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“Hey 😊 Could you do a reader x Klaus where the reader lets Kol drink some of her blood to help him heal after being seriously hurt and Klaus gets super jealous? Thank you!!” 

This morning you woke up alone in the bed you share with your boyfriend, Klaus Mikaelson. Your head was pounding and you were especially dehydrated from the drunken night out you had yesterday with your girls. You definitely regret getting so wasted.

The first thing you did was throw on your pajama pants, because who wears pajama pants to bed? Especially when you share a bed with the hottest Mikaelson brother, well, in your opinion that is. 

The walk to the kitchen was definitely a pain. Your feet were dragging to the floor and your faced looked as if everything was too bright.

“What puts you in such a mood?” Kol notices while he’s in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. You were surprised it wasn’t a glass of blood this time.

“I’m so damn hungover. Please don’t mess with me right now, Kol.” You weakly grabbed a cup from the top cupboard.

“Perhaps I can cure you of that.” He suggested.


“My blood. Have at it before I change my mind.” Kol bites into his inner wrist, then puts the dripping blood into your empty glass that you held.

You hesitated, looking back and forth at the blood-filled glass and Kol’s face. You never thought about trying vampire blood to cure a hangover. If it really works, then you’re going to go out drinking more often.

“Would you prefer wasting your day being hungover?” Kol added, turning his grin to a not-so-amused face.

“Okay okay.” You put your hands up in defense, then proceeded with drinking until the glass was empty and bam! Just like that, you were all cured as if all those shots you took last night never happened. “Wow.” You said in disbelief.

“And you probably wondered why Nik wakes up peachy the morning after he drinks.”

You were singing your favorite song in the kitchen as you were washing the last of your dish from the yummy leftover spaghetti you just ate. Kol was sitting on the island on his iPhone. Here to ruin the fun, Klaus walks in with a puzzled look on his face.

“And how is it that you’re all better? You appeared nearly dead before I left.” Klaus questioned, furrowing his brows.

“Uh, Kol gave me his blood.“ You said, wiping your hands dry with a towel.

“It’s not like you were at your bloody death bed, love. Those extra minutes of waiting for your significant other will not kill you.” Klaus shot you a glare. What’s gotten into him?

You and Kol glanced at each other because the two of you were caught off guard at how jealous Klaus was being. “Okay? Got it boss.” You replied, then walked off to your bedroom. You weren’t in the mood to get into an argument with the big, bad original hybrid.

You were curious why it was such a big deal. Klaus has a habit of getting slightly jealous when it comes to men hitting on you, but vampire blood? From his own brother? Even Kol knows how much you are in love with Niklaus, so you don’t see why your boyfriend was being such a grump about it.

“Well, that was quite uncomfortable.” Kol hopped off of the counter to head to the living room but Klaus stopped him before he had a chance to take another step.

“Please enlighten me Kol as to who gave you permission to do so.” Klaus implied, looking as if he wanted to rip Kol in half.

“Pardon? I wasn’t aware that it was a crime to cure a hangover.”

“I find it quite obscene as my sweetheart wasn’t dying now, was she? I won’t hesistate this time to make that dagger your best friend as I’ve also noticed you have been overly friendly to Y/N for my taste.” Klaus scolded.

“Nik, Nik, Nik, you’re always for the dramatics.” Kol chuckled. “Would you rather me be ill-mannered with Y/N?”

“I’d rather you keep your distance.” Klaus growled, then dramatically walked off.

Little One: High School Proms

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


Imagine: You and Kol are hooking up at Mystic Falls High School when your siblings, Damon and Stefan, followed up by Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson, burst in and almost ruin the night.

*Requested: “I love Little One. It would be great if you write the next part. For example a school party. Klaus and Rebekah want to hurt Elena. Stefan and Damon looking for Elena. But they in one of the classrooms found Kol between thighs their sister. They just prefer to each other than family drama.


So if you had a great time writing the request, may I ask a follow-up romance Salvatore-Mikaelson? I would be delighted :D

Word Count: 1859

“This is so stupid!”

Caroline Forbes, one of Elena’s best friends, had organised a huge event at the Mystic Falls High School to celebrate something you did not bother to know. People were talking about it all over town, most of them going crazy over clothes, shoes, drinks and all that teenage crap. You always found those things extremely lame and boring. But, of course, Damon and Stefan forced you to smile and accept the invitation to go to the party. Ever since they found out about your relationship with Kol Mikaelson, they were following you around, just to make sure you would never be one second alone and go off to meet him.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Damon said, winking, and you scoffed. “Look, I like this just as much as you do. But I’m doing it to protect Elena. Klaus is still chasing after her and he could be really dangerous.”

“I know that, Damon, I lived with him for over twenty years.” You said, while putting on a pair of high heels.

The vampire narrowed his electric blue eyes, gazing at you annoyed. Almost as if he did not want to remember you spent so many time with the Mikaelsons.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” You smiled, spinning around in front of him. “What do you think?”

Damon swiftly lost the angry traits and quirked an eyebrow, analysing your choice of clothing. As you did not care nor have enough time to go shopping, you had to pick one of your old dresses. It was nothing extraordinary, but did a pretty good job on flattering your every curve; plus, the gown had a considerable cleavage. Definitely the kind of dress it would make Kol freak out and be all jealous over you.

“Too sexy for the teenage boys to handle.”

“Well, thank you, mister. You don’t look bad yourself.”

“As much as I love spending time with you, we need get going. It’s almost nine.”

“You’re right.” You giggled. “Off to the car.”

Damon offered his arm and you gladly accepted, marching to the car as a couple of old friends. While he drove to the school, you could not help but think of how much you loved your siblings. Although you hated how overprotective they were, in the end of the day, Damon and Stefan would always have your back, always helping you in anything you needed and understanding your choices, even the ones they did not approve it. Dating Kol was one of those.

You sighed, placing your hands in your knees.

“Are you okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why do you look like somebody died or so?”

A laugh came out of your lips and you faced your brother, stroking lightly his face.

“I just missed you. And Stefan too.”

“Who knew Y/N Salvatore had real feelings?”

“Oh, come on Damon! Don’t spoil the moment.”

“I missed you too, sis.” He kissed your cheek. “How about we get inside? If I’m right, things will get wild in a little.”

“Oh, fuck, the blood smells so yummy from here!“ You said, jumping out of the car.

“Just be cautious and don’t let anyone see you, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.”

Inside, you could see couples dancing to a soft ballad, it was actually kind of cute. It got you remembering how much Kol loved to spin you around and pull you close, singing in your ear. A smile grew in your face and you walked towards the bar, anything with alcohol seemed a great call for the moment. However, before you could get there, a guy stopped you.

