i love you and you deserved more


                                               I’ll drink to that.

hey hey I hit 3k *little pause for the ‘what?’, ‘omg’, ‘really’* yea that happened. today I bring you a little follow forever *little pause for the ‘ugh how original’* I know, I know, I don’t need you to tell me. but yea, I was contacted by this company called ‘asleepyphilly’ (that’s me if you can’t tell ,, I’m just trying to make this more exciting) and they told me that it would be nice to show my love for my mutuals so that’s what I’m doing, thank you ‘asleepyphilly’ for the unoriginal amazing idea. 

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Happy belated Birthday Meabh!!!! I know I wasnt so subtle asking details about Gi, but surprise anyway!!

Your monster ocs are really cool, and YOUR really cool, so keep up the good work! But also, do tell us all more about these monster babes some day, I’m sure we’re all in the edges of our seats waiting for even a tidbit of more information (people with really cool ocs got a repsonsibility to share em, or maybe I just loves other peoples ocs too much….). Anyway have a great birthday week! Full of cake and everyone being super nice to you, cause you deserve alllll the good things!!!!! 😁❤❤❤❤

So somehow at the beginning of this year I hit 1k (seriously what are you all doing here udhfouhdufoshfsf) I really dont deserve this 😭💕. I thought I’d make a mini follow forever since… I really don’t know what else to do. These are the people that have made the past year on this blog the most memorable and enjoyable so thank you guys, I love you. I also regrettably couldn’t include more people since a lot of blogs are now inactive (myself somewhat included tbh) and I don’t follow that many people so hmu if you know more good blogs 😂

@awkwardbigbang@biqbanqisvip / @caelvms@chokemejimin / @daesungismyeverything / @daesungstrash /  @epikcry / @fantastic-t-o-p@fybig-bang / @gotsoulmates@hoseokie-jung / @ibgbang 💖/ @ibmariji / @jiaerrs / @jiyong-kwon 💕 / @jiyongaf / @nyongriri / @ohseunghyuns/ @seunghyvn / @skrrrt 💚 / @sushihairjiyong / @t-oh-p / @topfied / @thekoreanbigbang / @thewintergdragon / @topsdaydream / @vip5-forever / @vipdae / @xxxjiyong / @youngbaebae

(I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone - lease let me know if I have -  I’m very scatterbrained but I love and appreciate you all) 

To Ethan fucking Nestor

I’m gonna get right to the point. I need you to cut yourself some slack. You are nothing but inspiring, and a positive influence, do you understand that? You have helped us through so many hard times, without even being here, and you give yourself absolutely no credit at all. Yes, you’re just a dude sitting behind a camera, but you’re so much more than that to so many people. You have literally saved the lives of so so many young people, and that deserves fucking praise, dude. Stop undermining yourself. You deserve the love that we give you, never think otherwise. I want you to know that your words are so much more than words, that they are influencing us in such positive ways. Your support is so necessary and so appreciated by so many. And it feels like you always give and never take. Please know that we are here for you in the same way that you’re here for us. We love you for you, and we support you through everything. Goddamnit, I’m dragging this on, but I want to make sure that you know that you are so much more than just some boy behind the screen. Stop calling yourself that, Ethan. It’s so demeaning. Just, please don’t ever feel like you don’t do enough for us. You’ve done so much more for your fanbase than you’re willing to believe. And just remember that when we say thank you for everything, “everything” is so much more than a couple laughs. Thank you, Ethan. We love you.


So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m still here, the bruise has faded, my love for this fandom and for my squishy Quizzie is as strong as always. I want to thank all the people who encouraged me after that not so pleasant anonymous post! Under the cut, ‘cause it’s long! 

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anonymous asked:

You deserve every one of those followers... plus 1,000,000 more! I've showed all my friends in the UT fandom your blog and they LOVE IT! Our discussions when we see each other are "Oh my gosh did you see what Nagi posted today???"

Awww, that’s so sweet 😊
Thank you 😊😊

dragon-of-sapphire  asked:

I like you, your an early version of Zenyatta or Lucio, basically a good and whole person. I wish you an awesome night.

Thank you..

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I honestly just want others to remember that there is to life than causing pain and misery to someone else, who… Honestly just want to live a happy and memorable life…

It’s okay to tell another individual you love and care for them.

It’s okay if you have differing likes and opinions.

But at the end of the day, we are still humans with feelings and ambitions.

And deserve to be treated as equals.

No more and no less.

I hope you have a peaceful safe night, my friend.

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you help remind me that i'm allowed to feel beautiful. i'm sorry you get so many negative comments bc you don't deserve them. i hope you can remember that there are more people like me who stand with you than there are those opposed, they just seem to yell a lot louder. but WE LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO FOR YOURSELF AND ALL OF US. take deep breaths and remind yourself of your power. it's greater than any of your enemies.

i wish i could have a big party with me and my supporters because i want to meet you all so bad
i wish i had this kind of love offline bc no one in my town understands my aesthetics don’t see anything special in ya gurl

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I'm always torn between smiling and crying whenever I see anything of Ward. On one hand I'm like it's my baby whom I love more than anything, but then I'm sad because he's my baby whose been through hell and I want him to be better because he deserves the world!

