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•This makes me so upset bc all I see now is comments about the boys dropping friends and not being able to keep friends. Seriously, you don’t know what personally goes on in their lives everyday, the only thing we see is their videos, photos, and tweets..we don’t know what goes on behind their camera and phone screen. I’m glad he’s finally addressed this, proud of you E.❤️•

Welcome to the Sparrows.

Some original content that I haven’t been posting characters from on tumblr yet :D Also a picture that went into much more detail than intended……..
These three are Geraldine Pyrope, Cecil Reed and Vincent Diran!

Cecil runs a club called the Sparrows and is Vincent’s informant, as they’re always keeping an ear out for their customers - who aren’t all righteous people. Geraldine is the entertainment, a singer who has been Cecil’s close friend since childhood. Vincent, meanwhile, is a detective growing in the ranks who’s helped them out on multiple occasions!

Geraldine and Vincent belong to @kaisukidoodles, Cecil is mine ❤︎
Art blog: questionartbox
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Intimate Saturdays *

A/N: y/n – your name. First person. Word count ~ 1040

The best thing about Saturdays was that Gerald and I always got to be lazy. Another perk was that since it was close to the winter holidays, Gerald baked his world-famous chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. I could tell Christmas time was Gerald’s favorite time of the year but the stretched-out grin across his gorgeous face. Since both of us had nothing to do all day, we guys just ate and cuddled while watching Netflix. Although it was a lazy day, I still wanted to look cute for my man so I wore this.

“Babe! How much longer?” I whine, wrapping my arms around G from behind. He was so tall that every time I would hug him I felt like a baby.

“Almost ready,” he informs me, turning around, and kissing me. “You look beautiful.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this nearly perfect man was mine. His lips stayed on mine moving in rhythm. His hands move down from the small of my back to my ass, giving it a nice squeeze. Suddenly, the oven pings signaling the cookies were done. Neither of us wanted to break the heated make out session but neither of us wanted to burn the house down. Gerald breaks the kiss to go get the cookies. Sadly, I meander to the couch and plop down waiting for him to come cuddle.

“Prepare for the best chocolate chip cookies and peppermint hot chocolate you will EVER have in your life,” G exclaims carrying a tray. I reach out and grab a cookie and a mug. I take a big bite out of the cookie and it’s nearly orgasmic.

“Oh, my god! Gerald!” I shout. “These are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted,” I remark.

* An hour or so later *

I stood in the kitchen putting the cookies in a container when a pair of arms loop around my waist and a pair of lips connect with my neck. I couldn’t lie, it felt so good. I lean your head the other way to give him more access. A slight moan escapes my lips as his hand slip underneath my sweater. He massages my chest as more moans escape. He took his hands out of my sweater and leads me from the kitchen to the couch.

“Lay down,” G instructs. I did as I was told. G climbs on top of me when he let out a little huff. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. “What are you laughing at, big head,” he asks while poking my side.

“Nothing. You’re just so funny,” I giggle.

“You won’t be laughing in a minute, little one,” he smirks as he collides his lips with mine. His hands roam to the hem my sweater and pulls it over my head. He reconnects our lips and starts massaging my chest again. He pulls my bralette off my body. He throws my bra to the other side of the living room. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and I couldn’t help but moan. He swirls his tongue around my nipple and takes it in his mouth again. I arch my back in pleasure. He stops the pleasurable torture on that nipple and starts kissing down my body.

His lips reach the top of my leggings and I can’t control myself. I buck my hips up wanting him to continue his sweet torture down there. “A bit excited, aren’t you y/n,” he smirks and grips the sides of my leggings and ever-so slowly pulls them down leaving a trail of wet kisses. In anticipation, I kick off my boots. He pulls off my leggings and throws it where the clothing pile is at. He sits up and pulls off his sweater and sweats leaving both of us in only our underwear. He lifts my leg and moves it to the other side of his head. He kisses the inside of my thighs making me moan out. “You like that, baby,” G smiles as he disappears between my legs.

“Please daddy,” I beg.

“Are you gonna be a good girl,” G teases as he kisses my clothed entrance.

“Of course, daddy,” I whimper. G smirks and grabs the sides of my panties and throws them in the pile. His tongue licks my clit as he teases my entrance with his fingers. His free hand rests on top of my stomach to stop me from fidgeting. I can’t help myself. It feels so good. “Daddy I need you,” I moan.

