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Masterlist of Awesome - Part 3 (Other Fandoms)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! But here’s a new rec list ;) Although, for the Sterek fans following me, this is strictly other fandoms, sorry. Been away from Sterek in a while and that’s the result!  Here’s a listing of what you’ll find!

Merlin / Merthur

Suits / Marvey

Supernatural / Destiel / SamxDean / SamxDeanxCas

White Collar / Peter/Neal/Elizabeth

James Bond (Daniel Craig’s) / 00Q

London Spy / Alex/Danny

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Fandom: James Bond (Daniel Craig’s) 
Pairing : 00Q

Temeraire by professorfangirl (lizeckhart) / 8858 w. / E

“At Bond’s age anything like love was trapped and walled away, a scorpion under a glass; what he felt now was like the fire at Skyfall, filtered through icewater light. And yet it was there, it was possible: one more reckless leap, one more deadshot fall, one more defiance of loss. It was there, waiting in the way Q’s eyes lingered on him, the intelligent desire in their depths, patient, saying, ‘we have almost all the time in the world’." 

Does Your Mother Know? by sorion / 17561 w. / M 

“He told me… that he’d loved and trusted people with his life before, and that it didn’t end well. And he told me… that he would trust me with his life… and his death.” 

“Wow. Now I don’t know which one of you to warn off of breaking the other’s heart, anymore.” 

The Inevitability of Time by dhampir72 for missMHO / 27055 w. / M 

When they meet for the first time at the National Gallery, Bond has a strange sense of deja vu. 

For the 00QNewYearParty as a gift for missMHO. 

Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by sorion / 31571 w. / M 

Despite Bond making a kind of running joke out of Q’s “exploding pen” remark by requesting one at every opportunity… it was Q who mentioned it first. The reason behind it is quite simple. They both like to blow shit up. And then they realise that that’s not the only thing they have in common. 

Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight/ 33299 w. / Series / T 

Part 1: Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight

"Q confirms that he’s an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it." 

OR Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot. 

The Haunting of Skyfall Lodge by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria for shipimpala / 36522 w. / E 

All his life, Q has seen ghosts. For years, he’s searched for scientific proof to back up what he knows to be true. Finally, he starts a YouTube channel to chronicle his adventures of exploring haunted sites. His latest location: Skyfall Lodge. 

Yours, J by swtalmnd / 41104 w. / Series / G to E 

Part 1 : Yours, J by swtalmnd

Bond sends letters. Q is vexed. Q-branch starts a betting pool. There are an appalling amount of sweets. Also, 002 is a bit of an arse. 

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Forgive Me

Pairing: Chuck x Reader, Crowley x Sister!Reader, Rowena x Daughter!Reader

Word Count: 3468

Warnings: Angst, fluff, smut

Notes: This is my first time writing Chuck so I hope I do him justice!! This took me such a long time to write as I am ridiculously tired lol. I hope you all like it!! xox

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A knock on the bunker door made the Winchesters exchange a look. Grabbing his gun, Dean made his way slowly up the stairs, ready to shoot if necessary. He turned his head to Sam, who nodded and held his own gun ready, and turned the handle, pulling the door open slowly. Raising his gun, he waited for the visitor to enter.

“Damn, Dean,” you grinned, lifting a brow. “Is that how you greet all your friends?”

Chuckling once, relief flooding through him, he pulled you in for a bear hug before nodding to Crowley. Making your way down the steps, you embraced Sam tightly.

You’d known the Winchesters as long as you could remember thanks to Crowley. He was technically your brother, Rowena having adopted you when you were still young. Your real parents had abandoned you and she had taken a shine to you, though she hadn’t really known why. She’d raised you well and you’d turned into a pretty decent person, even if your morals could be viewed as questionable from time to time. But what do people expect when you grew up in Hell?!

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Never Forget You

Emma Swan needs a break - and to stop crashing into a mysterious stranger who she just can’t get out of her head. Unfortunately the universe has other plans.

Happy birthday @phiralovesloki! I’m sure you have all heard of this fabulous lady, but she is the sweetest. Not only does she write awesome fics, but also she’s massively supportive - her tireless cheerleading of The Masks We Wear has kept me writing though many a bad time. And she is even amazing enough to devote her time to running the @captainswanbigbang like a champion, and to step in and help with betaing Heathens for @mahstatins when I was struggling with Life Stuff.

Basically, Phira, Mothy, my dear, have a fantastic birthday and enjoy a little *cough* nearly 9k *cough* trope mash up for your special day.

Huge thanks to @sambethe @mahstatins and @killiancygnus for beta reading this for me.


Emma Swan is many things: sheriff, orphan, loving mother, junk food aficionado and - as of two minutes ago - killer.

Well, potentially.

She leaps out of her car to see what has become of the man she just hit with her car. He’s sitting on the curb, clutching at his ribs. He looks up as she approaches and fuck, he’s gorgeous, all messy dark hair, piercing blue eyes and chiseled jaw.

“Hey beautiful,” he wheezes out, trying to throw a winning smile her way. His honeyed voice and British accent are as beautiful as he is. “You know, there are better ways to get a man’s attention than attempted murder.”

Her automatic response is to roll her eyes at the blatant flirting. She ignores the charm and drops down beside him with concern. “Shit, I’m so sorry. Are you OK? Do you need a doctor?”

“You just knocked the wind out of my sails, love. I’ll be fine.”

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The Five Times Eisuke’s Daughter Broke his Heart.

I wish you were my daddy Baba.

Ten minutes - that was how long you said you’d be, yet Eisuke had counted an hour so far on his rolex. You had just headed to the nearby grocery store to pick up some vitamins for Kayo and he could think of no reason why such a simple thing would have taken an entire hour. He was growing rather impatient waiting on you to relinquish him from his babysitting duties, He had work to do, important work - he hadn’t the time to watch over a clingy three-year old, no matter how much he loved her. 

He crossed his legs on the sofa as he watched Kayo toddle about with her teddy bear tight in her grip. It was a tatty old thing that Baba had given her when she just born, it was long-since ruined and far too imperfect for his daughter. He recalled how he had bought a thousand other cuddly toys in the hopes of replacing it, all hand-crafted by the best toy-makers that money could buy. No matter how soft or pretty the toys he bought her were however she would still gravitate toward that one-eyed scruffy plush for a reason that eluded him completely. He set his eyes back on the laptop on his knee, sighing.

He had five business contracts to conjure up by the end of the night and the distraction of Kayo talking to her stuffed animals incessantly was throwing a spanner in the works. “Kayo, daddy’s trying to work can you be quiet.” He asked, she didn’t answer but fell silent in response.

He managed to get ten minutes of typing done before he felt a little hand pull on the leg of his trousers. He turned his gaze to find his daughter looking at him pleadingly, his little princess who looked so very much like you did with your big doe-eyes and red cheeks. He adored her, he just didn’t know how to show it. “Daddy… I’m bored.” She looked to her feet, almost as if scared of him.

“What do you want me to do about that?” He asked her questioningly. “Do you not have enough toys, will I buy you some more? Is that what’s wrong?”

“No… I… I don’t want more toys.” She spoke clutching her teddy tighter to her. She bent down and picked up her stuffed dog and handed it to him. Ota had made it for her, another favourite of hers, she called it Koro… “I want you to play with me… l-like uncle Baba does!”

He didn’t know how to play. He couldn’t recall ever playing as child. Baffled by the notion he set the toy back down.

“Mummy will be back soon and she’ll play with you. I’m very busy with work Kayo.” He forced a gentle tone to his voice, yet that did nothing to soothe the disappointment that washed over her little cherub face.

She toddled over to the television and horror filled him. He’d read an article about a television falling over and injuring a toddler in the newspaper a few weeks ago and that had been just forty inch one - he didn’t want to think about what a hundred inch television could have done to his little ball of light. “Come back here Kayo, where I can see you - I don’t want you to break the television.”

She didn’t complain, disappointment still plastered across her face as she settled safely at his feet with her stuffed teddy in tow. He ruffled her hair with his hand, letting his fingers linger on her tiny scalp for a moment. It felt a little dry and he found himself googling the causes for a dry scalp instead of writing business contracts. After a thorough search of mumsnet, he’d ordered a special shampoo that would rectify the problem with prolonged use. She let out a soft little sigh and he felt his brows squint.

“You know Kayo if you want to play with me so much then I guess I could take a little break-” He was cut off by the penthouse door swinging open. He thought it was you at first until he caught sight of Baba with that annoying hat of his in hand. He inwardly groaned as his daughter’s face lit up.

“Unca Baba!” She hurried into his waiting arms. Baba twirled her around with enthusiasm, catching her nose with his thieving fingers. “Give me back my nose! I need it to smell!”

“Oh do you now? But princesses don’t need to smell…” He twirled her around again under Eisuke’s scrutiny. He was twirling her too fast… she could fall and hurt herself, worry washed through Eisuke at the thought.

“Baba. Be careful, Soryu’s little dragons still haven’t moved all the auction junk, I don’t want you knocking anything over.” Eisuke spoke coldly.

“Daddy knows just how to steal his princess’ fun doesn’t he?” Baba chuckled, twirling a piece of Kayo’s brown hair around his finger, she giggled as he did so. “Don’t worry brave knight Baba will ensure you have fun.”

