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Love Vocabulary in Norwegian

Kjærlighet - Love

Jeg forguder deg - I adore you (lit. I worship you)

Jeg elsker deg - I love you

Jeg er glad i deg - I love you

Jeg trenger deg - I need you

Jeg savner deg - I miss you

Jeg vil ha deg nå - I want you now

Jeg vil ha deg - I want you

Du er bare min - You are only mine

Jeg tenker på deg hele tiden - You are on my mind all the time

Kjæreste - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Kyss - Kiss

Suss - Kiss

Nuss - Kiss

Gi meg et suss - Give me a kiss

Mamma kysset nissen - Mom kissed santa claus

Du er min eneste - You are my only one

Å gå ut med - To date/hang out with (lit. to go out with)

Å flørte - To flirt

Han flørte med henne - He flirted with her

Klem - Hug

Han gav meg et kyss på kinnet - He gave me a kiss on the cheek

Tungekiss (lit. Tongue kiss) - French kiss

Han kysset meg! - He kissed me!

Et lidenskapelig kyss - A passionate kiss

Et kyss - A kiss

Gi/Få - Give/Receive

Han ga henne en rose - He gave her a rose

Jeg har aldri elsket henne - I have never loved her

Jeg har aldri elsket med henne - I have never made love to (had sex with) her

Å forelske seg - To fall in love

Å bli glad i - To become fond of (to start to love/care about)

 Å falle for - To fall for

Jeg faller for deg - Im falling for you (Im falling in love with you)

Elske sin neste - Love one’s neighbor

Å kline - To make out

Å kile - To tickle

Du er min hjerteknuser - You are my heartbreaker

Hun er litt av en hjerteknuser - She break lots of hearts

Jeg elsker deg av hele mitt hjerte - I love you with all of my heart

Du har et hjerte av stein - You have a heart made of stone

Hjertet mitt slår for deg - My heart is beating for you

Du er hjerteløs - You are heartless/callous

Du varmer hjertet mitt - You are warming my heart

Hun har et godt hjerte - She has a good heart

Hjertesorg - Heartbreak

Hva har du på hjertet? (“hva har du lyst til å snakke med meg om?”) - What’s on your mind? (“what do you want to talk to me about?”)

Å ikke ha hjerte til (“ikke klare å gjøre (på grunn av medfølelse)”) - To not have the heart to ("be unable (because of compassion)”)

“Hjerte” rimer på “smerte” - Heart rhymes with pain (in Norwegian)

Jeg stoler på deg - I trust you

Jeg liker deg - I like you

Du har et vakkert smil - You have a beautiful smile

Øynene dine glitrer - Your eyes sparkle

Så lenge jeg er med deg, så er jeg glad - As long as I am with you, (then) Im happy

Kjærlighet på pinne -Lollipop

Du betyr så mye for meg - You mean so much to me

Du er søt - You are cute

Jeg lengter etter deg - I long for you

happy belated birthday jjhoa ;w; i loved eva’s design so i decided to draw her!! thank you for being my mutual aaaa ;ww;;;


Alfie vs. Pregnancy | Alfie Solomons

Request: @thinemineours Alfie needs to go through his wife’s pregnancy. Dude must probably be more scared than her. ILY😘

Note: so this is so long I cannot even begin to explain how carried away I got and a slight change… she’s not his wife… yet…


“Yes, Alfie?”

“This is really ‘appening?”

“Yeah, it is. It’s really happening.”

“You’re sure, right, ‘cause sometimes—“

“Alf, I went to the Doctor and you know that, ‘cause you bloody had Ollie follow me, didn’t you?”

“You were actin’ odd, yeah, I was just makin’ sure no funny business was goin’ on.”

“Funny business?”

“Don’t matter now, does it?”

“You didn’t trust me.”

“I did, love, I did. It’s everyone else I don’t trust, not you, love… might ‘ave been in some compromisin’ situation or somethin’ and I would’ve made sure we put an end to it.”

“An end to me more like.”

“Couldn’t put an end to you even if I wanted to. You’d haunt me, day an’ fucking night.”

“Too fucking right I would.”

