i love you b happy valentine's day *u*

Honestly, there are two kinds of anons, and I’m laughing so hard my sides are b u r n i n g

@cinnamon roll anon: yes thank you informative anon who calmed our hearts with the knowledge that Makkachin is wholesome and healthy and pure, we both love you

@other anon ummmm… H…h-happy valentines day pls stay in school I hope ur wholesome and healthy and safe

-mod Viena

Salty & Emily

So I got a request from an Anon to draw Emily and I was like, “Why not!” ^u^

And of course I added Salty because Salty and Emily are, like, my fave Valiard couple you guys. <3 Maybe my second fave now that I think of it… Next to Sir Theodore and his lovely wife, Gloria—AMIRITE!!! ;D

Ugh, I always get fuzzy happy mushy when Valentines Day approaches. I don’t care if it’s commericalized, capitalist garbage. I love it. :B

since today it’s Valentine’s day..here’s a mini follow forever (and why not …the first one of the year) here is the people that I love/admire even if I don’t speak to much with them, i love you all! 

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