Eisuke watched them play together for a while, happy at least that Baba could bring a smile to her face and could distract her from annoying him, then he heard a horrible sentence leave his daughter’s lips

“I wish you were my daddy Baba.”

I just wanted you.

You were beyond livid at your husband. You knew he would have had a good reason for being in London at such a time, you’d learnt over the years that Eisuke always had a more selfless cause at the root of many of his actions. Whatever he was doing in London was important you knew that, but was your daughter’s birthday not important as well? 

You tried not to feel angry as you watched your daughter sift through her presents sadly. Eisuke had taken charge of the shopping as he usually did and you dreaded to think how much money he’d spent on all the toys that were now  scattered messily on the floor. Kayo already had a full to bursting toy room and you imagined that she would soon be in need of another. Your daughter had everything in the world except the one things she wanted - her daddy.  

“Will daddy be back in time for my dinner?” She asked with a flicker of hope.

“His flight isn’t till late at night Kayo, but he’s going to video-chat with us before you go to your bed.” You told her trying to lessen the blow. She nodded numbly, a resigned look on her face and it struck you that a five-year old shouldn’t look so miserable on her birthday.

The dinner went okay. Soryu bought her a set of kid’s books, all custom-bound with her initials on them while Mamoru gave her a packet of candy cigarettes and a water gun. Ota made her a sparkling necklace with a jewel-encrusted tiara pendant and Baba bought her a bouncy castle. There were no kids to play on it with her of course. Eisuke had insisted that she be home-schooled by a tutor as apparently it would be better for her in the long-run. As a result Kayo didn’t have any friends, ones her age at least.

“Eisuke not back until tomorrow?” Soryu asked you during a silent moment as Kayo showed Baba all of her new toys. You nodded your head. “He wouldn’t miss this unless it was really important. You understand that right?”

“I do. But Kayo doesn’t.” You spoke sadly.

Once they were all away you flipped open your laptop and settled Kayo on your knee. She was smoking one of her candy cigarettes trying emulate her “cool” uncle Mamoru. You quickly set up a video-chat with Eisuke, who was in a hotel room, still dressed in his work suit with a tired look on his face. He had stayed up to see her. “Happy birthday.” He instantly forced a smile on his face when he caught sight of Kayo cuddled into you. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t there today.” 

“Are you going to thank your daddy for all the presents Kayo?” You smiled at your husband as your daughter chewed the end of her white cigarette morosely. She was perfectly embodying Mamoru - it was rather frightening.

“Thank you daddy.” A dutiful voice.

“Did you like them all? Did you get everything you wanted?” He asked, concerned by her less than jovial spirit. She looked shy all of a sudden and shook her head. “Tell me what it is and I’ll pick it up for you on the way home? I’ll have it for you tomorrow, Kayo… what have I missed?”

“I can’t have this thing… I can only have it tonight otherwise it doesn’t count…” Her little voice carried and you kissed her temple slowly. 

“What is it sweetheart?” You prompted. “Daddy will try his best to get you it.”

“I wanted…” She was shy again. “I w-w-wanted daddy to be with me on my birthday.” She set her gaze on the blurry image of Eisuke. “I just wanted you.” 

Monkeys make better fathers.

It was a blisteringly hot day and the zoo was packed full as a result. Eisuke had offered to have the whole zoo vacated so Kayo had a free-run of the place but you had rejected that offer on behalf of your little girl. 

What Kayo wanted was a minutes’ normalcy, to be just like the other little girls. She wanted to sit on her father’s shoulders just to see over the crowds of people. She wanted to wait in a the mile-long queue for an over-priced teddy and a pencil sharpener. She didn’t want to be special. You would give her that today - or at least try your very hardest.

“What do you want to see first Kayo?” Eisuke took her little hand in his, being careful not to lose her in the crowds of people. She was wearing a bright yellow top with a sunflower on it’s front, she looked adorable, yet she looked adorable in anything she wore. Her father had chosen her outfit today, arguing that if they were to lose her in the bustle of the zoo the brightly-coloured hue would make her much more easy to spot. “Today is your day.”

Because five years worth of days before hadn’t been.

“Unicorns.” She spoke in all seriousness and Eisuke looked at you helplessly. You held of a laugh. Your daughter always seemed to want impossible things.

“Kayo…” He started breathlessly.

“I don’t think they have unicorns here.” You finished for him carefully, kneeling down to your daughter’s level and tying her untied shoelace. “They have horses-”

“But horses are just unicorns without the sparkles and the horns. They’re boring.” She complained. You laughed.

“How about we start of with the elephants?” You countered happily. She nodded but grudgingly. Kayo was difficult and she sure as hell hadn’t got that from you.

“You wait here with her just a moment, I’m going to nip to the… the ugh toilet.” Eisuke kissed your lips quickly before vanishing off, wallet in tow. Your brow squinted in confusion wondering what your husband was up to, Kayo however pulled your attention away from that query.

“Do you think daddy will buy me an ice cream later?” She asked tentatively, clutching at your hand. You followed her gaze to find a father wiping ice cream of his daughter’s chin. They were both smiling widely.

“I think your daddy would buy you anything you wanted.” She grinned at that. “Everything he does is for me and you, even his work. Sometimes daddy just shows his love in weird ways… always remember that.”

“He is weird.” She giggled. Eisuke returned and slipped his wallet back into his pocket. He took Kayo’s other hand and he guided you down the path that led to the horses, being

sure to keep his pace slow enough so as not to tire Kayo.

“Eisuke… the elephants were the other way, I thought we were going to see them first?” You asked quietly. Eisuke shook his head and kept his silence. He didn’t say anything, but you knew what his gaze meant. Trust me.

The pair of you walked with Kayo wedged between you, every so often you’d hoist her into the air and she’d giggle away legs dangling. She was already having fun, giddy with excitement. You approached the horse enclosure. Eisuke had his trademark smirk on his face.

Then you saw why. The horses had glitter in their hair and horns strapped around their foreheads. Unicorns. Kayo broke out of your grip and ran toward the railings. You grinned over at your husband. “You’re…impossible do you know that?” You kissed his cheek firmly.

“I just want you both to be happy.” A rare moment of honesty. The small sentence took your breath away.

“Well I’m happy and judging by the squeals of delight currently emitting from our little peanut I’d say she is too.” A little peanut, that’s what Eisuke had called her when she had been in your belly. At the start of your pregnancy it hadn’t been used as a term of endearment - he hadn’t wanted the baby. He had saw it as a nuisance, a little parasite that was draining life from your weak body.

A peanut - something small and irrelevant.

Then he’d heard the heartbeat and saw your belly swell and felt feet and elbows moving underneath his hand then all of a sudden his eyes would go more gentle when talking about his little peanut. You’d awake at night with his hands splayed around the swell of your child protectively, sweat dripping from his forehead from a particularly unpleasant dream - he never told you what those nightmares were about but you knew deep down - losing the baby.   

A peanut - something small but infinitely important.

“Enough of the unicorns. We’ve got other animals to see Kayo.” You grinned at the thought, taking your daughter’s hand and practically dragging her away.

You eventually reached the monkey enclosure. There were crowds of people in front of it and Kayo was unable to see over the heads. She looked up at her father pleadingly.

“Can you not see anything Kayo? I’ll get all these people to move if you give me a second.” He told her carefully, already looking for a member of staff to bribe. You rolled your eyes and picked her up.

“You want to go on your daddy’s shoulders don’t you?” You grinned, not allowing Eisuke a moment to protest before you set your nodding daughter on top of his shoulders. He held her legs stationary and she gripped at his hair to keep her balance. “Now you can see, take her a little bit closer ‘Suke, while I run to the toilet.”

“Hold on tight Kayo, people will think I’m a bad father if I drop you.” He chuckled, Kayo put her hands around his neck and preened her head to get a better view of the monkeys. “That daddy monkey has it’s baby monkey on it’s shoulders too.” She pointed excitedly.

“Yes he does doesn’t he?” Eisuke chuckled. “And look over there, there’s Uncle Mamoru and Uncle Soryu as well.”

Your daughter’s gaze followed his finger to land on two squabbling monkeys stealing bananas from eachother. She laughed lightly and the sound was music to him.

“Unca Mamo got the banana from Sor and now he’s sleeping!” She laughed again but Eisuke wasn’t looking at the monkey versions of his friends. He was looking at the father monkey and the baby monkey - marvelling at how the parent was ever so cautious not to drop the child. A good father.

“Daddy! Look! There is the penguin parade!” She was excited all of a sudden, moving frantically to catch sight of the parade and twisting herself around fartoo quickly. Eisuke held on to her tightly but it already was too late.

She had slipped from his grip.

Tears came from her the moment she hit the concrete, a bump on her head already forming and a bloody graze on her knee. Eisuke’s heart thumped hard against his chest as he fell to her side to check on her. “I want mummy.”

She wanted you - not him - never him. 

He gathered her into his arms regardless and went to look for you, her tears soaking his shirt. He rubbed her back soothingly before he cast one last look at the father monkey - it’s baby still safe on his shoulders. As guilt washed over him he realized that even a monkey would make a better father.

The father you deserve.

