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Hey! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! I was just thinking what about the missus telling Harry she’s pregnant at a concert. Like maybe while he’s singing Kiwi, and she gets fans involved and has them hold up signs that say “Harry y/n is having your baby.” And he gets all confused but eventually he realizes what’s going on. Idk, it was just a thought! (: thanks love! Love your writing!

Drabble #13

Finding out that you were pregnant was one of the most magical things you’d ever experienced, aside from peeing on a stick, finding out there was a little human growing inside of you, for you and Harry to love and nurture, was truly indescribable, and you wanted Harry to feel the same when he found out. You were nervous about telling him, you knew that it was something that he wanted, but you hadn’t exactly been trying and now was not a great time, so the way you told him had to be extravagant enough to make him the same way you did.

You knew the perfect opportunity would be during Kiwi at one of his shows, so you got a few friends together and made a plan to surprise him at his London Show. You knew the fans would be keen to get involved too so you and your friends went to the venue early and met with the fans who had been camping out for days and asked them to help you.

The show was going great, Harry was having a great time up there and you were glad to finally be seeing him perform live, you’d been so busy with work that you couldn’t get enough time off to travel all the way to America to see his first solo shows and as much as Harry reassured you that it was just work for him, and he didn’t mind that you couldn’t make it to his first few shows, you still felt guilty.  

Tonight though, he was very glad to have you there and with every chance he got he would wave or pull a face at you. As the final notes of What Makes You Beautiful sounded and he sang the opening to Kiwi you felt the butterflies in your tummy appear again, he was about to find out about the little Styles growing in your belly. As he reached the chorus, you and at least 200 fans held up signs that read Y/N’s HAVING YOUR BABY and chanted ‘She’s having your baby’

“Stop, stop stop” he yelled, and the band stopped playing “What’s uh, what’s going on” confused, he read out the sign “Y/N’s having your baby?” he found your face in the crowd, made eye contact with you “Y/N?”

“I’m having your baby Harry” you yelled, feeling the tears well up in your eyes, and watching as Harry asked the security guard to help you up on stage.  Security lead you to the side of the stage and allowed you up the stairs.

“I’m just gonna go help her” Harry said into the mic as he clipped it back onto the stand and rushing to the side of the stage to meet you, embracing you in the biggest hug he’s ever given you and placing a hand on your belly

“There’s really a baby in there?” he whispered

“There’s really a baby in there” the tears were streaming down your face now and he grabbed your hand taking you over to centre stage

“She’s having my baby!” he yelled into the mic, clearly just as excited about the news as you were. The crowd cheered louder than ever, Harry hugged you again and they went even more wild. He was beside himself with excitement, but he could see Jeff on the side of the stage telling him to hurry up because the venue has noise restrictions and the show must be over by 11.

“Alright, I’m going to be a dad, but the show must go on” he said into the mic and squeezed your hand. You kissed his cheek and turned around to headed over to Jeff “She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, give it up for Y/N”. The crowd cheered for you and Harry watched as you thanked them by waving and blowing kisses, the same way that Harry does before you made it to side stage with Jeff who hugged in congratulations.  

“Watch it Jeffery, there’s a baby Styles in there”

I know this is kinda similar to one I’ve posted before, but it’s still cute, so thank you so much for your requests 

Keep sending your requests! 

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Concept (not smut) but you and Shawn moving in together and you guys make your own little spaces like your offices and it’s just really cute

I love this idea. Like bringing in all the things you packed down and being perfectly messy organized. And like unboxing and going through things together while eating pizza and sipping beers with John Mayer blasting in the background. 

“I honestly thought you were kidding when you told me you had seventeen guitars. What sort of person need this many?” “Shh, baby. They can hear you” Shawn would say and pick up one of the guitars and stroke it a little and you would just laugh at him. 

Or when Shawn dragged up this picture that used to hang on your wall and his eyes just turns wide. “And why did we bring this?” “Shut up, Shawn. It was my grandmother’s” “It’s ugly” “It’s sentimental” “It’s going in your study room” and then you would just stick our tongue out at him but he would lean closer to you and kiss your lips softly. 

