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i was called upon to write anime recommendations.

Sailor Moon: a great show to watch if you want to see a cat talk shit on her dumbass owner/resident superhero for 200 episodes.

Death Note: a great show to watch if you’re 17, have decent grades, and recently decided you’re a nihilist.

Monster: a great show to watch if you want to feel vaguely sad about communism.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: a great show to watch if you feel like questioning every single aspect of your gender, sexuality, upbringing, family life, friendships, relationships, and life goals, and ultimately conclude that the world is a cruel, cruel place. (But actually it’s a masterpiece and every human should watch it.)

The Wallflower: a great show to watch if you want to feel ~UTTERLY DELIGHTED FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER~

Elfen Lied: a great show to watch if you thought Kill Bill Vol. 1 was holding back.

Romeo x Juliet: a great show to watch if when you had to read Romeo and Juliet you kept thinking “this play would be vastly improved if Juliet was a gender-bending vigilante hero and Shakespeare himself made super meta cameos throughout the production.”

Darker than Black: a great show to watch if you want some seriously gnarly “would you rather” prompts.

Ano Hana: a great show to watch if you’re nostalgic about your childhood and want that nostalgia to be emotionally exploited.

Gundam SEED: a great show to watch if you wish the CW would set one of their middling teen dramas in space, with robots.

Shingeki no Kyojin: a great show to watch if you like feeling disgusted and terrified at the same time. Also if you like yelling.

Sailor Moon Crystal: a great show to watch if you really like to feel disappointed.

Psycho Pass: a great show to watch if you just took your first college literature class and really want to feel the satisfaction of understanding a “Gulliver’s Travels” reference.

Fate/Zero: a great show to watch if you never want to be happy again for the rest of your life.

Fate/Stay Night (2006): a great show to watch if you love hilariously ham-fisted metaphors for sex.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: a great show to watch if you ARE THE BONE OF YOUR SWORD/are a teenage boy in need of wish fulfillment.

Sword Art Online: a great show to watch if you want to learn how not to write a second arc.

Cowboy Bebop: a great show to watch if you need to turn your swag on.

Rose of Versailles: a great show to watch if you want the groove of the 1970s and all the sparkles of Shoujo forcibly injected into the history of the French revolution.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (aka Utena Lite): a great show to watch if you recently discovered feminism and are starting to feel a type of way about it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: a great show to watch if you want to trigger your existential crisis.

Steins;Gate: a great show to watch if there is an OTP in the fan fic called your life.

Code Geass: a great show to watch if you want to know what it feels like to have an orgasm that lasts for 18 hours and 20 minutes (approx. run time).


Hi all!

I’m opening up slots for G1 Seeker plushies! I haven’t had time to make a prototype, but I’ve included a preliminary sketch. I’m not a very good 2D artist, so please refer to the Ratchet and Wheeljack plushies vs their sketches, to see how much better the finished product will look, and to get an idea of what the Seekers will look like in the end :3

This ended up as a very long post of info, so everything you need to know is under the cut!

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Eh... why not?

To start this off, I’m saying this: I’m a guy. You’ll most likely find this info irrelevant until it gets later in what I’m about to say… then you’ll get it.

I met him online, some chat room. Felt stupid for even being there. I met him on August 3rd, 2013, one day before my Grandma’s birthday (and fun fact: a day before Obama’s birthday as well). I live in Green Bay, WI and he lives in Texas (he doesn’t know I’m posting this, and he’s not a fan of his info being shared, so I won’t give out the city). But his name is Sam. The day we met, we were both loners in the chat room, which was filled with a bunch of perverts making requests toward other perverts for sex (yeah, over 18 chat room, but I didn’t give a damn, just felt like talking to some people). You know how some people say stop looking for love and let it find you? That works. Believe me… it works very well… to a point. My friend Audrey was really helpful during this time, she’s the one who gave me that advice. But I digress… We started to chat, and find info about each other. I told him I was 17, and a Taurus. He said he was 24 and a Taurus as well (he was born in May, I in April). I figured “Eh… why not?” and gave it a shot. He seemed so… I wouldn’t even know what to call it. Sad, but not depressed. Like he hadn’t given up, but has been let down more than a person should be. Like he knew he didn’t belong there. He said that he hated sleeping alone… and something in me just ticked. I told him that even though we’re far apart, I’d be happy to be his boyfriend for the night (and maybe longer) if he wouldn’t mind, that way he wouldn’t have to sleep alone. He said yes, and I feel as if I made him happy with that.