Eisuke crossed his legs on his desk, phone pressed to his ear and his fingers twirling around a ballpoint pen. “Call Soryu Kenzaki, he’ll see to it that the man is removed from my building.” He spoke confidently to the manager on the other end of the phone. A professional gambler had been counting cards down in the casino and Eisuke was eager to get rid of him. Cheaters weren’t good for business. He set the phone back down and returned to his emails. 

He had an inbox of over a thousand - he’d really let them build up during the last auction. He’d have to dedicate the rest of his weekend to sorting them out. His mood soured at the thought that time with his family would have to come second for a little while. He opened a particularly interesting email from his Italian partner Mr Bucci and read it at his usual lightning pace - once he had let the information it contained soak in he set about creating a response. He was interrupted however by the door nudging open. 

“Daddy…” Kayo’s soft little voice came. Her hair was tied down her back in a little braid that he expected you had spent an hour on this morning. Sometimes he envied the amount of time you and Kayo had with eachother. 

“Remember what I said about never interrupting me when I’m in my office.” Eisuke tried to sound strict yet soft at the same time and failed. Her eyes sunk. 

“I’m sorry… b-but uncle Ota said it would be okay just this once…” Her voice trailed off and Eisuke returned to typing his email, making note to raise the issue with Ota later. “He helped me make a drawing for you. He did some of the p-pictures, but I did all the writing by myself!” 

Her voice was excited at first, but slowly decreased in enthusiasm as Eisuke continued to type. “Thanks Kayo but I’m a little busy right now.” He spoke devoid. “Just leave it on my desk there and I’ll look at it later alright?” 

She slowly set the crumpled piece of paper down on the desk and turned her back and left - braid whipping after her. It was another hour before Eisuke finally got the chance to look at the drawing between phone calls and video conferences. The tattered piece of paper had been worked upon very hard, harsh dents where a pencil had been pressed in to deep. It was a rather simple drawing of a little girl, Kayo, he presumed, holding hands with a taller man with a phone to his ear, which he figured was him. He could clearly see the parts which Ota had drawn and the parts that Kayo had - the six year old scribbles next to word-class sketches was rather odd he had to admit. 

The picture wasn’t what captivated him however, it was the writing, the messy and barely discernible writing; 

I love you daddy, even though you’re always working.

He shut his laptop sighing. He took his ball point pen and intricately scribbled a few words of his own under his daughter’s.

I love you too little peanut, more than I can express.

He made no promise to work less. He couldn’t make that promise. Drawing to his feet he walked to Kayo’s bedroom, the door was shut and he realized it was her nap-time. He simply slipped the drawing under the door for her to find later, he returned to his office, to his work. “I can never be the father you deserve.” He spoke to himself, before typing away diligently. 

I always knew.

Kayo looked beautiful in her white dress. It was more ivory than white in truth, a slight contrast to her creamy skin - but it was beautiful nonetheless. She looked very much like you had on your wedding day, except she was younger, too young to be getting married. Eisuke thought of his daughter’s choice of groom, Shuichi Hishikura’s son of all people. She could have done so much better - yet like her mother she had settled for a man who could never be worthy. 

“Dad what if I fall?” She asked, staring down at the intimidatingly long aisle. Eisuke chuckled. As if he would let that happen, he’d let her fall once… he wouldn’t do it again. “What if I trip on my dress and make a fool out of myself-”

“I won’t let that happen.” He assured her. He looked at his rolex, they were fashionably late bordering on unreasonably late. “Kayo. We really have to go now. Unless you want to jilt your groom in which case I am in full approval.” 

“I’m not jilting Jin.”  Kayo laughed before taking a deep breath. “Right let’s go.” 

She pulled her hands out of her pockets and linked arms with him. A dress with pockets - he wondered if there was a reason for that. Eisuke mastered his stony impression as he walked with her down the aisle, the music complementing their every step. He was giving her away. Handing her over to a Hishikura - it was wrong, yet Kayo had wanted to be wrong. 

They reached the top and he found himself unwilling to hand her over. Jin coughed a little and Kayo laughed. “Dad you can let go now.” 

“Kayo I-” He held a little tighter for a moment. “You know that I-” 

“I know dad.” She smiled at him. She put her hand in her pocket and withdrew a folded piece of aged paper and forced it into his palm. “I always knew.” 

You put a hand on your husband’s shoulders and drew him back to stand with you. As Kayo exchanged her vows with Jin he unfolded the piece of paper and felt his eyes grow watery. It was the drawing she had made him years ago, that drawing of her holding hands with him, a phone pressed to his ear. He looked at the words he had wrote - those words he had been able to convey more easily in writing than he had in person - 

I love you little peanut, more than I can express.

Dancing with the Devil

11X10 SPOILERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Summary: After eons, you are reunited with Lucifer, who is now possessing Castiel’s vessel.

A/N: ahh okay so I saw @sparksflycastiel​ ‘s post about lucifer!cas x reader fics and i was all “you know what? let’s give it a shot. so here goes. i’m not sure if it should be a series or not, but i guess i’ll find out based on how y’all like it! xx, jess

and i’m tagging the pond ( @spnfanficpond​ ) bc why not

also: i made a lucifer!cas video edit. click here to check it out

okay guys here it is: lucifer!cas x reader :)

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anonymous asked:

got any sterek shotgunning fics? or just rec drug use? IDK why but I love them so much. <3

  • some kind of karmic-chi love thing by llassah (E, 27k) Derek Hale comes back to Beacon Hills stoned and happy. Stiles tries not to resent him for it, and mostly fails.
  • Don’t Look At Me (I’m Indiscreet) by trieduntrue (T, 2k) The pack asks Stiles to find a way to get Derek to chill out. This is the best he can come up with.
  • here in the forest dark and deep by grimm (E, 57k) There’s a boy in the woods. There’s a boy in the woods and he’s always there, rain or shine, day or night. There’s a creaking in the hall and a knocking on the door and no one is ever there. Five people died in this house and Stiles Stilinski is not at all sure they’re gone for good.
  • light me up before i go by orphan_account (E, 8k) Come late April, the sun will grow warm while the air is still cool, and there will be just enough greenery for Stiles to hide the Jeep somewhere off the beaten path in the Beacon Hills Preserve, tucked away from the world in a safe little space where he and Derek can get high.
  • High Times by moony (T, 2k) One afternoon, on a lazy, hot summer day not long after graduation, Stiles and Lydia discover the exact ratio of wolfsbane to marijuana required to fuck up a werewolf.

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A birthday present for the most awesome and amazing person I know! @ruein!!! HPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I LOVE YA! YOU ARE THE COOLEST OF CATS! <3 

Summary: It’s been a few months since Dick left Gotham without giving anyone a reason as to why. Jason is having none of that and is off to look for answers right from the source. 


Jason felt like a borderline stalker. That’s probably because he was. Silently trekking through the snowy wooded area in all white camouflage gear while keeping a mindful eye on the lake house ahead of him. Spying on Dick’s whereabouts were none of his business. Absolutely none. But, someone who’s been in the vigilante game majority of their life does not just suddenly quit and run off to the middle of the woods without a real good fucking reason.

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‘this person just fell asleep on me in the subway but they’re cute so whatever’ AU for zarry? if it's alright

hiiiiiiii sorry it took me two full months to write you a thing, yikes.

“Sorry, do you mind if I just – ”

Zayn looks up from his book at the source of the low, sleepy voice. It belongs to the bloke standing over Zayn,  gesturing to the window seat next to him. He looks a bit uncertain, like Zayn might just tell him to fuck off.

“Yeah, ‘course, mate.” Zayn grabs his bag and starts to scoot over so the standing bloke can take the aisle seat. It’s one of those rare instances where the seating isn’t a long bench that faces the inside, so he supposes it is bad train etiquette to not just automatically sit by the window.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I prefer the window.”

Zayn blinks. People don’t generally tend to prefer the window seat on an underground train where there is literally no view, but. “Ehm. No. I don’t mind.”

He would rise to let the other passenger through to the window, but he starts climbing over Zayn just as soon as he says no. His chest swings a bit close to Zayn’s face as he straddles Zayn’s legs, thrown a bit by the train starting up again. He manages to clumsily twirl down into the seat next to Zayn with a huff.

“M’Harry.” Harry’s eyes are green and wide and looking at Zayn far more intensely than what is truly allowed at four pm in the afternoon when all you want to do is get home and pass out.

Zayn nods at him pleasantly, the way you’re meant to acknowledge people on the train before you go back to minding your own business.

“I’m getting off at Sloane Square, please don’t let me forget.”


“Thanks.” He actually looks relieved for a few seconds before he turns and looks out the window at the wall.

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summary: basically Sam scares the fucking shit out of Dean on a regular basis. Dean’s actually going to have a heart attack one of these days and it’ll be all Sam’s fault. [a/n: asthma and smoking cw] [part of the asthma!verse

Dean is in his fucking pajamas, slumped on the couch with a bowl of Lucky Charms in his lap, when his little brother calls him in that small shaky voice that scares him half to death. 

“D-Dean. Can you-come get me?”

Dean freezes, goes tense all over and basically shoves his cell phone inside his ear to hear Sam.  Sam’s breathing all rough and nervous, and Dean doesn’t think it’s that bad (bad, bad, but not hospital bad) but it takes a hell of a lot to scare his brother like this and they just can’t fucking have that, no way. 