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thank you @segsymyboy for these gems!

anonymous asked:

So I saw your video Recs (which I'm going happily be enjoying forever, and I'm quietly screaming over the couch video because I never noticed Michael's arm in that video), but I was wondering if you had any mavin fic Recs? If not that's okay!! I hope you ave a lovely day ❤️

sure! i’m gonna straight up copy over my ao3 bookmarks with the caveats that 1) some will probably have background ra/wood if that bothers you, but it’s tagged on the fic so you can make a personal decision on whether to pass it over or read. 2) some of these bookmarks are pretty fucking old, like, i read them once 5 years ago as a 14 year old and then never again so like, take my very specific taste/recs with a grain of salt.

coming down - 2.6k, gta au.

immortal ethanol - 3k, monster au.

haunted houses, empty air - 8.3k, gta ghost au. not angsty!

skate it till you make it - 3k, first date

a strength in his weak spot - 8k, x-ray and vav au (where mogar is a vigilante instead of a dude who’s never encountered society ever)

shake shake shake (and shut your mouth) 44k, sentinel/guide au. the premise is that sentinel and guides have complimentary powers and are able to use them to the best effect when they’re part of a bonded sentinel/guide pair. not exactly a secret agent au, but it definitely has elements.

and when you talk in code - 3.7k. they work at ah, but gavin’s mute. banter heavy.

something better left unknown - 2.1k. swimmy bevs

electric idiot - 4.1k. michael doesn’t know he has a crush.

mostly unironically - 2.7k banter heavy.

run, like it’s time that’s chasing us - 2.2k. zombie au

your time will come if you wait for it - 2.3k. the cutest fucking oneshot i’ve ever read

five things that didn’t happen (and 1 that did) - 2k. college au.

if you give it a name - 18.8k. fake dating

taste like the fourth of july - 5.5k. jolach honest to god has all rights to my soul.

higher than a motherfucker - 3.3k. star trek au

the hitchhiker’s guide to an au - 15.9k. hitchhikers guide au. super neat concept.

we found our roads - 3.3k. i can read about michael realizing he likes gavin a thousand times and love it every time

things michael does well - 20.2k. remember how i said i can read about michael realizing he likes gavin a thousand times

millstone - 46k. bodyguard au. incredible showstopping amazing

click - 2k. aus.

it’s not soylent green (but it may as well have been) - 1.3k. i love gavin trying his best and his best being… not great

Frat Boy Pt 3 - Harry Styles One Shot

part 1, part 2

YOU’VE HAD TO WAIT TWO WEEKS BUT YOU CAN CONTINUE YOUR COLLEGE ANGST AND ROMANCE WITH HARRY NOW.  I mean is this really classified as a “one shot” anymore?  I’m not sure.  For this one you may want to read part 2 for the beginning to make any sense, but then again, it still involves angst and tension and frat parties and alcohol and college Harry so…enjoy!

Your eyes weren’t closed though, your lips weren’t even feeling the soft caress of his once he recovered from shock, or feeling the way his hand gripped your waist and pulled you closer.

Because your eyes were on Harry’s, witnessing them darken, feeling his anger, watching him scowl in a scalding rage while another girl marked his neck

And seeing him push the girl off and run directly up the banister.

Harry was livid as he ran to you, the anger rippling through him like a dam that had just been broken, its poisonous waters rushing over everything in its wake, his blood boiling and hot.  Hot enough to warp his perception, more so than the strongest liquor.

He was seeing red and each leap up the banister, each millisecond he got closer to you, the worse the image became engrained in his mind.  The way Niall had placed his hands around your waist.  The way he’d pulled your hips to his.  The way you had pressed your fucking lips to his.  

He didn’t feel the steps beneath him as he took in your terrified face and doe-eyes, wide as could be. You were staring at him.  Just as you had when you’d made out with another. When another’s lips were pressed against yours, invading the space he wanted to claim.  When you’d let another do exactly what he’d wanted to do all along.  

You knew what you were doing.  You knew what you were fucking doing to him.

And there you stood.

Niall’s arms still around you.

He was snarling.


He didn’t even feel human.

You hadn’t moved.  You’d pulled your lips from Niall’s as soon as Harry had starting running, but Niall’s arms still gripped your hips.  His touch now seemed foreign, unwanted.  The reason you withdrew escaped him.  Niall was completely oblivious, his turned back the only reason a charming smile was still on his face.  You knew you should retreat from the fuming man charging towards you, that you’d crossed a line even though you and Harry had never drawn one up to begin with.  But it didn’t change the fact that it was there, for whatever reason, and now it was flashing neon because you’d violated it.  

