i love you aura


I just started my finals today and BigHit decides to do me dirty
Look at him
Do you see this beauty
Do you see this aura
Do you see this perfection
I love my lane

@you-wear-the-crown Lmao! I knoooooow. And I love you anyway. ;)

Sometimes I’m like - ohhhh, this atmosphere… this aura of mystery and danger … incense and anticipation… chapel of ritual indeed mmmm…

and then y’know, they do something like -

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and I’m just like, ‘okay… cowbell ghoul makes perfect sense. These men are dorks’r’us.’


Anonymous Anneliese; flowers, books, dreamer.

You remind me of when dust particles dance in spotlights of sun and the smell of fresh roses. Flowers blossom from your heart and your words drip with honey. I see you as being warm and lovely with an aura that radiates positivity. You love to make people smile and you leave trails of pixie dust wherever you go. You belong in a castle adorned with the finest jewels with a library full of books and a secret garden where only you can go. I see little fairies giggling and whispering around you filling your soul with nothing but love.


                                         THE GAY.  THE GAYER.  THE GAYEST.
                        ( INDIE. CAMILLAS AS DEPICTED BY LEIA, AURA && BEE. )

                                                                            —— (art cred. | ps go follow leia @graciieux!!! <333)

Day 21 - I want you all to click this link and listen to the speech. Get yourself comfortable, in a dark room and just listen to it. You need to reflect and think about everyone you come across. Everyone has a different story and everyone is fighting their own battles. Be kind 🙏🏽🌸

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Imagine Chibs taking you and your baby girl to the beach

“Chibs! Can you grab the baby bag?” You yelled up the stairs while you got Scarlett ready for a day of fun.

“Aye!” He yelled down the stairs. You smiled just remembering how sweet chibs was.

You put Scarlett in her car seat then you got in the passenger side of your Chevorlet Cruze. Chibs came outside and got in the drivers seat and pulled out of the drive way, headed towards the beach.

You sat in the sun next to your daughter in a little sun hat, which looked absolutely adorable. Chibs sat next to you, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“This is perfect lass.”

“I know Chibs, I love you.”

“I love you too lass.”

Your daughter then broke the romantic aura with some giggles and you and chibs smiled at eachother then watched Scarlett play.

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How can I love myself? You just radiate this aura of self acceptance and it makes you stunning... Though I think objectively I am not per se ugly either, I always feel so dull and grey and unappealing. Are there some kind of techniques you use in order to feel yourself?

The best advice I ever have received, and it sounds ridiculous but it works; FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. I’m dead serious.

Do things that make YOU feel good. Walk like you are a queen, tell yourself you’re amazing (because you are), even if you feel not so pretty, think that you look the most beautiful you’ve ever felt.

We are programmed from birth to never feel good enough. We aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, etc. all those things effect how you treat yourself and you have to rise above all that bull shit.

After some time, you just stop HAVING to force yourself to feel those things. The mistake is thinking you have to convince other people. People notice confidence in others.

Even if you just write a few reminders on your mirror every morning, or set alerts on your phone, tell yourself everyday that you’re beautiful and intelligent and funny.

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I think you resemble Marine Vacth a lot it's as if you have the same aura. Also you are so interesting, I would love to talk with you sometime. Lots of love from Italy xxx

Grazie mille Now I want to rewatch Jeune et Jolie 🍊 lots of love to you too