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OP Chapter 869 Reaction

The One Piece/Strawhat crew fan in me: oh sh*t! they’re fudging doomed!

The Sanami shipper in me: ASFGHIDGJFYDBKDHIFNKEJDYHT! I could live off this for weeks! Ladeedadeeda~


I don’t want my Ji Hoo to continue to live with a man like you. You might give Ji Hoo a distorted image of a male figure. And more than anything, you’re not qualified to be a father.


Kesha - Woman

Guess what special day it is~?


Happy Birthday Asia!!!!! I couldn’t decide what to draw for the longest time, which is why this is so late ;;;;;;;

But regardless! I hope you like this Married AU morning scene with a sleepy, cuddly Sakkun~ (yes i know Mahiru’s ring is on the wrong hand, but I wanted it to show in the picture haha)

Besides all that, I know I express my love pretty much every day, but it’s your special day, so I have to do it again tenfold ;D I am so unbelievably happy that I met you and all the others too! Thank you so much for being such a caring, kind friend to me. You listen to me in my times of need and you share all the enthusiasm for otps like no one else I’ve met! XD

Now, I’ll end this before I get too sappy ahaha.

Happy birthday bby! <3 I love you girl!


Thanks for that input Honour


I’ve never noticed this before (it amazes me that I still find new things in this game despite playing it non-stop for over a decade) but in this moment, Yuna is literally and figuratively stepping from the shadow into the light. And it’s so fitting because this scene really shakes her faith in Yevon, and she finally begins to see it for what it really is. She’s no literally no longer in the dark.

Behind The Story – Pt. 5

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. The reader and Jensen go to a family vacation with the Padaleckis after finishing shooting Supernatural S10.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: FLUFF


A/N: GUYS. This part is so freaking fluffly that would have anyone smiling like an idiot, I’m just saying lol Hope you guys like it. It was fun and maybe a bit painful cause I’m single to write this but what can I do? If you guys could leave me a message or an ask with y’all reactions to this part I would appreciate it so much cause this might be my favorite part so far and want to know y’all reactions. ♥ 

Also, next part is going to be a con one, so please go to this link, read the post, is a project I’m mixing with this series so please send me y’all questions or photo ops ideas. 

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl, you’re the freaking best and i love you)

Behind The Story Masterlist


Middle of the night and you were sitting on your couch, changing channels with Jules cuddled up next to you, his tiny soft snores filling the air. Since you’d gotten back home from the meeting you’d been very quiet and distant. Jensen noticed something odd was going on with you when he got home but he was so tired from a long day on set that he went straight to bed. You sighed deeply, running your fingers through Jules’s soft golden locks.

“(Y/N)?” Jensen called, his voice deeper than usual yet very soft.

Looking over your shoulder, you saw him standing in the middle of the hall, shirtless with a pair of red plaid pajama pants.


“What time is it?” Jensen frowned, his naked footsteps  sounding gently on the wood floors.

“Past three… Can’t sleep.” You said, biting the inside of your mouth.

Jensen sat next to you as he laid his arm around you. “Why?”

“I had a meeting with Jeremy today…” You sighed.

Jensen rubbed his eyes, squinting them afterwards, adjusting to the TV light as he let out a yawn.

“What was the meeting about?” Jensen asked.

“Jeremy wanted to talk about my future in the show and my role future.” You bit your lower lip, playing with the knit blanket that covered your legs. “He told me I’ve got two options, either I stay in the show and the writers add a baby to Katherine’s and Dean’s story or if I decide to leave and be a mom full time, that would mean killing my character off.”

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I love my best girl Momo! What a about a head canon about being momo's (platonic) friend and being similar to her but just more bubbly and talkative?) I LOVE MY BBY MOMO, ALL GIRLS ARE BEST GIRLS 😭😭😭😭 tHANK YOU I LOVE YOU

Yaoyorozu Momo:

  • Absolute study buddies! She always works herself up before an exam even though she rarely has something to worry about, but she likes to have company while studying. The two of you would sit on her bed with some snacks between you while she quizzes you and then has you quiz her on the concepts she thinks are most difficult to learn.
  • She always refers to you as her very best friend, even in casual conversation when she’s talking to others that know you. It’s just a habit because you had been her closest friend for awhile and most of the exciting things she’d want to tell others about, she did with you.
  • You both mom friend each other. If she starts getting down on herself or loses her confidence, you’re always there with an enlightening speech that fires her back up again. When you’re feeling down or lost, she always has some advice to help you find your way back, and if not, she’s a good shoulder to cry on.
  • People would absolutely think you were sisters just based on the amount of time that you spent together, and soon, it becomes easier to just say ‘yes we are’. You can see she’s quite flustered when you first refer to the two of you as sisters, but it’s a title she learns to love.