the show (fucking Alexis Michelle was more political than her bye), & if she hadn’t won I would have loved to see her really fucking go for it on allstars.

but she won 😐😑😐😑😐……and now there’s gonna be a redundant ass allstars season where Shea wins AGÁIN. anyways that’s my piece I’m over it now bye

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Falsettos has changed my life through giving me a musical family. I have loved musical theatre with all my heart for about a decade now, and this is the first musical I've found that is truly about a family desperately trying to figure it out, which is validating and comforting and gorgeous in unprecedented ways. None of us will ever have all the answers, and the show explores why and how we to answer them, and that's perfect.

This is amazing. I really, really love and appreciate how no one really knew exactly what they were doing and how they were just stumbling through life day to day. You like… never really see that? And it’s so realistic and just comforting to watch.


I’m catching up with my belated Enjoltaireweek stuff! 

Here we got the third day prompt ‘Soft’. As a reference I used a Sailor Moon Illustration of Mamoru/Usagi because I loved the soft warm atmosphere and the screaming vibrant pink bg in the original. I just swapped it to a red bg because obvious reasons.

(and what do you mean ‘Where is Day2?’ hahahaha that…uh…that…will come later! No really, it’s a small comic and in the wip)

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it's my headcanon that Dean loved Cas in season 7, but didn't actually admit it to himself until he was in purgatory. (Obviously Cas realized his true feelings in season 9) That gifset you reblogged broke my heart all over again though, because Dean loves Cas so much and in asking why he didn't try harder to get out, Dean is questioning his self worth again. Like whatever Cas' reason is Dean blames himself no matter what.

Aw… yeah they are suckers in love aren’t they?!

I definitely think Dean figured it out and finally admitted it to himself in purgatory, which is why it is even more heartbreaking that Cas essentially rejects him at the end of 8x07. Hence his anger and pain between then, 8x17 and 8x22…

For me Cas only really figured it out himself when he was human, and then Dean also rejected him in 9x03, then got the mark and went darkside…

It’s the epitome of “we just can’t catch a break” or “never on the same page at the same time”.

It’s horrible to watch for a long period of time and frustrating as hell but really…

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Yugioh characters as shit I've said

Yugi: I’m. Not. A. Loli. I may be short n cute but I have sth lolis don’t, I have boobs.

Atem: I don’t hate you, but I hope Amut eats your soul.

Seto: He may be the chief, but he does everything I tell him to, so I’m the chiefs chief.

Mokuba: I’m strong but my lil sis is stronger n she’ll beat the shit out of u.

Mai: For some weird reason all the guys that I treat like shit fall in love with me.

Rishid/Odion: You just don’t mess with her, she won’t stand for ur bullshit n she’ll kick ur lame ass.

Yami Bakura: I’m an asshole n it seems everybody loves because of that.

Marik: I’m just too lazy to do that, so I always get someone to do it for me.

Anzu: She tried to create a rumor of me being an easy girl? As if she hadn’t had sex with all the guys in school already.

Bakura: I’m more virgin than the extra virgin olive oil.

Ootogi/Duke: I don’t know why, I’m just naturally good at everything.

Jounouchi/Joey: I’ve been told I have a cute doggie nose, but I also have the cat girl anime fangs, so it have been proven that I am in fact a protagonist.

Mahad: You never come to school n when u do u only sleep, so y do u even come for? Just stop coming already so I can use that chair to put my stuff.

Honda: You make uncomfortable in so many ways.

Mana: I’m cute so it doesn’t matter if I do sth bad, I won’t pay the price of my actions, I’m instantly forgiven.

Evil Marik: I’ve been told that if stares could kill everyone I’ve ever seen would be 8 meters underground.

Pegasus: I just make the clothes look good.

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bendy wouldn't be so upset over henry having left if he didn't care about him, hmmmmm?

Well, the toons weren’t ALIVE when Henry left.  They have memories of who they were on the screen, and a vague sense of attachment to their creators… but they’ve been told all sorts of things by Joey.

In other words: the reason Bendy feels so betrayed by Henry is because A: he’s a creator, therefore Bendy feels like he ought to be able to love the old man as he would any kind creator and B: because Joey told them that Henry (and the others) were NOT kind creators, that they didn’t really care about their creations at all.

In a weird sort of way, I guess you could say Bendy sees Henry as a sort of deadbeat dad, who wasn’t there when he should’ve been.