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Choose One Part 2

Imagine demon Dean possessing your boyfriend Sam.

Author’s Note: Reader x Sam who is possessed by demon Dean. You’ll have to read Choose One Part 1. 

The sequel came out quite twisted! Reader can’t get Dean out of Sam. Crowley’s in it, that’s a first! The concept was pretty complex, so I debated lots of possibilities. It’s really dark, demon dean is true to his cold, uncaring self, but he’s got an obsession with the reader. Warnings: demon!dean, angst, death, lying, manipulation, language, violence 

It’s very creepy, sexy, and a little bit of a mind bender. Prepare to have your feels horribly confused, in the good way (;

“Cause right now, I’m both.” Sam’s mouth came to rest on the sensitive skin where my shoulder met my neck. Even his kisses felt like they weren’t his. I could sense the difference in pressure and yelped when his teeth grazed my collarbone. The demon inside him was softly chuckling at my conflicted response to his touch. I had to consciously remind myself this was not Sam, this wasn’t even really Dean. If I was going to do something, it needed to be soon. My eyes flicked towards the loaded revolver hanging in the holster on the wall. Those bullets were engraved with devil’s traps, and they would drop the man in front of me without a problem, but the thought of raising the barrel of a gun to Sam’s head made me feel just as sick as the lips on my skin. Even if I could bring myself to shoot him, Sam’s body would die as soon as ‘Dean’ smoked out. 

“You’re not even Dean! I don’t know you!” I spat my words in a desperate attempt to gain more time to devise a plan. I tried to think the way the the Winchesters had taught me. Sam leaned back and cocked his head with a frown. He clicked his tongue before using a large hand to brush hair from my face. 

“So much anger in such a sweet little girl. You can stop acting like you aren’t curious what it would be like, being with both Sam and I.” I paused for a moment and he watched as I contemplated the idea. Very slowly I leaned towards him till I could feel his breath meeting mine. My action must have surprised him, because his smiling mouth fell open a little. I carefully pronounced my words. 

“You, can go to hell.” In the time it took me to near his face I had been dragging the discarded chain closer with one foot. My hand, once hanging limp beside me, grabbed the engraved shackle and clamped it down over one of the wrists on my shoulder. While he processed my movement I was sliding under his arm and running for the door. My heart was pounding and my stride as wide as I could stretch. I knew he would be on my heels in seconds. Just as I crossed the threshold I heard a deafening snapping noise. Possessed Sam had sprinted after me but reached the end of his tether. The metal on the floor groaned under the force of him pulling against it, but even his demonic strength was limited by the script on those handcuffs. 

“You little bitch…” Neither one of the Winchesters would ever have called me that. He cackled with pleasure at the way I panted and shrank from his arm’s length. “Have you ever considered that Sam is enjoying this? That this is just the release he needs? After all, he does love a little power to abuse." 


 ”And pray tell, why in all of hell should I help you?” Crowley’s voice was dripping with sarcastic affection. I sighed and tightened my grip on the phone pressed to be ear. He was such an asshole, regardless of the situation. “In fact, it sounds quite entertaining, my little demon squirrel getting stuck inside your moose… I might just have to come and watch for myself.” I slammed one of my hands down on the map table, which was covered in open books and crinkled pieces of paper. I had spent hours pouring over the research, and it still didn’t make sense. 

"Crowley, it’s not funny! Nothing’s working! I’ve used a hundred different rituals. He won’t come out.” I had just spent the last two days trying to exorcise Sam to no avail. It was starting to feel like I’d never see either of my hunting partners the same again. I was getting strangely used to hearing Dean’s demonic banter coming from Sam’s lips. Dialing this three digit number was my last resort. 

“Well he’s not exactly your everyday black-eyed thug, love. That mark made him a knight of hell remember, and he is possessing his flesh and blood brother.” I massaged the tension spreading across my forehead. There was no literature on how to remove a knight of hell from a vessel, probably because no one had dared tried. I peeled the phone from my cheek and brought the microphone to where it almost brushed my lips. 

“Crowley, you narcissistic, snarky piece of shit. You should be begging to help me. I’ve heard your reign down in Hades is a little shaky right now. How’s the rest of hell going to respond when I spread the word that you can’t control your newest lapdog? That your ‘greatest weapon’ is having a blast trying to bone a hunter, while inside the body of his kid brother. It doesn’t exactly spell order in the kingdom. How long till Dean goes full ‘Abaddon’ and steals your throne?” I could feel the snarl in my chest as I spoke, and waited for a response from the other line. After a long pause filled with my infuriated breathing, Crowley spoke again, only this time it was coming from behind me and not the cell gripped in my fingers. 

“You are just all kinds of bitter aren’t you? Drop the vendetta darling, it’s really not becoming on a face as lovely as yours.”


 ”Hey, if it isn’t my porky little best friend. Hiya Crowley.” Sam spread his arms as wide as their restraints allowed in mock hospitality. “Come inside, join me in this little personal hell. You should feel right at home.” His onyx eyes flicked in my direction, along with a tongue across his lip. “Baby, you really didn’t need to go running to this bastard about our little domestic dispute did you? Little late for couple’s counseling I would say.” I ignored the hungry gaze that followed me as I walked across the room. When long fingers grabbed for my leg I sidestepped them with ease. Crowley raised his eyebrows. 

“I’m used to it.” He shrugged, a less than sympathetic grin on his scruffy chin. It didn’t take him long to notice the propped up, inanimate body of Dean in the corner. I had almost screamed when I found him laying in the closet of our bedroom, likely where the demon stuffed him after possessing Sam. I wasn’t sure what else to do with the empty vessel besides keep it in the same room as the demon. Dean’s lifeless shell looked hauntingly similar to a china doll or a fresh corpse. I couldn’t bear to stare at it as long as Crowley did. After scoffing at the macabre sight, he turned his attention to the demon sitting in the center of the room, careful to not cross the devils trap on the floor. 

“Dean, oh my little lost Dean. What the hell are you doing? You’re making quite an ass of yourself. You’re a knight of hell, not a damn dog.” Sam’s white teeth were barred in a vicious smile that seemed to surprise even Crowley. 

“Shut up. I honestly couldn’t care what you think. I’m here for one thing, and that’s her. If it takes me being inside this gorilla… Then so be it. Butt-out old man.” The king of hell recoiled, his face twisted in disgust. For a moment I thought he might step into the anti-demonic design at his feet but he regained his composure and brushed the front of his jacket off indignantly. When he looked over at me his lips were still pressed together at the poor taste Dean’s remarks had left.

 ”Well, he’s certainly a terrifying version of Moose… I’d hate to see him standing up.” I ushered Crowley towards the door where we could talk in private. We didn’t have time for his wounded pride or overly dry sense of humor

“Hey, stay on focus here. What do you think?” I was watching him as he peered attentively at the body of my boyfriend, who’s demeaning rambling was a near constant. Tuning out the flow of insults and crude remarks was second nature at this point. When the man at my side finally spoke my heart dropped. “I can’t force him out without killing Sam." 

"But… Gadreel?” I struggled to organize my thoughts and words, still fresh memories of when Crowley and Gadreel both entered Sam playing over in my mind. I had hoped something similar could happen with Dean.

“That was different Y/N. Dean is much stronger than I’d like to admit. And from what I can tell, Sam isn’t making it any harder for him.” I stopped attempting to cut into his explanation and tilted my head. He continued before I could ask what he meant. “Look, Dean is strong, but that doesn’t account for how in control he is. It seems like Sam doesn’t want Dean gone." 

"What?!” Crowley threw his hands up, palms facing my wide eyes and open mouth.

“I’m just saying, I was inside that monstrosity of a vessel once, I know his power. But now, there’s no resistance there. Sam has literally given over the vessel to Dean.” As if my world couldn’t get any more upside down. I peered into the room we had left and stared at Sam’s body with heavy sadness. The thought of him just giving up was more than I could bear.

 ”But, why would he do that?” I spoke softer now, more in anguish than accusation. Crowley shrugged with as little effort as possible.

“My best guess, Dean is feeding him lies. He’s probably got him somehow convinced that this is what you want.” Even the king of hell could read the utter despondency in my features, and his tone was more gentle this time. “I don’t make the rules love, I’m just telling you what I see. If you want your boyfriend back, you’re going to have to convince Dean to pack his bags.” As Crowley turned to leave he paused, obviously searching for the right way to say something. “And Y/N…” He rubbed at the scruff around his mouth in the almost human way that he did when in deep thought. 

“I’d do it soon if I were you. If demon-flavor Dean decides Sam is the only thing keeping you from him, he won’t hesitate to ‘fix’ the problem.” Crowley cast a somber glance towards the holster on the wall. “And there’s no one else in this world that would be able make Sam hand over the will to live quicker than his brother, demon or otherwise." 

After Crowley left I just stayed in the kitchen for a while, my head resting in my open hands. I couldn’t help but feel responsible for all of this. The lies that Dean spoke weren’t from my mouth, yet the slight truth in them was all Sam needed to give up hope. I couldn’t imagine how he felt trapped inside that body. My chest ached at the thought of him believing every word that the brother he loved was forcing into his already fragile mind. I had to get Dean to leave him, no matter the cost. Crowley was right, if I waited too long, there would be nothing left to save. 