Or you would open a box and find things you’d never seen before. Like different pens and a reading lamp, a new ipad and a big mug in your favourite colour and you would just look up at Shawn confused. “What is this?” “It’s for your study room. I figured you could use some pens to highlight when you read. And oh the lamp, you looked at that one in Spain, remember?. It’s good for reading. And you’re always talking about how annoying it is to drag your computer to school, so I thought an ipad might be better. And the mug, well, 90% of your studying revolves around coffee” and then your hand would move to his flushed cheeks and stroke him gently before you kissed his burning lips. “That’s so sweet, Shawn” “I just wanted you to feel home” “I’m home as long as you’re here”

Or going through your clothes and hanging everything on hangers and you would just go through some of the clothes Shawn had with a laughter from your mouth. “Please tell me you never wore this?” “It’s was in at the time” “Dude, animal prints was never in. Ever” “You don’t know fashion” “And neither do you. Clearly” you’d joke while laughing massively. “I know what sort of fashion I like on you” Shawn would say while leaning closer to you. “And what might that be, Mendes?” And then his hands would remove your white t-shirt and let it fall to the floor. “This one” 

there’s been more eloquent advice given on this topic already but so many of us are in a very uncomfortable position and i just want to say something to my friends. as others have stated, finding comfort in the story and characters that got you through a hard time or filled your childhood with happiness or just loving the series doesn’t make you guilty or complacent with the shitty actions of the creator.

this fandom has been around for two decades and so much of that time has been spent preserving it in fandom with very little new content. i’m not sure about you, but i have found the most gratification not in the source material but in fandom itself: in fanfiction, in fanart, in the kindness of my friends in this community. even if you love the canon as it is, that’s fine. we fell in love with characters and a story. these things are copyrighted to watsuki, but in some ways, they belong to all of us. they’re special and mean something to each of us individually.

to be expected to give them up because of the deplorable actions of their creator–especially overnight–is unfeasible.

watsuki is a piece of shit. first and foremost and most tragic of all, he abused and hurt children. this is fucked up and unforgivable. second, these actions have hurt everyone else around him and those who looked up to him. i will not financially support him in the future. that’s my stance.

however, i’m not going to stop writing or posting about the characters who i’ve fallen in love with. i’ve long taken issue with a lot of things in rk canon and relied on fandom to fix those things. and it did. we revive characters who should have never died, we treat women better, we add diversity and depth to individuals who deserved better.

what i’m saying is that fandom has carried us this far without watsuki making new content and we’ll keep supporting each other going forward. i know so many of you were excited for the new arc and other things that seemed to be in the pipeline. i’m very sorry that you’ve been so betrayed and disappointed.

but i’m not going anywhere. i’m still going to support the amazing work my friends create. i’m going to tell the stories of my favorite characters in the way that makes me happy.

this is of course a personal decision. if you’re going to distance yourself from the fandom, whether temporarily or permanently, i’ll miss you. but if you don’t, you’re not doing anything wrong. i know emotions are running very high right now and everything feels wrong, but let’s just stick together and love and portray these characters properly.

fuck watsuki for what he did. i’m here if you guys need to talk.

Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that tracing an artists work and claiming it as your own is TOTALLY not ok. Even if you are changing things about it. That is the artist’s blood, sweat, and tears you are copying and it doesn’t reflect well on you as an artist. It’s basically stealing! Please do your own work and be proud of i!

Anyhow! Just a friendly reminder to Be Yourself! Even in your own work! <3

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Your daughter loves to dress up as Captain America any chance she gets. Uncle Steve gets a kick out of it, but Bucky is a little jealous. So you being the amazing wife and mother you are dress up as the Winter Soldier to show her how amazing Bucky is as a hero too. Bucky kisses you expressing how grateful he is for you and next thing you know your little girl has a metal arm of her own courtesy of Tony. "I want to be cool like daddy!" "Your dad isn't that cool." "Shut up Tony yes he is!"

and Bucky is just high fiving his little girl 

Daddy Wednesday™

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shane is shooketh™

i call this the how to defend yourself from the demons using your tall long-legged friend as a shield manual by ryan steven bergara

It’s Thanksgiving week, and allow me to be a little bit sentimental. One of the things I’m most thankful for are the amazing people who follow me, support me, and generally keep my head over water even though things are tough. Love to you all and I hope you enjoy your holiday.

Makeup to Makeout

SWU Poe x Reader 

Summary: You’re both captured and thankfully you’re both thinking the same thing in terms of rescue.

AN: Short and sweet. Reader is a hot-headed little small bean. I love it. Wanted to queue something up while I’m gone!

Originally posted by oscaricaas

The mission was sorta simple. You’d be off the grid for a solid… 4-5 months D’Qar time. Chat it up with locals, scout certain regions on smaller First Order bases, and maybe… Just maybe… You’d be able to acquire some new ships for the Resistance in your favor. 