“Hi there, gorgeous.”

“Do I know you?” You asked, awkwardly.

“No, I don’t think so. But I’d love to.” He took your hand, kissing it. “I’m James, by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“How about I pay you a drink?”

How about you be my drink?” you thought, flashing a wide smile.

“Sounds nice.”

James turned out to be a nice lad, even though he was definitely not your type. Nearly got you guilty for seducing him just to feed. You had to shake your head to focus on what he was saying and not demonstrate you were annoyed to be there. The only thoughts in your mind were that you had to get him out of the crowd, finally enjoy the time you lost on him by tasting his blood and make it fast enough so your boyfriend would not catch you with him. Kol could be really nasty when he was jealous and, since his siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, were after Elena, the family would probably show up.

“Can we go somewhere private?” You questioned, wearing your best smile.

“Sure. There’s a bunch of empty classes we could use.”


It took only a few minutes to escape the noisy party. The teenage boy placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed your neck. You spun around and faced him. He pulled you closer, squeezing the skin of your waist. You felt like a snake, watching your pray approach to finally attack it.

“You’re so beautiful…”

Before he could lean in and kiss you, somebody ripped him off and threw him on the ground.

“You do not mess with somebody else’s girlfriend, mate!”

Kol!” You yelled, pulling your boyfriend away from the other guy. You knelt before James and looked deep in his eyes, compelling him to stay there and not scream.

“What were you doing with that guy? Why he had his filthy hands on you?”

“I was just going to feed, darling.”

“Did you have to let him touch you?”

“I’m not going to argue with you over this any more. What are you doing here?”


“Your psycho siblings are after my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Jackpot!” His devilish smirk showed up, as he slowly walked to you to place a kiss on your lips. “I missed you, babe.”

“Me too.”

“So, do you still fancy a drink?”

“Always, honey.”

Kol chuckled and pushed opened one of the classroom, quickly getting inside. With the door completely open, you dragged James through it and sat him on the teacher’s chair. The boy whimpered scared, but the compulsion did not allow him to do any further, just await to a likely death. You parted his legs, placing yourself in the middle and bending to get the best spot on his neck. He smelt so good and the alcohol on his blood would only make it better. Ultimately, you sunk your teeth on him, spilling the red liquid and calming your thirst.

“You look so sexy when you’re feeding, love.“ 

The brown haired Mikaelson caressed your hair, observing closely your movements. Eventually, you dropped the young man, pretty much dead, on the floor and stood up, facing your boyfriend. The blood was dripping, leisurely staining your chin and slithering through your cleavage. You knew how much Kol loved to see you like this: dominant and strong. A lethal weapon against his sanity.

"Don’t you want have a taste?” You whispered in deep, filled with lust, voice.

“Oh yeah.” He replied, claiming your lips with his. “Shit, your mouth tastes so good, darling…”

You only hummed against his mouth, your hands pulling a lock of his hair aggressively. Kol laughed, kissing the soft skin on your neck, his tongue wiping out the traces of blood from it. Your body was way more responsive than usual and a couple of small strangled noises slipped.

“This is not, oh…” He found your wet core, circling small figure eights on it. “Fair!”

Mikaelson stopped the movements beneath your skirt and firmly grabbed your hips, turning you around and bending you against the table. You struggled to breathe, feeling his length hard on you.

“You drive me crazy, Y/N.” He smacked your ass, making you groan. “I just want to fuck you until you’re senseless.”

“Damn it! Stop teasing me!”

“Y/N.” You glanced back, staring at him. “Can you stand up for me?”

“I can try.” Both of you giggled.

Kol gave you a hand, helping you to get back on your feet again. He smashed his lips onto yours one more time before sitting you on the room’s desk.

“Now what are you going to do?”

“Stick my head between your legs and eat you out until you beg.”

“Uh, you had me on the eat out part.”

The sweet chocolate eyed Mikaelson smirked, a hint of mischief infused in his irises. He knelt in front of you, grabbing your feet and rubbing it softly. Small shudders spread across your form. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a girlish moan.

“I want to hear you screaming my name, love.”

“I thought you were supposed to make me beg.”

He opened your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Kol pulled playfully your panties’ waistband, which made you bit your lips. Your core was so warm and wet that got you anxious for his direct touch. It was almost hurting.

“Stop fooling me around, Kol Mikaelson.”

“Couldn’t you wait, love? Such a hurried kitten!”

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. Mikaelson took of your knickers and went for it. He darted out his tongue throughout your entrance, suckling your folds and placing delicate kisses on the soft skin. His touch was simply delicious. Kol always got you desiring more and more.

“Oh, Kol.”

“Y/N?” You heard Damon’s voice calling out. “Are you here?”

You have to be kidding me!”

“Y/N?” It was Stefan’s time to reach for you.

Kol stopped what he was doing and raised his look to meet yours. But, before you could say anything, Stefan and Damon bursted into the place. Followed up by Klaus and Rebekah. “Oh, God, why can’t I have sex with my boyfriend? Is this some kind of punishment?”, you thought coming down from the table and facing the astonished look from the trespassers.

“What do you want?”

“We need to find Elena!” Stefan said, worried out and ignoring the whole situation you were in. “She’s gone and doesn’t answer her phone.”

“This is all your fault!”

“I need her, mate. I wouldn’t bloody hurt her.” Klaus retorted Damon’s statement.

“But Rebekah would.”

"Oi! Don’t talk like I’m not here!”

You exchanged a look with Kol. Both of you hated that family drama and could not care less about Elena Gilbert’s whereabouts. You sighed, hearing the fight become louder.

“Can you just shut up?” You yelled, narrowing your eyes. “This is not the place for that kinda argument.”

“But Y/N…”

“For fuck’s sake, I want to shag my boyfriend. Am I asking too much?”

“Ew!” A chorus emitted, whilst frowning. “OK, this is entirely irrelevant.“ Klaus snorted. "Are you going to come with us and look for the doppelgänger?” “I’m sorry, Nik, but I’m with Y/N. I couldn’t care less about Elena Gilbert.”

“So, all of you, leave. Right now.”

You are not bossing me around!” The Original Hybrid growled.“I’ll do what I want.”

“Niklaus, I’m not going to argue with you.”

He raised an eyebrow and Rebekah opened her mouth to say something.

“Nor with you, Rebekah. Now, go off to find Elena or whatever, just leave us out, okay?”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.” Damon pouted.

“We already had that conversation. He’s my boyfriend, suck it in.”


“No “but”! Out of here.“

Kol was standing against the table, arms crossed and a proud grin on his lips. After everyone left, you ran to his arms, hooking your legs around his waist. The man laughed and you kissed him.

"Now, where were we?”