"Hey baby, can’t stay away can you?” I closed the door behind me and took one last breath to calm my nerves. Sam was leaning back causally, his hands splayed on his outstretched legs. He looked completely as ease despite the reddened marks around his wrists where metal had chafed the skin. He let his head fall back in a relaxed gesture, but his eyes stayed riveted on me like I was his imminent prey. 

“Naughty little girl, trying to get Crowley to force me out of this body. That’s not playing fair.” His jaw was clenched so tightly that I could almost imagine the straining noises it was making. I silently prayed the damage to Sam’s body wouldn’t be permanent. My footsteps echoed against the heavy walls, bouncing off weapons that adorned these otherwise bare confines. Every last bit of feigned confidence I could muster guided my unfaltering movements. 

“Dean…” I did my best to purr his name. It was an innocent whisper that hit his ears like a sweet plea. His eyebrows tightened in the slightest to betray his surprise, but he remained still. I drew closer and stared down at the edge of the devils trap. “Dean?” This time the man across from me straightened up and rubbed his hands down the legs of his jeans. His black eyes were wider than before. 

“Yes baby?” His voice was throaty, and much more like Dean’s than Sam’s, but it still made me weak. With painstaking slowness I crossed the bright red lines on the floor and stepped closer to the occupied chair in front of me. There was no going back now. I tried to keep the real Sam’s loving face plastered over my vision, but I could hear the beastly sound of him licking his chops. “Have you finally come to your senses?” I shuddered when I got close enough for him to graze a hand over the outer edge of my thigh. No matter how hard, or wrong this was, I just needed to help Sam. I nodded and moved to where my legs stood in between his bowed out knees. 

“I’m sorry for calling Crowley.” For the first time I raised my eyes to meet the ones in front of me. They were just as sweet and large as always, shades of hazel that seemed to change in different lightings and settings. I was thankful that they weren’t black at the moment, since it made it easier for me to imagine it was really Sam. I touched the front of his shirt and let my finger catch on the buttons as it slipped down.

“I might be able to forgive you…” Two strong hands gripped the back of my legs just above my knees and almost made me fall forward. I steadied myself by grabbing his wide shoulder’s for support. “You know how badly I’ve wanted you? All those months of watching you with my brother… now he gets to watch you with me.” I choked back the gag that rose to my throat. This is for Sam… this is for Sam… When the demon’s eyes flicked back to their default darkness he snarled a little and pulled against the chains on his arms. He couldn’t reach up any further than my legs, which only furthered his frustration. I took advantage of his struggle and leaned close to his face. I was terrified of the way Sam’s mouth twisted and his nostrils heaved, but I drew near as I could manage. 

“Dean, I want you.” I practically breathed the words into his mouth for him to taste. There was a heart stopping moment where we were both perfectly still, that I considered just how much danger I was in. If those restraints failed, he could break my neck like a cheap pencil. Everything was banking on his desire to win out over his murderous instinct. Just when I was sure this had all been a mistake, his lips collided with mine. There was no way for him to pull me closer or to grab my head, but his mouth was just as persuasive as the hands he couldn’t use. His lips practically devoured mine with hellish passion, and as much as I hated to admit, I wasn’t without response. Just when things were starting to get more heated I pulled away abruptly and stepped out of the circle of his arms. He drew in a sharp breath and growled for my return but I was walking towards the figure propped up in the shadows. I crouched by Dean’s body, my hand cupping his cold chin. 

“Dean, this is who I want. This man.” I watched as the demon inside of Sam yanked against the chair and the shackles tying him down, his face ablaze with need and fury. It nearly killed me to utter the lies I had to tell. “I don’t want Sam, I want Dean.”


It didn’t long for the man in the chair to throw his head back and begin to give up a pillar of smoke blacker than the soul he seemingly lacked. Shivers pricked my spine as the cloud bounced across the corners of the ceiling and came screaming into the corpse by my side. With my hand on Dean’s cheek, I could feel the live seep back into his body, although that evil could hardly be called life. His mouth strained to allow the last bits of vapor inside. I could hear Sam gasping for air in the center of the room and relief swept over my body, but it wasn’t finished yet. Dean blinked several times and rolled his neck around till it cracked with evidence of how unused it had been for the past few days. After he was done stretching and focusing his vision, his eyes locked onto me with primal ferocity.

“Oh babe, I do hate a tease.” I reached behind me into belt of my jeans, where cold metal had been pressing up against the small of my back the whole time. 

“I’m sorry Dean.” I pulled the revolver from its place and aimed the barrel an inch from the grinning face in front of me. I knew he would heal, even with the engraved bullet in his skull. I knew that he would survive, and that having him be immobilized would save all of our lives… but still I hesitated. I couldn’t bring myself to tighten the lone finger that barely touched the trigger. The demon laughed and shook his head slightly, although not enough to obscure my shot.

“Are you finally going to choose?" 

The way he looked at me made tears stick to my lashes as I fought to hold my hand steady. He raked his teeth across his bottom lip and nodded at my lack of response. There was an almost sad gleam in his colorless eyes as he reached up to wrap his fingers around the barrel and bring it to rest against the skin between his eyebrows.

"Come on, just do it then…

I already got my kiss.”

Artist Ashton- ashton Irwin Imagine (smut)-part 3-straight version

Requested- Yes

Anon-  Hi ! How are you ? Can you please make a part 3 for Artist Ashton ? Love you ♥

Anon-  Is there going to be a part 3 of Artist Ashton ?!

Pairing- Ashton Irwin & Y/N

Words- 1600+

Summary-  You take Ashton up on his offer to paint you privately but it doesn’t pan out quite as you expect

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any imagine/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask


Masterlist / Ask

Why had you agreed to this? You knew it wasn’t for the money though the money was good. But, if you admitted that it was because you hoped for some more fun with Ashton then you sounded like some kind of slut. His address was easy to find and you were gobsmacked as you drove in to the gated community. Ashton lived here? He always seemed so scruffy but he lived in the bloody suburbs. 

 It wasn’t even him who answered the door but some guy in a suit who explained that “Mr Irwin would be down momentarily." 

 You were lead through to a room and you gulped as you took it in. It was set up with a large bed and at the foot of the bed was an easel and paints. You were left in the room as the man wandered off and you slowly walked through it. It looked like someone had dumped a four poster bed in the centre of a private art studio. It was rather bizarre. 

 You jumped as a coughing sound came from behind you and turned to find Ashton in the doorway. 

 "Um hi?” You stuttered. Ashton smirked. 

 "I thought we could try something different today.“ 

 "Like painting instead of fucking?”  

Ashton chuckled at your crude words. 

 "That’s up to you,“ he bit down on his lip, "you up for a game?" 

 "A game? I thought I was just posing for you.” “Oh you are but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun." 

 You blush and it’s completely obvious that you want fun. So much of it. 

 "What did you have in mind?" 

 You try to sound calm but your voice trembles just a little too much. 

 "I thought you could pose on the bed and I waned to see the seductive side of you." 

 "What does that even mean?" 

 Ashton walks over and takes the bag from your shoulder, placing it on the ground. 

 "I want you to tease me until I can’t take it anymore and I have no choice but to join you." 

 You gulp. 

His mouth is inches from yours and you can practically taste him. The smell of his aftershave is so musky and perfect and you want nothing more than to be rolling around on that bed with him, naked. But how were you going to tease him? You barely knew him. What did he like? What did he hate? So far the only thin you knew that 100% turned him on was, well, you. 

 "You don’t have to,” he adds as your silence fills the room. 

 "No um,“ you gulp, "that should be fine." 

 One side of his lips tugs up in a coy smile.

 "Well whenever you are ready,” he gestures to the bed. You strip to your underwear first. You don’t really know what you are doing but Ashton seems interested all the same. 

 "Hmm I do like a girl in lace,“ he condiments as you climb on the bed. 

"Thought you liked them naked,” you retort. 

 Your sarcasm is part of your nerves and you have no way to keep it in check but it seems to amuse Ashton. 

 "Depends on the girl. I like you in just about anything.“ You bite down on your lip. 

"You’re doing that on purpose,” he growls suddenly and you jump a little. 


 "That innocent wide eyed look while you bite your lip.” You blush.

 You didn’t even know you were doing that. You were just so nervous you didn’t know how to act. It was only when you realised that Ashton wasn’t actually angry but horny that confidence started to come to you. 

 You posed in a variety of ways, listening to his breathing pattern to determine what he liked best. He groaned loudest when you pointed your ass at him but he just about dropped his paintbrush when you opened your legs and ran your hand over your panties. 

 You lift them and cusp your breasts and he knocks his palette over but he isn’t paying any attention to his painting anymore. His eyes are completely glued to your body and you have never felt so powerful. You know what you want and he has handed you the confidence to go after it. 

 He swallows loudly as you get up and walk over to him. Paint is smudges on his adorable, strong face. You lifted a hand and wiped it off, expecting him to laugh or bat your hand away but he simply watched you, eyes boring in to you.  

He kept them on you as you dropped your hands to his belt and tugged it loose. You pulled it from the loops and dropped it to the ground. You didn’t want slow. You wanted fast paced, rough sex. You wanted Ashton to want you as much as you wanted him right now and he didn’t disappoint. When you tugged his top loose he lifted his arms then lowered them and gripped your face. 