The next day was fast approaching, it was already 2:45 AM, and he told me good night, and that he loved me (I was never someone to believe that you can say that too quick). On the next day, around 6:20 AM, I was on my brother’s patio (I was staying at his apartment the night), just looking at the sunrise. It was so beautiful… so amazing. I said to myself “I won’t mess this one up”. The next day, I tried to stay up as long as possible, which failed me, and I crashed about 11:30 AM (we were texting at the time, and I told him that I needed to get some sleep). I woke back up at about 1:30 PM, and we started talking again. We chatted every day, about just anything. And around two or three weeks later, he decided he wanted to hear my voice. I had only photos of him, never heard his voice. But I knew somehow that it was going to be beautiful. I still remember the first phone call from him… August 18th. It lasted approx. 19 minutes and 42 seconds. The way he sounded… it was as if I was talking to an angel. His voice was so beautiful, and the way he talked to me… heavenly. A few more weeks past… and I gave him my Skype name. We were both extremely nervous to see each other, and I set my eyes on him… and I noticed something: his photo he had sent me was an older one. Not that he looked bad, he looked AMAZING! I think I spent about 20 minutes complimenting him and telling him how beautiful he was in every way imaginable.

Weeks went by, school started, we kinda started drifting apart a little. And I won’t lie: I was unfaithful to him. I had two other online relationships, but they were rather odd… I had one because the person needed help and that’s basically all I was doing. The other… wasn’t even a relationship. It wasn’t anything. So technically one other person. But it was still wrong. And I told him… and I suggested that we break apart because we weren’t talking much. That was a complete load of bull, it was because I didn’t want to hurt him any more. Just hearing the sadness in his voice… we were talking on Skype at the time. He gave me an ultimatum: he still wanted to be with me, and he promised that we’d talk more, but I couldn’t be doing that any more. Crying because I realized what I was doing, I agreed. And he calmed me down, and told me to think if I still wanted to be with him. It took all of about 1 second to know that he was the only person I ever wanted to be with. But he wanted me to think about it. I didn’t, because I knew my answer.

So about an hour and a half later, I called him, and I told him he was my one and only. Told him that I know he doesn’t trust me, and asked if I’d ever earn his trust back… he told me that I would in time. To be honest, if he still doesn’t trust me fully, I don’t blame him. I made a mistake, I messed up. But we moved past this mistake, and we eventually went back to the way things were. We had our fights, here and there, but in the end, we both know that we love each other to the end. I still remember when he asked this question… “Would you want to marry me someday?” The biggest smile just came across my way, because I had already known the answer: yes.

When Christmas came around, he told me a secret of his: he had never celebrated Christmas with his family. I can’t explain just how hurt I was by that… and I told him that I’d get him a gift. Of course, he knew what it was, a game… but he wasn’t expecting what else I gave him. I sent him a romantic letter, the game, and… my class ring. Before I sent the ring, I kissed the front of it… I still remember doing that. I sent it to him because it’s a sign of him and I. It’s a sign that I trust him, that I love him, that one day, I’ll give him a different ring when we’re together.

January 3rd marked six months of us being together, and soon enough, we plan to see each other. I’ve come up with different plans here and there, seeing him without him having to get a place (like staying in a hotel), but I know he wants everything to be perfect with us, and that includes him having his own place.

I’m sure by now, you’ve asked yourself “Why is he typing all of this?”. I’m typing this to show people, gay or straight, that long distance relationships are hard, but if both people are truly in love and care about each other, it’ll work out. I’m typing this while he’s asleep, as he wasn’t feeling good today and fell asleep early today. To be honest… I miss him like crazy. And I can’t wait for the day I see him. He’s the love of my life, the one person I’d give everything and more to be with.

(Yeah, I know this is stupid, just sharing my long distance relationship story. There’s a lot more to this, but a lot of it is stuff to be left in the past (like some fights we had), and some of it is a little too mature to be posted here (no example).