i love you arbie

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Fuck everyone who is sending you hate holy shit. Glad you were able to handle it well. Idk why everyone if losing their shit on 88; this whole situation does sucks but it my eyes it's mostly funny. anyway, stay strong love, keep fighting them pussy anons with Arbys <3

Thank you 💕I love youuuuu

Carlos and Cecil headcanon dump because I can. 

  • Cecil is all stick and bones. Has thick hair that never does what he quite wants/makes worse by playing with it while talking. Carlos has taken to braiding and running his fingers through it while distracted.
  • The above is how Cecil often falls asleep. 
  • Carlos is a chubby trans man with as much fashion sense as Cecil lbr. It’s only gotten worse as he’s stayed in NV. 
  • Carlos is warm and cuddly and Cecil just eats it up. 
  • Cecil wears Carlos’ clothes whenever he feels stressed, sick, or tired. It’s become a warning sign to the interns to steer clear of their boss on those days. 
  • Carlos is a total blanket hog and probably snores and Cecil still loves him through it. 
  • Cecil talks with his hands a lot and knocks things over just as much.
  • His tattoos are actually an endangered species that the city counsel assigned him to take care of. They love Carlos who recently noticed their presence on him. (They’ll still being tested.) 
  • Carlos leaves sticky notes literally everywhere. Some are for himself (Usually reminders about science) and others are for Cecil who has the worse memory. 
  • “Ceec! I know you got in late so I left out some leftovers. Call me after work and we can make dinner plans. I was thinking Arbys?
    Talk to you later! Love you! <3” 
  • -Carlos 
  • Carlos does get his hair trimmed against Cecil’s wishes but he has to be able to see people. 
  • When Carlos first started crushing on Cecil his rag tag group of scientists picked on him. They cheered when they heard Cecil talk about their date.