Do you suppose the showrunners fully appreciate how the fandom feels about Susan Vasquez?

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i mean look at her.  why wouldn’t you want her on your team, whether she’s watching your back in a firefight, helping you pick up chicks, or banging your face off?  do they understand how much we love her?  how important she is??  the fandom took one look at her and was like “yummy butch latina you are very important to us” and while this fandom has its share of fuckery like any other, the way it treats Susan Vasquez is one thing it gets very right.

More Susan Vasquez 2017!

Masquerade III: The Rules of the Game – Part 7 FINALE (Jungkook x Reader x another BTS member)

One must know the rules of the game, in order to come and play.

!! If you haven’t, please read the first two sagas in this series: MASQUERADE & Masquerade II !! [There will be spoilers if you read this story first.]

Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Jungkook x Reader x BTS member [Read on to find out who >:P] (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)
CEO au, Host au, Cop!Kook au
Fluff, Mild angst, & Smut

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

A/N: FINALLLYYYY! I PRESENT TO YOU THE LONG-AWAITED (and pretty insanely lengthy) FINALE TO THIS SERIES!! Thanks again for being so patient and supportive during a rough few weeks :) I placed a “Keep Reading” link so as usual if it isn’t opening, shoot me a message ~ Good luck & Enjoy!

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          You yawned and rolled over, feeling soft covers encompass your body as you did so. You smiled, silently praising Jungkook for not leaving you without a blanket. But the silent serenity you were experiencing was suddenly disrupted by the feeling of someone else shifting beside you, and a familiar yet unexpected grunt was heard shortly afterwards. Hurriedly, your eyes flew open and your hand had to clasp over your mouth to prevent yourself from screaming.

           There, in front of you, was none other than a shirtless Kim Namjoon.

           Your eyes widened, trying to make sure you were in fact, wide awake. And then, as you tried to piece together the current situation, vague fragments of last night began flitting into your consciousness. Slowly, trying not to make a noise or stir Namjoon awake, you grabbed your phone from the bedside table. Your hands sped across your keyboard angrily.

           Y/N: “WHY AM I IN BED WITH NAMJOON??!”

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Mama’s Boy

Reader x Klaus


Imagine: you had Klaus’ baby and now he’s all jealous of your relationship with his son. 


Word Count: 1591

“I still can’t believe you’re a mum!” Elena said, as she watched a little boy ice skating. “And, God, he looks like Klaus.”

You let out a small giggle.

Four years ago your whole life changed. One minute you were an ordinary witch who often helped out her best friends and the other you were bearing a miraculous child. And it had to be your biggest enemie’s kid as well, so everybody think you were helping him all along.

You shook your head, not actually believing how unlucky you were back then.

[4 years ago]

Shit.” You cursed, looking at the small pregnancy test in your hand. “Shit. Shit. Shit!”

About a month ago you had gotten into a fight with your older sister and left the house, wanting to get really drunk and forget about everything that was going on. It was not enough to have a chaotic home, you had to deal with the whole Original family at town. Some sort of freak wanted to kill your best friend and, surely, you stepped up to find a way to stop him.

At the Mystic Grill, you ordered the finest whiskey there, neat and no ice. It was a good sensation, the alcohol making its way through your throat.

“Aren’t you a little young to be drinking this?” A stranger asked, his voice tone light.

“You should mind your own business and leave me alone.” You replied, annoyed by his presence.

“I like the attitude. May I know your name, darling?”

“I don’t see why do you want to know my name.”

“Don’t be rude, love.”

You finally bothered to look at him and, heck, he was handsome. The stranger had beautiful blond curls, the kind you would not mind losing your fingers in it, blue eyes, like the wide ocean, a badly shaved beard and a devilish smile. Just looking at him made you skip a breath.

“It’s Y/N.”

“Oh, well, can I have the same drink Y/N ordered?”

“Are you sure you want that?” You asked, not caring if he was an inconvenient stranger. Perhaps it was exactly what you were needing.

“Sure, love, I would love to taste the flavour that is in your mouth now.”

You bit your lower lip and sipped your own drink, looking directly to him.

“Are you new in town? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

“You could say that. I lived here long ago and now I’m coming back.”

“Ah, that’s nice.”

“And you?”

“I’m actually not from here. My mum and I moved a few years ago.”

And, as you got to know that stranger, you realised how much you were alike. He had the same awful childhood, his father hated him much like yours did hate you and a whole other bunch of things. That connection was decisive for accepting his invitation to go back to his place and have a more private conversation.

“So are you up for more drinking or will pass?”

“I think I’ll pass, I like drinking, but being sober is better.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“You know, I think I didn’t ask your name, huh?”

“No, you haven’t. But it’s Klaus.”

“German name.”

“Sort of, comes from Niklaus.”

“It’s, hum, a unique name.”

You relaxed in the couch and looked directly at him. So far it had been a wonderful night and all you wanted was a suitable end for it. The blond slowly touched your knee and you gave him a smile, encouraging him to move forward.

“There’s something you need to know.” Klaus whispered, between kisses.

“You’re a vampire. Yeah, I know, save it, I’m a witch.”

“At least I’m not the only one keeping secrets.”

“Will you shut up?”

Giggling, he ceased the talking and went for it. Leaving you with a great memory and a goofy smile. Only if you knew you would end up pregnant. What would people think? And how the hell you were so stupid not to connect the dots and understand that was Klaus Mikaelson? Oh, damn it. You could see in how much trouble you were in, realising your friends would think you were lying about not knowing who he was back then. Oh, and how  you were supposed to tell Niklaus about this baby?

“I’m screwed.”

{a few months later}

“Klaus, you don’t have to follow my every step.”

“I’m just making sure my daughter is okay.”

“It could be a boy, you know.”

You sat in a nursing chair, rocking back and forward. Your hands were placed in a small bump, showing your five completed months of pregnancy. Klaus approached and knelt before you, putting his own hands over yours. The baby kicked and you smiled, for it was the first time it had ever did that with his father around.

The Original’s eyes were surprised and you removed your hands, letting him free to touch and feel it as long as he wished for it.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

“For what?”

“Giving me this amazing gift.”

“You have given me this too, Nik.”

“I love when you call me Nik.”

You blushed a little.

“And also when I make you embarrassed.”

This time both of you giggled, being interrupted by a ridiculous phone, which was ringing at its fullest. It would probably be the gang, wanting you to fix something. They trusted you to convince Klaus to give up making hybrids, but, sadly. That was out of reach.

“Oh, hello, Elena!”

“Give me that phone, Klaus.”

“She’s here, yes.”


“Okay, I’m handing it over.”

He stayed in the room, though, stroking your belly and talking to it with funny voices. You could not help but smile. That man would make a great father. A messed up one, of course, but also a really caring and loving one.