But he violated it before you had.  

You couldn’t step away from Niall’s hold, the shock that Harry was coming closer to you and had actually left his make out buddy twice, for you, giving you more satisfaction than it should have and keeping you frozen in the poor lad’s grasp.

Even when you knew it was the last place you should be.

As Harry raged closer, you noticed those green eyes had grown dark, as dark as his black jeans, and for the first time you regretted everything.

You thought you’d seen an ugly side to Harry with that stranger outside your class.  But this? This Harry was an entirely different beast.  And you weren’t quite sure anything could tame him.

By the time the thought crossed your mind it was too late.

“Let her go,” Harry growled. His voice was low, gravelly. Deadly.  Niall didn’t have time to turn around let alone react before Harry grabbed his shoulders and tore him off you, the blonde flying backwards.  He stumbled against gravity and lost, hitting the floor with a groan.

“What the fuck Harry?!” Niall’s eyes were swimming with confusion and anger, lighting the blue with a spark that was a threat in itself.

But Harry wasn’t focused on Niall anymore, his blistering eyes were on your own.  And this time there were no Ray Bans to protect you.  His gaze was heavy, fiery, and suddenly you felt the need to throw up all over again.

He didn’t mutter a word when he grabbed your hand and dragged you behind him, the grasp that once gave you a sense of calm now leaving you speechless, numb with shock.  You didn’t even know where he was taking you.  It was a wonder you hadn’t fumbled and fallen at his persistent tugging.

It was only when you were halfway down the hall to Harry’s room that you were suddenly blessed with speech and could mumble a feeble, “Where are we going?”  As if you didn’t know.

He didn’t reply, but you noticed his pace quickened once you spoke, and that only made your heart race faster and your hands a little sweatier. His grip, harder.  If he noticed your hot palms, he didn’t show it.  You swallowed thickly as he quickly led you into his room. The slam of the door shutting behind you made you flinch, and he let go of your hand once it was clear you weren’t going to go anywhere.

He stalked towards the center of his room, stopping at the foot of his bed, and kept his back to you. Despite everything, you couldn’t help but admire the planes of his back and how the t-shirt lay on his broad shoulder blades and the toned muscles lying just beneath.

As much as you hated yourself for it, an extra shot of adrenaline coursed through you that Harry Styles was getting this worked up over you, over this, whatever this was.  The buzz hadn’t faded yet, and it made it that much harder to contain the possibility that….no.  No matter what happened you wouldn’t delude yourself into thinking that Harry genuinely liked you.

But as Harry’s chest continued to heave as he struggled to control his breathing, and the tension rolled off him in toxic waves as he stood motionless in the center of the room, your pleasurable adrenaline quickly turned to that of fear.  Harry wouldn’t hurt you.  Would he? He’d dragged you all the way to his room, but he hadn’t spoken to you and his silence was concerning.  What awful things were going through his mind where he couldn’t even speak to you?  What did he want to do?  What would he do?

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Imagine the morning after your first time with Sonny

(A/N: Had this idea. Slightly different from what I usually do but I put a waring but honestly it’s not that bad. I put a warning either way. I hope you enjoy and I hope you don’t think it’s the cringest thing ever.)

Warning: Slightly NSFW. Nothing serious, but contains multiple mentions and implications of sex but doesn’t actually contain any and has a lot of kissing. Also a bunch of cutesy stuff!

Imagine the morning after your first time with Sonny

You squinted, protecting your eyes from the sunlight that hit your face as soon as you opened them. You moved slightly unable to move anymore as something was holding you down. Keeping you in place. As your vision readjusted you were startled by the unfamiliar surroundings. Jerking, which caused a sleeping Sonny to stir ever so slightly.

Immediately the memory of what had happened hit you. How could you forget? It had been an eventful night which was sprung on by a very eventful day. An enlightened day. The perfect day. One you had been waiting for, for a very long time.

You and Sonny had finally confessed your feelings for each other last night. How you liked each more than just as friends and colleagues. You liked each other romantically. Hell. You’d fallen in love with each during the course of the last year since Sonny had joined SVU and become your partner. Totally and helplessly in love with each other.