“Oh yeah,” G asks. I nod my head practically begging him. He stood up and slid his boxers down. His length springs out and I let out a groan. He climbs back on top of me and kisses me. Slowly he deepens the kiss as his hand reaches down and presses his tip into my entrance.

“Gerald,” I moan out loudly. He thrusts it all the way in and sits there for a minute. His lips wander from my lips along my jaw and down to my neck. He sucks on it, flicking his tongue over the freshly made hickey. He slowly pulls out of me and slams back into me. His pace picks up making me wrap my legs around his hips. It’s so good that I drag my nails down his back and scream out his name. I feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. G’s thrusts became sloppy. “Baby, I’m gonna cum,” I weakly moan as the tension of my orgasm release causing me to arch my back and scream out Gerald’s name. I could feel Gerald release inside of me as he bit down on my neck. After a minute or so passes, he pulls out of me as we both catch our breath.

“You’re too cute,” Gerald says to me as he puts on his boxers. I blush at him as he gathers my panties and sweater to put on. I put on my clothes then laid down on my side. G climbs behind me and kisses me.

“I love you,” I said, rubbing the hand he had wrapped around my waist.

“I love you too baby girl,” he said back and kissed my shoulder.

Spark Pt. 2 [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anonymous requested: “I’ve probably reread spark like 1000 times. Could you please do a second part? Like they both like each other and none of them wants to admit it and Jason’s girlfriend atm kind of figures it out and tries to keep jason to herself? You could throw in Roy and how he knows jason still likes the reader so he flirts and goes out on dates with the reader to make jason jealous and make him confess to her?”

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1165

TAGS: @anothertypicalgirl00 @pinkwitch21 @coffee-randomness @angstytodd @kpkarlee @aworldwideapart @lovingmytelevision @abbytheninja @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @spacewife @galaxy-jellyfish-queen @femdamian @dc-hoe @wtfisachoncexx @jxsontxdds @yoichooseno @kiogenic @iamthenightiambatman @mockingjay-fury @zhang91yixing @mama-aqua @bandsomatic @theamazingrain @batbros-before-hoes @american-assassin-and-superhero @hyp-oh-critical @justpensandpaper @nervouswastelandvoid


[G/N] = Girl’s Name

Part 1 | Part 2



Jason didn’t know if it was fate or whatever the fuck people called it nowadays, but after the party he kept on running into you in the most unexpected places. To say he was irritated was an understatement–the man was fuming. The problem was he didn’t even know why he was pissed but maybe it had something to do with the fact that he may still have feelings for you, his ex, and running into you frequently after discovering said feelings when he himself had a girlfriend already wasn’t a great scenario.

It would be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy the little meetings though. In fact, he may’ve enjoyed them too much, even if they were 90% banters and trying to one-up one another. It was almost as if you two wanted to make the other jealous.

Whatever it was, it was clear as day that the two of you were still quite in love with each other and while some hated it, others thought it was absolutely hilarious and one particular person saw it as the perfect chance to mess with his best friend.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Jason cursed under his breath when he spotted you enter the cafe, though it wasn’t you that got him cursing but rather the man with you.

“Is that… Roy?” [G/N] asked with raised eyebrows, having followed her boyfriend’s gaze. With a tense jaw, Jason nodded and continued to glare at them as he downed the rest of his drink. [G/N] stared at the man in front of her with a strange expression but said nothing.

“Look at them,” murmured Jason as he watched you sit down with Roy, “she is totally trying to get on my nerves.”

“I think you’re exaggerating.” [G/N] said, trying to reason with her boyfriend. However, he dismissed her and kept his eyes on the pair that was sitting by the window. Though you hadn’t noticed your ex and your friend, Roy certainly noticed them and he had a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

Jason knew that grin. “He’s messing with me. That fucker is messing with me.” he declared, throwing his hands up. “Dating my ex, what is he thinking? Does he know the damn bro-code? Never date your bro’s ex!”

[G/N] just sighed and shook her head at his behavior. It had been happening ever since the party and honestly, she knew what it was about. She wasn’t stupid or blind, she saw that he still had feelings for you and you for him. “Jason, babe, you’re going to make a scene.”

“Blame Roy, not me.” Jason accused, “he started it.”

“Now you’re just being childish.”

“Roy’s being childish by taking [F/N] out on a date.”

[G/N] sighed once more. “Jason, look at me.” When he didn’t, she forced him to look at her directly in the eyes. “Do you still love [F/N]?”

This caused shock into Jason’s eyes. “What?”