[4 years later]

“Henrik? We need to get going!” You called out for your son.

“Already, mama?”

“Yes, daddy is waiting for us. Don’t you want to see daddy?”

His eyes lightened up.

“I wanna see daddy!”

“Then let’s go!” You kissed his cheek and send him to get his stuff. “Thank you for the afternoon, Elena.”

“You’re welcome. And don’t disappear again, ok? Give me a call every now and then.”

“I’ll do that.”

“So how’s Klaus?”

“Causing trouble in New Orleans. There’s nothing new at that.”

“Good luck, then.” Elena stated, her eyes showing her curiosity.”I still don’t know how you deal with him.”

“He’s complicated, I admit it. But there’s light in him, Elena, every time he kisses me I’m sure of that.”

She smiled, agreeing silently with you. 

“If you say so, I believe it.”

“Now I really have to go, Henrik needs to eat. Bye, Elena.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

You placed Henrik’s staff at the back of the car and put him in his baby car seat, buckling him up. In a couple of minutes you were in the way home. A loud music playing and your son’s laughs were enough to make you happy.

The Compound seemed empty when you arrived.

“Nik? Are you home?”

“Over here.” You heard his voice coming from the kitchen. 

“Daddy!” Henrik ran, to hug his father. “I went ice skating with mama.”

“That’s great!”

“Are you cooking, Mr. Mikaelson?” You raised an eyebrow.

Aside the mess he made, the room smelt delicious. You knew Klaus was trying to bribe his son. Apparently, he was jealous of you and him, because your child would always seek your help, instead of his. A complete mother’s boy.

“Yes, I made your favourite, Rik.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

He looked at his father, curious, then came to you, pulling your shirt for you lean over, allowing him to whisper in your ear:

“Mama, I think dad is trying to enter out team.”

A loud laugh escaped your lips.

“Yeah, I think he is.”

“What are you two talking about?”

“Henrik was saying…”

“Mum! Don’t tell him, please.” He blushed. 

“Can I please know what’s going on? You never tell me anything!”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I just… Mama gets me in a way you don’t.”

Klaus took a deep breath, trying to keep his cool. You bit your lip, trying to hold a laugh as the Mikaelson looked like he was about to explode.

“I’m your father! You are supposed to look up to me.”

“Nik, don’t push him too much. He’ll let you in our team.”

“You have a team?”

His accent made the whole situation even cuter. You glanced over Klaus and back to the beautiful four year old blond you called son, winking at him. It was fun, to mess with the Mikaelson man.

“We do.”

“How can I join?”

“Well, there’s only two conditions:” Henrik said, raising two of his little fingers. “First mama has to allow it and second, you have to love her very much, like I do.”

“Well, the second one it’s covered." 

A proud smile was in your lips.

"So mama, are you letting daddy in?”

“Of course I am, otherwise your dad would die!”

The three of you laughed.

“Now, go eat that yummy pasta.”


Klaus put an arm around your waist and you leant in, enjoying his warmth. It was good that, even with all the trouble you had to face, you could still be a happy family, enjoying little pleasures such as arguing on who is more loved by your son.

“And, so you know, he adores you. You’re like a superhero to him.”

Klaus smiled and squeezed you even more into his embrace.

“I know.”


Anon asked: How would bts react to girlfriend’s lips taste like something sweet ( ice cream or something because she just ate it 😋)

BTS reactions to their girlfriend’s lip tasting sweet because of something she ate

Kim Seokjin: Your boyfriend was a real foodie. He loved tasting everything he could. He was surprised when he leaned in for a kiss and tasted the blueberry flavor that lingered on your lips.

Jin: Mmmm is that blueberries I taste?

Y/n: I had a blueberry flavored lollipop. *giggling at the smile that grew on his face*

Jin: It’s my favorite flavor! I want to taste more! *he leans in to kiss you again* I love it. You’re delicious jagi!

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Min Yoongi: Everyone knew Yoongi like his coffee plain, but you didn’t. You loved a really good raspberry flavored mocha, and when your boyfriend kissed you, he did too.

Yoongi: How was your day? *leans down to kiss you after coming home* Mmmmm what is that taste?

Y/n: What taste?

Yoongi: Your lips kinda tasted like coffee and something else but I’m not sure. *leans in to kiss you again*

Y/n: Raspberry?

Yoongi: Yes!

Y/n: I has a raspberry flavored mocha just a bit ago.

Yoongi: It tastes good, come here. *kisses you more* I could get used to that.

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Jung Hoseok: You didn’t realize the remains of the sundae you ate were still on your lips until Hobi came home. Hobi thought you were the absolute sweetest thing he’s tasted.

Hobi: Jagi? You’ve got something on your lip.

Y/n: Where?

Hobi: Here I’ll get it. *he leans in and kisses it off* Mmmm caramel. You’ve got the sweetest lips.

Y/n: I had a sundae earlier, I didn’t know I still had caramel on my lips. I thought I licked it all off.

Hobi: *he smiled his blinding smile* Nope! Lucky me, I got to do that. 

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Kim Nmajoon: Namjoon was always surprising you with kisses here and there. One morning he was in for a surprise himself.

Namjoon: Morning babe *he leans down and kisses you* Hmmm you had hot chocolate without me?

Y/n: Mhmmm and it was delicious! 

Namjoon: It sure is!

Y/n: I can make you some if you’d like?

Namjoon: Nah I think I’ll just keep tasting it off you *he leans into kiss you again* This is a good morning.

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Park Jimin: You and your boyfriend usually shared every sweet treat you guys came across. You ended up finishing the blue-raspberry snow cone before you had a chance to share it with him.

Y/n: I’m sorry! It’s hot and it was starting to melt. *you kissed his pouty lips* I’m sorry. I can get another one just for you.

Jimin: *giggles* No it’s okay jagi.

Y/n: Whats so funny?

Jimin: I can still taste it on your lips *he smirks and winks at you*

Y/n: Well then… *you peck him on the lips again*

Jimin: Mmmm you’re so sweet.

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Kim Taehyung: With Taehyung as your boyfriend there was no such thing as personal space. Hell there was no such thing as personal space with him, period.

Y/n: TaeTae Why did you do that? Now there’s bubblegum all over our faces!

Taehyung: *pouts cutely at you* I just wanted to know what flavor bubblegum you had.

Y/n: You could have just asked for a piece.

Taehyung: But then it wouldn’t have tasted the same.

Y/n: What do you even mean?

Taehyung: It wouldn’t have tasted as sweet if it didn’t come from your lips *he throws a boxy smile at you*

Y/n: Good thing I love you *you lean in and kiss him*

Taehyung: Yummy!