You loved the way he clung to you with a mix of Lust and protectiveness. Your mouths moved in unison, battling for control. You both wanted to be the one who was calling the shots but what you both failed to realise was neither of you needed to be because you both wanted the same thing. 

 Hands flew everywhere as you staggered back on to the bed and Ashton pinned you under him as he reached around and unclasped your bra. You pulled it loose and he murmured in appreciation as his soft waves dipped down and tickled along the underside of your breast while his mouth found your nipple. You moaned and your hand slid in to his soft curls. 

 You didn’t want this foreplay crap. You were ready for him and you rolled over and pinned him under you. 

 "Someone’s eager,“ he grinned. 

 You said nothing. You were too focused on removing the clothes on his lower half. He watched, mesmerized as you tugged his jeans and boxers off then stood and removed your panties before climbing astride him again. 

 "Condom?” You asked and he nodded to his wallet which was on a table beside the bed. 

 It looked out of place among paintbrushes and palettes but you didn’t care. You grabbed it and pulled a condom out. Ashton helped you slide it on then he gripped your hips as you lowered yourself down his length. He felt so good, filling you up in a way that only he could. He hit all the perfect spots and you’d never had sex like you had with him. He groaned as you began to bounce down on his length, losing yourself in a frenzy of sensation and passion. 

Ashton brought his hands to your breasts and grunted as he brought his pelvis up to meet your core. The whole thing was a hot, sloppy mess but you had never felt nearly half as good as you did now. Your body was alight and every tiny movement or sound seemed to affect it in the most delicious way. 

 Ashton sat up before long so you were sat on his lap and your hands slid through his hair and down his back and up again before resting on his biceps. His fingers dipped in to the dimples at the base of your spine then ran up your back and gripped your hair. 

 The air was aloud with the sounds of panting and heavy breathing and loud, guttural moans. You’d never experienced anything like it. Ashton had never meant to paint you. That much was obvious now. You were here for this. Because waiting till next weeks art class (that you had miraculously got yourself invited to) was too long. Because, even when you were alone in bed you could feel his touch and his yours. Because nothing bet the inexplicable high you got from each other. The high that was soaring through you now. 

Words couldn’t describe it. Your body was all sensation and your toes dug in to the undersides of your feet as your pelvis shuddered around Ashton’s length and your walls tightened and relaxed over and over until the climax came to an end. 

 Ashton wasn’t done yet though and you shrieked as he lifted you off the bed and you staggered back before falling in to the easel. You didn’t care though and, paint covered the pair of you as you crashed around the room, wildly fucking each other on every available surface. You came again and again and your body was ready to cave in when Ashton lifted you and shoved you against the door. His last few grunts would sound in your head for days to come. They were filled with gratification and satisfaction as he emptied himself inside you. 

Even after he had come, you stayed where you were, legs wrapped around his waist, back to the door. You stayed there and just admired the art you had created that couldn’t be put on paper. The room was a tip and you giggled as Ashton shook his head in disbelief. 

 "Only you could convince me to wreck my art studio like this,“ he chuckles. 

"Maybe you should have stuck to painting me." 

 "I think I did,” he laughs, wiping some red paint off your collarbone. He carries you to the bed and seconds later there is a knock on the door. Ashton covers the pair of you and calls for the person to come in. It is the same man who let you in. You assume he must be a butler. He is carrying a telephone and his hand is covering the mouth piece. 

 "Mr Irwin. Your wife is on the phone.“

The Smart One

To the anon who wanted this fluffy request :) Enjoy! (Sorry it’s a bit long!)

“You already won Niall’s heart, darling,” Liam kissed your temple. “Why on Earth are you so nervous?” He asked as you started fiddling with your hair and then smoothing down your blouse. You looked gorgeous and Liam couldn’t stop staring at you. He never could. You were sunshine, you were beautiful, and you made him smile. You looked perfect and he felt bad you were so nervous you felt the need to fix your hair and outfit. You were gorgeous.

“Because…Niall is easy to win over. You just feed him food and tell him you like football and he calls you a  legend,” you mumbled. “And he knows you like me…a little anyway–”

“I really like you, silly girl,” Liam interrupted with an eye roll.

You ignored him as you continued to rant. “I’m really worried Zayn won’t like me,” you admit.

That’s such a weird thing to worry about…Liam rolled his eyes. “Why would Zayn not like you?”

“Because I’ve never seen Batman…and he loves you…he might not think I’m good enough,” you grumbled. What you really meant is you didn’t think you were good enough.

Liam paused walking as you went to meet the boys at the restaurant. Liam wanted a public, but secluded place to have the six of you gather. He didn’t want you to feel pressured to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. He just wanted you to be happy. “Is that what you’re worried about? That you’re not good enough?” You blushed and nodded shyly. He squeezed your hand. “He’s going to think you’re wonderful because I already told them all how much I like you and the only thing they say is, “we wanna go with Mommy Direction if you guys get divorced,”” he smirked.

“Why are we getting divorced?” You asked nervously. “We’ve hardly been together long at all!” Your breathing increased rapidly.

Liam chuckled and cupped your face in his hands. “Love,” he kissed your forehead. “Breathe,” he ordered. You took a deep breath. You stared into Liam’s deep chocolate eyes and tried to relax. It was easy looking at Liam. He was gorgeous…a bit scruffy, he was dressed to the nines and looked like heaven and you were thrilled he asked you to come. But your stomach still fluttered nervously. He was so lovely and pretty looking and you just didn’t think you could compare. Liam deserved a model. Not some silly girl he met at the mall while selling shoes. You took another breath.

“I want them to like me,” you whispered. He smiled sweetly at you and pressed another kiss to your forehead.

“And they will, love,” he said gently. “Because I like you, okay?” He asked softly. You nodded. “You good to go?” He asked. You shrugged and nodded unsurely. “You’re going to be fine, baby,” he promised and rubbed your lower back gently as he ushered you inside.

“Jesus, Liam. Did you get stuck behind a turtle?” Louis practically groaned as he and you strolled up to the table. You smiled gently and the boys all smiled back. “Niall hasn’t stopped talking about her and you’ve been holding her hostage for weeks,” he rolled his eyes.

“Hi, princess,” Niall smiled at you sweetly. “Nice to see you again,” he said softly. “Want some water?” He asked. Before you could answer you were hugging Zayn. Zayn smelled really good you noted. As expected. Zayn Malik would smell good.

“Thank you for joining us darling,” Zayn said with a small kiss to your cheek. Liam eyed you knowingly and you tried to kill him with your laser vision, but it wouldn’t turn on. So you settled for blushing. Your cheeks filled with heat again and you went to reply but you were again interrupted by Harry.

“So, love, Liam told us this heart wrenching story of how you two met, and he said he was charming and not dorky, so will you please tell us the real story?” Harry asked sweetly. You waited to be interrupted again, but you weren’t. A tad overwhelmed with all the attention, you bit your lip before looking around a little and then speaking.

“Oh..um…what did he tell you?” You wondered. Harry, Zayn, and Louis all stared at you in disbelief. You blushed and looked at Liam. He shrugged as he slid your chair out for you.

“Liam,” Zayn said quietly. Your stomach flipped again. Oh God, they hated you.

“What?” He asked taking a sip of the water glass at his seat beside you. His hand was roaming up and down your spine so you’d relax a bit.

“You never told us SHE HAD AN ACCENT!” Louis said loudly and excitedly. Your heart bounced nervously. You wanted them to like you…would they think you were just an obsessed fan? You were so nervous.

You blushed and looked at him shyly. “Is that a good thing?” You asked quietly.

“We love accents, darling, yours is lovely,” Harry promised squeezing your hand from the seat beside you. “Liam is just an idiot and didn’t tell us how pretty you were. Nor did Niall,” he rolled his eyes.

You blushed and looked at Liam shyly. “Hmm…” Liam tilted his head at you with a smirk. “Yeah, you’re right, that was rude. Well, I guess I just wanted you to see how beautiful she looked in person,” he said and pressed a swift kiss to his cheek.

“Does she fall for your shit?” Louis asked Liam curiously. You laughed and covered your mouth at your outburst. Niall snickered at you. Your laugh was infectious and sounded so cute. All the boys laughed. Despite your nerves, you couldn’t tell how much they already liked you.

“Yeah, she does–and it’s not shit, I’m serious!” He protested. “Isn’t she beautiful?” Liam said proudly.

“Please don’t do this,” you mumbled shyly and heated up under the gaze of five boys.

“Babe, you’re gorgeous,” Harry promised. You all took a minute to order drinks. You ordered chocolate milk. The boys laughed and you bit your lip. Liam smirked at you and smiled gently.

“Cute little thing,” he murmured to you.

“Seriously?” Louis asked. “You’re the coolest girl ever,” he chuckled and ordered one as well. You smiled gently and listened to the boys talking about writing session, upcoming appearances. Liam’s hand rested on your knee beneath the table and he gently rubbed a small circle with his thumb on you skin. He leaned toward you and pressed a small kiss on your cheek. You blushed and smiled shyly at him. Then he winked at you.

“Sorry, darling, we’ve been monopolizing the conversation,” Niall smiled apologetically at you. “Tell us how you met,” he said sweetly staring at you.