“Do you still love [F/N]?” she repeated firmly. “It’s a yes or no question.”

“O-Of course not!” he exclaimed, though with an uncertain tone, “I love you baby, I always have.”

[G/N] leaned back against her seat and looked at him with disapproval. “See, I don’t believe that. You still love [F/N], why else would you be so bothered by Roy taking her out?”

“Because he’s my friend! He’s not supposed to be dating my ex–”

“Yet I’m dating you. Does that make me a horrible person?” she snapped, “And was [F/N] angry or pissed or upset? No, she wasn’t. Unlike you Jason.” Jason remained quiet as he took in what [G/N] had said. “Face it Jason, you’re still in love with her.”

“I… I–okay, I might be, but I am with you, [G/N].” he reasoned, but [G/N] only shook her head.

“I love you, Jason, I do,” she admitted, “but I can’t be with someone who is in love with someone else, and my friend of all people.” She gave him a sad smile and stood up. “I’m not angry at you or [F/N], you two mean too much to me. But… if you walk away from her, then you’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Make it right.”

With that, [G/N] left the cafe, finally catching your attention. You glanced at Jason and frowned, wondering what he said that caused your friend to walk out like that. Jason watched with panic as you excused yourself from Roy and walked towards him, taking a seat in front of him.

“What was that?” you inquired, or more like interrogated.

“What was what?”

That. [G/N].”

“I don’t know what you’re talking–”

“Cut that bullshit Jason, you know exactly what I’m talking about.” you snapped, “Now tell me, dick, or I’ll find out myself.”

Jason released a breath of frustration and exclaimed, “fine! Okay, you win. She thinks I still have feelings for you. Happy?”

“Excuse me–what?”

“Yeah, I had the same reaction.”

You say in silence for few minutes with him, staring at absolutely nothing. You didn’t know what to say, honestly. You were speechless.

“… I think… she’s right.” Jason began slowly, catching your attention and causing your heart to speed up. “I think… I may still be in love with you, [F/N].”

“You’re… you’re kidding, right?” you breathed, shaking your head in denial even when your stupid heart said otherwise, “You’re dating my friend–”

“She broke up with me, [F/N].” he said quietly, “She broke up with me so I could have my second chance with you.”

“What?” you uttered, “No.. no, no that’s… that’s ridiculous, okay? That’s ridiculous. I have a date–” You stood up and turned around, only to find that Roy was nowhere to be found. “Where the fuck did he go?”

“Look, [F/N], just give it another chance, give us another chance.” Jason insisted as you sat back down.

You kept shaking your head. “We didn’t work before, what makes you think we’ll work a second time?”

“Because we didn’t fight for us.” he explained, “Because we let anger and our differences get in the way of what we felt and we let it all blow up in our fucking faces. We didn’t fight for our love, [F/N], but now this is the damn universe telling us that we should try again and this time we better fight for it like our lives depend on it.”

You stared at the man in front of you, thinking he was insane for suggesting such an idea but the fire in his eyes said otherwise. It told you he spoke of nothing but the truth and for the first time, you saw what others saw; his love for you.

“… fine.” you sighed, giving in, “But one date. Then we’ll see.”

The grin that appeared on Jason’s face was brighter than any that you’ve seen on him in a while.

“One date.”

Palette x fell Goth last part I swear

Palette pulled away, looking at Fell Goth’s face. Palette purred in satisfaction and kissed down to his spine, rubbing it up and down slowly. “Baby!~” Fell Goth’s heart beat quickened as his excitement grew more. Fell Goth noticed a yellow glow at Palette’s crotch, a bulge showing through.

Was Palette getting turned on from his moans…? They weren’t that great…. Right..? Fell Goth started unconsciously lowering his hand down to his glowing magic, rubbing lightly there. Palette noticed and pulled his hand away, making Fell Goth whine “Not yet love.”

Palette giggled and kissed his clit softly before going back to rubbing his spine, delicately tracing his fingers up and down his bottom ribs. Fell Goth gasped at the sudden (and much to short for his liking) stimulation on his clit. Fell Goth continued moaning, wanting to pleasure Palette as well.

He blushed at the thought, but..what’s the harm in trying? “Hey…Palette….” Palette stopped rubbing his spine and ribs. “Yeah?” Palette looked him straight in the eyes, showing he was actively listening. Fell Goth looked to the side, but still spoke “U-um…can I…..do something to you..?” Palette raised an eyebrow at him “What would that be?”