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Jeon Jungkook: You loved gaming with your boyfriend for hours and hours. You gave him a peck on the lips after a round of gaming ended in defeat, which cheered him right up.

Y/n: It’s okay Kookie, we’ll win next time. *you kiss him on the lips*

Jungkook: I know. That was a really sweet kiss.

Y/n: Well that’s what kisses are like when you’re in a relationship you dork.

Jungkook: That’s not what I mean… *he smirks and leans in and kisses you deeply* You taste like the vanilla coke you drank earlier. It’s sweet.

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A/N: I’m terribly sorry if this one sucked…my brain isn’t currently working so well lol so I apologize for the lame BTS Reaction request ^^

verysleepygal  asked:

Hey, I saw you on a few blogs and you make legit perfect headcannons! So could you possibly make one to where the reader gets sad often (maybe they have depression) and Tyler always makes them feel better/worth it and plays with their hair and stuff to make them happy again? (IM SO SORRY THIS IS SAD)

(DON’T BE SORRY, I FEEL THIS ONE HARDCORE. Also thanks, I do my best with these hc’s <3)

- When your depression gets you down it’s hard for you to leave your bed
- And sometimes you forget to eat breakfast or clean your face, or other selfcare stuff
- So Tyler gets you some yummy food to eat and then draws you a bath
- All the nice stuff he does for you makes you cry because you don’t feel like you deserve it
- He holds you and brushes through your hair, telling you that he loves you no matter what
- He shows you fan art that his twitter followers have made for you two
- You watch your favorite movie and cuddle
- You get worried that you’re bothering him but he tells you that you could never bother him
- He tickles you to get you to laugh and smile
- While you take a nap he runs out and gets your favorite desert and a stuffed animal he thought you’d like
- He lets you wear his clothes because they’re big and warm and smell like him
- Teamiplier comes over for boardgames or something and you and Tyler are on your own little team so that you can sit on his lap and play together
- At the end of the day you guys fall asleep cocooned together

*You find a note, written in blue ink, tucked in your bag.
*It’s from Toriel!
*It reads:
*Hello, my child!
*You may be facing difficult times right now. That’s completely okay! It might be discouraging sometimes. However, it’s imperative that you stay determined! You have much to do yet! You have smiles to be had, yummy food to eat, and games to play! There are brighter days ahead! You are stronger than how you may feel right now. And remember: there is always someone who loves you.
*Love, Mom

Sebastian Stan Request

Hii! Could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is a famous actress and she’s married to Sebastian Stan, and she’s away filming in another country and sees pictures of seb and their 1 year old son out in NY (where they live) and she finds it adorable and then they face time and stuff?

AN: I think I got the time zone diff right but if I didn’t just go with it

You slumped in bed after a long day on the set. You were currently in New Zealand filming your first movie after having your son Noah who was just now over a year old. It was 6 am and you had just gotten back to your hotel room after shooting some lengthy night scenes. You opened your phone and instinctively opened your Instagram to look at the photos of your son and husband that you had previously shared with the world. When the app opened you saw a number of notifications pop up and when you clicked on your tagged photos you saw pictures of Sebastian out with Noah in downtown New York.

There were pictures of Sebastian pushing Noah in a stroller, pictures of Sebastian carrying Noah in their matching jeans, black leather jackets, and black sunglasses, and pictures of them both laughing at year other. The pictures made your heart flutter. You checked what time it was in New York and face timed your husband. When the connection went through you were face to face with your grinning husband and little boy. “Hi my loves,” you exclaimed.

“Hi Momma,” Seb waved Noah’s hand. “Say ‘Hi Momma!’ What are you doing up babe, isn’t it, like, 4 am there?”

“6. I just got back. We had a late night. How’s your day been so far? I saw you’ve been out and about today.”

“Yeah, the paparazzi got some pictures of us today.”

“What did my two favorite men get into?”

“We got up pretty early today. Had some yummy breakfast, got ready, and went out shopping for some stuff. Noah got a cool new stuffed lion and an awesome Captain America shirt. Didn’t you buddy?” Noah yelled excitedly and clapped his hands. “And we got another matching outfit so we can be the envy of every play date.”

“Mama,” Noah looked into the camera and reached for his Dad’s phone.

“Hi Baby,” you cooed. “I miss you guys so much. I can’t wait to be home. What are you two doing with the rest of your day?”

“We just got home for some lunch and I think after that we are going to go play outside.”

“Well have so much fun you two. I gotta get to bed because I am exhausted,” you yawned. “I love you both so so much and miss you guys.”

“We love and miss you too, babe. You’ll be home in less that two months though. Just look forward to that.”

“That’s what keeps me going. Love you guys.”

“Love you Mom,” Sebastian waved Noah’s hand again at you. “Bye bye.”

“Bye my loves.”

Meteor Shower (Harrison Osterfield)

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Summary: Harrison takes reader to watch a meteor shower for their second date

Word Count: 1204

Warning(s): Major cuteness

Requested by: @sidneybean 

A/N: I apologize if my description of meteor showers suck, I have never seen one. Y/F/S: Your favorite soda 

(Also my requests are open)

A knock at the door as I ran my hand through my hair in the mirror. I swallowed making my way to the door nervously biting my lip. It’s just the second date, calm down. I opened the door smiling at the boy in front of me.

“Hey.” Harrison greeted. He wore a grey sweater with his usual black jeans and breath taking smile.

“Um hey.” I smiled. “I’m almost ready can you give me like three seconds?”

“Sure.” He said. “ I’m about five minutes early so no rush.”

“You can come in—um if you want.” I blushed. He nodded walking in as I held the door open.

“Let me just get my purse—sorry it’s kinda messy.”

“It’s alright. You should see my room.” Harrison laughed as I walked quickly to the kitchen grabbing my purse.

“Right.” I tucked some of my hair behind my ear. “I’m already.” Harrison nodded leaning me out the door. I closed the door making sure it was locked. He lead me to his car opening the front door helping me in the front seat. “So—where are we going?” I laughed.

“It’s a surprise.” Harrison grinned as he slid into the driver’s seat.

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey, pet name anon here! So I've realised that specific pet names are a bit personal and would be hard to do so I thought maybe you could do headcanons? Like who would use them a lot, the level of cheesiness, what type, idk whatever you want

in seventeen right? ^^

Seungcheol/S.Coups is someone who would regularly use pet names to an almost inhuman level of cheesiness! He’d gradually get cornier as you dated, going from things like ‘babe’ and ‘love’ to ‘squishy teddybear’ and ‘cuddly wuddly’ like ,,,, you wouldn’t even be able to tell after a while if he was just joking around when he was calling you snookums or is that really something he thinks is cute. But it’d be something you’d grow used to, even if it’s embarrassing when he does it in public.