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Can we just talk about how much I love Saihara because he literally has all the same flaws as me and because of this I can love and relate to him more than any other Danganronpa character in the entire series? When anon said that weakness is the reason others will hate him as a character really annoys me because those are the things that I personally ENJOY about the protagonists. (Also, I really don't see Saihara as 'weak', anxious and insecure, definitely, but not weak)

I feel you anon, I relate to Saihara quite a lot, too. He’s not designed to be a self-insert protagonist in the way Naegi or many other vn protagonists are, but that doesn’t make it impossible to relate to him either. Rather, his weakness, anxiety, and depression are all traits that made me feel he was more relatable, not less.

It’s rare that a protagonist has these flaws so openly, and even rarer when they aren’t magically “fixed” or brushed under the rug by the narrative. Many protagonists who might start out in a series as weak or timid or anxious often become brasher, more extroverted, more shounen-like as they begin to adhere to the “believe in your friends, believe in yourself, you can do anything as long as you try” mindset in fiction. So the fact that Saihara managed to grow and develop as a character while still remaining very much the same person at heart made me love him, honestly.

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Hey Guys so i have been thinking about this for a while but I am going on a Hiatus for a week or maybe longer I’m not sure yet. The reason for this is because I have lost interest in the game. I was about to play it last night, like get some things done and play with Beau and Aubrey but I got a migraine so I closed the game and went to bed. I had yesterday of school because I had studying to do but after that I found a game on my laptop that I hadn’t played for ages so I decided to play that for a little bit and got addicted so that’s another reason why I am going on hiatus.

I hope to talk to you all soon I might reply to messages but I might not. I’ll still be liking posts and stuff I just won’t be posting. Love you all ttys ❤️

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hi dee :) i know i shouldnt pressure u into updating and i hope this wouldnt count as one bc im one of ur biggest fans & ive been reading ur works ever since i came here but i hope you'll update crossroads and nude soon bc im a sucker for tae over there and also good boy bc i lowkey love sub jimin ily and continue doing well :>

Pretty pls update -nude- I love you

I’ve been waiting 10087 years, can you pls update “taehyung-nude” gurl I can’t think of anything except jin’s face at the end istg

I’ll update Nude when I’m able to. I can’t write on command and I have other things to handle first. Please, stop sending me questions about updates. I’ll seriously start blocking people because I got these three asks in the last hour, and I need people to stop constantly sending the same asks. I have an updates post for a reason. If there’s no date added to a story, it means I’m not close to finishing the chapter. You asking me about it isn’t going to make me write faster, it will just add more pressure and that’s not something I need right now. I have other things to handle before I can focus on my writing, and when I do, I’ll write what I feel like writing, not what I’m being asked to write. Inspiration doesn’t work like that, I’m sorry. 

Did you like the graphic above? If you did it’s because I didn’t make it, the ever so lovely @wanblida did! 

Okay so apparently 100 and a few people for some reason decided to follow me and stay with me as I start my RPing journey. I’ve had this blog for about two weeks and before this, I haven’t actually creatively written, metas were the only thing I wrote. I’ve been watching the show since the pilot aired and I feel in love with Jasper’s character in the pilot as well. I wanted to do his character justice because the show certainly didn’t, and I felt like role playing seemed nice, and I’m so glad I did. Now, let’s get to it!

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Hey. I know you're gonna be mad about this. But for the love of god, do not use the f slur in public. Yeah, I'm gay and not offended by it, but some people are. Nobody cares if you call your friend it in private. People died because they were burned for being gay. That's it. By promoting the use of this word, you're promoting homophobia. Yeah, call me a SJW, call me a crazy feminist, whatever. But please- do not use a word that's offensive to people, for good reason. Thank you.

Well, I’m not mad, but if in public you mean on tumblr, you should probably bail now, cause I say a lot of words that offend people. That’s just how I am. I am a faggit, I call my friends faggits, it’s just how I live my life. Y’all give words too much power.

For me, faggit is like the n-word (without the hard r at the end) for gays. Faggit is not an actual word. The real world is faggot. Speaking in public settings, i pronounce it “fay-git” But the whole point is taking a word that was meant to be hateful towards a group of people, and making it a term of endearment among themselves.

The oppressors gave the word power. I’m taking that power back.