i love you and she loves you too so don't worry bb

pokemon and star wars
  • Rey finds an egg in the red sands of Jakku, half-buried beneath a collection of rusted scrap. She could have cooked it up for dinner, could have traded it for portions, but it is warm and alive in her hands and there is a baby in there, and so she sticks it in her bag and carries it with her everywhere – leaving it in her hut is just asking for trouble, and the thought of it hatching to emptiness, alone and frightened and crying for its mother, is appalling – and so she carries it, treading over miles and miles, singing to it in the quiet moments between scavenging sweeps, curling around it at night. One night, it cracks open and out crawls a soft-feathered bird, rust-orange and yellow as the sun, wet with birth effluvia. She has never seen its like before. It chirrups at her. She splits her food with him and when food is scarce she eats less and feeds him more, and by the time she flees Jakku in a tumbledown spaceship he’s six foot from wingtip to wingtip, feathers blooming into flame, and when Han Solo (smuggler! resistance general!) meets her his eyes go wide and he looks, Force forbid, impressed and he says, “Do you know what that is?” and she says, “His name is Embers,” a touch defensively and Han Solo says, “That’s a Moltres” and Embers chirrups like he did when he was little, and the quirk of his head is more than a little bit smug. (Later, Embers will rip half of Kylo Ren’s face off. Later still, he will hook his talons into Finn’s jacket and carry him to safety while Rey rides on his back, weeping into his neck. Later still he will shriek at Luke Skywalker: you have a DUTY dickbag. Because, hey, he takes over his mother; and she doesn’t take shit from anybody. And together they have a universe to save)
  • “You need a pilot?”

    “Yeah. But lets stop off somewhere first.”

    Because the First Order doesn’t just take little humans and brainwash them. It takes little ones of all species, and Finn’s heart breaks every time he sees a bundle of fluff mewling growlitheee as it is taken away for a training programme as brutal and intensive as any faced by a Stormtrooper. They emerge as snarling whirlwinds of fury and fire, howling as they rip apart rebels.

    The kennels are almost empty. Only three puppies huddle in the corner, whimpering. Finn gathers them u in his arms and runs.

    Afterwards: Sunny, Birdie, Fluff. Three adorable, licky things that will never see a battlefield, the tiniest and cutest creatures you ever did see. 

    Then, “You can’t come with me Sunny – you’re too little.” A whine. A head cocked on one side, ears flopping over her eyes, and Finn kisses her between the eyes, says, “I’ll come back for you, I swear.”

    She stows away. And she evolves in the snow as Kylo Ren pushes his lightsabre into Finn’s shoulder, lightning sparking along her fur, and she bursts out of her skin, tripling in size – and she bowls Kylo over, huge and powerful and burning bright. Afterwards Finn says: “You didn’t have to fight for me.” And she rests her huge head on his shoulder, a low murmur of contentment buzzing right into Finn’s marrow. She doesn’t say I did it because I wanted to. She doesn’t have to. 
  • BB-8 is jealous at first. [Do you love her more than me?] it demands, beeping and rolling back and forth in agitation, buzzing his taser.

    “I love you both the same,” says Poe, in his placating ‘everything is okay’ voice that works on both angry, overprotective droids and panicky Stormtroopers (former) and angry trainee Jedis. 

    “Baby-girl, I appreciaet that it was time for you to evolve but uh,” and Poe can’t bring himself to say there isn’t room in the cockpit for a full-grown human and a fucking huge freshly-evolved Pigeot because he remembers her when she was tiny and helpless, a Pidgey with a broken wing, and Poe’s always had a weakness for the helpless.

    “I’ve never seen one,” says Finn, “the First Order always said that they were useless – no, I don’t think that they are,” he says this hurriedly, because Maria looks pissed, “– but we never had them. Not a fire or a fighting type, so…well. It’s nice to see, y’know?”

    "Hey,” says Poe. “We’re not the First Order.”

    “No,” says Finn, snuggling up. “You’re not.”
Winter (1/?)

Summary: Emma and Killian are together. And then they’re not. And then they’re snowed in.

a/n: post-finale. I’m a sucker for break-up and make-up fics even if they’d never happen in-show. this will be full of all the terrible snowed-in cliches. hopefully fluffy amongst the angst?


(i need you so much closer)

“I love you.”

Killian is cold when she says it for the first time. His fingers icy when she slips her hand into his, the metal of his hook covered in a thin sheen of frost, both their breath puffing misty white into the air before them.

She doesn’t know how long he’s been standing out at the docks, but winter is approaching with force by now. It rained earlier, and then snowed, and everything has that sharp, crisp smell of cold, undercut by the lingering salt of brine that she has come to associate with him.

He spends a lot of time standing here, staring out at the water as though it holds something he needs–

and sometimes he wakes in the night with a start, grasping at the sheets and the side of the bed like he thinks he is about to fall–

and he has admitted, between sleepy morning kisses and burnt pancakes and cinnamon-laced cocoa that he sleeps better on the water, with the rock of waves under him–

and she knows, even as he makes every effort not to talk about it, that the absence of the Jolly Roger cuts deeper than he ever shows.

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anonymous asked:

All these spoilers are crazy! I'm so excited!!! But what do you think of that girl saying that SF & Cs have equal reasons to hope after this episode? I don't like that.


And to clarify, she said they have reason to hope bc no decision is made by Emma, that her putting Henry first is still her standing position. 

NO DOI. This is Emma, after all. She’s not going to complete her entire arc about love and trust and faith IN THE FIRST EPISODE.

Look, this is still a teevee show. They have a big ole buzzy ship igniting our screens, and you know they are gonna milk it for all it’s worth. As they should! We have 11 episodes to get through, and Captain Swan is going to be dominating all of them. 


They will not technically be endgame until Emma chooses Hook.

Until their TLK happens.

Because that is just how the power couples on this show become the power couples. That is how they are canonically confirmed.

Is the writing all over the wall for CS? You bet. But technically, a SFer could still have hope just because Emma & Hook haven’t TLKed. (Again YET). That’s like me saying I still have hope that I will with the PowerBall jackpot this week, just bc they haven’t picked the numbers yet. Are the odds in my favor? SHIT NO. But there is still a chance

And as a realist, I must admit that this is also true for SF.


As a rather bright girl who is pretty adept at reading context and spoilers and generally using my eyeballs and brain when watching OUAT, I am 100% confident that Captain Swan is the end-all be-all. SF can hold onto their kernel of hope, I DON’T EVEN GIVE A FUCK. Have at it. Go crazy. 

But it’s not going to change anything. 

Especially when it comes to Captain Swan being True Love.

So yeah, I’m so not worried. And I know that we still have a journey to go through with Captain Swan this season. As the show always says, true love isn’t easy. It must be fought for. And Hook’s fighting for it. And we should be fighting for it, too. By being positive and confident and ignoring the other ships and their negativity. Concentrate on all the beautiful spoilers we have laid out in front of us. Read a fantastic fic, manip some glorious pics of our bbs. Meta some shit that makes me flail and cry and fall in love with CS all over again.

March 9th will be here before we know it and a lot of this will settle down once we see our bbs in action. So just hold on tight, little Nonnie.