Jeonghan isn’t someone who’d call you a pet name all the time, it’d be more of once every now and then occurrence, especially when he’s feeling intimate. To be honest, he wouldn’t even go for anything like ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’, he would probably stick with a classic and simple ‘beautiful’. It’d escape him when you two are being close and you are alone, but other than that I don’t think he’d really see a reason for pet names.

Joshua would also mainly use pet names when you two are alone, although he’d probably slip up and call you something like ‘My lovebug’ while you two are ordering coffee and Hoshi or DK will be in earshot and won’t let him live it down. I can also see Joshua as someone who has a pet name for you that he thinks is special for some reason, but is too embarrassed to tell you why. 

Jun gives me the vibe that he would call people things like ‘hot stuff’ or ‘sweet thing’ when he’s in the flirting stage, but once you’re dating Jun finds pet names as something he takes seriously. He’d go for something traditional, like ‘angel’ but he would say it in Chinese. He’d use it more often than your name and would probably teach you how to call him something cute in Chinese back. 

Hoshi would insist on the two of you making up unique pet names for each other that no one else in the world has. He wouldn’t want you two to call each other something generic, so he might add adjectives in front of your name or call you something that’s an inside joke between you two. Either way, it’d be a pet name that makes other people give you looks, but Hoshi would be proud of it - even if it turns out being super long, you know like Soonyoung’s Stupendous Superb Stunning Significant Other 

Wonwoo would call you like ‘marshmallow’ because he’d fall asleep in your lap all the time and always be like it’s so soft, you’re my marshmallow. You’d be like aren’t I more like your pillow and he’d be like isn’t marshmallow cuter? 

Woozi doesn’t seem big on pet names, but every now and then, especially in front of others whom he might assumes are trying to get closer to you he’ll use ‘baby’ or ‘precious’ and just flick his eyes toward the person while he calls you that. It’d be attractive, but very very rare. 

DK would want matching pet names, so combos like my sunshine + my star, my jam + my honey, my cupcake + my snickerdoodle. Like it’d be a cute coupley thing and you’d probably change your names to that in your phone and DK would use it whenever you two were on dates and it’d be lighthearted and sweet. 

Mingyu would really like pet names based on animals. He’d be fond of calling his significant other like ‘chickadee’ or ‘chipmunk’ because he’d associate you with something cute and playful. He wouldn’t mind being called ‘pup’ or something back because let’s face it he’s a big gigantic puppy. 

The8 strikes me as someone who’d also call you by something cute in Chinese, maybe the word for small dumpling or mooncakes, I think it’d be some kind of food and it’d be cute because you’d joke about how you’re not yummy and he’d kiss your cheek and be like ‘I disagree~’ 

Seungkwan would call you something like ‘light of my life’ or ‘apple of my eye’ something long and a bit extra, but he’d do it because he truly sincerely loves you that much and considers you that big of a part of his life. He’d refer to you as it when you two are alone, but when you’re out with others he might shorten it to ‘my light’ or ‘apple’. 

Vernon would totally call his significant other like ‘my dork’ or ‘muffinhead’ just to be cheeky, but also like he thinks things like ‘cutie’ and ‘babe’ are cringy so he’d go for something really teenage and teasing. You’d probably call him your pumpkinhead back or something in like a playful bickering kind of manner but it’d only happen when you maybe like trip or mess something up and he isn’t picking on you, just being cute. 

Dino would probably be more ok with you giving him a pet name, but after a while of dating he’d come up with something special and cute just for you. He’d probably call you by your favorite flowers name or by your favorite kind of candy or something like that and it’d be a pet name that’s pure and he’d stutter over it all the time. 

Man Face Monday - Mayor Handsome, Mayor Broody Edition

Hello Precious Peach! Lots going on. I moved apartments over the weekend. Just two floors up, but it nearly flattened me and now I am looking forward to putting my feet up and watching the snow come tonight here in Virginia. 

Musing over pictures of John Barrowman’s epic birthday party, because holy cabooses…not much to say except if Amell deigns to show up at your party looking liked a Chippendale’s dancer…man, you must be a good friend. I also mentioned to @tinaday3w that if I was a certain Mrs., I would demand those shorts become part of his weekend uniform, as in “hey pool boy, I’ll have a margarita on the veranda.” ;-)

We got some cool spoilers last week. Won’t repeat them here, but I, for one, am looking forward to some good things. Without any further ado, here is some face for ya’ll. The Mayor is under fire right now, and looking pretty glum, or glumly pretty, depending on your point of view. 

First, on a scale of 1- Amell, where Amell is the best you can get, this is kind of 5 Amells.  

Even as an arty version, his hair is fabulous. 

So much hair going in different directions! Love it. 

Puppy eyes. 

Blue for @hope-for-olicity. Lots of blue. 

I dig this Bratva one. So yummy. 

Well, that’s it, my darlings. I hope some face made your face smile. Looking toward a good week ahead and want you to have many fabulous adventures! 

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Valentine’s Day Series

Gifs not mine

Warning: Little Fluff

Words: 3.0k


Christopher Evans:

“Christopher ! I’m going to start the movie without you!” You yelled facing the tv screen, not bothering looking back at your boyfriend who was popping popcorn. “I swear Elsa isn’t the only one who’s going to be letting it go.” He said in a serious yet playful tone, you laughed as you turned to face your boyfriend who was wearing his Valentine day boxers that had hearts all over them, but you made these yourself so they were special the boxers read “Property of (Y/N)” all over them which made you smile. “What are you staring at?” Christopher said now sitting on the couch next to you “Oh nothing , just my favorite man.” You said laying your feet on his lap “Oh really your favorite man? I though Captain America was your "favorite man”.“ He said rolling his eyes laying his hand on your legs. Christoper never liked that you enjoyed watching Captain America at first because he felt that the only reason you liked him was because he played Captain America but there were so many more reasons that you enjoy Christopher Evans over any other man. "No, my favorite man, is Christopher Robert Evans. You should meet him, he’s handsome, kind, loving, silly, adorable, so dangerously attractive, a pure gentlemen, a Disney lover like myself, he has an AMAZING personality, oh and that smile god it makes me melt just looking at him but my favorite part of him has to be his butt.” You say kissing his cheek while he sighs “I feel like you love my butt more then you love me.” He said sighing going you the sad eyes.  "No way, I love-“ you stop yourself before the rest of the words come out of your mouth but it was already too late, Christopher snapped his head to look at you "You love what?” He asked now moving a bit closer to your face. “I didn’t mean to say that.” You say quickly turning your face away so you didn’t have to look in his eyes but he put his finger under your chin “(Y/N) say what you were going to say.” He was so close that his words hit your face softly “I … I … I love you Christopher…” you said looking into his eyes and there it was that smile that made you fall in love in the first place “I never thought you would say that (Y/N) damn I love you too, god it feels so good to hear you say that.” He said burying his hand in your hair while he pulled you into a deep passionate kiss. When you two broke apart to get air you both leaned your foreheads together smiling like fools who just struck god. “Now Kristoff, let me be your Anna.” You said laughing “I would be honored to take you as my Anna.” He said kissing you again before he pulled you into his arms and began the Disney movie marathon you were about to have “Truly, no other person would make me this happy.” He said kissing your forehead causing you to smile and blush. This was perfect , just the two of you happy and doing something you both love. “The greatest gifts are the ones shared with someone you love.” You say snuggling into his arms he grunted as a form of agreement , and you couldn’t be any happier.