Fell Goth sighed, being to embarrassed to be straight forward with him. “R-returning the favor… You’ve made me feel…really good.. and I want to do the same for you..” Palette thought for a moment before getting what he meant. Palette slowly nodded, backing away so Fell Goth had room to move.

Fell Goth crawled into Palette’s lap, gently pushing him down so Palette was laying on his back. Fell Goth crawled down to his crotch, nervously slipping off his pants. He rubbed the bulge at Palette’s underwear softly, causing Palette to let out a light groan. Fell Goth slowly pulled off his underwear, his cock springing out. Fell Goth hesitantly wrapped a shaky hand around his base, stroking it up and down carefully, like he would break it if he was too rough.

Palette gasped then groaned a bit louder. “Mmm, you’re doing good, hun~” Fell Goth changed his position so he could lean down more, the tip getting into his mouth. While still slowly stroking Palette’s cock, he softly sucked on Palette’s tip, bobbing his head lightly. “Oooh fuuck..~” Fell Goth smiled lightly and tried to take in more of Palette’s length.

He gagged a bit, but was thankful he wasn’t as big as his Palette. Palette gently grabbed his skull, causing Fell Goth to jolt. “Mmmmf baby… Y-you’ve done enough~…..” Fell Goth pulled away from Palette’s dick, bucking his hips. His cloak parted and spread at his legs, letting Palette see his formed pussy.

Palette bit his lip at the sight of him. Fell Goth panted softly and lowered his hand down to his pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down He gasped and moaned at the spike in pleasure he felt. Palette flipped them back over so he was on top again, pulling Fell Goth’s finger away. Fell Goth whined a bit, his pussy dripping a bit for something inside of it.

Palette ran his hand down from his chest down to his pelvis, rubbing around his pussy. Fell Goth arched his back, moaning “P-please, Pally!~” Palette teasingly slipped a bit of his finger inside of Fell Goth’s pussy, groaning lightly at how wet he was. Palette slipped his finger out, licking it clean. Fell Goth blushed immensely and shut his eyes tightly. “Mmm, you taste good Gothy~” Palette kissed down to his hip line, parting his legs so he could get to his pussy easier.

Fell Goth’s eyes widened in surprise “Eeep! P-palette, w-what are you d-doi-!” Fell Goth was cut off by the feeling of something warm and wet prodding against his entrance. Fell Goth let out a shocked moan, snapping his legs closed on instinct. Palette quickly backed away before he got caught in his legs. “Ah, s-sorry.. I-I’m just….n-not used to that…” Palette smiled softly “It’s ok.. Do you wanna try it, or are you too uncomfortable?”

Fell Goth thought for a moment “W-we can try it….” Palette smiled at him “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt~” Palette opened his legs again, massaging his thighs to relax him. He softly moaned and laid back more. Palette kissed from his knee to his clit, licking the entrance slowly. Fell Goth gasped, but resisted the urge to close his legs. His breaths became shaky and Palette sank a bit of his tongue into him.

Fell Goth let out shaky moans, his juices coating Palette’s tongue slightly. “Mmm, you taste even better now~” Fell Goth decided to keep his mouth shut, not wanting to moan to loud. Palette sank his whole tongue into Fell Goth, making him let out a yelp. “A-ahhh!” Fell Goth slapped a hand over his mouth to try and muffle the sounds coming out of him. Palette licked him up and down, increasing in speed.

Fell Goth tasted so sweet, and he was getting addicted to his taste. Palette sucked on his clit, his tongue hitting his cervix. Fell Goth moaned loudly, even with his hand over his mouth. “Ohhh baby!!~” Fell Goth started to feel a ball of pressure in his stomach, making him more sensitive. Palette continued to eat Fell Goth out, making the ball snap and causing Fell Goth to cum. “AHHHHH!!~”

Fell Goth arched his back and spread his legs through his orgasm, moaning Palette’s name. Palette was a bit surprised by his sudden outburst, but gladly swallowed his cum. He pulled away and licked his lips clean. Fell Goth panted heavily, recovering from his orgasm. Palette looked at Fell Goth with new found lust, but still with love and kindness. “Gothy… Do you want me to put it in now?”

Fell Goth smiled and nodded, spreading his legs so Palette could get in. “I want you inside of me~” Palette purred and lined his dick up with Fell Goth’s entrance, rubbing his head against it Fell Goth softly moaned, putting his legs on Palette’s shoulders. Palette slowly pushed it all the way in, making Fell Goth arch his back in a slight sting. Palette kissed his hand, being the closet thing he could reach. Fell Goth took a little to adjust, taking a deep breath and nodding “You can move..”