I have the same dilemma. Sometimes I just prop my chin on the palm of my hand and stare adoringly at him. Other times I’m just like. Ow. It hurts.

It’s an old, familiar pain though. If you follow my main blog, then you know I have a deep, unhealthy love of characters that tend to have unhappy endings in Star Wars. At least Ward is alive and seems to be in a good place now. That’s kind of the only comfort I can find XD

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You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send to your ten favorite people on this website 💙💚😘

Originally posted by robotchallenger

what is this shit??? i didn’t ask for it, but I’ll take it!

here are ten people I feel deserve this more: @meddlingheels, @smartminded, @capedfound, @rougescion, @brightica, @deathitsclf, @vcspertiilio, @nocturnalvengeance, @crowbarboy / @multacane, @wallyingwestward

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Any updates on Lance's treasures? Also I love your writing and hope you can find the happiness you very much deserve :)

Hey sorry anon I’ve been worse this past week than I thought (haha I am a fucking useless puddle TBH). I’ve run out of Stirling silver so I need to talk to supplier but not sure if it’ll be fast, but I’ll update u guys next week once I hand in this paper :(

I hope I can make more!! Ur support is really felt and appreciated than u ❤️

Now everyone prayer circle for my ageing laptop …

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Hey, Asil. I have a question about Boris the Wolf. Do you think he's on Henry's side or is he actually evil? I have a feeling that he might be nice but I could be wrong =/ Also, I love how you draw Bendy. It makes me less scared of him x3

At this point we don`t know anything at all but boy do I hope he`s on our side! That he explains to us what really happened in these 30 years and maybe can tell us how we can get out of there safely! Plus I actually hope there is a way to save these cartoon characters, because man… they don`t deserve this.

Also I`m glad you like my Bendy! There will be more art of him I can assure that :3c

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2p!ains and normal ains fighting against each other because they all love reader~

“I believe you deserve someone more truthful and expressive of their love.” The red-haired Ain states as he reaches out to gently grope your waist. “Don’t you love a man that smiles and tells you how much they’ll love you unconditionally?”

“Truthful. Expressive. It’s expressive to the point where you’re planning on locking them up and keeping them to yourselves.” Arme scowls, pushing away his corrupted counterpart and grabbing both of them by the shoulders. “It’s true I’m not good at expressing my feelings, but at least I can control my jealousy and self restraint. I won’t hurt you, like that man will.”

Lifting up your chin, Arme attempts to kiss you on the lips to seal the deal. However, you’re suddenly pulled out of his grasp, landing on Mochi’s lap. He hums cheerfully, embracing you for a hug. “Bahh, why bother with explanations when we can just share our love with feelings?~” he chuckles, cuddling with you.

It’s short lived however, as his corrupted counterpart and Sia slash down Mochi, miraculously leaving you unharmed. They pick you up, dashing away from the multiple Armes to hide you from them.

Fic ideas and Prompts (please adopt me)

I’m putting here a list of ideas and prompts I will probably not be able to write. Either because I lack the ability or I lack the time, this is going to be a fic orphanage (house for the poors!) because I can’t call it ‘graveyard’, as I hope someone (anyone!) will adopt them and make them the fiction they deserve to be.
The only thing, since I’d LOVE to see what you do with this, is to please let me know if you think of adopting one (or more, don’t you see how utterly adorable those puppy eyes are? They don’t even eat real food!)

They’re mostly Darcyland, but I don’t see how they could not be adopted somewhere else… maaaaybe?

As I update this I’ll reblog so you know something else was born in between and yes, my mind is a terrible, horrible place.

1 - Activist Clint, Darcy and Natasha vandalize a corrupt politician private property. As they escape, they clamber into a car. Diplomat Loki’s very private car as he’s coming back from a Gala with his brother Thor and his fiancée, Jane. Please imagine the scene with Loki at the wheel, Clint in the frontseat being intimidating, Darcy and Natasha pressed in the backseat beside Thor. 
The best part, Drunk!Jane is asleep and doesn’t notice a thing. 

See here me and the love of my life walking together. This is more than I ever hoped for, ever coould’ve dream about or ever deserved. You are so good to/for me, you stay by my side even in hard times. You don’t care if I’m sick and can’t do more than lay in bed all day, you don’t care if plans don’t go like they should’ve gone. You stood by my side when I was in the hospital, and today you stood there again when they had to put a hg tube in my nose. I love you and i can’t tell you how thankful I am to know you and call you mine. And remember, I will be there for you when you need me to, just like you are here for me when I need you. I love you so much.