“Er…” Liam bit his lip nervously and you smiled softly. “Um…I was working at the mall. I work at a shoe store. Liam wanted new sneakers but he said he didn’t know his shoe size,” you said with a gentle smirk.

“You’re so lame,” Louis rolled his eyes at Liam. “Do you realize half of the world knows your shoe size?” He asked. You laughed and turned to look at him, wondering what he told them.

“So, I measured his foot. He has ticklish feet,” you informed them with wry smile.

“And apparently a foot fetish,” Niall snickered under his breath.

“You know you’re not Cinderella, right?” Zayn asked. “It doesn’t work like that, Li,” he rolled his eyes at his friend.

“It did work!” He protested. You blushed and Liam sighed. “She looked so cute,” he mumbled squeezing her knee. “So I asked her out,” he grinned. “I’m so lucky she said yes.”

“Obviously I couldn’t say no,” you said sweetly and fluttered your eyelashes at him playfully. He smirked at you and pinched your cheek.

“You could have,” Harry giggled. “He’s really weird,” he said knowingly. Liam glared at Harry playfully in annoyance. You giggled.

“He’s only a little weird,” you said sweetly. The boys snickered. You pinched Liam’s cheeks between your fingers and kissed his jaw. “How do you say no to a teddy bear?” You cooed. Liam smiled brightly and took your hand off his face to kiss your fingers.

“Ew, gross, she actually loves you,” Zayn teased. “How did you convince her to do that?” he joked. You blushed. Obviously you loved Liam. You loved him as a fan, and you loved him as a person. But you were still shy about relationship love. Especially, since he was Liam Payne–sweet, gorgeous, angelic…

You smiled shyly and Liam kissed your temple. “I’m going to run to the bathroom, baby…and maybe gamble a bit,” he winked at you. “Want anything?” You shook your head and he squeezed your shoulder. Unfortunately, Liam couldn’t see that you didn’t want him to leave you alone with his four best friends because you were terrified to be alone with the boys–not because you were scared of them…just what you would say to them to embarrass yourself.

“Look after her, please?” He asked the boys with a clap to the back of Harry’s shoulder. You stared at him curiously and shrugged as you sipped your chocolate milk.

“She’s a big girl, she can look after herself, Dad,” Louis rolled his eyes at him. “Honestly, how you put up with him…” he shook his head. Liam snickered as he walked away.

You smiled gently. “So what story did he tell you?” You wondered as you sipped your water. The boys rolled their eyes and sighed as they remarked how silly Liam is.

“He did say he met you at the mall, but he told us that you floated down from heaven,” Niall rolled his eyes. “He’s a romantic,” he shrugged.

You smiled. “He’s really great,” you promised. “Too great for me, sometimes,” you blushed shyly and whispered under your breath. Your stomach flipped with the realization that this was real…you were dating your celebrity crush…and he liked you. Oh God.

The four glanced at one another curiously and then looked at you. “Are you upset, about something, love?” Zayn wondered.

You couldn’t help it. You knew Liam was a pop star, clearly. He meant so much to the boys in front of you. He talked about them like they were superheroes, and there was no doubt they were. And you already loved them; you loved them before you started dating Liam. Now, you loved them because Liam spoke so highly of them. And you wanted them to love you. At least a little.

Could you do this? Could you date Liam Payne and be half as perfect as him or his best friends? You weren’t so sure…

“Babe?” Louis asked softly when you didn’t answer. You couldn’t lift your eyes from the table. You were too embarrassed, too scared and shy to look at the boys. They were so sweet to you, but you just…you couldn’t be enough for their best friend. You didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Can you tell Liam I really don’t feel well? I’m going to go home…I’m sorry,” you said and started to get up and turned to the door suddenly.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down,” Harry said gently tugging you back into your seat. You squirmed uncomfortably. You couldn’t take how intense their gazes were. They were caring and kind and you were just…too nervous. “What’s the matter?” He asked. Harry was so calming. Just his touched eased your nerves just a little bit. Enough that you felt comfortable to talk.

“I don’t want to guilt you guys into liking me, but I really, really like Liam and I don’t…I’m not good enough for him. I sell shoes. I’m not that special. He’s…Jesus Christ, he’s a superhero, and I’m just some fan that adores him. That’s not even a special trait, everyone adores him. And I don’t…I want you all to like me, because Liam talks about you guys like you put the universe together,” you teared up a bit. You felt so stupid. You didn’t want to act like this, but these boys were Liam’s brothers. You handled meeting Karen and Geoff better than this. You wanted to die from embarrassment.

They all looked at you with this look of a little bit of pity, a little bit of surprise, and a whole lot of…adoration? “Oh sweetheart,” Niall said gently. “We love you,” he promised and reached across the table to squeeze your hand. Harry wiped your cheeks with his napkin as  few tears slipped down your cheeks.

“You do?” You asked shyly.

“Of course!” Louis cooed. “Liam talks about us like that?” He questioned. “Cause for the past few months, we’ve only heard about how perfect you are, how much he cares about you,” he promised. “And so what if you sell shoes? If we didn’t get a record deal we’d all be in Uni working jobs too,” he said knowingly. “And some of my fondest memories are from working at  toy store, so don’t knock retail, babe,” he reassured you. You felt a little better.

“Love, Liam loves you, he may not say it out loud, but he really loves you,” Zayn promised. “He gets this look in his eye that I’ve only seen a few times. “You’re his angel,” he smiled. “And at first, we were so thrilled Liam was in love with someone he adored as much as he adored you. But then Niall told us how lovely you are; we just love you because you’re you,” he said sweetly. You breathed with relief. Zayn accepted you.

“Would you like a better job?” Harry asked. “Because we love hiring people we love,” he said gently. “You’d be a great PA–Liam says you love chores…you’re  weirdo, but still, you’d be great,” he promised with a smile and you grinned shyly. “So just say the word, darling,” he squeezed your shoulder.

“We’re always suspicious about the girls we bring into our little family, love,” Niall said. “Especially Liam, he loves so easily and just, he falls easily,” he said. “But Liam says you won’t let him buy you anything without you paying him back. You say you’ll save over him just buying it for you,” Niall continued. You nodded.

“I know how that would look, and I’m not like that. I can afford my own things,” you said softly.

“You’re perfect for Liam,” Zayn promised. “Independent, kind, sweet gorgeous and intelligent,” he listed. “You’re all Liam talks about; you don’t have to be nervous around us,” he said kindly and glanced over your shoulder with a smirk.

“You alright, babe?” Liam asked suddenly coming from behind.

You nodded as you flushed some more. “Yes.”

“You sure? It looks like someone died over here,” he said sitting down beside you and he eyed you suspiciously. “Were they being mean to you?” He wondered.

“Who us?” Louis asked with an eye roll.

“I’m good,” you smiled at him and pressed your lips to his cheek.

“You have such a sweet girl, Li,” Zayn said sweetly and a wink to you.

“I told you,” he whispered in your ear and then kissed your temple. “I do; she’s lovely. Because I went to go pay and someone already slipped their card to the waitress,” he said knowingly.

“Aw babe, you don’t have to do that,” Niall said with a bright smile.

You grinned shyly. “The least I could do for Liam’s favorite people,” you said kindly.

“Thank you babe,” Harry said and kissed your other cheek and started eating as the food was sat in front of you.

“You’ll have to bake us some brownies sometime if you don’t mind. The ones you gave Niall didn’t even make it out of the cab,” Louis said knowingly.

“Of course!” You smiled proudly. “I’d be happy to. I can bake some tonight and have Liam bring them in tomorrow,” you said easily.

“You’re an angel,” Niall sighed dreamily. You giggled in response.

They all snickered and Liam leaned to your ear. “They love you,” he said softly in your ear. You smiled gently as they all conversed and you nodded.

“I love them too,” you promised and his gaze was so gentle on you and you couldn’t believe you missed it before–Liam loved you too. The boys had said it, but you couldn’t be sure. But Liam loved these boys, you’d seen him talk about it with the same twinkle in his eyes that you were looking at as he stared at you. “A lot,” you whispered to him staring straight in his eyes. You swore his eyes twinkled a little brighter at your silent omission. He grinned and pressed a kiss to your lips briefly so the boys wouldn’t say anything. But they wouldn’t anyway.

You simply can’t interrupt love.

Preference: The First I Love You

*I feel guilty for not having written anything lately so here is a quick preference!*


Everything was perfect. Your job, your newly confirmed relationship with Harry, just your life in general right now was everything you could have dreamed of. You turned your head slightly to look at Harry instead of the movie that was playing on his tv. He was watching it intensely, he had a cute frustrated furrow on his forehead.
“If you keep that face much longer you’ll have early age wrinkles,” you whisper with the smallest of giggles hidden under your words. Harry’s face quickly relaxed and he turned and looked at you with a smile.
“Hmm well maybe then I will have the sexy old man look, I bet I could make you love it,” he said pulling you into his lap.
“You think you could make me love an old man look?” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Well first I would dazzle you with my personality,” he said giving a thoughtful look into space.
“Ohhh,” you said teasingly, “so I wouldn’t love you for your wrinkles, I would love you for you?” Harry looked down at you with his still serious face causing your giggling to slowly die into silence.
“I love you for you, Y/N” he said cupping your cheek and smiling, “I don’t think I have said it before, but I love you very much,” you let a smile grow and you moved your hands into his hair waiting for him to lean down to kiss you at any moment.
“I love you too Harry, very much,” you say before he leans down to meet your lips.