And just when you thought things were going well… It didn’t.

You didn’t expect Poe being in the same region as you. It was one glance he gave you… That was all it took and immediately you two were dragged off and tossed in a prison cell.

“Well, this is annoying…” you sneered over your shoulder. You feel Poe’s back pressed against yours, hands and legs bounded, the cold stone floor on your butt.

“I got a plan, will you please trust me?” Poe quietly laughs.

“LOOK WHERE WE ENDED UP,” you roared. 

“Calm down princess, I didn’t know you were in this region,” Poe spoke so warmly you couldn’t help feeling relieved, “I’m happy knowing that you’re safe though.”

“Poe… You’re such a bad liar,” you muttered. “NOT KNOWING I WAS IN THIS REGI-” you wiggled around in your binders emphasizing them. “IT WAS IN THE MISSION FILES-”

Poe hummed out something that sounded like an, ‘Uh-huh’ and you continued your outburst. “FIVE MONTHS,” you said under your breath, “I WAS GOING HOME AND THIS.. THIS?” you wiggled again annoyed.

You hear a loud bang on the door, “WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?” The guard said on the other side.

“WHY DON’T YOU MAKE ME?” you bellowed and felt Poe lift you up. The two of you stood back-to-back. “HIDING BEHIND SOME DOOR DOESN’T MAKE YOU TOUGH.”

“Easy does it, sweetheart,” Poe whispers.

You hear the guard laugh, “That.. Can be arranged, loud mouth.” The door slides open and you see a tall muscular man covered in armor walking towards you. “You don’t look so tough,” he laughs in your face.

Suddenly, you feel your feet lifting off the ground as Poe swings around charging head first into the guard’s chest knocking him unconscious. You feel slightly lightheaded by the impact.

“Well?” Poe said, grinning.

“A warning would be nice,” you wheezed. “And don’t forget I’m still on your back.” 

Poe managed to find a small remote and toggles it. You feel the binders release from your wrists and legs. Rolling off Poe you look at him.

“See?” He dusts himself off. He picks up the only blaster handing it to you.

“Fine,” you mumbled. Poe pulls you to him for a quick kiss. 

“Five months without you was the worst,” he whispered.

“How about, escape now… Makeout later?” You turned the safety off on the blaster.

“Come again?” Poe tilted his head.

“MAKEUP LATER, I SAID MAKEUP.” You hastily said, “MAKEUP.”

Poe Tag: @propertyofpoeandbucky @firefeatherx @misswinchester221b @irebelcaptain

Love Triangle (Part 2/??)

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Summary: You relive things from the past that bring you to second guess everything. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

Warnings: Swearing, ANGST, fighting, sadness, anger

Word Count: 1,700

A/N: I figured why not post another chapter today! This one is a little emotional, hope it tears at your heart strings as much as it did mine while writing it! I’m so excited to write more chapters! Enjoy! 

That night you dreamt about the past, as if thinking about this during the day wasn’t bad enough.

5 years ago

“Bucky?” You call from the bathroom of your small studio apartment.  

“Yea sweetheart?” He hears concern in your voice so comes right for the door, but knocks first as not to invade your privacy.  

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I hope that annon didn't cause you to be upset. I love your comics and always excited for the next one. I love your ideas and your ship as well as the little cutie you made from that ship. Please do know that there are people who do love your ideas, no matter if Chara is 'evil' or not. It is your story and your choice. Please have a great day.

Not really, I’ve dealt with that before but I appreciate your concern. x3 Everything almost went out of hand, but it’s okay now. Sometimes anons are very amusing but weirder at the same time, not to mention that one about having a fetish and asking my Sans some very suggestive things. ._. Just nope.

Thank you! :> Yeah, sometimes people really need to learn what’s an interpretation or storytelling supposed to mean.

So the girls from little mix had a movie night inside the arena they are playing and watched it on their sets big monitors. They watched christmas movies off the arena screen while eating take out and I thought that was the cutest thing ever. I could totally picture Shawn and the whole team bringing in couches from the dressing rooms and eating Chinese all while cuddled up watching movies and maybe it would become a frequent thing while on tour. 

Or maybe shawn does it for your proposal just takes up the entire arena to watch movies with you and at the end it’s only the glow from the big screen and he gives his little how much he loves you speech before asking

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I recently discovered your comic and I'm in love--it's simply incredible and I could seriously go on for a long time about everything I love, from the art style and attention to detail, to the plot, to how everyone's so in-character and always themselves--but I have a question... how on Earth did Papyrus and Sans get Sans' special attack out of his room??

