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Hello Senpai, I love your artwork! Draw Please more Megamo x Ayano?!


“You is a smart man,you don’t want to be a monster like me,
no matter how many people I kill, you kill me like that … you are just the same thing with me.
You will be afraid of it”

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *watches 《In a Day's》trailer*<p/><b>Me:</b> *starts crying*<p/><b>Me:</b> I WOULD JUST LIKE TO THANK JIN AND SIDU AND WANNYANPUU FOR THE WONDERFUL WONDERFUL PIECES OF ART AND BEAUTY THEY HAVE CREATED AND REVIVING THE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE THIS YEAR<p/><b>Mom:</b> Why are you crying over teenagers with scary red eyes and jackets?<p/></p>
Yandere Simulator Reacts: Mid-January Update
  • Ayano: -flying around with fire hands-
  • Taro: -jumps back- Get away from me! Back off!
  • Budo: Well......that's strange.
  • Osoro: Ummmm. Understatement.
  • Budo: Hey Ayano! You're HOT! On FIRE! GET IT! FI-
  • Osoro: -hits Budo with bat-
  • Budo: -Comatose-
  • Midori: Flame Demon I thought you loved me? Why does Ayano have your power? YandereDev! YandereDev! Explain!
  • YandereDev: Shut up Midori.
  • Rainbow Six Girls: FRIENDSHIP BRACLETS!!!<p/><b>
  • Rainbow Six Boys: -chasing Ayano- APPREHEND HER!!!
  • Inkyu: No Oka. I don't have anything to do with this.
  • Oka: -looks at Sakyu-
  • Sakyu: Neither do I Oka
  • Oka: -in her journal- Suspects p-possibly lying. Still will remain a-alert.
  • Shin: -takes her journal and writes- Also stop being paranoid about the Basu Sisters.
  • Oka: H-hey that's m-mine!
  • Shin: -kisses her cheek and drops it in her hands-
  • Oka: -blushes heavily- Not f-funny S-Shin
  • Taro and YandereDev: - running from Ayano and Midori-
  • Ayano: -flying after Taro-
  • Midori: -crying while chasing YandereDev-
  • R6B & Megami: -chasing Ayano-
  • Osoro: -chasing Ayano with bat while dragging Budo across the floor-
  • Shin: .......I know I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today.
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Ayano: Budo, do me a favor and take care of Delinquent-chan ((just roll with it folks)) for me.

Budo: Yes…Anything for you Aya-chan….I love you Aya-chan…

Ayano: Of course you do~

There was a time today where I was listening to music and thought, “How could I possibly ruin this ship more?” BEHOLD YANDERE CHAN WITH POWERS OF SEDUCTION GRANTED TO HER BY LUST DEMON TO ENSLAVE TEENAGE BOYS!!! Imagine Yandere chan with the power to make even a hero like Budo bend to her every whim, even if it goes against everything he believes in. When you're “"in love” you will do anything to make the one you love happy…

So I give you, Lovestruck/Mindslave Budo..

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Have you already seen the old intros of Yansim? I loved it. Ayano is cute, funny and have a personality. And she isn't the stereotype of a yandere (seems to be cute but inside is a psychopath), she was a realistic yandere. The game seemed to be much more fun and interesting, sad thing that YandereDev decided to take the edgy's path. Is such a shame, I was so excited for this game.

The only thing I didn’t like about the old story was that it made info-Chan to be like “I say kill her cause I want ppl to read my news story”

But i still think yandere dev might slip that in, cause there was a preview of a text message in one of the videos where Info-chan was like “the truth is..”

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Can you please draw Megamo and Ayano like stepbrothers? I love you art!

Ayano: Is it Friday, can i go?
Megamo: No
Ayano: why
Megamo: you think who will accept your love confession in my school?
Ayano: brother!