“Louis,” you laugh taking your cup of coffee back, “seriously stop!”
“What? I am not doing anything!” He said messing with other things in your office.
“You’re distracting me and destroying my desk,” you look around and see how he had moved everything out of its spot just to annoy you.
“I promise I will be good,” he gave a fake pout sitting in the chair across from you.
“Louis, you should probably go. My work will just bore you,” you say with a smile before taking a big sip of the latte that you got this morning, the same latte that Louis had stolen to drink more than half of it.
“No! I like watching you work!” He said leaning back, stretching in the chair to show off his muscles. You sighed with a smile and rolled your eyes.
“Every time I try to work at home you do that same move, You know I get distracted by you!” You said standing up from you chair to make him leave.
“Aww come on Y/N let me stay” he pouted as you grabbed his hand and led him to the door. You hadn’t been dating very long but he knew your weaknesses, his puppy dog eyes were one of them.
“Louis you know I lov-”
“I love you,” he said quickly interrupting you from saying it first.
“What?” You said shocked
“You were about to say you loved me,” he shrugged with a playful smirk, “I wanted to be the first to say it,” you laughed and kissed him quickly, knowing if you kissed him too long you wouldn’t have the will power to make him leave.
“Well I love you too, but you still have to leave,” you said after finishing the kiss. You opened your door and gave him a slight nudge out the door. He put his hand on his heart like he had been injured.
“What a cold hearted women I fell in love with,” he winked.
“Whatever,” you laugh, “I will see you for dinner later,” you shut your office door and smiled to yourself. He loved you. Even when gone he was going to manage to distract you all day.


You met Liam two years ago and over time you had become his best friend. You met him when he was in a low part of his life and all you wanted to do was help him past it, turn him back into the person he was before he was depressed. You watched him break up with girls, hook up with girls, and break up again. You watched him hit his lowest points which consisted of a few nights of him puking and passing out drunk in your bathroom. Yet here you were still by his side even after all of the bad, because he was more than just your best friend- even if he didn’t feel the same.
“I am so lucky to have you in my life Y/N,” Liam said as the two of you walked through the park on your lunch break.
“Naww” you waved off, “you could have found someone else like me. I am the lucky one,” you looked up at the scruffy faced boy you were madly in love with and wondered when would be a good time to tell him was.
“No seriously Y/N. You have seen me through such awful times and yet your still my friend. I love you for that,” he said. Your heart beat faster and you bit your lip. You knew he said he loved you but you wanted to tell him just how much you truly LOVED him, “you ok?” He asked noticing your silence.
“Oh,” you said quickly, “yeah I am fine,”
“Let’s sit down for a second,” liam said leading you to a nearby bench.
“Alright,” you smiled and followed willingly. Once you sat down beside him he looked at you and smiled his goofy grin.
“Y/N, I have a serious question to ask you.” He said slowly
“And it is?” You asked just as slowly still smiling even though your heart felt like it was about to kill you.
“Have you ever thought about Us,” he stopped and looked towards the sky and chuckled to himself quietly, “have you ever thought about us…as more than just friends,” you felt your face turn red and you quickly looked towards the pond and tucked your hair behind your ear nervously.
“More than I would like to admit,” you say quietly. You turn around to see him wearing a huge smile.
He leans down barely centimeters away from your mouth, “Y/N, I need to ask you one more thing,”
“Yes?” You whisper out of breath.
“Do you love me as much I love you?” He said softly.
“Yes, maybe more.” You said before his lips connected with yours hungrily. His lips fit yours perfectly as they moved across with grace and power.
He pulled back, “I doubt that, because I love you very much,”
“Good” you smile and pull him forward lightly by his tie for another kiss.


It never seemed like a good time to say it, he was always so busy or concentrated with something else that you never felt like slipping the words “I love you” into a conversation felt natural. You did love him. Very much. You just didn’t know how to say it.
You knock lightly on Zayn’s studio door. He had invited you over for a movie and dinner and when he didn’t answer the door when you knocked you used your key to go in. You had to do this often when he was too deep into his work to notice the outside world.
You opened the studio room door and saw Zayn standing there shirtless spray painting a large canvas.
You watched him silently as he moved from each side of the canvas spraying reds and yellows as he went. The way his back muscles flexed from the slightest move made you weak at the knees.
You didn’t want to Interrupt his train of thought so you started to close the door.
“Y/N!” He shouted from under his mask. He set down the canisters and pulled down the mask, “Y/N come in here and look at this!”
“Alright,” you smile, glad he wanted you to look at something he had created.
You walked over to the canvas and your jaw dropped instantly. You had seen his art before, it was so interesting, but this piece was the best he had created yet. It was a sun bursting into a sun set over a city, it was breath taking.
“Zayn,” you gasped, “it’s beautiful,”
He looked at you with a shy smile, “I was inspired by the most beautiful thing I could think of and that’s why I wanted to show you,”
“Oh well,” you looked back at the canvas, “I am glad you did, this is outstanding,”
“No, Y/N you don’t understand. I was inspired by the most beautiful thing in the world. That’s you,” he said running his hand through his hair, leaving some paint behind, “you’re my inspiration,”
You stared at him doe-eyed for a few seconds before blurting out, “I love you,” you turned red but Zayn just smiled that smile that made him look 6 years younger and reached for your cheek.
“I love you too,” he said, “I would lean in to kiss you but I fear I would get paint on your pretty clothes,”
“It’s just clothes. Clothes can be washed,” you said moving closer to him.
“Or taken off,” he said with a smirk that made him look every bit mischievous as strangers thought him to him be.
“True,” you said moving so close only inches apart from him. He reached for the bottom of your shirt and you smiled knowing you wouldn’t be watching a movie tonight.


You were filling in for Lou as the boys hair stylist while she was on maternity leave with her second baby. At the beginning of the tour you were nervous as you could possibly be, but now that your time with the boys and the crew was almost gone you knew you were going to miss it. Especially Niall. Niall and you had grown extremely close during the tour, sneaking off to the pubs which led to late night snogging and once the impromptu ‘sleep over’.
You finished his hair for the last time and smiled at him through the mirror, “you excited for Lou to be back?”
Niall smiled and shrugged, “not really. I love Lou, but I am going to miss you a lot,” he said solemnly. This was a side of Niall you weren’t used to seeing. He was usually happy go lucky Niall, never sad.
“Oh don’t be so dreary! You’ll have a great time once I’m gone,” you joke even though it pains you to say it, “once I’m gone you won’t feel so guilty about getting with girls at the bars,” you didn’t want to think about him with other girls but you knew once you were gone you probably wouldn’t see him unless Lou called you for another fill in.
“No Y/N,” he said finding your eyes in the mirror, “I think you have ruined me for other girls,” he said with a sigh.
“What?” You laugh Turing his chair around to face you.
“Just what I said. After meeting you I don’t want to go out and kiss random girls at the bar, I only want you. You have ruined me for anyone else Y/N,” he paused and continued to stare into your eyes, “because I think I am in love with you,” your heart was beating fast and you were so flustered you dropped the comb in your hand and it clattered on the floor.
“I…” You tried to say anything but words wouldn’t come out. Niall looked nervous as he stood up and put one hand on your waist.
“If I asked you to stay…would you?” Niall said leaning in closely. You nodded and let him kiss you with his soft lips.
After awhile you pulled back, “and just so you know, I think I love you too,” Niall smiled and leaned down to kiss you again.

Cisco’s been told that he’s too nice. He never really gave it much thought before, but right now? He agrees completely.

When he’d gotten the call from Kendra asking for his help, he wasn’t about to turn her down. He’s got a soft spot for the woman a mile wide, not to mention he feels pretty bad she lost her soulmate, even if he was a huge ass–may he rest in peace. He didn’t realize help meant time travel, getting shot at by temporal bounty hunters, and playing mechanic on the Waverider’s engine while that Hunter guy was out cold.

He also didn’t expect it to take the better part of a month. They drop him back only a few hours after he left, but he’s still carrying all that exhaustion plus a few new bruises. So, of course, the second he drops down onto his bed the metahuman alert goes off on his phone. He manages to drag himself to STAR Labs, but it’s definitely not easy.

“Sorry I’m late,” he says as he enters the cortex, “I was time traveling.”

“Barry’s already on it,” Cait says, swiveling toward him in her chair and then double-taking when she sees him, “what happened to you?”

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Down Boy- CH001

CH001- Are You Stalking Me?
CH002-Let a Guy Down Easy
CH003- I Can Mend It
CH004- Sticky Situations
CH005- 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall
CH006- You Brought Me Flowers
CH007- Down Boy

Down Boy

Chapter One:

Are You Stalking Me?

Darcy would not cry.

She would not cry.

She was not a crier… however, today there was a real possibility for it and that was embarrassing. Sighing as the warm breeze picked up her hair, she pushed off the swing she had been sitting on and walked out of the sand pit. She had been back in New York for two days, two very long and painful days, and she was ready to lose it on Jane. Not that it was in any way the other woman’s fault. It’s just that Darcy was hurting. Her last remaining family member had passed away.

Nana Lewis was no more.

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