Aaaa thank you!! I’m really glad you’re loving it so much, it means a lot to me! 

But as for your question, it was actually pretty easy–Sans knows a little bit about moving things without moving them. It’s pretty convenient, especially when you accidentally get a dragon stuck in your room. ^^

Hi everyone!

I did a thing! I got tired of not have little friends close by (because as much as I love my internet friends, I really want to meet people irl, you know?), so I made a google maps.

Basically, you go on and make a marker in the city you live in (NOT ON YOUR HOUSE OR NEAR YOUR ADDRESS ), and you put your city and state as the marker name. Then, in the marker’s description, you put this:


(Real) Age:

Little Age: (if applicable)

Pet Regressions: (if applicable)

What you’re looking for in a friend:

How to contact you: (tumblr usernames, kik, etc)

When more people add to the map, you’ll be able to find out who lives nearby and you’ll be able to contact them, maybe become friends, and then maybe meet up somewhere!

The URL to the map is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qW2QxaaDVAwFj4eHDFFG5aLSvGZiszVF&usp=sharing

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dear Vero the lazy bastard (lol), what do you think of shar the other lazy bastard? lmfao. 🤣

(I am lazy, I can’t deny it lmao)

Oh 👀 (trap question? Just kidding lol)

I think you are really nice and friendly, although tremendously stubborn and you have a strong but sensitive personality.

I love to discuss metas with you because you have a broad perspective and aren’t afraid to show your opinion, which added to your sense of humor gives spice to conversations.

You are really hardworking, independent and don’t easily give up (which it’s a thing that I really like), even though sometimes you can be pessimistic and forces yourself too much (to rest it’s important too, do what you can and don’t force yourself too much). You can be a time bomb too.

You are a really good friend that value friendship a lot, and with frequency has little details that brighten their day (at least mine). Plus, I love your emotional writing style (yes, I like your angst too 👀)

Wish you the best of life, hope you have a really nice night!! @arvendell

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Hi my love, where can I find the hair on the guy wearing the grey sweater in the "Dont sweater the little things" post? He is the brunette guy that is kinda looking down in the thumbnail of the post. I looked in your WCIF section, but no one had asked yet :-). Thanks my love.

Hello!!! I actually got another ask about this and completely spaced and forgot to answer > <. So first, sorry to the anon that asked, and second: you can find the hair here! :)

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Ahhhh!!!!! I’m really loving the fwb au, but I know you all have a million other things you are working on. Damn you and your wonderful writing! Also “If I’m so nice, why don’t you let me take you out to dinner.” This Kaneki is trying to be smooth af.

Mod K:

Aww, I’m really glad! i love writing these little ficlet series! And I want you picture his voice cracking as he said it, because it definitely did. Luckily, Touka likes lame nerd boys.

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for the "thing you said" prompts can you do 12 with harrison please?

12. Things you said when you thought I was asleep.

She was peaceful when she was sleeping. Quiet, no lines from stress on her forehead, a little smile on her face. She was worry free, happy

Harrison liked when she was happy. When she was happy, he was happy, because he did everything he could just to make her happy. When she was sleeping, he said things he couldn’t when she was awake. Things he loved about her. Yet most of the time, she caught him.

“Sometimes, when I look at you”, he whispered, after one late night of weary smiles and weighted down shoulders,”all I see is the future.”

“And I don’t see anything in the future but your smile.” He brushed hair from her face, stroked her cheek. “And that scares the absolute fucking shit out of me.”

Soon after he rambled about all the things he couldn’t live without, which were all the things that made up her, he would sleep. And she would open her eyes, and look at him, and just as he did, she would see the future.

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I've not read much recently bc my brainweasels are back on their bullshit, but I did read Goodwill Girl while I was ToT-stalking you and it's such a perfect gem of some many things I like <3

Anonymous said:My favorite story of yours is “The Tale Of How Intwing Sluice the Brave Trounced Death and All Odds For A Handful of Senator Ren’s Bountiful Tiddy” (real talk: it’s hands-down the skirtfic, that was godlike).

So what I love here is that my first two responses are saying that Skirtfic, the fic that I wrote thinking that only two people, me and Lianne, would find the content anything but wtf, was their favorite work. 

The lesson to take away from this is to LIVE YOUR DREAM. INDULGE YOURSELF. And then get it out there!