You’re My Superhero

Title: You’re My Superhero

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 989

Warning: I teared up writing this one….so it’s hella fluffy with LOTS of fuzzy feels

Request by @secretlittledelights said: Idk if you take requests but I would love a Sam story where he is explaining to his son AU about showing his mama her body is beautiful When she’s feeling insecure about her body and the son making her breakfast in bed cuz Sam knows she can’t turn down anything from ether son?

A/N: I’m not a mom, I’ve never had a child, so this is written based on what I have seen in my personal life and in my OB rotation in nursing school, so I hope this is accurate and I hope you all like it. Enjoy!!!


Celebrities fucking suck. They pop out a kid, or two, or four, and within months they are fit as all hell. Do they not keep the kids after they have them?! Between the baby, a household, work, your man child of a husband that bless his heart is sometimes a bigger trouble than a help, how the hell do they do it?!

Shutting the magazine, you got off the couch to start on the ever endless to-do list for the day, hoping to get some before the baby woke back up.

“Hey beautiful,” Sam wrapped his arms around your waist as he came in. Stiffening up and pulling away you shrugged him off.

“Can you just not today? Sorry. I just, I don’t want to be touched right now.” Giving Sam a weak smile you headed upstairs to put away the laundry as your little man came running through wearing one of your shirts he’d swiped earlier.

“Mommy mommy mommy!!! Look! Your shirt, it’s a dress on me!!”

Normally you would have laughed, said he was adorable, something along those lines but all you could focus on was how big the shirt was. Am I seriously that big? God I could practically fill that top out now and that’s a maternity shirt.

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Svt at Prom

In honor of my schools prom being today and me not going i have created this masterpeice lol. enjoy ~

Coups: Okay so you’re going to prom with Coups, and tbh you thought it was going to be a chill night…like getting the outfits to match and everything was chill and easy, and he asked you super calm and well put together, but then you finally arrive at the venue and oh god what his wrong with him. Really dumb dancing and youre like wth i know you can dance better than this but nope, cheolie has embraced the awkward dad dancing and its embarrassing af but yet you lowkey love it. Also catch him shoving all the yummy prom food in his face when hes not dancing

Jeonghan: literally the best matching outfit to ever be seen on earth like literally. Totally helped you find your dress and its the most stunning outfit you’ve ever seen. He’d somehow locate flowers that perfectly matched your colors like how ??? totally ended up on prom court and no one was surprised. Idk why but i feel like he’d be a great slow dancer. Also before prom photos were better than anyone in the whole school.

Joshua: Super gentlemanly, like okay he put your corsage or whatever, anyways he was all blushy and cute when he was putting on you and he’d look so good in his suit you’d be worried that people would try and steal your precious date. Okay back to the gentlemanliness of our shua, he’d be the guy that opened all the doors, even the car door, pull out your chair, and like helped pick up your dress if it dragged on the ground so it wouldn’t get dirty and you wouldn’t trip on it. Hella weird on the dance floor tho, like pin drops everywhere and just extra shua all the way.

Jun: Wild all the way. Like the way he asked you was wild, and the whole school knew within minutes. Like Jun was already super popular and all the girls are like !!!!!! i wanna go to prom with juuuuuunnnn!!! But then he asked you and it was extra and so everyone knew real quick. Anyways he was like lets do this weird neon color together and you’re like lol no ??? the after prom party oh lord. So wild just imagine.

Hoshi: Okay so like first of all lets just imagine hosh in high school. I feel like rather then being super flawless i feel like he’d be kinda frumpy like shows up with sweatpants and messy hair  and wearing hats when he can, tbh probably plays sports too so when he shows up at prom with you everyones like wtf who is that and you’re just standing next to him like yah you betcha this is ma date. Like he’d clean up so freakin well. Crushed it on the dance floor and everyone is like messy hair hosh is actually amazing ??? im amazed just thinking about it.

Wonwoo:  Tbh you’d a bit worried prom would be a bit boring because wonwoo is like the most chill person in the school and you’ve literally never seen him at a dance let alone actually dancing but you love wonwoo and honestly if all he wanted to do was sit at the table you’d be 100% chill with that because simply going to prom with wonwoo is enough. The photos before prom wasn’t as awkward as you imagined it to be, and honestly you were shocked when you got there and danced to a couple slow songs with you. Going with wonwoo would be great for anyone who wants a chill time.

Woozi: Oh woozers what a great time. Freaking cutest couple there by far. Like both you and jihoon by yourselves are adorable, but when you both dress up and match each other the cuteness. Everyone at prom gushes of the two of you and jihoon is embarrassed as heck and youre just kinda giggling like wow. Tbh i feel like jihoon would be an embarrassed blushing mess from the moment he asked you to prom until he dropped you off at home but it would be the best experience for both of you.   

Seokmin: can i just say life of the party like holy cow. Tbh i feel like there wouldn’t be a whole big promposal or anything it would have just been like “oh hey yah seokmin we are going to prom together right?” and that would be that. Going to prom with seokmin would be so fun tho like even if you are shy or reserved like im positive he would be able to get you all crazy with him and like dancing all over the place and laughing super hard during dinner and the after party was just as fun. Just imagine omg

Mingyu: Ah mingyu. Our little puppy. I think he’d be more excited about prom then you would be. Like he’d be bouncing around and talking about it for weeks before it actually happened. Tried super hard to make the promposal really cute and just ended up stumbling over his words and like tripping or something but that just made you love it that much more. Seeing him all dressed up in a suit and everything was amazing but being able to spend the whole evening with him was even better. Id be you two and then you’d probably hang out with wonwoo or minghao and their dates and it would just be one big wild party.