Confessions of love and multiple stolen kisses outside the station had led Sonny to ask you out on date for that night. He gave you the details, telling you to meet him at his apartment. The next time you saw him was at his apartment and you had miscalculated and had turned up extremely underdressed for what Sonny had planned. But he didn’t mind. He got changed into something as causal as you.You went to a local burger joint instead. Laughing, flirting and kissing ensued. To an outsider it must have seemed that you had been a couple for years, no one would have guessed it was your first date.

You walked hand in hand back to his apartment. All intentions being that you would get in your car and go home. However after a long make-out session of the stairs of his building under the stars. Like a true gentleman he asked if you wanted to come back up into his apartment. You agreed.

Neither of you would usually do that in a first date. But this wasn’t your usual normal first date. You’re usually not already in love with the person on your first date. It was new territory for the both of you. You had to navigate the feelings you had and had been harbouring for a while.

How, you both saw it was.

You were just doing what people in love did.

Made love.

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The messenger boy: part 2 | Alfie Solomons

Four days had passed since you went for a drink with Alfie. You said one, he ordered three and by the time the bell rung for last orders, you had to use his cane to steady yourself from the table. “Bloody hell, love. You’re a right state, look at this. Right, well, I’m just going to ‘ave to be a gentleman and see you home, ain’t I?”

Alfie had walked you home with one arm tight around your waist. The clunk of his cane to the cobble caused a heavy ring into the night. You made it to the doorstep of the townhouse you shared with several other women. They all worked in and around Camden. You didn’t like the housing or the girls much.

At the doorstep you hung from the lapels of his jacket as your hips pushed into him. It was only for support but he seemed to enjoy the closeness nevertheless with the smirk that bunched his cheek. “You’re alright, you are, Alfie.” You told him with a drunken slur and hazy eyes.

“I’ll ‘ave you know, I’m a fucking delight, me, love.” You laughed as you leant in to peck his cheek and when you turned to the door he gave your backside a light smack with his cane.

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anonymous asked:

How does aqours react to finding Riko's yuri stash?


yoU she like holy SH IT riko you GA  y AF  you K Now if you want some FANTASIES fulFILELD you can just come to US r giht

yOSHIKO hse’s like KUHUHUHU if you don’t want ANYONE ELSE finding out….. *kabedon kabedon* kYUHUHUHUHU

RUBY’s liek oh!! that’s my favourite series!! i can’t believe we’ve beene reading the same manga and we didn’t know!

hanamaru’s like OH MY so tHAT’s what you get up to in your SPARE TIME riko that’s HELLa gay

mari ‘s like oHOHOHOHO RIKO HOW RICO let’s REENACT these GL MANGA right aWay

kaN AN she’s like OH My what you DO  is your business but OH MY oh my oH My

dia’s like HOW IMPROPER riko taht’s SO INDECENT i can’t believe you H AVE SUCH GOOD TA STE

Club Confusion Pt. 25 (Marty’s Ending)

Adam’s Ending

Word Count: 1,129

A/N: This makes me sad for Adam, but still Marty’s ending! Yay! And this is ending 2 of 3 so stay tuned for the other one, I’m not sure when exactly i’ll have it up :) Oh, and as always, there is probably some mistakes.

Tags: @wrestlingnoob @thegenericluchadora @laziestgirlintheworld @originalbish98 @villainsqueendom @sheaxdevitt @kingslayers-angel @vipervenomisgoodforyou @karleedaniels27 @reigns420 @alexahood21 @bolieve-that @i-ship-it-okay @rebelfleur22 @g0lden-sunset @libby-rose-2016 @astilinski24 @baybayforlife @spotofimagines @phenomenal-forearm

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do u have any norwegian movies in general you might recommend? I fell in love with kongen av bastøy a while ago, but anything is good

these are all very different genres, but all good:

trolljegeren, oslo 31. august, veiviseren, kon-tiki, appelsinpiken, bare bea, lille frøken norge (this gave me nightmares for years when i was younger), elling (there are several movies), bølgen. mannen som elsket yngve, kompani orheim, and jeg reiser alene are all about the same character.

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hiii im a lil curious who do you consider your friends on tumblr ? you are the nicest person on here and your friends must all be just as nice ! <3

klajsdhflakfd cutie, you flatter me too much omg thank you so much! and well, these are the goddesses i had the privilege of befriending and are some of my favoritest people in the entire universe ♡ this is gonna go under the cut–

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