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우연히 만난 태현이형ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오늘도 화이팅파이팅
Met Taehyunie hyung by chanceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ fighting fighting for today too

trans cr. kencalls (twt)

Baby, you’re a catch

A solid 10/10, and anyone would be lucky to have you,

His immaturity is the reason it didn’t work out, you were to good for him, and he couldn’t handle that,

So don’t mope, don’t cry,

Baby, you’ve got a bright future, under this cherry blue sky

So just stay by my side, and everything will be just fine

—  Advice from a girl who’s a 10/10 too

I got a commission done by @kassillus who is a perfect angel and I honestly owe her my first born because this is better than my wildest imaginations (and these girls are my imagination). 

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Really don’t think I’ve said thank you enough. And, I wanted to share with those of you who love my girls as much as I do so you can shout and cry over this and give it all the love. 

just saw a BULLSHIT article where the title was “shows where the lead was eclipsed by someone better” and guess who was on the cover? dylan. fuck you, article writer. you’re wrong. scott mccall is the best character on teen wolf and it sucks that he doesn’t get as much recognition but stiles isn’t better than him in any way so goodbye end of story you suck

Everyone follow my beautiful, talented sisters art blog on instagram @cvamart, she is an artist and does amazing work, it would be much appreciated thank you loves♡ p.s. I’m doing great, I’m so happy, so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, I’ve just been enjoying life but I will be back soon, I love you all, stay alive xo

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you are all amazing people who deserve all the love in this world

Heyyyy, guess who just rewatched The Force Awakens and is now a hardcore Kylux shipper?

Already dedicating this song to them <3


 he’s all talk
he’s already spent like three slots bedazzling that biker jacket he hawked off kravitz