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Magnus’ character arc is so beautiful. “Magnus rushes in” goes from a symbol of how little he values his own life to one that shows the exact opposite.

In the end, he’s lived a long, happy life. The last time he rushes in, he’s telling the woman he loves more than anything in the world about the people who made him realize his own life’s value.


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“Both my parents loved music,” he said abruptly. “My father played the violin, my mother the qin. I chose the violin, though I could have learned either. I regretted it sometimes, for there are melodies of China I cannot play on the violin, that my mother would have liked me to know. She used to tell me the story of Yu Boya, who was a great player of the qin. He had a best friend, a woodcutter named Zhong Ziqi, and he would play for him. They say that when Yu Boya played a song of water, his friend would know immediately that he was describing rushing rivers, and when he played of mountains, Ziqi would see their peaks. And Yu Boya would say, ‘It is because you understand my music.’Jem looked down at his own hand, curled loosely on his knee. “People still use the expression 'zhi yin’ to mean 'close friends’ or 'soul mates,’ but what it really means is 'understanding music.’” He reached up and took her hand. “When I played, you saw what I saw. You understand my music." 

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31. In awe, the first time you realised it (DJ/dancer au)

The first time Nino sees her, he is thunderstruck.

She’s just one of many in the packed club, dancing under the flashing neon lights. The crowd moves like a churning ocean, eventually pushing her right up close to the shores of his DJ table- and for a tiny, infinite second, he can see the gleaming ribbons fluttering from her pigtails, the red crop top riding up her toned abs, the wild excitement sparking her electric blue eyes.

He guesses her to be a dance major from the nearby college, because the way she moves is utterly mesmerizing. Confidence shapes the way she dances as she twists and turns, but it’s her precise musicality that seems to reshape the very flow of his song. Each pulsing beat of his mix rolls through her in an undulating current, inspiring the vivid excitement and vibrant exhilaration expressed in even her smallest gestures.

His music suddenly feels fuller, richer, by the way it moves through her.  

The crowd shifts and turns. She flashes Nino a heart-stopping grin before diving back into the depths of the dance floor, disappearing from his sight. His mic is halfway to his mouth before he realizes he shouldn’t stop this set just to call her back. He doesn’t even know her name.  

He keeps the beats rolling through the night, and hopes she’ll come back to him again.

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Wow, I cannot believe nor imagine this journey I have been on since roleplaying on tumblr this past month. When I started this blog, I made it to share my anime interests and I started off with 50 followers. Since turning this account into my Yuugi rp blog, I did not think that I would have come this far. I just… I want to thank you all so much for all of your support and the kindness you have all given me. Like, I am still speechless whenever someone follows me.

I did not think that my Yuugi would attract so much attention and I am just so happy and I feel so loved. We both feel loved and I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone of you. I absolutely enjoy my roleplays and I believe that you are all so very talented!

Despite the hate I have received a little while ago this week, I know better than to let that get to me. The way you all showed your support and told me that I deserved to be here, truly made me realize that I made a good decision in joining this fandom.

As a result, I would like to make a shout out to a few people, which I will add under a read more since I don’t want to make this too long for mobile and desktop users alike:

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This illustration is so hard to take a photo of because of the silver accents and dark gradient 😭

Anyways, I’m surprised there aren’t as many people talking about People of Earth? The writing is absolutely clever and funny, but is absolutely serious when it needs to be. The cast is amazing and diverse, including unique women and LGBT characters. Also aliens are in this show. There’s aliens. Please watch it man


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so confirmed tarjei’s friends 100% talk to him and show him at least some of the nasty comments you guys leave on their accounts so seriously think about what you’re posting and why you feel the need to make them uncomfortable

I have this personal headcanon where I think Misono and Mikuni’s grandfather was one of the more outgoing members of the Alicein lineage. He had a good sense of humor, didn’t stress about the little things, and maybe he was even a bit of a troublemaker in his younger days. He and Lily were pretty close, they made a strong team, and he was just an all-around great guy. And that’s why Mikuni had a special bond with him. Mikuni didn’t really take after Mikado – he was more like Mikage, they had the same outgoing, mischievous type of personality.