Palette started his thrusting slow, savoring the hot feeling of Fell Goth’s pussy contracting around his dick. He slid out and pushed back in, grabbing his hips for support. Fell Goth let out shaky sweet moans “Oohhh stars Palette~ please, g-go faster~” Palette sped up his pace, moving Fell Goth’s legs down to his waist. Since Fell’s legs were more spread, he was able to thrust more easily.

He started going a bit deeper, groaning Fell Goth’s name. “Ahhha!” Fell Goth made a surprised sound at the increase in speed “You doing ok Gothy?” Fell Goth nodded and pulled Palette in for a kiss, unintentionally making him thrust deeper. Fell Goth gasped before moaning loudly into the kiss, loving the feeling of Palette inside of him.

Palette went down to his neck, grunting and groaning in Fell’s ear. He got even more wet from the pleasured sounds of his temporary lover Fell Goth attempted to do something, lifting his hips when Palette thrusted in. “Ohhh god Gothy~ you’re so beautiful when you look like this~”

Fell Goth blushed “T-thank, y-You!” Fell Goth stumbled in his words when Palette grazed a spot inside if him that was very sensitive. Fell Goth felt like he was in absolute heaven, he even felt his soul warm up and flutter. He let out even more cute moans from the overwhelming happiness he felt.

Palette kissed his neck, growing to love how sweet and genuine Fell Goth sounded. “You feel amazing baby~” Palette praised Goth sometimes, Fell Goth beginning to love how happy and loved he felt in Palette’s presence. “Ohh baby, I love you so much!~” Fell Goth moaned as Palette thrusted against his g-spot. “Ah baby, I-I love you too!”

Palette thrusted harder into that spot, beginning to feel close to an orgasm. Palette ran his hands over Fell Goth’s perfect body, rubbing his thumb around Fell’s birthmark. He let out a loud moan, clinging tightly to Palette out of pleasure. “Ahh, Pally, I-I’m close!~” Palette grunted and groaned louder as he felt closer and closer to his edge. “Y-yeah, me too honey~ You want it in or out?” Palette slowed down so Fell Goth could answer properly. “Out p-please..”

Palette nodded and picked up the pace. Fell Goth nearly screamed at the pleasure, his limit coming. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna!~” Fell Goth was cut off by an orgasm ripping through his sensitive body. He moaned louder than he ever had, arching his back high into the air. Palette pulled out and spurted his hot cum onto Fell Goth’s trembling thighs, groaning his name.

They both panted heavily, Fell Goth with a precious smile on his face, his eyes closed with exhaustion. Palette had caught some of his breath back, giving Fell Goth a tender kiss “How did you like that?~” Fell Goth was overcome with butterflies in his stomach, making him very cuddly and sweet. “I loved it…” Fell Goth happily kissed back flipping to his side so Palette could cuddle with him.

“You know you have to go back to your universe tomorrow, right?” Fell Goth’s smile faltered a little “Yeah…..I know… But I missed my Palette a bit.. and your Goth can’t stay with him..” Palette nodded, starting to fall asleep. “Goodnight Gothy~” Fell Goth yawned and curled up “Night Palette…” After his words, they both fell into a deep sleep.

FInally I finished it… I wrote over 3,000 words in all….. 3,167 words to be exact..

fanfic by creepychick420 

DELICIOUS FIC A++++++++++++++++

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors - Chapter Six.

Pairing: Neighbor/Mechanic Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.
Warnings: Dean being adorable, Readers mother is a kind of a bitch, Childbirth (nothing too detailed).
Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, there only one chapter left after this!
Previous chapters can be found here.

At 5 months pregnant you thought you’d be showing a little more by now, your doctor did tell you as a bigger woman your baby bump wouldn’t be as noticeable until further along but you still hoped you would have a bigger bump than you did, it more looked like you had a big lunch.

Dean, of course was being adorable, he loved your growing belly, he felt your little baby kick for the first time only a few weeks ago and he talked about it for days.
You both opted not to find out the sex and wait to be surprised when the baby was born, that didn’t stop either of you betting and exchanging banter over who would be right, Dean was set on a baby girl but you said that you just knew it was a boy “mother’s intuition” you said.

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jiyong declaring his love for vips accompanied with his cute little moves