Minghao: Okay so hao hao, lets just say right off the bat that he is the best dancer at the entire prom, and also yours. Freakin flawless in a tux just picture it. He’d be that guy that ended up on prom court all though no one really expected it but they also don’t have an issue with it? Best date for prom because he knows how to have fun but also keep things chill. You’d get to hang out with Jun and his date and it would be such fun time like oh wow. You two and jun and his date at a table and tbh you and hao just kinda sit there and drag all the really slutty dressed people and everything and just whip out all the snarky comments lol

Seungkwan: Prom queen. Jk jk seungkwan would be a great person to go to prom with because again like a few of the others he can both be a lot of fun but then have serious moments when need be. Catch him singing along to every single song they play tho. Like even when its a slow dance and a slow song, he’d be humming right along with the song as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Vernon: tbh i feel like vernon wouldn’t want to go to prom but like, he ended up being on the prom court so he was like shoot, but the thought of being able to take you made him want to go a little more like, he’d say he didn’t want to be there but deep down inside he was having a blast right alongside you. He ended up getting crowned king and you were all “see it was worth going” and the two of you ended up having more fun at the after party than the actual prom itself.

Chan: Chan really didn’t want to go to prom, but all his friends were going and he really wanted an excuse to spend the whole evening with you so he was like fine ill go. Super stiff the whole night lets be real like not super comfortable in his tux and he really wanted to impress you. He finally started to loosen up around the last 30 minutes, but it was still fun for the both of you. Rather than going to the after party like everyone else you went to some cheap restaurant still all dressed up and you got so many weird stares but whatever the two of you had a blast.

Subaru x Reader Smut

It was about 4:00am when you first woke up, you were trying to go back to sleep but kept on failing miserably. You walk out of your room in search for Subaru’s room, the only light guiding you was your phones screen. You somehow manage to find it, sneaking in slowly, then running towards his bed and jumping into it causing him a slight heart attack. “Scared?” you say with a smirk on your face, he just glares at you looking up at the clock then back at you as if you just killed seven people. “Why the heck are you up this early? Also what the fuck do you think you’re doing in here” he says a bit pissed. “That isn’t a sweet way to treat your girlfriend” you say pouting, he just rolls his eyes, sitting up and facing the other direction, you were admiring his shirtless self for a while. His back was facing you; you smirk and hop on it. “Wow Subaru riding you is fine” you say giggling. “That car is crap compared to my Subaru” you say kissing the back of his shoulder. You smirk knowing that you’ve caused him to blush. “babeeee, why don’t you face meee?” you say with a smug tone “get off my back I need to use the bathroom.” He says trying to loosen your grip of his stomach. “nopeee, riding you is fun” you say lowering your hands a bit, reaching for his manhood, you could tell that he was burning red, he flinches at your touch and you giggle. “wha-what are you doing..” he says a bit taken back by your actions. “having fun” you say kissing the back of his neck, causing him to shiver.

You get off of him giving him a chance to turn around, but he doesn’t you sit a bit not sure if you shouldn’t have done what you did, you were about to leave till you he tackled you, pushing you on the bed and slamming his lips into yours, craving you. You smile into the kiss and start to grind your hips on his making him let out a small moan. Your hands wonder off to his boxers trying to get them off. You push him off you wanting to get on top of him, you manage to get his boxers off, smirking at your achievements, you start to get lower and lower leaving traces of your touch every time, “babeee, loo how excited you are” you say licking some of the pre cum from his tip causing him to gasp. You slowly take him sucking on his tip making him go crazy grinding his hips up wanting you to take all of him. You do as told, licking every inch of it, his hands travel up to your hair holding on to you for dear life. You start to go a bit faster making him moan out loud “Y/N I’m go..nna ahh!” he says releasing his juices all over you. You lick your fingers and smile looking up at him. “yummy” you say climbing back on top of him slamming your lips on his, you take your shirt off while he strips your off of you pants. His hands traveling to your chest while leaving love bites all over you neck and chest, going all the way to your area, “favours for favours” he says smirking as he starts to eat you out making you moan out his name like crazy. “no matter how much I eat there is still so much left, what a great breakfast” he said making your face turn into a dark shade of red, you climb on top of him with a lust full look, “now, can I ride my Subaru?” you say as you adjust yourself. You start to move your hips up and down and Subaru synchronizing your motions. The way you were moving was making him breathless, panting moaning your name out not wanting you to stop, you smirk at how much of a mess he’s become, you never thought you’d get such a reaction from him, but you were pleased at what you were seeing and hearing, you continued making love till the sun rose, and even yet you both wanted to taste each other more. Promising each other to go for a round two later.

Amethyst please… finger out of your nose.

Also, no gem? Are these gems like our own lovable neighborhood gems?

A mother… how fun.

Also, damn Pearl. How you just snap that bitch’s neck with a smile on your face in front of your son (brother? nephew? thing?)

Awww, they’re such a cute family! I love them all already. I’m still trying to figure out the family structure here, but they’re cute dammit.

Sometimes I like to bust a rhyme before eating a yummy snack, also.

They’re so supportive and cute I WANT TO GIVE THEM ALL HUGS, DAMMIT

Also, is that foreshadowing? Refugee of an interstellar war, he left his family behind, etc? Or am I reading into things too much?

FT Characters, you’ve just found Freed and Laxus making out in the closet!

(As requested by Blue Blast)

So you’ve discovered Laxus and Freed kissing in the cupboard, thoughts?

Lucy: Um, I gotta go and start writing a new novel!

Mirajane: Cute blush Freed. [winks] [leaves them alone to continue]

Erza: [shuts the door quietly with a red face]

Natsu: Hey what are you two doing?


Freed: … [hiding a red face in Laxus’ chest]

Natsu: [sent flying by Laxus’ punch]

Gray: Yeah I’m gonna go…

Gray: I think I’ll call Lyon…

Sting: Did Rufus dye his hair green?

Rogue: Come away Sting, this is a potential health hazard zone.

Sting: How come?

Rogue: You do see Laxus Dreyar glaring at you right?

Makarov: Please just let me be going senile.

Cana: Yeah I’m just gonna stand here and watch you for a minute, k?

Orga: This had better not mean I have to start kissing Rufus.

Lyon: I think I’ll call Gray…

Juvia: B-b-boys love!?

Gildarts: And they say it’s weird to think about your parents doing it.

Evergreen: … [scowls]

Bickslow: … [grins]

Evergreen: Oh here’s your money.

Bickslow: I totally called this.

Elfman: Manly. [sent flying via Laxus punch]

Levy: [casually drops her books on the floor to set a recording lacrima to watch later]

Freed: [is aware of what she planned and continues with a large blush on his face]

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: We can’t let the boss see this.

Master Bob: Well aren’t you two yummy?

Ichiya: Meeeen!

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: [facepalm] Why do we even bother?